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Classic SCPs


  • CarrionTrooper was taught wrong, as a joke.
  • Dr Gerald's Personnel File has a note from another SCP operator who mentions loading up "my waifu", his shotgun, with bolo rounds to pay him a visit.
  • The Cool War: street artists Banksy and Robbo are at least aware of the Mad Artist group "Are We Cool Yet?" and Pico AKA The Snipper has way too much in common with Gamzee to be a coincidence: His seat of choice is a "corpse pile" ("___ pile" is a thing in Homestuck), his art project dumping a ton of the green slime that must never come into contact with dead bodies onto said corpse pile is announced with a loud HOOOOOOOOOONK, and this page shows how he and Mr. Redd interacted - Pico writes timidly with lower-case letters in crayon while Mr. Redd uses a lot of bold/underlines/all-caps written in blood.

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