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Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 07 E 15 Badda Bing Badda Bang
Vic Fontaine's, the hotel/nightclub the crew has been enjoying, has been bought out by the mob, and Vic is kicked to the curb. Many of the regulars are upset, and trying to figure out what they can do to rescue the program. It turns out to be part of the original code from the guy who site the program. If they manage to get rid of Frankie-eyes, the nightclub will return to normal. The crew decides the best way to do this is to steal from the hotel.

This episode provides examples of

  • Breather Episode: In a long and dark war arc. Also an inversion, as the last lighthearted episode before a string of serious episodes.
  • Caper Crew: The senior leadership of Deep Space Nine decides to steal $1 million from the hotel count room.
    • The Mastermind - the whole crew contributes in theory. Truthfully, when the Retired Thief joins, it becomes his plan.
    • The Partner In Crime - since the whole crew is involved, they all fit. Miles O'Brien and Dr. Bashir stand out, since they were there when the mob arrived.
    • The Backer - Vic, whose risking both his own "life" (his memories of the crew, wince this is a hologram with safeties on, they won't lose anything), and supplying the High Roller distraction with his nest egg.
    • The Coordinator - the lack of this role OS noticeable when the plan goes badly.
    • The pickpocket - Rather inverted with Bashir; he slips Ipecac into a martini.
    • The Distraction - most of the crew do this job, in different ways.
      • Vic is hanging out with the High Roller, they're distracting the casino customers.
      • Kira is hanging out with Mickey-eyes, the new boss.
      • Cassidy is "drunk" and telling the guard that...
      • Miles has stolen her chips, but he says he's innocent.
    • The Burglar - Nog is a safecracker, using his Ferengi hearing to listen to the tumblers.
    • The muscle - Odo is the one who will carry out a suitcase full of $1 million, and make it look easy.
    • The Retired Thief - they need one more person to do the role of High Roller, but noone seems interested. An earlier conversation convinces Sisko to join them, and he takes over from there.
  • Despite The Plan: Nothing went as planned, but everyone bounced back in time to pull it off. They actually show us what the perfectly-performed plan looks like, too, and even mislead us a little into thinking it's the actual performance of the plan, with the characters narrating/explaining their parts. This makes the blunder-filled version that much more hilarious. And exciting. (Of course, this is the common inversion of the Unspoken Plan Guarantee: since we hear the plan, you know it won't go that smoothly in practice.)
  • Don't Ask: O'Brien gets strip-searched off-screen. He does not want to talk about it.
  • Hammerspace: Justified when Vic asks how they plan on just walking away with a million dollars, Odo explains that he'll hide it inside himself.
  • Hollywood History: The reason that Sisko objects to the existence of Vic's: during that period in time, blacks weren't allowed to do more than clean the floors and perform onstage in clubs like that, yet the holoprogram whitewashes (no pun intended) that aspect of history.
  • Large Ham: Sisko was enjoying the role of High Roller almost too much.
  • Power Walk: The senior staff walked in their con outfits through the promenade.
  • The Cast Showoff: At the end of the episode, Avery Brooks gets to duet with James Darren on "The Best Is Yet to Come".
  • Zip Me Up: Odo zips up Kira's dress.
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