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Don't look at me though, I'm just a viewer with an opinion.
— SF Debris' Opinionated (Voyager / Enterprise / TNG / Deep Space Nine) Guide

SF Debris, once known as Sci-Fi Debris, is a website run by Chuck Sonnenburg, a long-time member of various Star Trek and Star Wars online fan communities as well as a big fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000. What he and the website are mostly known for these days are his "Opinionated Star Trek Episode Guides", snarky-but-loving reviews of the Trek franchise.

Since 2008, he's taken his reviews onto a video format on YouTube and, growing in popularity. His style, a mixture of serious analysis peppered with deadpan humour played over clips from the show, has begun to catch on with other reviewers (including Linkara, who borrowed one of his ideas, and eventually led to Linkara's own series, History of Power Rangers). His site also features a few essays (including a history of how Spider-Man has declined in quality) and his (two trilogy, 250 chapter) crossover Fan Fiction, The Unity Saga. And now he's branched out some more with the Star Wars Gag Sub "Astromech Spy."

Often compared (and paired) with Confused Matthew. Rather than having his own forum, CM has been kind enough to give him a dedicated sub-forum; particularly useful as the two have a similar fanbase anyway. He (SF Debris) also made a cameo in the 200th episode of Atop The Fourth Wall.

On May 12, 2011, all of his Star Trek reviews were removed from Youtube, as a pre-emptive measure when CBS (which has been cracking down severely on other Star Trek fan channels as well) filed a claim against his "Trials and Tribble-ations" review. As The BBC has already done the same with his Red Dwarf reviews, under the Youtube "three strikes" policy, he now has only one strike remaining. As with Red Dwarf and other non-Trek reviews, they will now be uploaded exclusively to his account, though he will continue to use his Youtube for trailers.

He announced on July 29th 2014 that he'd been accepted to That Guy with the Glasses via the site's recent talent search. He officially started appearing on the site on October 11th.

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