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Shout-outs to TV

  • He makes numerous one-off gags to other sci-fi shows, usually Red Dwarf or Battlestar Galactica.
    • Seven and the Doctor placing the entire crew in a stasis sleep in "One".
    Now it's just our hero and her plucky hologram sidekick. (blares Red Dwarf theme)
    • On that note, Chuck notes the two colliding planets in "Ship in a Bottle" and muses that Lister's playing pool again.
  • Why does episode "Evolution" begin with Wesley passed out in a lab? He has been up all night making crystal meth, because he's found out that he has an inoperable lung cancer and has turned to life of crime. Wesley is breaking bad!
  • Ever since doing a review of the pilot episode he has been making My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic jokes and references.
    • "Yelling at Kaylee? That's like punching Fluttershy, it's just plain wrong."
    • Referring to the unicorn in Decker's dreams in Blade Runner as Rarity.
    • While mention fanfic in The Legend of Korra review he says he's heard there is a really good crossover one being written. 50 Shades of My Little Pony.
    • During the "Yesteryear" review when discussing kids cartoon dealing with the death of a beloved animal.
    SF Debris: It's like the time Rainbow Dash broke her leg and had to be put down.
    Rainbow Dash: I can still fly! *BLAM*
    • From the Game of Thrones pilot: "By the way, 'Screw you and the horse you rode in on' is only a figure of speech. Don't expect her to literally screw the horse! Though this might have inspired the Game Of Thrones/My Little Pony Slash Fic I'm sure somebody has written somewhere."
  • From "Living Witness":
    Holo-Janeway: "In Starfleet, we say: 'a naked man has few secrets, a flayed man none.'"
  • In the opening of "The Gift", he overdubs a sketch on The Red Green Show (with actual footage playing onscreen), all for the sake of making a joke about... what else?... duct tape.
    • (From "Ties of Blood and Water") "Well, before you can say Quando Omni Flunkus Mortati..."
  • In the Klingon justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups... General Chang who prosecutes the offenders, and a bunch of guys who bang pointy sticks. (Star Trek VI)
  • Kira giving a tour of the station to Tom Riker in "The Defiant". A certain background prop looks familiar...
    "And behind me you'll see David Tennant's hand!"
    • "I love the Time Gauntlet. Its so bad!" ("The End of Time")
    • This heated exchanged between two alternate versions of Janeway:
      "I did what I did without choice, in the name of peace and sanity."
      "Nah! I'm just messin' with ya, dumbass."
    • In "In The Flesh," Janeway demands that Seven continue to make bigger and deadlier bombs to use against Species 8472. After she demands more of something called "the Galaxy Eater," Seven says that they're out of nano probes.
    • Even when beamed over to another ship which is hijacked by Romulans, Picardo has a moral imperative to treat them. "When you call yourself the Doctor, it's like a promise you make!" ("Message in a Bottle")
  • In "The Jem'Hadar," he emphasizes the dominion's position of "Everything on this side of the Wormhole is ours," by showing a clip of Stark doing the "My side, your side!" joke.
  • The TOS cast appears to be in top form for their first movie. Perhaps a little too, actually; Shatner is channeling The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.
    "Now look my hair. Now look at me. I'm on a horse."
  • Scorpius has decided to go all Tim Allen on us. "What this Aurora Chair needs is a lil' more power!" ("Reunion")
  • From Blade Runner: "This is my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl."
  • Janeway must let the world think that she is dead, until she can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within her.
  • Moriarty ordering Riker to "uncouple with a Heisenberg compensator's purple monkey dishwasher."
  • Remember the Peter Mannion maxim: Never Google your own name.
    • Likewise, his Full Moon recaps see him throwing a "Fuckity bye" into the mouth of Mitsuki's disapproving grandmother.
  • House reveals his plan — and it doesn't involve grabbing Cuddy's ass.
  • He claims that Nero from the 2009 movie is just an emo with a trident
  • Captain Pike is not Jesus Christ.
  • So, no human may go to Talos IV, or will face the death penalty, eh?
    Spock: I, Half-Vulcan Mister Spock, as green-blooded as they come, agree that no human shall go there again! (P.S.: I'm an alien. Nanu nanu.)
  • In Enterprise's "Strange New World", he calls Archer "one step removed from Foul Ole Ron".
    • In his review of WALL•E, he guesses that because the humans in space don't recycle their waste, they are able to sustain their existence "because of... uh, quantum."
  • Jokes that the Ood look like Zoidberg.
    • He later plays clips of Zoidberg's Establishing Character Moment over Dr. Phlox for "A Night In Sickbay".
    • How the alien amazons handle justice in "Angel One"
      Beata: I must sentence you both to death.
      Chuck: Death.... by Snu-Snu!
    • Clips from the Futurama episode "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" are played during the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier review, while Okana is referred to as "Fry".
    • In Avatar: The Last Airbender: Fire, he notes that Team Avatar needs a bender. Smash cut to Bender singing Karma Chameleon. When he corrects him self, saying that the need a fire bender, there's another cut to Bender belching fire.
    • Another shows up in the OVEG to Counterpoint, Janeway paraphrases Bender:
    Janeway: This is the worst kind of treachery: The kind against me.
    • The Farscape episode "Out Of Their Minds," has multiple references to Futurama, partially because they had also done a similar body-swapping episode (made many years later, but still).
  • After all the TV he's been watching, Hudson's learned a thing or two from The Fonz. (smacks console)
  • At the end of the Andromeda episode "Dissonant Interval," which was penned as a possible series finale, Dylan goes to meet his destiny...and meets himself. Chuck wonders if this would make Patrick McGoohan facepalm.
  • In "Wormhole X-Treme!", Marty tells O'Neil that the stuck-up producer's last show was about a dog that solves crimes. Chuck then says that Poochinski was a real show; they had a pilot made, anyway.
  • There is a scene in "Booby Trap" where Riker talks about the trap that's draining the shields and exposing the crew to deadly radation. Chuck!Riker finishes with "The only solution is to give into despair and transform into witches."
  • Kyubey's Google-search on ways to prevent the heat death of the universe turns up a Schoolhouse Rock reference/pun "Loli, loli, loli, get your adverbs here!"
  • In "Astromech Spy", Artoo remarks, "I love it when a plan comes together."
  • When "Ashes to Ashes" opens with an alien speaking her native tongue, Chuck responds by talking like Swedish Chef.
  • In Unimatrix Zero, Chuck!Janeway's last interaction with the Borg Queen is almost a direct quote of Harry Stone from Night Court, specifically the episode Top Judge.
  • He's fond of referencing The Benny Hill Show and he might use Yakety Sax from time to time:
    • Review of The X-Files pilot episode mentions that a local medical examiner at the Adventure Town is uncomfortable when agents have a grave exhumed. He's either hiding something or they hired The Benny Hill Grave-digger and Gardening Services Company. The latter is likely as the coffin is dropped and rolls down a hill.
    • Review of "Brothers" from Star Trek: The Next Generation has a security team chase Data (and fail epically) to Yakety sax music.
  • Review of "Tooms" from The X-Files: When Mulder switches on the escalator that crushes and kills Tooms, a cheery theme song of The Jeffersons starts playing.
  • In the review of the Clone Wars episode "Landing at Point Rain", Chuck posits that Ki-Adi-Mundi is 'from France'.
  • Star Trek: Generations: the use of the William Tell overture as a tune for Star Trek backstory is reminiscent of Animaniacs and their use of the same tune for the history of the American presidency.
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters!: "Ogata has to blow off his date with Amiko, to see what happened to the ship, the Iko Maru, and then they send in the Bingo Maru to investigate, but it inexplicably vanishes as well, and the Kobiyashi Maru has drifted into the Neutral Zone, so it's not going to be any help."
    • He also claims that one of the people who visits "Odo Island" is Robert Picardo. He then apologizes for the Star Trek jokes, but then claims that he isn't the one that named the place Odo Island.
  • In his Review to Thunderbirds, he refers to Thunderbird Five as; The Satelite Of Love?
  • In the Knights Of the Old Republic review, he notes that Saul Karath was so crucial to Republic victories that they had previously "Better Call Saul" if they hoped to clinch victory.
  • While discussing Fifty Shades of Grey in his review of TNG's "Sub Rosa", subtitles that read "He is NOT my Christian" briefly appear.
  • In Star Wars: The Old Republic, his Imperial Agent is named Rex-Dart.

Shout outs to literature

  • The opening to The Man From Earth showcases art and dialogue from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman.
  • In "Ship in a Bottle" Chuck refers to Data and Geordi playing the characters Sherlock Holmes and his trusted friend, Arthur Dent.
  • "Fair Haven," as the corpulent Irish hologram flickers out of existence, voice distorting all the while: "We all float down here, Tommy me boy! We alllll float."
  • His Hogfather review includes several quotes from other Discworld books.
    • Occasionally, in Star Trek reviews, a given piece of technobabble either works or fails to work "because quantum", the favourite dismissal by the wizards of Unseen University when something magical, technological or both fails to work properly for reasons they don't or haven't even tried to understand.
  • In "Datalore", he first describes the Crystalline Entity as a 'Lovecraftian horror that eats planets', then when Lore reveals he betrayed the colony to it, asks if he got the ability to fly through space on a surfboard as a reward.
  • In his KOTOR Let's Play, he references 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea when mentioning that a Jedi named Nemo would be perfect for an underwater mission involving a submarine.
  • In Night 2 of the Dune miniseries review, when Princess Irulan summons her bald servant for help, Chuck inserts the bald woman just came back from selling her hair for a gift for her husband.

Shout-outs to film

Shout-outs to new media

  • In "Regeneration" he mentions "the hero's death battle exemption," a term used by the site Jabootu.
  • In "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang", he ends a long list of Bashir's genetically engineered feats with "... and now if you'll excuse me, I have to return Linkara's hat".
    • He never did get that back...
    • In The Dark Knight review, he refers to Batman as Crazy Steve; referencing Linkara's Take That at Frank Miller's All-Star Batman and Robin.
  • Chuck refers to himself as that guy "who's not RedLetterMedia."
    • In his review of Counterpoint, he launches into a tirade that seems to channel Harry S. Plinkett:
    Inspector: Call me Kashyk, please.
    SF Debris: Kashyyyk? Isn't that the planet where Chewbacca's from? That don't make sense. This don't make sense! What's your real name, and why are you wearing a coat made out of carpeting, huh?

Shout-outs to card and tabletop games:

Shout-outs to video games

  • Referencing Securitrons when a newscaster mentions New Vegas from the Babylon 5 review.
    • He also uses the Fallout 3 opening for Hide and Q.
    • Calling Soren President Eden.
    • And ANOTHER reference to Three Dog in his review of Avatar: The Last Airbender's "Water". Chuck is a huge fan of Fallout and it shows.
  • In "Return to Grace", Ziyal, the would-be prepubescent Che Guevra, runs up excitedly to show off a new knife trick she learned all by herself.
    Chuck: Oh that's just great. You got the phasers, you got your one move, you're perfectly set! We're gonna stick you in a green suit, and you can go fight the Flood!!
  • The opening of his review of Star Trek: Nemesis paraphrases Patrick Stewart's speech in the introduction movie of Oblivion, and the visuals from both are similar.
  • The coda video to "Tuvix" is a montage of Janeway's dastardly nature to the tune of "Still Alive".
  • John Sheridan is known as "Starkiller" because he was trained in secret by Darth Vader.
  • To Mass Effect 3 when he notes what if Kirk used the Guardian to go back and change things? Cut to it happening the exact same way, but in a different colour. Also doubles as a Stealth Insult to the infamous endings of the game.
    • Imitates a Salarian when in The Siege of AR-558, Sisko's team likewise manages to Hold the Line.
    • Mass Effect earns another reference in "Terra Nova", with a crack that the asteroid impact on that planet was clearly the fault of the batarians - an asteroid-based attack on a colony named Terra Nova, by batarian terrorists, was the plot of the first game's Bring Down the Sky DLC, which is integrated into the PC release.
      • Earlier in the "Terra Nova" review, he stated that the obvious culprit for who attacked Earth's first long-range deep-space colony was the geth, because that's the sort of thing they do.
    • Paradise gives a fairly vicious Take That to the endings, referring to how frustrating it was. "Why don't you just make the ending red, blue, and green if you were just going to make it fucking infuriating?!?"
  • The attack on the Salarian colony in "Ensign Ro" clearly was done by the krogan, though the only people who'd would get that joke are busy today.note 
  • The weapons at Wayne Enterprises fire the whole bullet. That's 65% more bullet per bullet!.
  • "Ramsay's people have been hiding out in what I'm guessing is a cave inside the Elder Scrolls universe. That might explain why I have an urge to put a bucket on Tasha's head." ("Angel One")
  • Chula was originally called the Chula Saga before the makers of Candy Crush Saga threatened to sue the Wadi over the name. ("Move Along Home").
    • He also notes that Vincent has one driving, overreaching goal...
    Space Core: SPAAAAAAAACE!
  • In his review of Gattaca: Chuck quotes the quit game message of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri: "Please don't go. The drones need you. They look up to you."
  • Diana's cat gets nicknamed "Sir Pounce-a-lot."

Shout-outs to music