He Panned It, Now He Sucks

"Yeah, I know it's a classic, but when something's fucked up, it's fucked up. So, if you want to rip me a new asshole, that's fine. I have, like, twelve. Yeah, I've got Charlie Brown ghost ass!"

So you've found a new review site. It's full of Accentuate the Negative and Bile Fascination, and it isn't afraid to let these games/movies/TV shows have the what for. It takes them and points out every flaw and every weakness and every obscure little nit-pick that it can. And you love it, because it's funny, well written, comical and/or biased toward your particular viewpoint.

Wait, that's your favorite game/movie/show/book he's now trashing! He Panned It, Now He Sucks.

There's a tentative state that most of the viewers of these sites exist in — a thin line between thinking the reviewer is the funniest thing on earth and thinking that they're a horrible person who didn't deserve to see the thing, let alone trash it so badly. He Panned It Now He Sucks exists because at any moment, the reviewer could find something wrong with one of your personal favorites. All of a sudden the game is up, and you see the reviewer for who they really are — a vile piece of ludicrously insensitive vomit-caked negativity who only exists to blow holes in otherwise good games, a bad writer complaining about others' bad writing.

This can be particularly (even excessively) apparent if what the reviewer is criticizing is either (a) incredibly popular and / or (b) possesses an intensely committed fanbase. It's not easy to go against the grain and admit that your tastes are not in step with the majority, especially if that majority consists of people who mistake an attack on their favorite show as an attack on them personally and are primed to flamewar first and skip the asking questions part.

A sub-trope of Accentuate the Negative, and often a direct result of 8.8. Fairly common when Critical Backlash is involved.

Compare Complaining about People Not Liking the Show, Let's See You Do Better, Opinion Myopia, and It's Not Supposed to Win Oscars.

Contrast with the He Panned It Now It Sucks section of the Hate Dumb article; for a trope actually working like "He panned it, now it sucks", see Reviews Are The Gospel.


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  • Dogasu, who runs a site committed to changes made in Pokémon:
    • Openly stated that he didn't like the dark tone Team Rocket took in Best Wishes, largely because, as he has pointed out, the team were still making rookie mistakes, just not in a particularly entertaining way like before. Supporters of the serious Team Rocket did not take this well, and flooded him with angry blog posts and emails in response.
      The dislike of the serious Team Rocket came to a head with his virulent comparisons of the Battle Subway two-parter; which has to be his biggest backlash against disliking a Best Wishes episode so far; with people saying his scathing thoughts statements that began the comparisons went too far and the forums for his website being filled with angry comments.
    • He also took heat for disliking the Don Battle/Club Battle arc; and by extension, disparaging Zorua got him in further trouble from numerous Zorua fans.
    • To a lesser extent, there are a few comparisons of well-regarded episodes that Dogasu admitted he disliked; which include "Pikachu's Goodbye", "Gotta Catch Ya Later", and the two-parter in Advanced Generation regarding Misty's return.
    • Even his tidbits that don't involve comparisons aren't immune. Dogasu jokingly made fun of Keldeo's dub voice in the trailer for Pokemon Kyurem Vs The Sword Of Justice... which happened to be done by Vic Mignogna; thereupon getting Dogasu ridiculed by his followers.
  • The Nostalgia Critic parodied this tendency in his review of Ponyo, enlisting an entire panel at an anime con, and Spike Spencer to do violence upon him in response to his daring to criticize even one iota of Hayao Miyazaki's films.
  • Professor Otaku seems to cause this a lot with his angry reviewer style, but the worst case was his review of Toradora!. He's also had heat for his opinion of Gurren Lagann being too stupid, although he's never officially reviewed it.
  • Evan Minto of Otaku USA Magazine got a taste of this when he panned Casshern Sins.
  • JesuOtaku expected this to happen after her lukewarm reviews of (the enormously popular) Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gurren Lagann—saying something to the effect of "I need to go hide from the Loony Fans now" at the end of each—but there wasn't much backlash. Instead, she mainly gets hit with this trope due to overly harsh Twitter comments about shows and/or their fans.
  • Inverted note  in the comment section of Arkada's review of Neon Genesis Evangelion, where a good chunk of them called him an idiot for liking the series. Which is ironic since he addressed Evangelion's hatedom in the review and even spent the first minute parodying them.

    Comic Books 
  • Atop the Fourth Wall:
    • It's probably not a coincidence that Linkara's review of Ultimates 3, during which he admitted that he didn't like Loeb's The Long Halloween, has received more bashing than usual.
    • The Frank Miller fanboys got very angry over his review of The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Linkara took major issue with this, especially one message that literally argued Miller did so much great stuff early on that his later work should get a free pass regardless of actual quality. Plus, he didn't exactly inspire a lot of hate for his mockery of Stan Lee's Nightcat.
    • He didn't even pan The Maxx, merely admit that he had no idea what was going on (the story is a Mind Screw, and he was reading a one-shot which explains nothing), and had no particular interest in finding out. Nonetheless, The Maxx is a Cult Classic, so you can bet the fans took anything other than praise as an insult. Linkara even addressed this in his "Top 15 Screw-Ups video"
    • Linkara also invited some of this in the "Next AT4W Screw-Ups" video when he stated his dislike of the X-Men, going on a long tirade about blaming the team for being the in-universe causes of some of his most hated crossover events in Marvel's recent history... or not, when, in his "Youngblood #5" review, he admitted he was "half-joking" and stated he doesn't hate the X-Men, and they actually had some great storylines and good characters in its roster.
    • Linkara also said at a con that this is why he didn't review comics by Garth Ennis or Mark Millar, despite the fact that he doesn't really like their work. He did look at a Superman PSA comic the latter wrote, but this was actually a positive review, noting that when Millar's given restraint on his work as was the case here he can often find him pretty decent.

  • The Nostalgia Critic: Doug's main problem as a reviewer is that the character he plays (the Critic) and his own personal opinion tend to switch back and forth during his reviews. As a result it's not always clear to viewers when he's being sincere in his hatred for a film and/or clearly hamming it up for Rule of Funny. This aside, the high amount of reviews he punches out every week means that he will only gloss over films on a superficial level. So when a film is an adaptation (of a novel, comic book, TV show,...) Doug often judges the movie as a standalone piece without knowing much or anything about the source material.
    • He took a lot of heat for panning the first Mortal Kombat movie (which is considered a Guilty Pleasure by many). There was also some heat received for his review of Pokemon The First Movie, given the fact that he seemed to know little about it, how famous it is and how it is perhaps a greater Guilty Pleasure than MK. Then there's Space Jam, which many people also liked (Roger Ebert even gave it 3 and a half stars).
    • Although he admitted that the movie had good qualities at the end, people who liked the 4th Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (and fans of Mako - who was dying of throat cancer at the time - even though the Critic probably didn't know that) seem to be baying for his blood because he thought it was a bad film. Which is funny, because he said it's not a bad film! And it was one of the most requested movies he ever got.
    • Which isn't the first time he got flak over a Ninja Turtles movie. In an earlier review of the previous three movies (yes, he did them all as one video) he upset fans when complaining that the first movie had little in common with the 80's cartoon he grew up with. Cue fans spamming the comments section helpfully informing him that the films was based on the original Mirage comics rather than the cartoon.
    • He appears to gradually becoming tired of this attitude, since he explains having not known anything about Mako in one review, and asks that people not be angry at his decision over whether Batman or The Dark Knight was better. He thinks that Batman is better and while he does like the other film, he still thinks his choice is better.
    • Also, the review of Sidekicks features him satirizing the fan's reaction.
    • He's also getting a huge amount of hate for the Last Action Hero review. Some people were just baffled that he reviewed it as a straight action movie when it clearly is supposed to be a satire of this genre. It may not be a good satire, but Doug didn't seem to be aware that a lot of scenes he described as being "stupid" where meant to be a parody.
    • It's anticipated in Doug's negative Bum Review of District 9 which ends with a list of his gripes with the film and topped off with "Bring on the hate mail!"
    • He often lampshaded this. When talking about not liking a particular work, a booing audience is heard in the background.
    • He was also originally going to review Matilda, but when he first announced he hated the film, his fanbase heavily criticized him, so he simply stopped it altogether. He elaborated on this in his Top 11 Reviews I Will Never Do, where he said he was horrified by the sadistic violence against the school children, while all of it is done in comedic fashion and is at least true to the original novel, which Doug clearly never read. note 
    • He did do another Roald Dahl movie, James and the Giant Peach, where he made a big fuss over the fact that James' parents were eaten by a rhino, which is also in the novel. The fact that he went on about this proved he had never read the book. He was aware many of his fans liked it, and since he was trying (in character at least) to appease his fans after the poorly received Let's Play from the week before, he did the whole review in Happiness Is Mandatory fashion. Or tried to...
    Critic: And that cloud looks like a crappy CGI effect *Dramatic Gun Cock from 6 directions around the critic* I mean... a good CGI effect.
    • Even though the video was to get attention for a horrible censorship bill that could destroy his livelihood, people with rather Skewed Priorities are rather angry that he called Digimon a horrible show.
    • He took a lot of heat for panning Thomas And The Magic Railroad, to the extent that he apologized for it less than a week later. He gave it a negative review, but he didn't seem to understand that it is also the consensus among fans is that the movie is bad and took it to reflect poorly on a much beloved TV show. He admitted to never having watched the Thomas the Tank Engine, but he took the movie's flaws to be faults of the series. For example, he complained about mixing magic in with talking trains when there never was any magic in the series. One of the hardest things to take was when he tried to tell the actors to stop trying so hard because it was just Thomas the fucking Tank Engine.
    • His review of the original animated Transformers animated series did not go over well with viewers either, thanks in large part to the absurd amount of time the review devoted to bashing Michael Bay's movie trilogy. To make matters worse, the whole review was done with Doug acting in-character as Optimus Prime while delivering the editorial flogging of Bay and his movies, which didn't sit well with a lot of people. It's currently one of his lowest rated videos, although it should be noted that many commenters complained that the review just plain wasn't funny. Said reception was also parodied in the review of Alien: Resurrection, which contained a scene with a Xenomorph who disliked the review being murdered so the others could escape. Doug liked working on the review, and was disappointed that it went over the way it did.
    • Happening all over again with his crossover review of Digimon: The Movie with JesuOtaku. His unfamiliarity with the series came into play again, even though he made it clear with his team up with Digimon fan, JesuOtaku, that that was the point of the video this time, but there were also complaints on JO's part of disliking the film despite her being an avid Digimon fan.
    • He gave a not-too-positive review to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. You can guess how that turned out.
    • And now his & Rob's negative reaction to Man of Steel, which many people criticizing their Sibling Rivalry episode on it for some odd (or otherwise incorrect) criticisms of theirs.
    • His constant hatred for the Transformers and Twilight movies is also starting to annoy the viewers who enjoy those franchises, mainly because he brings them up almost every time he gives examples of franchises he despises. Even many who don't like either franchise have started to get sick of it, just because he's repeatedly hammered the point in already.
    • He also received a bit of backlash in the comments when he mentioned in The Cat in the Hat commentary that he thought Monsters University was bad. His later Disneycember review did not help, which he spent most of complaining about its use of college movie tropes that he was all too familiar with.
    • He gave a mixed review to Interstellar. Unsurprisingly, several rapid defenders of it wasted no time writing nasty comments to him. And notably he said at the beginning that, while he's not playing anything up when he rants, this is just a movie he's bitching about and they don't matter in the long run. This was not helped by Doug having clearly missed several points, in particular when he criticises the movie's science by bringing up the Moon Landing Hoax, despite this being clearly intended as an in-universe bit of historical revisionism, which none of the main characters believed.
    • He starts out his review of The Matrix by admitting he doesn't like it. Fair enough, but already setting off a red flag, especially when he calls it "overrated" and "dated". What got people pissed off, however, was the storyline surrounding the review: He, and two like-minded "rebels", are painted as the "heroes", and the Strawman opposition, "Agent Schmuck", explodes after being asked, and failing, to explain a "plot hole"note  that can easily be explained either through the early drafts of the film, watching The Animatrix, or just a little thought, breaking the aesop of "you don't have to like what everyone else likes" heavily in the process by painting his unpopular opinion as the "right" one. Not helping matters was that most of his criticisms were nitpicky, contradictorynote , and "It's Been Done", forgetting that Tropes Are Not Bad in the process. And he called Carrie-Anne Moss "Kate Moss". Considering all this, he should consider himself lucky that That Guy with the Glasses' redesign no longer allows star ratings...
  • The Nostalgia Chick:
    • She got a taste of this when she panned almost the entirety of the Transformers franchise (not just the Michael Bay films) in a review. Comments of "You're a girl, you wouldn't understand!" abounded. And it wasn't even a pan, more of a "brilliant idea, lots of fun, but boy is it silly", a viewpoint held by many sane Transfans.
    • Happened again, only more so, after she trashed David Lynch's Dune movie. This was mostly a combination of her spending a lot of time calling the Spice a "Maguffin", which it isn't really, and trashing the novel as well as the movie. Most Dune fans will admit the movie was terrible, but don't you dare make fun of the novel!
    • She got some hate for mentioning she hated The Little Mermaid, as it was a film a about a dumb girl who "sold her soul for a vagina and a man she didn't know". Later on she parodied this by dedicating a video to her friends staging an "intervention" in which she explains her opinions in more depth, the others explain why it's a great film, and in the end she breaks and joins in the singing of "Part of Your World".
    • She, along with Todd in the Shadows received some hatred for not liking Wreck-It Ralph. She's stated that an explanation will come, or maybe not, when in her "Top 10 Worst Movies of 2013" video, she said it would never come. But for all we know, the Chick could just be a Lying Creator.
  • That Guy with the Glasses contributors, Film Brain:
    • Fell victim to this trope after taking down the Cult Classic Equilibrium in Bad Movie Beatdown, to the point where the video had to be posted with a disclaimer that did absolutely nothing to soothe the savage "fans". He also made several comparisons to the film in later reviews too, which did not cool flames.
    • Film Brain's extremely negative review of Inglourious Basterds seems to be causing another round of this, to the point where even The Spoony One had to chip in. It did not help that he scored it lower than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
    • The Spoony One got so much heat from the Hudson Hawk fanbase when he announced his intent to review the movie that he cancelled the review, letting Film Brain do it instead. That's right. A semi-obscure early-90s Bruce Willis movie has a more terrifying fanbase than Final Fantasy.
    • By season 2 it seems Film Brain has come to expect this response for movies with high IMDB ratings, as his review of Seven Pounds began with a disclaimer to the effect of "This will be controversial, so please keep your comments constructive". The review went over quite well.
    • His crossover review with JesuOtaku for Sucker Punch also got hit by this. The comments by many (though not all) of the movie's fans are divided between "You just don't get it" and "Just turn your brain off and enjoy it".
    • Inverted by his review of Tooth Fairy. He stated that he doesn't normally do kid's films and expected people to tear into him for criticizing it. Instead, people applauded him for ripping the film apart, praising the review.
    • Then, there's the crossover review of Batman Returns with Bennett the Sage. No need to explain how it turned out. Though it should be noted that Bennett did considerably more panning, emphasizing his general dislike of Tim Burton, which wasn't shared by Mathew.
    • He opened his fifth season with a 2-part negative review of Prometheus. You can guess how that turned out.
  • Brad Jones has gotten this as well. His negative review of Man of Steel has only 3 1/2 stars on That Guy with the Glasses due to angry fans giving it a low rating. It didn't help when the opinion that both Superman III &' Superman IV: The Quest For Peace were more enjoyable came up...
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 took serious flak from other science fiction fans when The Movie riffed on sci-fi classic This Island Earth.
  • Leonard Maltin:
    • Inverted with Laserblast, a crummy seventies sci-fi flick that Leonard Maltin actually gave a decent score to. On Mystery Science Theater 3000 when Mike and the Bots find this out, they mock him and point out some very good films that got lower ratings from him. Maltin's review book was also brought up in a couple earlier episodes, such as Ring Of Terror and Star Force. Some fans believe that, in the pre-internet days, Maltin's books were probably some of the only sources they had for these obscure movies, which led the show to mock some of his generous ratings.
  • Entertainment Weekly
    • Inverted with magazine critic Owen Gleiberman, who faced much criticism for being the sole critic on Rotten Tomatoes to give Epic Movie a positive review — which would probably be a case of He Didn't Pan It, Now He Sucks.
    • In an odd subversion, Owen's review of Ratatouille (seen here). Although Owen gave the 96% Rotten Tomatoes scored movie a modest rating (a "B"), he was mainly insulted from his remark about how celebrity voice actors are superior to ordinary ones. This remark drew lots of heat, especially since Ratatouille was released a year after Pixar's arguably weakest film, Cars, a movie full of celebrity voice actors. His review was later Vindicated by History, since Owen gave Pixar's following movies WALL•E and Toy Story 3 "A" scores, and since the Pixar fanbase doesn't defend Ratatouille as heavily years later.
  • Jenna Busch of Joblo.com came under fire after giving a 6/10 review for the Watchmen movie. Some pointing out that, as a woman, of course she wouldn't connect to the movie the way that "normal" fans did.
  • Roger Ebert: Overall, he gets this from a lot of fans of movies because he says exactly what he thinks in the context of giving a film a proper analysis. His unconventional approach lands him with this trope from both his fans and detractors, but apart from his bias blindspot for video games, animation and slasher films, it is mostly undeserved. Specific examples include:
    • Received some criticism for his questionably good reviews of movies others have perceived as bad — Speed 2: Cruise Control being perhaps the best example — but the biggest source of criticism came from his review of Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, where not only did he pronounce it as a bad film, but he suggested that those who thought it was a good one were not "sufficiently evolved" in their cinematic tastes.
    • And people exploded at him after his one-star review of Kick-Ass.
    • There was also his lukewarm review of How to Train Your Dragon, where the flames were further fanned by him disparaging Video Games. This is a particularly ugly case of Fan Dumb, since he clearly stated that he enjoyed the film but only felt that it didn't have enough character development, and his alleged Take That at Video Games basically consisted of him comparing the flying shots and dragon battles to video game sequences and adding that he wasn't a fan of Video Games.
    • A very similar case of this occurred when he reviewed Hitman, stating that it was all good if not for the shooting gallery segments that had been obviously ripped from the video game on which the film is based. At no point did he take into account the distinct lack of events like this in said video games.
    • He also gets flak from the animation community sometimes for holding some Animation Age Ghetto beliefs (of note, he thought Don Bluth's 1980s films were too scary and depressing for children to handle). Though he has criticized the ghetto and defended animation as a medium on other occasions (see his quote on the Animation Age Ghetto page), he seems to go back and forth.
    • He was also accused of "bourgeois elitism" when he appeared to brand all slasher films as "dead teenager movies". He was bashed around a lot for this on other sites. He clarified that he isn't opposed to the genre per se, he sought to contrast films like Halloween (1978) and the "excellent" Wes Craven's New Nightmare with what he saw as the overly formulaic breasts and gore template that the subgenre (arguably) degenerated into by the late 1980s, which consist of attractive teenagers being luridly murdered with the exception of a sole survivor for a stinger ending or to populate a sequel.
    • Then there was his review of The Godfather Part II. In his own words, "Of all of the reviews I have ever written, my three-star review of 'Part II' has stirred the most disagreement. Sometimes it is simply cited as proof of my worthlessness." 34 years after daring to give the film his minimum positive rating in 1974, he finally added it to his "Great Movies" collection — but mostly because he felt it complemented the first film, rather than because it was great on its own. Looking back on his original review, Ebert said he "wouldn't change a word." Got to give the man credit for standing by his opinions, however unpopular.
    • When he reviewed Die Hard, `Ebert gave it a two-star score completely on the basis of a single character with around five or so minutes of screen time, which he finds annoying, saying that, apart from that, the film is completely fine.
    • He was also the only critic on Rotten Tomatoes to not like the movie Brazil.
    • He also got tons of flak for his negative reviews of Thor and The Raid Redemption. He actually apologized for his review of the former, stating that he let his emotions that day write the review, however, he seemed to show no remorse for his review of the latter. People actually questioned if he had paid attention to the film or not.
  • Chuck Sonnenberg aka SF Debris posted a pretty critical review of Star Trek The Motion Picture on YouTube, praising the film's technical aspects but heavily deriding the storyline as being slow and uninvolving. This quickly led to some rather angry posts from that certain section of Star Trek fandom that considers TMP to be a sacred masterpiece, who promptly started making accusations about the level of education that he had (or hadn't) received.
    • He rebutted their claims at the end of his Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan review, even to the point of preemptively defending his giving TWOK a 10/10 over the 4/10 he gave TMP.
    • The funny thing about all this is that he constantly reminds people that his reviews are very clearly his opinions (his regular Star Trek episode reviews even have "Opinionated" tacked on to them) and that it is very likely that they might not agree with him on many things. Some fans just can't stand a dissenting opinion it seems.
    • This happened to a much lesser extent with his review of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock which, despite scoring 6/10, fared pretty badly in the review and was said to have no significant positive points at all (although he didn't think there was any major negatives either, hence the final score). The overall response was nowhere near as vitriolic as what happened with TMP, but quite a few fans were "disappointed" that the film didn't score better.
  • Armond White. See this list of his movie likes and dislikes for a (by far) non-exhaustive number of reasons people have petitioned to have him banned from Rotten Tomatoes. Roger Ebert defended him at first, but after reading the list, took it back, going so far as to call him a troll.
    His notorious hatred of Pixar (he claims the critical and commercial acclaim Pixar has received is due to capitalist brainwashing and that it ruins animation) culminated in his panning of Toy Story 3, bringing Toy Story 3's Rotten Tomatoes ranking from a 100% to a 99%. His complaints were that it promoted consumerist culture and product placement, Transformers 2 had explored similar themes with greater "thrill and opulence", that no one could relate to the story, and than anyone who liked it was a simplistic adult-child. Oh, and Hamm was a villain. The backlash against him (and Cole Smithey who didn't recommend the film because it was apparently too intense for a G rating) was huge, getting a mention on Time's Newsfeed, and the editorial section of the Wall Street Journal. It doesn't help that Cole Smithey's site declares him literally to be The Smartest Film Critic in the World, or that he was somewhat famous already for being the brother of Chris-Chan, the creator of Sonichu.
  • Rotten Tomatoes was infamous for this. When various films opened up with very high percentages, the few critics who gave the movie a rotten score were sure to get a lot of flak, which could range from genuine criticism of the critic's points to outright bashing and threatening. Sometimes, this happened when a critic's blurb got taken out of context, which unintentionally made the reviewer look more pretentious or foolish to readers. This effect got compounded when said bashers collectively wanted to see that movie soon, and/or the critics are chronic offenders of giving low scores (or the inverse case). Even if the overall score settled somewhere down the middle, the first few critics always got the brunt of the insults. It doesn't help that Rotten Tomatoes's method of scoring is flawed, since the website merely gives estimate scores from the vastly different scoring systems that critics use. Eventually, it got so bad that Rotten Tomatoes axed all commenting on individual reviews, to no one's surprise.
    • This finally entered the limelight when fans hyped for The Dark Knight Rises savaged the pre-screening rotten reviews, vehemently threatening the reviewers in question and even conspiring to sabotage their review websites. Eventually the comments were removed, and it wasn't long before the option to comment on a review was removed altogether.
    • Top Critic Rafer Guzman is well-known for occasionally giving very, very low scores to films, to the point that even people who don't particularly care for the film in question tend to take notice ("come on, it can't be that bad"). The most well-known instance of this was him giving 0.5/4 to Rango without really stating why he disliked it.
    • In 2012, a rotten review of The Wizard of Oz popped up, knocking away its 100% tomatometer. Said review was salvaged from 1939, written by a critic who died in 1943. Everyone was (quite understandably) outraged.
    • Many people are frustrated from reading Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time reviews from many popular and well-known film reviewers. The biggest reason being they didn't do their homework, and thus ended up talking about ridiculous things, half of it not even being true.
  • Rod Hilton of The Editing Room gets a lot of flames in his message boards simply for having a movie poster liked on his site. For example, the worst of the hate mail for The Dark Knight have been removed, but it amounted to "How dare you make fun of the BEST MOVIE EVAR!" Never mind that he gave the movie 4 1/2 stars.
  • A guaranteed eventuality for fans of Confused Matthew, who explicitly reviews movies he hates that were commercial successes (And bad sequels to what he thought were good movies).
    • Amongst his targets, the otherwise highly praised The Lion King.
    • His panning of Spirited Away wasn't well-received to begin with, but the hate stems from his comparisons of the work of Studio Ghibli to Inuyasha, because they're both from Japan.
    • Especially his review of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which he considers to consists mostly of meaningless dead air and only has one redeeming feature in the character HAL. He completely accepts most of this backlash, only taking issue with the idea that he only hated the film because it wasn't a Michael Bay style action fest. That review is so infamous that there are several hour-long rebuttals to this review.
  • There was a review of ''The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King'' that claimed it was "only for boys" because it was all action and no depth. The review doesn't seem to be online anymore, but needless to say this critic was lambasted pretty thoroughly.
  • Alison Gillmor, when writing for the Winnipeg Free Press, gave Titanic a negative review, and drew so much hate mail that she reported this in a subsequent column, and said something to the effect of "Sorry, I still don't like it".
    • U.S. critic Kenneth Turan (Los Angeles Times) received similar hate mail when he panned the film and stood by that opinion even as the film became a massive hit, admitting in a subsequent piece that that its huge success worried him because of the possibility that it would discourage filmmakers/studios from focusing on the quality of stories/screenplays in favor of spectacle. Finally, James Cameron himself chewed him out over it in print, saying that it wasn't his duty as a film critic to discuss a movie's flaws long after the audience had made up its collective mind about it.
  • While many people praise Red Letter Media's reviews of the Star Wars prequels, many Prequel fans have responded negatively to them. One fan even wrote a 108 page rebuttal to his Phantom Menace review, claiming it to be a review of lies and that Mike Stoklasa's arguments were weak.
  • Before the film had even been released, the occasional negative review for The Dark Knight Rises have gotten so much flak (one who even compared it to Transformers got so much sudden traffic that his website crashed! that Rotten Tomatoes disabled commenting on any reviews for the film. For that matter, people were putting death threats and rape threats. This becomes Harsher in Hindsight after a shooting took place at the movie's midnight screening in Aurora, Colorado.
  • British site Den of Geek's 2 star review of Ted was poorly received. It turns out that someone who hates Seth MacFarlane, all of his shows, and everything he stands for was a bad choice to review MacFarlane's film directorial debut. Who'd a thunk it?
  • Movie Night starring Jonathan Paula, producer of Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This, is a movie review show that features both his reviews (typically two movies per show) as well as a selection of YouTube commentators, finishing with both his score and the viewer score for the movie. Typical YouTube comment flame wars can be predicted based on how wildly the scores differ, but he doesn't help his case by using phrases like "[The viewers] look past these flaws (which were derived from personal opinion)" or "[Particular gripe] was silly and has no place in a movie", leading to an increasing number of cries of snobbishness and seeming to look down on others for not being snobby enough. Not to mention unwarranted claims, often lumping movies into the wrong genre like thinking The Hobbit was supposed to be a "popcorn action flick", or trying to contrast films that have drastically different styles and focus like a standard romantic comedy and a serious period piece instead of letting each movie stand on its own.
  • YouTube movie reviewer Harrison Laine gave a negative review of Matilda. The response was exactly what you think. (Even though he asked on facebook and twitter if he should review it with the response being yes.)
  • Mr TARDIS Reviews is a frequent victim of this.
  • Amateur YouTube reviewer Quality Control did a negative review on Interstella 5555. It was SO poorly recieved that it's literally the only video on his channel, and he hasn't done any activity since 2010. Part of why it's so hated is not just of the Critical Research Failure or lack of good review techniques, but because of the beginning when he says that Daft Punk is retarded.
  • Animation historian and critic Ani Mat got some flak for stating that he hates Sony Pictures Animation, as well as their films, such as Hotel Transylvania, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Even going as far as saying that Cloudy 2 is his least favorite animated film of all time, and one of his least favorite films period.
  • A classic case was when Bosley Crowther in the New York Times went after Bonnie and Clyde in 1967 with such negative zeal to the point where he jabbed anyone personally who disagreed with him. As the film gained more and more admiration for its daring innovations, many of the other major critics like Pauline Kael, who had been irritated with him in the past, took it as an excuse to criticize Crowther so severely that he was replaced as movie critic before the end of the year.
  • The Last Angry Geek received a lot of backlash from people for saying he didn't like Guardians of the Galaxy in his vlog for the movie, saying that he thought the characters were played up too much for comedy and that the characterizations were different from the ones from his favorite run of the team.

  • Ana Mardoll is very popular because of her critical reviews of Twilight. However, she also reviews the Chronicles of Narnia, which are a childhood favourite of many readers, causing this trope in some. Not that the criticism is unjust, but it is surprising how much Fridge Horror there is to be found if one goes through a book with a fine-toothed comb instead of just reading it for entertainment. Some would have preferred to fondly remember the series they read as children, which often is not the same as written, as people's brains tend to gloss over horrible things that the narrative doesn't point out are horrible.
  • In 2000, an eminent critic by the name of Harold Bloom wrote an infamous essay decrying Harry Potter as a terrible series read by the Lowest Common Denominator that epitomized the dumbing-down of our culture. Cue a storm of angry letters — but this backlash is justified, because in another essay, he claimed that whenever a character took a walk, Rowling always used the "cliche"note  of "stretching their legs", and ranted about how Rowling used this "cliche" so often he began taking notes of the number of times people "stretched their legs" in the first book and finally gave up because it was used so often. Fans looked it up...and found the phrase "stretching his legs" was used a grand total of once in the entire series. In Chapter 1 of Book 1. Which makes this a definite case of Complaining About Books You Don't Read.

    Live Action TV 
  • Charlie Brooker often does this in reverse by professing fandom of shows his readers tend to sneer at such as Friends and Little Britain. More conventionally, there was probably some surprise when he panned Monkey Dust in his Screen Burn column.
  • iCarly
    • This was the in-universe reaction to Freddie's criticism of the Fred videos.
    • Fandom version when the Word of God Author Tract via Carly in iStart A Fan War showed Dan Schneider wasn't exactly happy with the Shipping focus of it. Cue flames, people threatening to stop watching, people who'd been doing episode reviews quitting, and internet backdraft all over.
  • SF Debris again. After giving the much-loved Voyager episode "Body and Soul" a 6, he says he knows he's pissing off a lot of people right now, but with comedy episodes the one true criteria is if you find them funny, and he just doesn't, even with Jeri Ryan's great performance as the Doctor controlling Seven's body.
  • Troy Patterson of Slate is...not a fan of fantasy. Thus, his review of Game of Thrones was, essentially, an over-900-word stream-of-consciousness commentary on his lack of interest in the show, calling it "quasi-medieval, dragon-ridden fantasy crap". He follows that up by saying that it's not a comment on the quality, just his personal definition of the genre. He spends several paragraphs talking about how little he knows about the genre, and using words like "schmaltzy" and "goofy", even suggesting one scene was a Jersey Shore homage. Response, to say the least, was vitriolic, and it seemed the entire comments section on the review (comments are disabled now, and removed) was flame after flame. If anyone came to Patterson's defense, the comment was buried beneath a pile of nerd-rage. Patterson was so rattled by the experience he recused himself from further reviews of the series.
  • Jon Stewart has said in interviews that he's frequently had people come up to him and say that they loved his show until it made fun of a particular topic.
  • Inevitably, many Australian media figures whose actions have been criticised by Media Watch have expressed a deep hatred of the show, most prominently radio personality Alan Jones. Media Watch themselves respond in a scathingly lighthearted manner about the complaints.
  • Mr TARDIS Reviews

  • Like other TGWTG personalities listed here, Todd in the Shadows has been on the receiving end of this.
    • He also predicted that this trope would be invoked when he placed "All the Right Moves" by OneRepublic at #3 in his list of the "Top 6 Worst songs of 2010 (That [he] Didn't Review)".
    Todd: Oh, I'm not gonna make any fans for this one.
    • Todd also got some pretty harsh backlash from frustrated Electronic Music fans after calling the genre "meaningless", "repetitive" and "having no personality to it" in some of his 2013 music reviews. To a lesser extent, he's also gotten torn apart by fans of the Nu Metal genre for calling every band in the genre as "sounding all the same" in his "Smooth Criminal" One Hit Wonderland segment.
    • He's also been getting flak from Fall Out Boy fans for putting their comeback single "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light 'Em Up)" in his "Worst Songs of 2013" video. (as well as calling the band members "assholes").
  • A good chunk of the entry for Dave Marsh on The Other Wiki is made up of unfavorable remarks he's made about various performers over the years. Not because the remarks were all that notable or memorable, but because apparently some fans of Queen, KISS, The Grateful Dead, Journey, Bob Seger and Air Supply are a bit thin-skinned. Of course, Marsh isn't entirely innocent when it comes to provocation:
    "Queen may be the first truly fascist rock band". (Rolling Stone, 1979)

    Professional Wrestling 
  • YouTube user Worst Wrestling Themes came under fire for posting Disturbed's version of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's theme as part of his "Worst Wrestling Themes" series. This was not an April Fools joke like when he posted "Voices" (Randy Orton's theme) as part of the WWT series; he actually did not like this theme. He predicted the inevitable reaction in the description by asking for people to let him know if they unsubscribed because of the video.
  • Dave Scherer started his The Wrestling Lariat newsletter partially in response to Dave Meltzer writing a less than glowing review of a major ECW show in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

    Video Games 
  • As one reviewer/critic who lives off Accentuate the Negative, Yahtzee gets quite a lot of flaming hate mail.
    • A particularly notable case occurred when he panned Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and devoted an entire episode the very next week to address some of the Fan Dumb that was chucked his way. Yahtzee is fairly Genre Savvy about this: he knows there are certain types of games that he just doesn't enjoy and would be unnecessarily harsh towards, even by his standards, so he deliberately avoids reviewing them. Brawl was one of these; he only reviewed it because of immense pressure from his fans practically begging him to do so.
    • One fan video reviewing Yahtzee's Art of Theft in the style of Zero Punctuation lampshaded this trope:
    "Try to keep your accent, because the moment you replace 'bollocks' with 'crikey' you'll probably lose half your audience. Or will that be when you critically review Spore?"
  • IGN has been looked at this way by Sonic fans since the series suffered from hitting the Polygon Ceiling, and the hate gets stronger every time a new Sonic game is released and IGN bashes it. Keep in mind though, they gave Sonic Unleashed for the 360 a lower score than the glitch-ridden mess that was Sonic the Hedgehog on the same system.
    • What about IGN's review for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? Even though they gave it a good rating (7.8/10), the amount of backlash they got for saying it had "too much water" has spawned many memes, like the idea that IGN is a member of Team Magma, or sarcastically giving good games scores of 7.8/10 and listing minor flaws with them.
  • GamesRadar has also been viewed this way for their less-than-forthcoming outlook on the Sonic franchise, especially when one considers their hatred of Sonic to be a Running Gag, along with their fanatical obsession with Okami and the "Wife Arm". There are also complaints that they didn't finish the final version of Sonic Unleashed before reviewing it. And it appears they didn't finish Sonic and the Black Knight either.
  • GameTrailers got this for a harsh review of Sonic Colors, which was apparently due to either playing with an unfinished version or not using one of the alternate control schemes that would've made it more comfortable for the reviewer to play.
  • ScrewAttack members Stuttering Craig and Handsome Tom got a good amount of hate for their best and worst Sonic games. Mostly for bashing on Sonic R.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd:
    • Got this back in his early days, when he panned Castlevania II Simons Quest. His FAQ points out that the character wasn't fully formed when he made that video, and therefore he picked up a good game and ripped it a new one as something for himself and his friends out of boredom. He didn't upload the first two episodes until much later.
    • A few people were outraged at his review of Milons Secret Castle. Those people were also probably the only ones who ever played the game.
    • He also got quite a bit of backlash for his Battletoads review, even though he stated multiple times throughout the review, and even in the trailer, that it's a good game, just not a good two-player game.
    • Just glaring at a Mischief Makers cartridge during an intro got him into hot water. He would later vow to never review that game. Ironically, the cartridge was donated by a fan of the show so that the Nerd could bash it.
    • A day after his review on Metal Gear was released on YouTube, the video was suddenly flagged for unknown reasons, probably because some Metal Gear fans were a bit angry with his criticism of the game. This is ironic because the particular version he reviewed was the poorly-made NES port. And he, at one point, even called the original version "a great game", and makes it clear that he considers the rest of the series great as well.
  • X-Play
    • Their special presentation: "Your Childhood Sucked: Final Fantasy VII." The sounds of long-time fans gnashing their teeth could be heard across the globe. It bashes on the game's graphics(considered revolutionary at the time, and Square was just starting out with using 3D modeling) for not being up to par with modern standards...there had to be some trolling going on in there.
    • In a non-JRPG example, X-Play gave the massively hyped Resident Evil 5 a 3/5, touching off a massive Internet Backdraft.
    • Even further back, they would get tons of Internet Backdraft from Dragon Ball Z and Fullmetal Alchemist for giving their respective spinoff games 1s and 2s.
    • Likewise with Naruto and Bleach games, being that they mispronounce the names and make fun of the series and characters rather then the game itself, though those games are pretty good.
    • A few years back they answered an e-mail saying they purposely mock anime fans when they review the games because they love getting the hate mail. They also said they loved the Naruto games even though they weren't fans of the anime itself. Note that this was before Naruto was even in America.
    • Adam Sessler did a whole segment dealing with negative reaction when X-Play reviewed Killzone 2, with accusations that Microsoft paid him off in order to not upset the dominance the Halo franchise had and that he was being unfairly negative towards the game. And what was the score he gave to Killzone 2? A perfect 5/5!. That isn't unpleaseable. That's a mega Critical Research Failure. According to the comments he read in Sessler's Soapbox, the reason the PS3 fanboys were upset with his were because 1) he wasn't positive enough about the game, 2) he paused at a couple of moments in his review, implying sarcasm, and 3) his intonation wasn't correct. He eventually ended the review of the comments of his review by telling people, in no uncertain terms, to get off their high horses or otherwise shove their heads up their asses, and stop listening to his reviews if they disagree.
    • X-Play seemed to had a deep hatred for Dynasty Warriors. No one said anything about DW 6 (Probably cause they didn't like it either), but a lot of hate came up when they gave DW 5 Empires, widely regarded as one of the best in the series, the same score as the black sheep of the series.
    • X-Play had a list of things they wish they could kill, with not just games but mechanics as well. That being said, it included The entire Naruto series, 3D Castlevania games, The aforementioned Dynasty Warriors series (no explanation given on that one whatsoever), and the entire Sonic series.
  • Video game journalist Jeff Gerstmann, when he worked for GameSpot, gave the Wii version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess a 8.8 out of 10. Ironically, he gave the GameCube version a 8.9.
  • Tom McShea of GameSpot got flak for giving The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword a 7.5, in comparison to the 10s to 8s that the game had gotten from other reviewers. The fact that he considered the controls to be bad was a point of contention with many fans and outlets, especially since he didn't realize that the game didn't use IR pointing and was trying to play it like Twilight Princess, even though the game lets players know early on that the direction of their swings will be important.
  • Quite a few years ago. even before the Network Decay, the G4 network show Filter panned the Cult Classic Shenmue. In fact, they considered it the second worst game ever, just below a Zelda CDi game. Ironically, Filter also ranked Shenmue the third best Dreamcast game ever.
  • The Wiiviewer got this for his reviews of Kirby's Adventure and StarTropics. Though he did pedal back on those reviews and decided to like the games while explaining his criticisms.
  • To say that fans of Dragon's Crown didn't take kindly to Kotaku's Jason Schrier panning the game for its female character designs would be an understatement. Even the game's lead developer, George Kamitani, got in on the action, throwing out a Facebook post insinuating Schrier liked men.
  • Jim Sterling from Destructoid is frequently accused of doing this in order to get the site more page hits, especially in regards to highly-anticipated games. Just the mention of his name in a review (and even some that he didn't even write) will invariably lead to long-term site posters yelling "inb4 shitstorm" and "RAGE IMMINENT", followed by an influx of new users who bash him for either being fat, elitist or an "unprofessional journalist". His reviews have since taken a mocking tone, and he frequently goes on the comment sections of his reviews to personally deal with trolls by ridiculing their faulty logic. His reviews frequently run into 8.8 status:
    • Sonic Colors. You know, that game which can be considered the first genuinely great 3D Sonic game in years? Yeah, he gave it 4.5 out of 10. To their credit, Sega sent Sterling a light-hearted message poking fun at his divisive review.
    • Sterling also caught quite a bit of flak for reviewing Vanquish poorly. When he went on to give Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage an 8/10, you could hear people the world over call "Bullshit!"
    • The then-highly-anticipated Assassins Creed II got a score of 4 from him, and led to a sitewide meltdown that resulted in over 800 negative comments and user registration temporarily being closed down.
    • He gave The Witcher II a 6, noting that it had a ton of potential and some truly great moments, but a handful of weak gameplay mechanics and bugs brought the final product down. Of course, to the game's fanbase (, who hadn't even played it at the time the game was released, you would have thought that Sterling desecrated the homes of the developers and hated the game with a passion.
    • He giving Mario Kart 7 a 5 out of 10. Fans weren't happy, especially due to higher scores given to a more formulaic games.
    • By far, the biggest example of this for Sterling to date is his scathing 2/10 review of Duke Nukem Forever. Not only did he get fans of the Duke riled up over it, but the PR department for the game's developers wound up getting fired after tweeting about how they would be more careful who they send reviews to, as well as lead Jim to create a series of articles about why he didn't like the game (or Duke Nukem in general) and a more in-depth look at how reviews worked at Destructoid.
    • Also inverted as far as the Dynasty Warriors series is concerned: he's probably the only professional reviewer who gives the series good scores, and this drives his Hate Dumb to bash him and use it as an argument to invalidate his views.
  • The Spoony One
    • Mocked Final Fantasy VIII and X to death. In case you don't know, both games have respectably-sized fanbases, so you know the drill. It probably doesn't help that Spoony has admitted he does the newer Final Fantasy reviews mainly to troll, so he wants this response.
    • Not to mention the almighty hissy fit the Deadliest Warrior fanbase threw when he savagely panned the low budget tie-in game. The backlash resulted in several straight weeks of trolling on the Spoony Experiment forums and comments section from irate fans, prompting Spoony to do a follow-up video... which wasn't any kinder than the first one.
  • In one Video Game Vault, ScrewAttack poked fun at the popular Asterix series. This didn't go over well with fans, who thought Stuttering Craig was panning the game (he wasn't).
  • Game Informer gets a lot of this for its "annual" Sacred Cow Barbeque, explaining why popular games (even the ones they praised) suck. While it is done in a joking manner and meant to "knock some of gaming's most revered icons off their high and mighty pedestals," there are readers who cancel their subscriptions to the magazine.
  • The Irate Gamer gets this a lot. Among these are his Aladdin, Tekken 6, Ghosts N Goblins, and Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • YouTube "Top Ten" writer Joshscorcher (a.k.a. "The Fiery Joker")
    • He has got this after saying that Ōkami sucks. He later made a video talking about why he didn't like the game.
    • He recently re-did his top 10 most overrated games list, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 changed spot from the middle range to number 2! I repeat, a game he said that was fun with very few flaws yet overrated 1 video at numbers 8, 7, and 6 is now number two!
    • Hell, Josh got hate for everything in his top 10 overrated games list, to the point where people even said they wanted to kill him. Halo 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops are some of the most infamous examples.
  • YouTube "Top Ten" writer peanut3423 (a.k.a. "The Autarch of Flame") has gotten hate after putting the Mega Man series in his "Top Five Games I Hate That Everyone Likes" list. The description for the video was later editted saying that he was not proud of the list as a whole and that he made some bad judgement, and later made a video of Hades, from Kid Icarus: Uprising making fun of his countdown as a whole.
  • YouTube "Top Ten" writer superflipper76 (a.k.a. "The Phoenix King") got hate for saying in multiple videos that he hated Conkers Bad Fur Day. It got even worse when he made a whole video about it where he claimed that it killed Rare.
  • YouTube "Top Ten" writer AnimalGuy001 (a.k.a. "Fawful's Minion")
    • Got all kinds of hate for saying in his Top 5 Pokemon Generations that he couldn't stand Pokémon Red and Blue saying they were filled with glitches, and needed almost no strategy, even though he agreed that they were great for their time.
    • While less noticeable, as so far he only said this in comments and his Q and A site, he also got some for stating his dislike for Final Fantasy series, especially Final Fantasy VII.
    • He even pointed out this page on his video to Pokémon X and Y.
  • Bhaalspawn posted a review on his tumblr blog stating his dislike for Team Fortress 2. He got some hate, but not that much. Then YouTube "Top Ten" writer Josh Scorcher made a response to that review, and had a link taking the viewers to Bhaalspawn's tumblr page. The hate Bhaalspawn got grew rapidly. Less than a week later Josh made a rather angry unscripted telling the people to stop sending hate messages to Bhaalspawn.
  • In an inversion to this trope, a YouTuber known as smashmaster521 got a lot of hate for defending Metroid: Other M. It got to the point where he disabled comments on that video and rushed his video giving his thoughts on the Metroid series as a whole while he was in the middle of a contest to let people decide which video he would make next. smashmaster521 even called the video "My Current Stance On Metroid (Version 1)" to emphasize the rushed status of the video. Interestingly, there has been no hate towards smashmaster521 for making a video where he bashed the Call of Duty and FIFA series.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd was not immune to this himself. His review of Eternal Darkness has put him in hot water by saying that he would not recommand the game. Considering that it is one of the best games and a huge Cult Classic on the GameCube didn't help his case. The fans even said that he didn't get how the game works. Although he did state at the end of the review that he encouraged his fans to explain to him what he's missing if he isn't 'getting' it, and that he'd re-review it by Halloween if these cause him to change his opinion.
  • Victor Lucas of Reviews on the Run rated Super Smash Bros. Melee a 2.0 out of 10, prompting a quick and negative response from the fans. Later, when reviewing Brawl, Victor mentions that he "got SO much hate mail" for rating Melee so low.
  • Metro Gamecentral:
    • David Jenkins got a lot of flak over a blog entry called "Why Batman: Arkham City is better than The Dark Knight Rises." The problem was that the article did not do what the title advertised, and was instead little more than an excuse to rip The Dark Knight Rises a new one, with Batman Arkham City only being mentioned briefly in passing, and no comparison being made between them. Ironically, GC frequently insist that films and games should not be compared, yet they tried (and failed) to do so. Jenkins then went on to call Anne Hathaway ugly and "Gollum-Eyed", which didn't win him any favour, and only served to make him look childish and petty. Of course, it should be questioned why a videogame writer was writing about a film in the first place.
    • This was hot on the heels of their Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance review, which was given a 4/10 drubbing, with the tone of the review heavily implying that 4/10 was generous, and that They Just Didn't Care. To be fair, some valid points were made, but others came from the driver's seat of GC's Anti-Kingdom Hearts Bias Steamroller, eg, complaining about the portrayal of Beat, despite the fact that he acted and sounded no different to how he does in The World Ends with You and came off as extremely melodramatic. (apparently, The World Ends with You has been "ruined forever!" for them, and they want Square Enix to cancel The World Ends With You 2 and make a game where you punch Beat in the face repeatedly instead.) They got away with this because most of the regular readers hate Kingdom Hearts as well, and those who defended or praised the game either made themselves look stupid or felt the need to kiss up to GC.
  • Older Than They Think: Gamepro Magazine:
    • In 1998 they took a LOT of heat for panning two otherwise highly regarded Playstation 1 games: Grand Theft Auto and (especially) Xenogears. Needless to say, fan reaction was not good.
    • They did it again roughly one year later by giving Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete a 2.5 fun factor. Fan reaction was about what you'd expect...
  • Retsupurae got this for their commentaries on the King's Quest games, particularly King's Quest VI, which a lot of people are fond of. This also happened with their review of Alone In The Dark 1992, which some people felt was unfair since they spent a lot of time criticizing things that were a result of its age, such as the graphics.
  • Internet personality JonTron caught a good bit of flak with his "Top 10 Overrated Video Games" list, in which he bashed games like Metroid Prime, Left 4 Dead, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the basis that he feels they get too much undeserved praise.note  However it's worth noting that the video has become an Old Shame of Jon's, and it has been removed from his main channel (it even once had the description on Normal Boots changed to "This video is now in Hell, where it belongs"), now only viewable via uploads from fans who saved the video. It was removed because of both fan backlash and Jon admitting that his opinions on some of the games have since changed after going back and playing them in a less critical light (this video was even joked about in his Mighty Max review, where the possessed Mighty Max SNES cartridge called out Jon for "making videos [he] is not proud of").
  • Egoraptor (aka Arin Hanson), animator and one half of the Let's Play video series Game Grumps, catches a good bit of flak from fans anytime he mentions he doesn't think very highly of certain well liked video games.
    • He once said he thinks the Sonic Adventure games are just as bad as the highly hated Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (something former Not So Grump, the aforementioned JonTron, called Arin out on and highly disagreed), said BioShock Infinite was So Okay, It's Average, doesn't like Skyrim because he thinks first person perspective games in general are overdone (despite Skyrim being an RPG as opposed to a shooter)note , often complains that modern Mario games are "soulless" and don't have enough new stuff to be funnote , during Magfest said he doesn't like Super Mario 3D World (a game that's been praised by many gamers and critics alike for being one of the Wii U's early defining games) and may not play it on the show because of this, and seems to dislike most Zelda games released after A Link to the Past, in particular he's voiced having a dislike for Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword (though he appears to at least have a liking for Wind Waker, as evidenced by the Game Grumps playthrough of the HD remake on Wii U).
    • He also once called Turtles in Time, one of the most loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, "boring as fuck" and adamantly refuses to play it on Game Grumps, prompting Jon to try and shut him up and anticipating a backlash by saying "hey who wants to see a Game Grumps video with a giant dislike bar?"
    • In Part 15 of the Pokemon FireRed LP, he got some of this for speaking negatively of Gen 3, even though that wasn't his opinion; he had been asked at which Gen people believe the series went downhill, and was stating the general opinion toward Gen 3 (at least at the time of release).
    • He's also stated that he finds Devil May Cry and Okami awful games. The backlash on these was almost palpable in the videos they were mentioned in.
  • Nerdł generally gets a lot of flak whenever he talks about Role-Playing Games since he rarely seems to be playing them seriously and just mucks about and then goes on to dismiss the game, but the worst case of this happened when he played Dark Souls, even after giving a warning at the beginning that he's not a fan of the genre and wouldn't be playing it seriously.
  • In general, just about any review for a re-released or remade "classic" game that isn't gushing heaps of praise onto the game will garner a significant backlash from fans of said game. Nevermind that, setting the Nostalgia Filter aside, some of the reviewer's complaints may be perfectly valid. And, what might've been acceptable (or, at least, forgivable) twenty years ago may be inexcusable now.
  • Official Nintendo Magazine (Nintendo Power's British equivalent which lasted a extra 2 years after Nintendo Power ended) gave Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for Wii U a 62% review score. The fans of the game who read ONM (as the magazine was known for short) complained about the low scoring (especially since other websites & magazines gave quite high positive scores such as 8 out of 10 in the last issue of Nintendo Power). 2 issues later they reviewed the game's online with them aware of the complaints the review and they said how they thought the online was good giving that mode a Four out of Five Star Rating.

    Web Original 
  • Maddox, author of The Best Page In The Universe, uses the term "ex-biggest fan" to refer to people who enjoyed his works until reading an article panning their personal fandom. His article mocking 9/11 conspiracy theorists was a good example.
  • Retsupurae gets this a lot.
  • Ben Goldacre's Bad Science blog frequently features comments saying something along the lines of "I used to love you slagging off homeopathy, but now that you're claiming something I believe in is pseudoscience, you've gone too far."
  • Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald was a popular figure on the left, criticizing The War on Terror. Then a new guy took the role as leader of the military-industrial complex. Greenwald's criticism of Obama's foreign policy has caused some Obama supporters to loudly denounce Greenwald for writing criticisms of the President they would be lauding him for if George W. Bush was still in power.
  • LittleKuriboh gets quite a lot of bashing due to the fact that his series, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, shamelessly tends to insult Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

    Western Animation 
  • When Isaac Hayes left South Park after the Scientology episode, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were quick to point out that they had poked fun at several other religions and he never seemed to have a problem with it before. Due to his stroke (which he had right before he quit the show), his willingness to poke fun of others before (he had even stated at much), and Scientology's internal policy of dealing with criticism or jokes directed toward it, some believe that it wasn't entirely Hayes' decision to quit the show. The episode following Hayes' departure also features Kyle pointing out at Chef's funeral that they should not hate him for what he did, but rather, the "fruity little club" that made him that way.
  • The Agony Booth got this in their savaging of Heavy Metal. Though it actually got another reviewer on the site who had liked the film to change his mind, and took care to praise Dan O'Bannon's "B-17" segment.
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (although Doug Walker admitted in the commentary that while he definitely considers Sonic Sat AM to be the better of the two Sonic series, he really exaggerated his disdain for Adventures and even thinks it looks better as he looks back on it).
    • Viewers gave the Nostalgia Critic some heat when he gave in to their requests for a review of the Live-Action Adaptation of The Flintstones, and opened his review by admitting he hates that cartoon.
    • In his "Top 11 Nostalgia Critics I will Never Do", he admits to hating the '90s Spider-Man cartoon. Fan reaction was obvious.
    • He's not a fan of Doug either, for obvious reasons. Again, no need to explain the reaction.
    • Inverted by the crossover review of Heavy Metal with Diamanda Hagan. They were fully aware of the cult following it had, and praised the animation and soundtrack (with particular focus on the "B-17" and "Taarna" segments) despite acknowledging the film itself was very strange and the stories sort of trailed off. Fan reaction was quite positive, and they promptly requested Doug review fellow cult film Rock & Rule.
    • He didn't even pan it, but just admitting he thought the ending to Toy Story 3 was cheesy got him extremely confusing messages of "you're heartless!", "you're discriminating against me!", "you don't understand nostalgia!", "analyzing movies has left you evil!", and the crowning jewel of WTF... "you can never accept anyone else's opinions!".
    • In his review of Monsters, Inc., he said that the film was So Okay, It's Average and that he "probably wouldn't watch it again." There was a bit of a reaction when he first posted the review, and it would come back to haunt him when he later gave positive reviews to The Wild and Bee Movie.
    • There was also some expected backlash when he admitted he disliked the original Shrek.
    • Like the above mentioned Monsters Inc., Doug later revealed during the commentary for the live action The Cat in the Hat movie that he didn't like Monsters University, saying that his main reason was because he felt the movie was a Cliché Storm of "80s college films" tropes.note  He later took a jab at it at the end of the The Swan Princess review, stating that it was "diet Pixar".
      • He later uploaded a full Disneycember review of Monsters University, where he admits that he outright despised it, calling it "boring", "awful", and "a stale experience" and claiming that it's just as bad as Cars 2, Pixar's worst-reviewed film.
    • He also did a Disneycember review of Big Hero 6, stating that it was So Okay, It's Average, feeling it was serviceable for kids but overrated and predictable for older audiences. Coupled with his preceding review of Frozen where he gushed over everything in the movie and said it was only getting criticized because it was so popular, fans of both Monsters University and Big Hero 6 were baffled and annoyed.
  • Besides Nostalgia Critic, The Blockbuster Buster took quite the beating for admitting he hates Scooby-Doo while opening for the review of the movie based on the cartoon.
    • The big problem is that he either did know or refused to acknowledge that Scooby-Doo was more about "solving mysteries & unmask the fake monster", even if, admittedly, that does make up most of the show's history and is what the franchise is most famous for.
    • To contrast with the Nostalgia Critic, E-Rod later did his own reviews of the Shrek films and revealed that, while he does love the original Shrek, he doesn't like Shrek 2. To him, he felt Shrek 2 simply focused too much on spoofing pop culture rather than spoofing classic fairy tales, which is why he liked the first movie. Given that the pop culture spoofing is one reason why Doug enjoyed the sequel more than the first one, this makes for a great example of the phrase "different strokes for different folks" within the same website/critics circle.
    • E-Rod's been getting a lot more of this recently thanks to his scathing review of Robots.
    • When E Rod gave out his rules at the begging of his Honest Reviews of the DC Animated Movies of 2014 he said he was not going to talk about LEGO Batman: The Movie calling it Ballshit and just a over long Advert for kids toys. Because of this fans of TT's LEGO Video Games and The LEGO Movie have gave him a bit of bashing.
  • A Platypus Comix article about the first issue of Cricket features a very, very mild jab at the Periphery Demographic of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Fans raged. Peter Paltridge later would explain on the ToonZone forums that he wasn't intentionally taking the piss out of bronies, merely comparing himself to one. Fans continued to rage. (It probably didn't help that an earlier header for the site declared it to be "Pony-free since 2001!")
  • CR of Familiar Faces:
    • Has increasingly bashed Friendship Is Magic since its second season finale. His cameo in the Nostalgia Critic review of Son of the Mask, calling the entire third season "a shitty abomination" in a cutaway joke recieved almost the same amount of attention from viewers as the rest of the video itself. After the initial fan backlash, he has become extremely hostile to anyone who enjoyed the third season overall (often to the point of arguing with and belittling those who attempt to defend it) and is largely unwilling to give out official explanations as to why he does so.note  It's gotten to a point that many of his former fans who got into the franchise due to his prior recommendations have been feeling burned, with Chad himself being a Base Breaker in many circles of the fandom.
    • And then there's this, based on an screencap image from the original (misinformed) version of the entry.note 
  • Phelous received some backlash for his review of Turtles Forever, particularly from fans of the 2003 series.
  • Countdown site WatchMojo received a massive Internet Backdraft for putting Gravity Falls on their Top 10 Hated Disney Cartoons list, feeling the show was "too dark" for younger audiences and somewhat formulaic. The backlash was so strong that it lead to WatchMojo apologizing for their choice, both in an annotation for the original video and in another video.

  • Australian Rules Football:
    • When news broke that Essendon players had been given banned substances in 2012, The Age journalist Caroline Wilson was perhaps the most strident critic of Essendon coach James Hird's role in the affair, something Essendon fans did not appreciate.
    • North Melbourne supporters have been despising her for half a decade longer since the almost-relocastion-to-the-Gold-Coast saga and her undisguised disdain of the club and its (at the time) substandard assets. Various unapologetic agendas and a mutual rivalry with the team's President have fueled the hate for the team's supporters.

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