Tearjerker / SCP Foundation

  • Let's start with some of the images from SCP-978, which allows you to see what the subject of its photos wants most. The "horse" whose touch causes deadly rashes just wants to be pet, loved, and ridden upon by humans who are unharmed by it. 590 is screaming inside. Cassy wants to be 3-dimensional. 451 wants to be re-united with the rest of the SCP agents. 492 wants to be human. 811 wants to be human again. The living tank wants to be so unnecessary that plants grow on him. 187 just wants to eat a normal meal in her favorite restaurant without a blindfold.
    • And 529 wants to be whole.
    • Dr. Bright was the first SCP personnel on whom SCP-978 was tested. The photo that developed is an absolute tear-jerker. Keep in mind that he was in the middle of an argument with Dr. Clef when he was photographed, and could have easily desired something like Clef at the time (whose photograph developed with his head replaced by a giant fist giving Bright the finger).
      Photo Result: Entire scene has changed. Appears to be outside, sky in background, grass in foreground. Subject of picture is simple tombstone bearing the engraving "Jack Bright, Resting at Last."
    • Doctor Clef's photo is also pretty sad, provided you know the context. It's a photo of him walkiing away from his argument with Bright, with his head being a hand giving the finger, as stated before, but there's also a young girl sitting in the background with a bored expression on her face, and feet that appear to be polished black cloven hooves. If you read various little bits and pieces around the site, specifically things that relate to the Global Occult Coalition, like this, or the GOC canon hub page you get information on the "Cornwall Incident" that Clef was involved with back when he was "Agent Ukelele" for the GOC. And if you want it to be all spelled out for you, Dr.Clef (the writer) tells the full story in this thread.
  • According to this Tale, SCP-055 is just a normal human being. He's locked in his cell and no one in the world remembers he exists.
  • SCP-1467. A man who will vanish out of existence if he doesn't continuously confirm his existence. He reports that his wife and children died in a car crash, but there's no record of the crash, because there's no record they ever existed. Needless to say, the guy isn't doing too well mentally.
  • During the re-containment of SCP-096, the soldier that secured 096 found it in the remains of a minivan. After debriefing on the incident, he committed suicide. They found a crushed pacifier in his hand.
  • Not everyone in the foundation is a robot.
  • Unimaginable though it may be, Procedure 110-Montauk is, without a doubt, horrible. And it is being done, day after day, to SCP-231, a young pregnant girl and the victim of a Satanic sex cult who did nothing to deserve it. The fact that it must be done to prevent the Eldritch Abomination she carries from destroying the planet makes it even worse. No wonder some of the people who work with her either take amnesia-inducing drugs or commit suicide.
  • The document recovered from the Marianas Trench.
  • SCP-451 is a former Foundation agent who cannot perceive any other humans or their actions, due to the effects of an artifact he was ordered to retrieve. He is essentially completely alone, despite the fact that he is surrounded by his former coworkers at the site he used to work at.
    • One entry even mentioned him trying to commit suicide by closing his eyes inside 173's quarters. As quoted from the entry:
      "SOB didn't even touch me. Instead [DATA REDACTED]. Wish I just disappeared with the rest of them."
    • As noted above, in the testing documents of SCP-978:
    Subject: SCP-451
    Photographed Activity: Weeping in Site-19 cafeteria.
    Photo Result: SCP-451 lies awake in a bunk in the Site-19 sleeping quarters, surrounded by other staff members. SCP-451 exhibits a look of relief on his face.
  • This somehow manages to make a member of the Shark Punching Center a giant Woobie.
  • This tale mentions the "Decency" tale above and adds details of other SCPs and procedures into it. The ending of it hits pretty hard, too.
  • SCP-191 was just a normal little girl (younger than 10) until a Mad Scientist abducted and turned her into a cyborg. Her Experiment Log, especially the second and third experimentnote , and fact that she never requests anything, including the information of her relative, hints that she has already accepted her fate and is trying her best to please the Foundation.
    • Object Class: Safe...
  • Quiet Days. It may be kind of a Happy Ending, but it's just so... sad, seeing it all be over and gone, taking all the weird and wonderful aspects of the Foundation with it.
    "Yes, honey?"
    "Mr. Smiles suddenly stopped moving. Mr. Calculator is acting sleepy, and I can't find Threaddy anywhere."
    "Eric, I think it's just that you are growing up. You've always had a vivid imagination, but now-"
    • And then comes the comments section, where people wonder how the researchers would react to their new life. They range, but Gears is just fucking heart gutting:
      Doctor Gears stayed longer than any of the other personnel (with the exception of the O5 council, of course), assisting others with their re-adjustment into society. He noticed a wide variety of emotions from the leaving staff: some were overjoyed that they were finally done working with such dangerous objects and eager to start a new, normal life; some were angry that they basically had to start over from scratch, claiming that spending the last few years in a facility that according to official record did not exist was shit for their resumes; and, most curious of all, a fair amount of sadness from people who, as far as Gears was concerned, should have been glad everything was back to normal.

      Days passed and people left, and eventually it was time for Gears himself to go. As he walked away from the now empty Site 19, he stopped and looked back for a moment, remembering all the time he had spent in that building. He still couldn't believe it was over, that protecting humanity, the job that he had committed himself to for longer than he could remember, was finished. As he gazed back at the facility, a strange thing began to happen: he began to feel rather odd. It was small at first, just a slight discomfort in his gut.

      Then, the memories began to fall.

      He remembered the constant struggles against 682. He remembered the puzzlement and amusement from testing 914. He was feeling quite uncomfortable now. He remembered the break room with the other researchers, how they would laugh and make jokes and have a great time while he would sit, stoic as always. He remembered the fun they would all have together. He could feel his breathing becoming labored. He remembered, shortly after the discovery of the loss of the anomalies, Bright finally achieving his final wish. He remembered Clef being unable to cope with normalcy and taking his own life. He remembered Rights, normally mischeveous and joyful, cleaning out her office with a distinct look of sorrow on her face. He remembered how even though it was a stressful, terrible place to be, how it was home to more demons and horrors than any other place in the world, perhaps even the universe…it was still home.

      And for the first time in many, many years, Gears began to cry.
    • The researchers aren't the only ones that get in on this:
      "To the O5 Council (and the rest of the Foundation, too!) -

      Thank you all for being my very best collectors! Sadly, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I do not think I will continue with my work any longer. I've done my part here, and I hope that my products have made people happy (I especially hope that they made YOU all happy as well!). As part of my final goodbyes, I have included a special, one-of-a-kind collectable that I wish for you to have. It may not be as impressive as my other creations, but I hope you find it wonderful in its own right.


      Doctor Wondertainment"

      This was the note that was attached to a rather large package wrapped in glimmering purple wrapping paper. When opened, the package contained a rather large replica of Site 19, made out of ordinary plastic. When opened, the model building contained detailed figurines of each of the site personnel, from the O5 personnel down to the lowliest janitors, each poseable and each with noticable smiles on their faces, but otherwise nothing anomalous about them. Each individual figurine has been sent to its appropriate counterpart along with a copy of the note.
  • SCP-1958. A VW Microbus converted into a spaceship by a bunch of beatniks who want to fly to Alpha Centauri. Hilarious, right? Except they screwed up the calculations, and won't reach it for almost forty million years. One of them keeps a diary as they succumb one by one to the hazards of space, depression and disease.
    9/23/5█: I'm all alone now. Sam died this morning.
    He could barely sit up or see towards the end. He asked me if we were there yet. I told him yeah, man, we'll be there tomorrow, just you get your rest. I didn't have the heart to tell him the truth. He asked me to read him "And Death Shall Have No Dominion" one last time. His eyes were closed by the time I finished. They never opened up again. I pushed him out the airlock after he was gone. There's not gonna be anyone left to push me out.
    • The audio version is just heart wrenching. [1]
  • Many of the stories involving SCP-342, a universal ticket for any form of transportation that makes it impossible for its user to get off of the vehicle until they are pulled away by some sort of invisible, supernatural vehicle at the last stop and disappear from reality. The ticket-holders experience hallucinations and extreme terror as they near the last stop. This SCP's effects are so disturbing that watching a D-Class succumb to them is enough to make the agent accompanying him beg to be the next test subject. He gets his wish, with another agent accompanying him to record the effects and attempt to find a way to prevent them. Said agent happens to be his best friend. He fails.
  • SCP-1162, a hole that produces an object previously lost by who puts his hand on it, is mostly funny. But a D-Class (mostly, death row inmates) losing the security tape from the night "she died and I got arrested" is depressing.
  • SCP-919. A mirror that produces a sentient reflection of you that begs you to not leave the mirror, or it'll die. That's not the real Tear Jerker. That's the reveal that the mirror has no memetic influence on people. Your reflection is sincerely screaming and pleading for its life. Oh, and if you appear in front of the mirror again, it remembers the last time he died. Just imagine what it's like to be that reflection. Thankfully, turns out that it doesn't really care about your well-being, as long as you're there to cast a reflection. As noted, the owner of SCP-919 had apparently died of dehydration.
  • Test documents for SCP-348, a bowl of ailment-relieving soup inspired by a bowl of soup the author's dad made when she was sick — the very bowl in the article, in fact which will sometimes be accompanied by a message on the bowl:
    Subject: 6-year-old male, recently injured self while playing with friends (minor scrapes and scratches)
    Brief Background: Parents divorced, currently lives with mother
    Notes: Message appeared, I’m sorry, son.
    • Further tests were done to see if it works on adults; there were almost a hundred tests there but very few messages and most people didn't feel like finishing the soup, though it did cure their ailments. When it was given to a man who murdered his father, the bowl filled with salt water (interpreted by reviewers to be the father's tears) for three hours.
    • There's also one test listed at the very end of the page which doubles as a Heart Warming moment:
      Addendum SCP-348-4: SCP-348 was once used in a test involving a 60-year-old man suffering from a terminal illness. The subject, a grandfather with multiple grandchildren, stated that the soup produced by SCP-348 was “the best he’d ever tasted”. Following the test, the subject reported feeling a sense of “satisfaction” and noted that the pain caused by the illness seemed to have faded. The subject passed away peacefully a week later.
  • In When One Reaches The End, Lord Blackwood's adventures end not with a bang, but a rumination on why he is no longer relevant and the futility of war.
  • SCP-1502, a small robot which walks around and mutilates people's faces. Sounds creepy, but not sad... until you analyze the article closely and figure out just where it came from and what or rather, who it truly is. (That, or look up the author's outright explanation on the discussion page.)
    The inferred objective of this procedure is to alter the subject's appearance to resemble actor William Daniels in his role as "Mr. George Feeny" in the television series Boy Meets World as closely as possible.
    • It gets worse:
      Interviews have been inconclusive, as the object communicates through the playback of recordings of actor Rider Strong in his role as the character Shawn Hunter from the aforementioned television series. All documented vocalizations made by SCP-1502 have been attributed to existing episodes of Boy Meets World. The source and medium of these recordings is unknown, and they often display degradation in the form of static and pitch distortion.
  • While the D-Class personnel are generally death-row/life imprisonment types, you have to feel sorry for the one involved in testing of SCP-738, who's stated outright to be both dyslexic and severely mentally retarded. The deal he was presented was a Sloppy Joe in exchange for Mopsy, a cherished toy - and when even a Lawful Evil DEMON feels bad about a Deal with the Devil, that's saying something!
  • SCP-1342's message:
    We had but one chance to put things right. I do not know if you can save us. I do not know if you can change who you one day may be. You say you are trying to survive through your time, so you may live into mine. I really hope that you do.
    But above all else, there is one thing you need to know.
    From one maker of music to another, across all worlds, all times, no matter what you do or what you become: You are nothing less than beautiful.
    • Backstory: SCP-1342, a replica of Voyager 1 and its greetings, was sent by a race of aliens 40,000 years in the future whose technology was enhanced by seeing our radio and TV broadcasts to the point where they could have created faster-than-light travel and a sort of time travel but they were suddenly destroyed by humans. They debated on what to do next and came very close to annihilating us but decided on a more compassionate route instead. Unfortunately it's possible they were destroyed because we got the message — Stable Time Loops for one thing, and also the fact that we learned we can destroy a powerful alien race and they'd be too grateful to us to retaliate.
  • SCP-053 is a 3-year-old girl given a rather decent-sized room in the facility, new toys and the like amply provided and rotated every three months, frequently and properly maintained bedding and bathroom facilities, proper medical care, and three complete meals per day with up to two extra snacks if she asks. Heck, she's even allowed to give and receive gifts to and from the researchers, providing they're thoroughly checked first. Doesn't take a genius to realize she's got it a heck of a lot better than most other safe- or euclid-class humans or humanoids in the facility. So, what's the problem? Anyone (not necessarily limited to humans, either) over the age of three years old that makes direct physical contact, eye contact, or spends longer than ten minutes with her will become uncontrollably homicidal and attempt to kill her by any means necessary, taking down anyone that gets in the way as well. What makes this particularly heartbreaking is that she herself isn't even a Creepy Child or Enfant Terrible- she's described as being a relatively normal little three-year-old-girl, with only slightly above-average intelligence, a cheerful and pleasant personality, and only seems to get upset when presented with scary things or large groups of people. Which is completely normal for a three-year-old. Making it worse, she is utterly unaware of the effect she has on people. The way she perceives it, people just attack her violently for no reason. It's stated she ignores the people affected, which also implies that it's happened so often that she's gotten used to it as the norm. Even if one hasn't studied psychological development in children, it's still utterly heartbreaking that the kid has to go through this. In fact, the only thing that hasn't tried to kill her is the SCP Foundation's resident Omnicidal Maniac SCP-682. Yep. You read that right. And while the little girl was indeed frightened of it at first, after seeing that it showed no aggression towards her, began playing with it. This is implied to have lasted for a very long time before 682 was removed from her, leaving her crying for several minutes afterwards. Nightmare Fuel as to why researchers would put a homicidal urge-inspiring little girl in the same room as the most homicidally-inclined creature in the facility and why it didn't try to eat her aside, it's rather heartbreaking when you realize it's the first time she's actually been able to spend an extended period of time with another living creature without being violently lashed out against, only to be pulled away and likely never allowed to see it again.
    • When photographed by the previously mentioned SCP-789, it shows her riding on 682.
    • Quick aside: the why reasarchers would put 682 and 053 together is that they know anyone who actually harms her will die seconds after and she will regenerate any damage done right away. That seems okay, but not really: she's been spending her life being harmed by people and seeing them die right before her eyes, after killing anyone else that tried to get in the way. Now that's rough.
  • SCP-1230 is a book that allows the reader to live out vivid adventure fantasies in their dreams. It is completely benign, and seems to only want to give its readers an experience they will enjoy. However, one researcher became so obsessed with his fantasy that he killed himself after waking up. The book was found soaked with tears, with the same message on every page: "I'm so sorry. I never intended for this to happen. I just wanted to make people happy."
    • The book stayed like this for weeks as well - it was that distraught.
  • SCP-1522 is an adorable pair of sentient ships who like to play with whales and generally be Sickening Sweet Hearts until the GOC sinks them in an unprovoked attack.
    • What's worse is that the GOC attack only kills one of the ships. The second is Driven to Suicide after losing its partner.
    • The worst of all is that it is implied that the ships were procreating, as the one that was attacked was found to have two unfinished rowboats inside it when it was recovered.
  • SCP-1470 is a... telepathic spider with a very heavy Australian accent. Despite that, however, he's happy to chat with researchers, who it thinks are other spiders. In the end, he finds out that he's been talking to things beyond his comprehension, and despite the initial fear, grows to accept it, thanks the Doctor in charge for being there to talk to, and dies peacefully of premature aging, after finding a wife and having offspring who can't communicate.
  • SCP-1281 seems to be an interstellar messenger, sent from billions of years ago to Fling a Light into the Future. This is its message:
    This is our harbinger. It brings good tidings.

    "We will be dead when it reaches you. Our planet is dying. We do not have time to save ourselves. We only have time to ready ourselves, and to send a message.

    "We have seen the signals from those who came before us. They were different, and we still don't really understand them. But if there were those who came before, there may be those who come after. It is in this hope that our harbingers travel.

    "One has found you and learned your language so it can relay this message. Please listen.

    "The galaxy is dark, and empty, and cold. It spins inevitably toward death. You will die too, one day. Perhaps you will have longer than we have. We hope so. But one day you too must vanish.

    "And when your time is passing, please send this message on, so the next voice can speak against the darkness."
  • SCP-1424, an anomalous Alaskan Malamute puppy. It has a normal body temperature below freezing, it exudes ammonia through its paws and tongue, it does not heal, shows no vital signs, and does nothing but wander aimlessly around its containment cell. It was recovered from an animal shelter after multiple attempts at euthanasia failed. When the Foundation recovered it, they extracted a raw steak, a bunch of paper, and a diamond ring from its stomach.
    • Figured it out yet? The dog was a present, but it ate some things it shouldn't have. The angry owner killed it by putting it in an ammonia-based freezer, but it came back as a zombie.
  • SCP-239, an 8-year-old Reality Warper, gets convinced that she's a witch to help keep her imagination in check a bit. Her diary entry at the end of an incident is heartbreaking because it comes after finding out that she'd been put in a medically-induced coma, because of that diary entry..
  • His Kind Eyes, turns out that 087-1 just want to help the child below...
  • SCP-590, a 16-year-old kid who can heal with a touch...by taking on all of the injuries and afflictions of those he touches. He's effectively immortal, and bedridden thanks to being damaged too much. But Dr. Bright insisted he be used to help cure several cases of severe autism, which rendered his mental facilities to that of a three-year-old.
    • That's not the worst of it. Bright did that as an act of mercy. Why? 590 is his little brother. In fact, the whole family is pretty damn tragic. Their youngest sister was stillborn, and 590 cured her in front of Foundation agents, leading them to confiscate her and classify her as SCP-321. She's pretty screwed up because of all this, both physiologically and developmentally. Their father was a junior researcher who climbed through the ranks in the hopes of getting her released; he eventually became an O5, the highest authority in the Foundation, but was still denied. And just to add another layer to the misery, Dr. Bright's older brother is also an O5. One can only imagine what he thinks of all this.
  • SCP-1322, a tiny dimensional anomaly that allowed the Foundation to communicate with another world...and unwittingly doom its people to extinction with a vaccine that sterilized them as an unexpected side-effect. They send increasingly deadly weapons through the portal in a desperate attempt to get revenge. According to the discussion page, the writer of the article wanted to see if a Keter could be written as tragedy instead of horror.
  • One wouldn't expect a sequel to a story entitled "Poopstick McGee and the Flying Walruses" to be a Tear Jerker, but seeing Dr. Kondraki (yes, that Kondraki) as a senile old man in an asylum, with the implication that the Foundation was all just an elaborate delusion...it's painful. The original is mostly hilarious and slightly tragic; this one is slightly hilarious and mostly tragic. Especially the last few lines.
  • SCP-1481 is a genie who's stoned out of his mind and utterly fails at granting wishes. Then he accidentally reveals that some absolute Jerkass used his first wish to make him this way, his second wish to make it irreversible, and then just walked away without even making a third wish.
  • SCP-1252 is an half-finished imaginary friend. Why is it half-finished ? Because the little girl who was "summoning" him died during his creation. He doesn't know about her fate, and from what the article tells us about him, he truly would have been the best friend a little girl could wish to have.
  • SCP-2002 It's an unknown vessel that's heading to Earth that has no propulsion and multiple spheres attached to it. it was destroyed by a GOC Laser sat before it got to Earth. What it was? A a Foundation vessel from a future where an SCP caused a Depopulation Bomb. The things inside were hundreds of human embryos they managed to save from its effects.
  • SCP-2099, as it's alias says, is a Brain in a Jar, of a self-proclaimed inventor Jeremy Valdez, who lives in a facility with numerous extremely advanced inventions, most of which have been destroyed, which he claims to build most to sell and help people. Unfortunately, he is very prone to memory loss, to the point where he needs notes to remember most things and has large lapses in memory. He is aware of this and is at times very melancholic, despite being nonchalant, about the fact and often hopes for the best of those he sold his inventions to, despite most of them seemingly missing.
  • SCP-2273, a Russian Bio-Augmented Super Soldier from an alternate earth's WW1 who's worried that his bio-armor is acting up because it keeps bringing up old information he doesn't need. His doctor/interviewer asks him to elaborate:
    SCP-2273 (after approximately 30 seconds of hesitation): I told you where I was before your men found me, da? I — I see my men's faces, staring up at me from the dirt, Doctor. Asking me why I didn't keep them safe. Why I was allowed to live while they had to die. I trained alongside those men for years before they put us back on the surface, since we were all young children [several years ago] . We were brothers. And I gave the order to surrender, and got — got them killed. I should have died with them. I am no better than the American dogs who shot them. I don't want to feel this way anymore. Please make this stop.
  • Conviction. While it's filled to the brim with Fridge Horror, it also manages to give Josef Mengele, of all people, a Historical Hero Upgrade. When an unknown and lethal virus was spreading through Europe, the Foundation took control of Nazi Germany and assigned Mengele to search for a cure. Believing twins might be the answer, he studied its effects on dozens of them, vivisecting them to find any sort of difference or change between them. Even when Germany was overthrown, he desperately searched for a cure, even continuing his research through breeding programs in South America. He spent the rest of his life trying to find it, but ultimately failed and died alone.
  • SCP-802 has some parallels to 516, in that both are intelligent tanks. But 802 is forever patrolling the shattered ruins of a French village, playing a haunting off-key tune from it's glory days. What locks the tear jerker is that the village 802 patrols bears far too many similarities to the lost village of Oradour-sur-Glane.
  • SCP-2295. It's a teddy bear that replaces damaged organs with fabric- and stuffing-made copies - which are completely devoid of any harmful side effects. Then the scientists place him in front of a young D-class with cerebral hemorraging. 2295 desperately tries to come up with something, anything to help the boy... but in the end, all it can do is offer him a candy bar and stay with him until he dies. And it cries the entire time.
  • SCP-1960. An unknown entity that communicates in the form of text superimposed on pictures of Neptune. Instead of a hostile alien intelligence or Eldritch Abomination, it just seems incredibly lonely.
    "IT'S SO DARK"
    "I'M SO SORRY"
  • SCP-1192 is a sapient Gang-gang cockatoo that can communicate through writing. It's not an Intellectual Animal, but instead has the mind of a young boy named Timmy, who has no idea how he entered this state. When asked about where he and his family live, the Foundation discovered nothing out of the ordinary and that Timmy was just fine. Meanwhile, SCP-1192 spends most of its time drawing and writing.
    Several pages of unrelated words, presumed to be writing practice.
    Several pages of crude drawings, including race cars, airplanes and fictional animals and monsters.
    A single page with the words "wy am I a bird" [sic] as well as several more indecipherable sentences.
    A drawing of what appears to be a small child holding the hands of two adults. The child is scratched out and the paper is ripped. The reverse side of the page has the words "i wan my mom" [sic].
    A single page with 126 instances of the word "mom" and 76 instances of the word "home".
  • The tale of SCP-2094 starts out silly: he's an irreverent and snarky clown named "Motormouth" who can swallow anything whole and store it in his stomach, and he used to be part of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting. But things take a heart-rending turn when he has a Heroic BSOD after the Man with the Upside-down Face steals his most precious memories and it takes him years of counseling to recover.
  • The backstory of SCP-1510 is pretty tragic. He used to be a Roman soldier who refused to release a captured King Jugurtha and was cursed for it. The day after the king was left to starve to death, the soldier woke up to find his body festering, rotten, and maggot-ridden. He was left that way for hours, unable to do anything to help himself, until two beggars found him. They brought a harusex who proceeded to cut him open (which he also felt), examine his entrails, and said his remains should be taken out of the city to avoid bad luck. Then, after centuries of his mind living on even after his body rotted away, he wakes up when he's forced to possess a graverobber in present-day Italy and is incredibly confused and panicked by his new surroundings. It doesn't help that he didn't seem to be that bad of a guy - after he calms down, he's very cooperative with the researchers.
    • The researchers have him help them test SCP-361. After following the instructions it gives him, he hears his father's voice
    Courage, Publius. This too shall pass. When rust claims your soul at last, valor will make you into Aeneas, and carry you beyond these shores, to rest among your fathers.
  • SCP-1830 is a teenager from Hong Kong who was subject to horrible bullying. His response is to make tulpas to protect him: a Chinese soldier from 1930, Ling-Kao, and a Germansturmtruppen, Ludwig. When 1830 tries to summon Ludwig to protect him from his attackers, he is fully confident that Ludwig will save him, not even resisting as the bullies carve insults into his legs - only to find that Ludwig is completely incorporeal to everyone else. It's implied that the utter helplessness of failure is what drove 1830 into a coma. The final kicker is one of the sketches from 1830-A's notebook. His mother says it looks exactly like 1830's absent father.
  • SCP-1609 was a chair before. An intelligent chair with human-like features that would teleport to a person who needed somewhere to sit. Then, the Global Occult Coalition captured it and tried to destroy it with a woodchipper. The remains teleported to the Foundation to find a safe place but it became more cautious and it can be hostile towards anything that reminds it from its stay in the GOC such as lab coats or motor sounds. As the document at the end states, this SCP serves as a warning towards the chaotic procedures of the Global Occult Coaltion.
    This is why we have Special Containment Procedures instead of Special Destruction Procedures. If you break something, it's broken forever. When you try to destroy an anomaly, you can't take back your mistakes. That's what SCP-1609 has to tell us. This is why we're right and the GOC is wrong, people.
  • SCP-2776 has it rough. Imagine, if you will, leading a rebellion against a cruel empire that is oppressing the colony you are living in. Imagine winning the war, becoming the new leader for a few years, then retiring and living a happy simple life with your wife, family and friends. Now imagine waking up over 200 years later as some sort of machine. You're being held captive by this organisation of strange people. Your wife and friends are all long dead, leaving you all alone. Now imagine that, not only did your wife know you were a machine the *whole damn time*, and never ever told you. And just when things can't get any worse, you find out that the very empire that you rebelled against is buying out companies in your country, essentially rendering all of your efforts futile.
  • SCP-2049 starts as your standard Keter-object that has a reality bending influence of the real world. It basically is a weather forecast from an alternate dimension, who's predictions localize in the town of Manningtree. SCP-2049-1 is a teal skinned humanoid who is the energetic weather forecaster, asking fans to call in for a sponsorship. When the Foundation calls and learn from him that his signals have been getting weaker recently because his old employers apparently fired him and he is still asking fans to call out of some desperate plea for validation. The Foundation almost immediately hang up on him. The forecasts never increased back in quality since.