Nightmare Fuel: SCP Foundation

Look closely.
"You look afraid. Don't be afraid. This is a dream. The last dream you may ever have, for nightmares are coming."
No wonder the SCP Foundation wants to contain these; the stuff they contain will make you stay awake for days.

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  • The real crowning piece of terror inherent to nearly every single SCP object page: before you even get to the description, you get one or more paragraphs describing the special containment procedures needed for each object, forcing you to imagine just what requires this kind of containment process. These procedures often include battalions of elite commandos with automatic weapons and body armor, 3-meter-thick titanium cubes, on-site nuclear self-destruct systems, deep underground or undersea locations, overwatch from AC-130s, unimaginably extensive monitoring equipment, people with unusual skills or attributes (such as fluency in Ancient Sumerian or a "marked sexual deviancy"), vats of hydrochloric acid, bulletproof glass, and other SCP objects. In other words, stuff that no government in their right mind would ever authorize. It's around then that you know what you're dealing with.
  • SCP-579 combines the above with the tendency to censor the documents to truly scary effect. Its classification is Keter (objects of the worst sort), and considering the extremes to be gone to in the case that anything happens in its containment cell, it can cause ... something very bad. But everything but the containment procedures were removed by High Command. so nobody but the seven survivors of... whatever know anything about it (and "termination of agents to prevent data leakage" might have been used if there had been more) note . And it gets even better! Whatever information that's left about it implies that it's so bad, they're currently holding it in an alternate universe via another SCP... and the procedure in case of the tiniest containment breach is to destroy the alternate universe. And if that fails? Well...
    • The lack of description, enormous amounts of destruction it causes, and the lengths the Foundation is going to contain it makes it possible that 579, whatever it may be, is the Ultimate Evil.
  • The sheer knowledge that if it wasn't for the Foundation, the world might have ended already. Also, the sheer knowledge that despite the existance of the Foundation it just might end anyways, since several objects that could cause The End of the World as We Know It require only one tiny slip-up to activate, and there are several others the Foundation cannot do anything about. Then you start to figure out that the world has ended before, they hit the Reset Button, and you are none the wiser.
  • SCP-447-2 is a commonly used substance at the Foundation, ranging from salad dressing to industrial lubricant, and it's perfectly harmless...so long as you keep it away from dead bodies. Every paragraph reminds you to keep it away from dead bodies. Why? They won't tell you.
    • There's also something...off about the use of that specific phrase. Not "corpses", "cadavers" or something more clinical...but "dead bodies". It's a subtle, vague thing, but the dissonance in tone is almost as unnerving as the repeated warnings and lack of explanation.
    • "Corpses" and "cadavers" are words used to refer to human bodies. "Dead bodies", on the other hand, can mean any dead creature. If they use SCP-447-2 for salad dressing, that means this substance is often made in the food preparation areas. Where the meat is stored. That may have influenced their policy about using this phrase.
  • SCP-583. Good luck trying to watch Sesame Street again.
  • SCP-280. It attacks people and rips them to shreds... for no reason, and Don't Turn off the Lights, It May Be in there with You.
  • SCP-173, the statue that tries to kill you if you break eye contact with it. Enlarge that page's picture to get a better idea. It appears to be the only thing 682 is afraid of, as when it was locked inside 173's chamber its first response was to huddle in the corner farthest from 173 and stare at it without blinking for several hours. When snipers popped 682's eyes from afar, it responded by growing bullet-proof eyes all over its body so that it could keep 173 from getting close to it. However, while 173 did some damage to 682 before it could adapt, it was unable to destroy 682.
    • Also: this short story. What would happen if said statue replicated. Exponentially. Said entry describes 150 SCP-173s attacking and ripping apart SCP-682. The fucking indestructible lizard.
    • This video. The statue in action.
    • SCP-232 falls into a similar vein. It's a statue of a Sumerian goddess that will cut you up if you allow any shadows into its constantly-lit containment area.
    • This comic. Nothing Is Scarier until it's smiling on your face.
    • In the game "Containment Breach", you have to run away from it, among other SCPs. And if you encounter it, and you close a door in between SCP-173 and yourself? It opens the fucking door and resumes chasing the player. There is literally no way to stop it.
  • SCP-106 "The Old Man". An entity resembling a rotting old man. It causes severe corrosion and decay of whatever it touches. It drags its victims into its Pocket Dimension (which it seems to have complete metaphysical control over) and slowly tortures them for hours or days, before ejecting their mutilated bodies back into this world. Take a look at the page pictures. As if that wasn't enough, it's completely indestructible and almost impossible to successfully contain. The procedure for its recapture is, if possible, more terrifying than it is. Namely, taking a human in its preferred age bracket and injuring them by breaking a bone or cutting a tendon, placing them in a cell, and broadcasting their cries to lure in SCP-106. If SCP-106 isn't taking the bait, additional damage is inflicted. If it still isn't working, more "prey" objects are brought in.
  • SCPs 076-2 and 682. Both are indestructible, very sharp killing machines. Sure, you can put them down for now, but they'll just come right back again. Few minutes for 682, hours or years for 076.
    • SCP 682 is described as a reptilian monster able to mutate and regenerate body parts, with hyperintelligence, and a hate of all forms of life, and the ability to adapt to anything. It's still capable of talking (usually in the form of obscenities and threats) with as much as 80% of its body mass destroyed, and needs to be kept in an acid bath so as to constantly keep it weakened. What makes it worse is the fact that they have to experiment with other SCPs to try and find a way to permanently destroy it. The most frightening thing? It usually fails, and then it becomes immune to whatever they tried.
    • How about the interaction between 682 and 826? 826 is a pair of pewter dragon statues that transform the room it's in into the setting of any book placed between them. If the people fail to escape the room, they will lose all memories of their past lives, and the story will rewrite itself to incorporate them. Realizing this, one of the researchers wrote a 12 page short story called "The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Can And Will Kill SCP-682 Permanently if it So Much As Spots That Damn Lizard", that was just a description of a plain green field, and a large monster whose sole descriptive quality was the stated ability of permanently killing 682. So, they put 682 in there, and in a matter of minutes, the plain green field turned into a scorched crater-filled wasteland, and the 12 page short story had become a 209 page epic called "The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Tried To Kill SCP-682 Permanently But Failed" describing the epic battles between this monster and an innocent creature whose very existence was based around its ability to destroy 682. And 682 won. Poor thing. Yes, that's right. They wrote a story about something that specifically could kill 682, and 682 killed it. That's how unkillable the bloody thing is.
    • SCP 563. They reduced it 'to 1% of its body'' by changing the fundamental natural constants.IT RECOVERED!
    • What makes it worse is SCP-343 (who's very likely God himself) calls it an abomination because it's not one of his creations.
    • Dr Gears, 682 creator, says that, in his view, 682 wants to kill everything because, through his eyes, life on this reality is so utterly wrong, disgusting and frightening to him that his only response is to destroy everything. It makes you wonder just how his homeplace looks like...
    • And SCP-053 likes the thing! It even seemed to like her back, actively trying not to scare her when they first made contact and even letting her draw on it with her crayons. Although SCP-053 looks and acts like a three year old girl, everyone over the age of three has an irresistible desire to kill her after ten minutes of exposure, and everyone who tries dies painfully. Perhaps SCP-682 feels the same way about humans as humans do about SCP-053. In which case, one wonders where 053 really came from…
      • The photo of 053 and 682 with the Desire Camera showed 682 in a flowery frock. Seems funny at first, but think about it; if anyone is able to tell the gender of 682, it'll be 053. If 682 is female, this leaves the disturbing possibility of it making more of itself. Though that may not be a problem for a while; 053's effect doesn't work on humans under the age of three. Perhaps 682 is under the equivalent of that age by its species' standards. What happens when it grows up?
    • Consider things from 682's point of view. Imagine that one day, by whatever means, you are taken away from the home world you know and love. Now imagine that, on top of THAT, everything there terrifies and disgusts you to the point that the only response you can think of is to kill it. Now, on top of all of THAT, imagine that you're captured by a group which tortures you every single second of your existence and spends plenty of time coming up with even more painful ways to do it. Now, for the cherry on the pain-cake, imagine that you are never going to get home, because the only people who might be able to return you are both incomprehensibly disgusting and determined to torture you. It's no wonder the thing is evil.
    • Think 682 isn't scary enough already? Then see what happened when it was introduced to SCP-999(a sentient blob that causes a drug-like euphoria in people). Whilst their interactions are initially heartwarming/funny, when 999 is removed, 682 reveals a previously unseen ability to send out a wave that causes people to collapse into uncontrollable fits of laughter, before rampaging through the foundation, killing all affected personnel, laughing like a maniac, all the while.
    • SCP-738-2 is a chair that grants wishes, for a price that inflicts an amount of emotional damage corresponding to how much the person wants it. When asked what price it would want to kill 682, the chair replied "The Foundation couldn't afford it". The same Foundation with access to universe-destroying technology.
    • At one point they tether him to 507 and teleport them away to another dimension. This works, and they technically eliminate 682 - but the other universe's Foundation equivalent takes the opportunity to get rid of their 682, who's exactly like the original aside, but with wings and massive fangs.
  • SCP-689 has to be observed at all times. If eye contact is broken with it, it will seek out individuals who have seen it previously, kill them, and teleport on top of their remains. If multiple targets are available, it will have a tendency to target those in crowded areas, causing witnesses of the victims to see it as well. You can probably see where this is going.
  • Then there are more subtle things, like the turnover in Class D personnel. Not to mention the implication that some Class D personnel are hired as Schmuck Bait, with the full knowledge that they'll ignore their orders and do something stupid... just so that the scientists will see what happens.
    • D-Class personel are derived from the ranks of convicted criminals, typically those on death row. However, if there's a shortage, Protocol 12 can be enacted, which permits recruitment of D-Class personnel from other sources, such as "political prisoners, refugee populations, and other civilian sources." Considering that simply handling quite a few SCPs, not to mention various experiments and tests generally end in rather messy, unpleasant deaths for the involved personnel-Oh! And even if they survive, they are often terminated after a month anyway.-the Foundation basically goes through D-Class personnel like popcorn. Given that violent criminals are aplenty, but still a minor portion of the human population, it makes one wonder just how often the Foundation has been forced to enact Protocol 12 and just how many completely innocent and merely unfortunate people have ended up as D-Class personnel and meeting their inevitable ends.
    • This 'explained' SCP gives this some more Fridge Horror. D-class stands for 'drapetomaniac class'-they were using slave labor to test SC Ps.
    • According to this story from the Spanish-language branch, the "termination" of D-class personnel doesn't refer to killing, at least on the present time. It used to mean so, but the decrease on the application of death penalty and the subsequent reduction on human resources forced the Foundation to reduce the monthly culling to the aggressively violent and the ones who were compromised by the SCP they were assigned to. Instead, at the end of the month the surviving prisoners get the last month wiped of their minds with amnesiacs and are reassigned, so they eternally believe that they are working just a month in a science lab to shave off years from their sentences. This means that they get forcibly what the ex-staff of 231-7 gets voluntarily. It then shows a couple of D-Class that the researcher giving the conference maintains around as his assistants; they were lobotomised to have retrograde amnesia deliberately inflicted on them. You almost want them to get mercily killed.
      • Oh, and don't expect them to be released any time soon because the Foundation depends so much on the D-class that it could simply collapse without them, leading to innumerable security breaches and the release of every SCP in this page and then some.
      • The same story has this jewel (translated for your convenience):
    Non-D class personnel is never demoted to D-class. Never. Remember those jokes we discussed before? This is one of those. If we have to apply a fulminating and definitive disciplinary sanction to a Foundation member we don't beat the bush around that much.
  • SCP-882 is a clockwork... thing that grows by absorbing all nearby metal objects and can brainwash anyone nearby into "feeding" it. SCP-271 is an engraved coin, whose inscription spreads to nearby objects and turns them into an indestructible metal with unknown properties. Accidental tests on living organisms suggest that both being absorbed by the machine and being converted by the coin are excruciatingly painful. There is an obvious reason these things are not to be allowed in the same room. The Church of the Broken God wants to try it out.
  • SCP-002 is a ball of flesh with a door in it. Through the door is a modest apartment, complete with furniture made out of the body parts of the people it's killed.
  • SCP-415, The Harvested Man. Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Basically, it's a 36 year old man who can regenerate organs after a short period of time, but sometimes he is warped away and a modification on his body is created by a mysterious third party, mainly in the form of a zipper or other adhesive over a vital organ. For those who didn't think about it, apparently this third party takes the Harvested Man away to another world where this third person TAKES THE ORGANS FROM THIS MAN AGAINST HIS WILL. And he can't control it. Talk about an And I Must Scream moment.
  • SCP-231-07, a girl of undefined age who was impregnated with some kind of Cosmic Horror by a Satanic sex cult. The only way to keep it from being born is by putting her through "Procedure 110-Montauk" every twenty-four hours, which is described as involving "brutally (DATA EXPUNGED)". It can only be carried out by convicted sex offenders among Class D Personnel, and is being supervised by employees who have passed a psychological examination in which "mild sociopathic tendencies and marked sexual deviancy are not to be considered automatic fail conditions" (an early warning and implication of who carries this out), and it's 10 times worse than whatever you think it is. By the way, the specific age of SCP-231 is not specified, only a minimum and maximum, both of which are censored in the article. But the minimum is a single-digit number. And there is a fine print that you may have to View Source to find it: "Don't believe it when they say they're trying to save her. Why would they bother? They've got exactly what they want exactly where they want it."
    • Based on the writings that 110-Montauk was based on, it could be reasonable to assume that said "Satanic Sex Cult" were actually performing the same duty as the Foundation, putting forth the techniques to hamper whatever was in 231 1-7. The saw the situation, realized what was going on and began to do what they did. Their writings could've been their way of giving a "It passes onto you now" style message as well as how to do it. Assuming this could be Fridge Horror all on its own if you consider; What did they know from the start that the Foundation didn't that led them to the conclusion.
    • Some of the staff who were involved in the project have taken amnesiacs to forget it, and false memories have been implanted. Which means that anyone could have been on the project and not even remember itnote .
    • Oh, and they started using amnesia-inducing drugs on 231 herself; the sum total of 110-Montauk was starting to induce a form of shell shock in the victim. As a constant level of agony and terror needs to be inflicted to suppress the Eldritch Abomination, they started wiping her mind of her knowledge of Montauk. Eventually it was determined that a weekly dosing cycle was most efficient, as the 3rd to 4th time is the most mentally devastating; the first time is horrible, the second time establishes a pattern, and the third confirms that this is what the rest of your life is going to be like.
    • The article contains an addendum added by one of the heads of the SCP foundation specifically stating (presumably to set straight employees having second thoughts about all this) that while "Procedure 110-Montauk" is quite possibly the most horrifyingly evil thing the SCP foundation has ever been involved in, failure to carry it out will result in the End of the World as We Know It, judging by the death tolls that ensued when SCP-231-01 through SCP-231-06 gave birth. Sweet dreams.
    • Foundation Ethics Committee. They're widely regarded as an ineffectual and being assigned there is taken as a "can't fire him, keep him out of the way" type of job. However, they actually override the O5 Counsel and during orientation one member is absolutely horrified when he learns the truth. The Ethics Committee is in charge of weighing the moral costs of everything the Foundation does. There is no canon, of course, but it's a wholly horrifying thought that this is the least horrible thing they can do in regards to containment of the SCP.
    • Alternately, imagine being part of the support staff for the 231 containment site. Knowing what you're ordering done to the girl, watching it every day, obtaining supplies and materials to enable it, terminating anyone who tries to stop it. There's a reason why so many people associated with this thing commit suicide.
    • Even worse, it says that, as unimaginably horrible as 110-Montauk is, there have been some Class-D Personnel who attempted to prolong it. Talk about Humans Are Bastards.
    • As Dr. Bright puts it, "All the rape is in your head".
    • More hidden text is on that page (font size 0, so you WILL need to use View Source to read it). It's a poem seemingly written by one of the doctors that worked with all the SCP-231's, who has gone UTTERLY INSANE. Among other things, the poems suggests that SCP-231-7 is the LAST SCP-231, because when she gives birth, it will bring forth the end of time.
    • Dr. Clef (the writer not the character) said that he wanted 231-7 to be scary on a different level; rather than showing how horrifying 231 herself is, he wanted to show just how far the Foundation was willing to go in order to keep something contained. It worked a little TOO well.
    • Surprisingly, after all the unspeakable horrors, one of the short stories finally manages to provide a Bittersweet Ending. In it, it's revealed that 231-7 is actually the First Horseman of the Apocalypse, Conquest, who was destined by Yahweh to fight for him during the fated battle of Armageddon. While preparing for the upcoming conflict, Yahweh uses his power to loosen the restraints on the SCP's power, allowing her to give birth to a more powerful version of herself further heightened by her innumerable torture sessions. She then dissolves her former tormentors in a blast of light and instantly transports herself to Yahweh's location presumably riding SCP-312 as her steed. When Yahweh tells her to forgive the Foundation for their wrongs; Conquest, who is VERY understandably pissed off at her master, rightfully points out to him that what the Foundation did was not entirely their fault since they thought they were saving the world from a world-destroying calamity. In fact, it was Yahweh's fault that he didn't bother telling his followers what was really going on, perfectly aware of what his rider had to endure yet doing nothing about it. As a result, she renounces her loyalty towards him and abandons her mission by riding her SCP to explore the universe. What's even better is that she manages to flip off God, who in this story is just as much a jerkass as the one from Shin Megami Tensei. At one point he was actually considering wiping her from existence just because he was flabbergasted that his creation would actually be angry at him for allowing her to be brutally tortured, mind-wiped, and Mind Raped while preventing her from escaping by putting a Restraining Bolt on her power until a certain appointed time. It wasn't until after he read her memory and saw everything that she ever felt, thought and experienced, that he is unable to prevent her from leaving the earth and exploring the stars. Of course, this also brings up new horrors as it means that whatever SCP-231-1 experienced at the hands of the Foundation must have been so awful that it even horrifies GOD.
  • One of the most disturbing things about the SCP series is that almost all of them were located and contained after coming into contact with a regular civilian human being going about their business, with no knowledge of what the thing is, how it works or where it came from. Consider that there's an indeterminate number of supernatural objects that could qualify as an SCP scattered around the world, and you could run into, say, an undocumented Keter-class at any minute during your daily routine.
  • Even the joke SCPs are creepy.
  • What some find most disturbing isn't that they'll do things like what they do to poor 231-7, though that's quite sufficiently disturbing. It's how they treat people who qualify as SCPs, essentially imprisoning them for life without trial, without charges, and in at least some cases, with no evidence at all that they're dangerous or likely to become so.
  • The termination log of SCP-316-D is absolutely horrific. Even though he seems to be one of those Gary Stus that pretty much psychically forces you to like him, Surveillance Log x316███ was just gruesome. Also: The thought that he could wake up on a space probe en route to the sun is what most everybody's worst nightmare is made of.
    • You seem to have been compromised.
  • SCP-001 is generally reserved for the largest and most brickshittingly terrifying SCP concepts, so much so that the users of the site would rather not ruin the mystery by having a single canon SCP-001.
    • The SCP-001 proposal page itself. "SCROLLING DOWN WITHOUT PROPER INNOCULATION WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE CARDIAC ARREST FOLLOWED BY DEATH." What makes it worse is that the image is designed to kill you. Now if that were an SCP, and it could spread...
    • One of the possible SCP-001s. Completely harmless by itself. It's just a sheaf of stapled papers containing detailed reports of the SCP items... except that every time you look at the report, the report is on a new SCP item, which then appears somewhere in the world. Let the sheer terror of that concept work its way into your brain.
    • One of the other possible SCP-001s is a huge humanoid figure standing in front of what is more or less the gate of Eden. Getting within 1 kilometer of it will get you not only killed, but wiped from existence. If it ever goes active, The End of the World as We Know It will ensue. Making matters worse is that the page includes a transmission from Twenty Minutes into the Future about SCP-001 waking up and bringing about said apocalypse. Mega-gulp.
    • שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד In case you were wondering, that's the most important prayer in Judaism. It's supposed to be your last words. Translated: "Hear, O Israel: YHWH is our God, YHWH alone."
    • Another concept for SCP-001: a massive worldwide organisation that acts like a sociopathic MIB agency.
    • Another recent possible SCP-001: a large onyx gemstone with an infinitely fine fractal gold filigree, apparently serving as a lock for an unknown object. Doesn't really seem scary, right? It turns out that the minute variations in the cosmic background radiation has the exact same pattern as this onyx lock. It's implied that our universe is contained in a similar object, and possibly the artifact in question. The Foundation is currently trying to open and/or destroy it.
    • Bright's proposal for 001: The Factory.
    • Dr. Mann's proposal. The SCP itself is very simple, just a circular gravel path. Travel clockwise, and you move normally. Travel counter-clockwise, however, and the path appears to go continuously uphill. Even if you go all the way around to the start. The real horror comes when one reads the attached document from one of the founding Overseers. Analyzing the Gravel Path led to the initial founders of the Foundation to the initial understanding of bending reality that allowed them to start manufacturing SCP objects. And the Foundation never "found" any SCP. They made them. All of them. -231, -051, -616, -682, all of them were created by the Foundation. And the scariest part? SCP objects are no longer being manufactured. They're just appearing in containment, with no indication of where they came from, and the Foundation has reached the point of no return. The final line of the proposal presents the chilling idea that even before objects started appearing out of nowhere the Foundation was never really in control.
    • S Andrew Swan's proposal is a masterpiece of Meta Fiction Paranoia Fuel. The details are so confidential that even the description has been expunged and the directives state there is no way of containing it without risking a ZK-class Reality Failure event (the destruction of the observable universe). No-one except the O5s is allowed to know anything about it at ALL. But there is a hidden message on the page from a researcher who worked on it and managed to escape the purge detailing it: The reason the SCP Foundation discourages attempt at cross-referencing SCPs and looking for patterns in their seemingly random nature is that once, they did try to develop a Grand Unified Theory of SCPs and they discovered that reality is constantly shifting, things appearing and disappearing as if they'd never been, even whole sections of the Foundation's history changing. Eventually one of the researchers discovered the pattern- the shifting development of reality "toward narrative coherence, toward a plot..." And they discoverered the truth.
      But we found out there is a God, and it is SCP-001.
    • Oh, and there's more: if you enter the encryption key identifying you as an O5 member with full authorisation of the O5 council, you can read Containment Protocol ZK-001-Alpha, their final sanction against SCP-001 to be used only in the most dire of emergencies. They will virally insert a series of memetic attack agents into the SCP database itself that will infect members of SCP-001 and induce a state of calmness and well-being, followed by catatonia and finally a quiet death. That's right, they've prepared a weapon to kill YOU as you browse the database.
    • djkaktus's proposal: An attempt by the SCP Foundation to create a weapon capable of annihilating any potential threat to the world in general and the Foundation in specific. One problem: The people working on the project went rogue. The leader of the project is the only one that can activate the weapon. They Never Found the Body.
      • Then there's just what the weapon consists of. 9 children between the ages of 4 and 11, all whom were experimented on to be able to alter reality, to the point of erasing something from existence. To make matters worse, they're all radioactive, and it's implied that they're soulless. After an incident that resulted in the death of an administrator, they were sealed in a tomb. They're still alive.
  • The last line in Baba Yaga's entry. Quote: "While SCP-352 prefers any type of human flesh over any other type of meat, it appears to have a special propensity for children between 0 and 2 years of age. After observation of highly elevated levels of co-operation and a reduced tendency to attack staff while consuming flesh of this type, a possible alteration in the current diet is being considered."
    • SCP-352 method of eating is horrific. It will remove and eat the limbs of a prey item to prevent it from wandering away, and can take several DAYS to fully devour prey. On the bright side, it's been reported that humans are in a "euphoric" state and apparently don't notice the outside world, let alone the loss of their limbs.
  • The guy who randomly teleports to alternate dimensions, including one that apparently had the Joker who was right in front of him when he turned the flashlight on. "Back so soon?" The poor lad's reaction was probably the same as yours would be. Not to mention "...so many spiders...".
    • The interview log when another version of that teleporter shows up from an alternate dimension is terrifying. Basically they refuse to elaborate on which one is from the "real" dimension, to keep the other guy safe. At the end, one reveals that "In his reality, Lincoln was killed while sleeping by his then vice-president, instead of by General Lee." The interviewer responds "In our world, Booth assassinated Lincoln." The end of the article just states that "Subsequent testing revealed that SCP-507s abilities have no biological basing, and that severed pieces will still “shift” along with the main body."
    • During one of his trips to another reality, 507 arrived in what seemed to be the facility, only in a state of disuse with corpses covered in a strange, breathing mold. Further exploration revealed that possibly the entire world was covered in the stuff. Upon further inspection of a mold sample 507 brought back, it was found to be very similar to both Cordyceps Fungi (some varieties of which basically brain-wash their hosts) and a fungus produced by - wait for it - SCP 407. The Foundation consequently restricted experimentation with 407, and all known copies were terminated by "Serpent's Hand," but no one is certain if more copies may be found elsewhere.
  • SCP-294 is a coffee machine that can dispense just about any kind of liquid. If you value your appetite, do not use "joe" as a synonym for "coffee" when inputting what drink you want, especially if your name is Joe.
    • Said machine can dispense "The Best Drink Ever/The Perfect Drink", which causes the drinker to become depressive and commit suicide because "everything else is just a letdown now." For more straightforward ways of killing you, it will happily dispense any kind of acid. There's a reason why they have two security guards stationed there with orders to shoot anyone who is trying to order anything other than normal drinks for research.
    • When asked for something that could kill SCP-682, the liquid was so intense it vaporized the entire site SCP-294 was in, apart from a small patch surrounding the machine. Given cases with other SCPs like this, whether it would've worked is anyone's guess.
  • Speaking of disturbing food dispensers, SCP-261 is a vending machine that dispenses snack foods that might be normal, strange or bizarre. As SCPs go, it's actually pretty fun and not too scary. The disturbing part comes as you slowly read more and more stories about what comes out of the vending machine. The first time living food is dispensed, most researchers refuse to eat it and are as distressed by the idea as most people would be. But as more and more living food items are dispensed from the vending machine, researchers get more and more casual about it, until reports of the living, potentially thinking beings only describe their flavor. As if cramming the recently dead bodies of various cute little alien critters popping out of the machine is the normal and obvious thing to do.
    • Another fun result from SCP-261 is "TASTE ME", an obvious reference to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's funny, right until the part when the test subject eats it, goes into convulsions, and dies due to brain expansion. "Analysis of the cake showed large amounts of human growth hormone as well as several unidentified chemicals."
    • Something really horrifying are the products dispensed labeled FOOD and DRINK. People who ate the FOOD became emotionless and dull-witted, while people who drank the DRINK became more and more subservient. Doesn't sound so bad by itself, but think about where they might have came from, and what those products are used for there...
    • And then there's the can of "Prangles." Once you pop, you can't stop. Ever. Of course it can Cross the Line Twice as the next sentence says that they had to get a crowbar to keep the dead body from eating the chips.
    • One disturbing instance included an aluminum box with a glass window on the side and a button on top, filled with "small, round animals covered in fur, each with three small paws and a single large eye." Pressing the button causes the box to become superheated, cooking the strange animals alive. The worst part is that it's reported scratching and muffled noises could be heard within.
    • In the same vein as the aforementioned incident, there's an experiment where a small container containing a dozen marble-sized eggs is dispensed with the instructions to microwave it for 30 seconds. After doing so, the eggs hatch into tiny chick-like creatures described as "cute and endearing." They are meant to be eaten ALIVE. When the research subject refused to eat them, the overseeing researcher promptly stuck three of them in her mouth without hesitation. They were described as "chewy, and taste vaguely teriyaki-flavored." It shows how normal this is becoming to the researchers.
    • SCP-261 once produced a fruit from SCP-417. Not much else needs to be said.
    • One dispensed product is a pack of "Eetmees", crablike creatures that beg to be eaten, forcing themselves into your mouth if you refuse. They even loudly and cheerfully express joy when they get chewed and swallowed.
  • SCP-835 was a collaboration between two authors: one of them was the guy who wrote the infamous SCP-231. The other wrote SCP-682. Their goal was to create the ultimate in squicky SCPs. Some would say they succeeded. For the full impact, read the article first, then the "uncensored" version, then the "uncensored" version of the exploration log.
    • SCP-835 also serves as a bit of Fridge Brilliance Nightmare Fuel for the SCP series. Now you know what kind of disgusting, freaky things are behind all those (DATA EXPUNGED) boxes, and they're exactly as bad as you'd think. "Now we can be together, just like he wants..." And then someone went and added a picture for 835.Check out the filename on said picture: "flbalanus.jpg".
  • The former SCP-995, an object that is too mentally scarring for many to describe. At best, it's been described as an "Infinite Devil Machine." It's required to be kept in a blessed lead container full of also-blessed holy water, which turns black and darkens whatever room its in. Recorded images of it breaking out of its container show tendrils poking out of its container. Unfortunately it's been deleted due to negative ratings and changed to a device which drives people insane as it touches an electric conductor. Eventually it was deleted altogether, although the original articles can still be found here.
    • It's not gone anymore. Behold the Infinite Devil Machine 2.0.
    • Not that the actual SCP-995 isn't inoffensive either. Fungi creatures that develop more organs (like eyes, mouths and tentacles) the longer they grow, like to live under sofas and similar furniture, and eat people. If that doesn't sounds scary, they describe one instance of these beings that adapted to create sounds to lure prey, ranging from ringtones to baby cries.
  • SCP-217 is a virus that turns people into machines. It can affect any animal, replaces organs and such with mechanical parts, and the affected creature becomes repetitive and locked in a set pattern of behaviour. Scared now? Oh and the Church of the Broken God wants to bring it into contact with SCP-882 and SCP-271.
    • This and the other entry mentioning it here should tell you how scary those guys are. They don't want to try these things together like "poke the thing and see what happens," no. Basically, the "Broken God" is what they believe to be a deity whose parts have been separated. All of the most Nightmare Fuel-inducing machinelike SCP items are apparently part of a whole. Recreating that whole is the Church's ultimate goal. Of course, we don't know if they're right. If they are, some of the worst complex artifacts of doom actually make a whole greater than the sum of its parts, and that whole is sentient.
  • The worst one was SCP-055. Which was also the coolest. Imagine seeing something, and not being able to describe it. It basically makes you forget anything related to it, being reduced to what it DOESN'T look like. This doesn't help either. An area that makes people gain immediate knowledge of a random subject. A man enters the area, goes into a fit, and afterwards forgets he was even in the area. Locked the memory out of sheer horror? Amnesia?
    • This story makes SCP-055 even more scary, without revealing what it is.
    "The thing can’t be remembered, not even indirectly, except for what it isn’t. It isn’t alive. It isn’t safe — oh, God, it’s not safe! And it isn’t contained…"
    • And to complete the Nothing Is Scarier theme, there is absolutely NO way to "cheat" the memory-block SCP-055 has. Try to take notes and read them later? You won't remember that you were writing about 055 in the first place, thus your own notes will make no sense when you try to read them—you won't have any context for them. Take a picture? You won't recognize the photo, because...you guessed it, memory block. Whatever the thing is, it is, in the most literal sense, unknowable.note 
  • Someone successfully managed to make the memory wipes terrifying. Doubles, of course, as Paranoia Fuel. At any moment, you could be abducted and traumatized until you can't remember your own name or who you are. Because of something you weren't even aware of. Co-worker behaving oddly? You're screwed, buddy! Good night!
  • SCP-093. Read the whole thing, including the test reports, in order, and then read the last link on the page. The reports themselves are creepy and unsettling, but the final report is just chilling.
    there was no war it was him him him him him IT. IT! it came from between the folds of time and space and worlds and light and dark something that is but should not be slipped in and called out to them as their god and they believed it and they tasted it and touched it and laid with it and became its property and did its will and IT IS STILL HERE
  • There was an SCP on the original message board that was a small sphere which quite simply increased in temperature. Rising, and rising, and rising. They attempted to cool down the object by storing it with ice, in freezers, with liquid nitrogen, but that only temporarily slowed the process... The temperature just kept rising. If you have any knowledge of thermodynamics, you'll know why this is worrying.
  • SCP-899. "A psychic and telekinetic phenomenon that most commonly manifests as groups of hostile phantom children." Then they went and exposed it to SCP-573. To give some hint of how "successful" that experiment was, this is what happens when a perfectly ordinary person uses 573, and taking a picture of it with SCP-978 resulted in a [DATA EXPUNGED] and a note that "It appears SCP-573 is indeed sentient in any case."
  • SCP-604. What makes it particularly bad is that it has no apparent effect on the users, meaning they chose to use it as they did of their own accord. There are extensive records of what the thing can do, because its former owners charted their progress. And when they succeed...
    (a waiter comes in pushing a cart with a wooden box on top. The box has several slots and holes opened in it, and tubes trail out, connecting to IV bags and tiny batteries. A mewling comes from within)
    (The box is lifted up over a plate, put on it, and then pulled off. There is a flash of some kind of twisted, shaved animal, but then a human head appears.)
    (the human head is that of a man around thirty five, with thick black hair and sideburns. He has extremely pale skin and dark circles under his eyes. He is severed at the neck, which reveals muscle and a bloody hole.)
    Head: Where am I? Who am I?! What the hell is going- (Begins looking around and turning up, down, and to the sides) Everything seems at a weird angl- hey, what are you doing! Get that knife away from me!
    Waiter: Bon appétit, gentlemen.
    Head: (begins screaming)
    • To clarify, it's a set of tableware that can turn biological object into human flesh. Apparently, it was made by a group of people who wanted to know what human flesh tastes like.
      • Although this could be considered Black Comedy too, due to the hilarious things the head says and the indifferent reactions of the guests and cooks.
    Cook 1: (voice sounds strained and upset) The pile of leeches did not completely turn into a human head. The surface remained the same- but deeper down a human head was generated. Underneath the first two layers…

    Cook 2:Help me get these things off it before it scares a guest…

    Head: Oh Jesus! Oh God! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! GAAAAAAAAAAAH! They're all over! They're AHHHHH! GET THEM OFF! FUCK! JESUS! GET THE- (it has been determined by analysis that at this point the head either began choking on some of the leeches, or its tongue was covered and drained of blood)

  • SCP-847. Uncanny Valley aside, the "[DATA EXPUNGED]", the attacking of all females in the area, and the victim being killed by 'massive blunt trauma' all lead to some unsettling implications.
  • There is something distinctly disturbing about SCP-914. Testing shows that in spite of its supposed lack of sentience, it seems to have a rather twisted sense of humor, and on multiple occasions the "very fine" setting, which refines something to its most perfect form, has produced a (mercifully inanimate) replica of SCP-682, suggesting that it may have a "thing" for the beast. The fact that it knows 682's "home phone number" doesn't help matters.
    • Testing of SCP-978 on SCP-914 indicates that what 914 really "wants" is to have a sixth setting on its control knob, that goes beyond Very Fine...
    • Every time someone tries to run something organic through the "Very Fine" setting, it gets all "[DATA EXPUNGED]". But some of those have rather... telling... notes relating to "cleanup," and they've banned any further attempts to use it on living things.
  • SCP-342. It takes the form of a ticket to some kind of public transit, and once you get on you can never get off.
    • "And he never returned, no he never returned, and his fate is still unlearned. He shall ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston. He's the Man Who Never Returned."
    • "...and by this time tomorrow we'll be so far away, if there's one thing that I know... yeah I know, it won't be back. Paradise Special's never coming back!"
    • Oh, and as of the last entry, it is no longer limited to tickets for vehicles...
  • SCP-701. Especially Incident Report SCP-701-19██ and that photo.
    • Even more of a nightmare when you consider that the performance described in that Incident Report took place at a high school.
  • SCP-610: It's like the necromorphs and The Flood rolled into a single package. Squick warning, obviously; the page image is especially bad (or awesome). Even worse is its official nickname: The Flesh that hates.
  • SCP-439: It's a parasitic insect resembling an earwig that will turn your body into its hive. It enters your body while you're asleep, and then, in a process shown to be very painful, causes your body to deform into a spherical mass while the insects eat you alive from the inside out.
    • And then there's the addendum at the end, which shows an SCP researcher operating on the "bone hive", and finding that the eyes had not yet been eaten. She shined a flashlight on them, and the eyes followed the beam. Think about the implications.
  • Dr. Clef. Even if we take everything he says about himself with a grain of salt there is a mountain of evidence in various entries, logs, and reports that suggests that he is something far, far worse than any of the actual SCPs. The fact that his head is always replaced with something else in photographs is actually one of his least disturbing quirks. And he is the guy in charge of SCP Training and Development.
  • SCP-804: A piece of "art" that, when activated, slowly but surely kills all humans and destroys all man-made works in an ever increasing radius around it. The only saving grace is that said artwork is not immune to its own effects. However, the most nightmarish element of this SCP isn't its potential to destroy the world. No, the scariest part is that, according to the former lead researcher, Dr. Sorts, the SCP has no memetic influence on people. The people who created and activated a device that would wipe out humanity did it because, in Dr. Sorts' own words, they wanted to do it. That the SCP Foundation transferred Dr. Sorts to another project and is continuing testing for a memetic component means either 1) the Foundation wants to be absolutely sure that no mind control is involved or 2) even the Foundation doesn't want to believe that there really are people in the world evil enough to murder humanity entirely of their own free will.
    • The people "evil enough to murder humanity entirely" were well-intentioned extremists, at least the original ones who sacrificed themselves. As in, they wanted to get rid of humanity because they thought it had a greater net negative than positive effect on other lifeforms. Meanwhile, the Foundation has terminated or is trying to terminate several lifeforms for the same reason (and real life humans do this all the time with diseases, though with other life the extinction we cause tends to be accidental). So when you think about it, the creators of the SCP-804 merely had the same views on their fellow humans as most humans do on lifeforms that threaten them. You could argue that the SCP-804 creators are more evil because they have betrayed their own species, if you like... or you can argue that their motivations are actually more objective, since their views on what lifeforms are more harmful aren't determined by what benefits their personal continued existence. Either way, thinking about this for long periods of time is a bit like reading SCP-079 (an increasingly rational and objective computer that nonetheless clearly hates humans, if not all life), in that it has a creepy "but what if the SCP is RIGHT?" air to it.
    • It's also implied at the end of this document that the realization of SCP-804 at least inspired the cretion of the dadaist terrorist group Are We Cool Yet ?
  • SCP-354: The Blood Pond. It's a pond in the Canadian wilderness that is full of a liquid similar to blood. Highly dangerous creatures emerge from it from time to time; most of whom have nothing in common. And according to one SCP agent, it's alive. And intelligent. And angry. And growing.
    • The fact that a seemingly normal human emerged from the pond at one point for ostensibly diplomatic reasons and was shot on sight probably didn't help on the "angry" front.
  • SCP-120 is a pink kid's swimming pool that works as a Portal Pool, cycling between 11 locations each time you send someone through. The 11 locations include the 5 Lagrange points. Which are in space.
    • It's a convenient way of teleporting, though, except for the Lagrange points. So they simply... cause it to cycle through them. Using D-class personnel.
    • Also, it was discovered because of "reports of missing children."
  • SCP-662 is a silver bell that summons a friendly, polite butler named Mr. Deeds, who will gladly perform required services by asked by the ringer, within reasonable limits. He'll fetch you a sandwich, but not one made of human flesh, and he'll bring you a grenade, but not a nuclear bomb. Seems fairly harmless, right? Then they asked him to assassinate a D-class personnel, which he did with disturbing precision with a buck knife. Suddenly, Mr. Deeds doesn't seem like the nice, friendly fellow we all think he is....
    • He might very well be harmless, but read the end of the interview log, and the interrogation by Agent Graves. So, they kill him thoroughly, perform an autopsy on him, discovering nothing terribly interesting about him, and then they "permit" his body to vanish. Shortly thereafter, he is summoned, ready and willing to perform his duties. So, he's nigh omnipotent, willing to perform any service or retrieve any object, within his capabilities, and he cannot be killed.
    • Why can't Mr Deeds explain how he does what he does, even under torture, and why does he appear so uncomfortable when asked? The photo of him from the Desire Camera showed him exactly as he was, posing for the photo, which suggests his greatest desire is to do what he's instructed to do. Is he so uncomfortable when asked where he goes and where the items come from because he's unhappy that he's literally unable to explain, or because something worse will happen to him if he does? Also, he was disturbingly calm when offering to be fed to SCP-682.
  • SCP-1178 is an ICBM that floats above a former Soviet base. Should anything get too close to it or broadcasts be made too close, the missile will accelerate and trigger any nuclear capable nation's early warning systems to make them think that there was an exchange and in turn, could actually cause an exchange and subsequent Planetary Class 2 Apocalypse How.
  • SCP-597. The Mother loves you. You will love The Mother. The Mother will provide for you forever. Why this powerfully telepathic...thing... has not been terminated or even properly contained is a mystery.
    • Probably because it's Fetish Fuel for some of the Foundation's higher-ups.
    • According to the site, the motto of the Foundation is "Secure, Contain, Protect", not "Destroy, Destroy, Destroy". That's the Global Occult Coalition's M.O.
    • Let's count everything that's wrong with SCP-597 or "The Mother", shall we? Well, for starters there's what it is, a massive ball of mammaries, nipples for every species of mammal, and no matter what the milk will always be perfect for whatever mammal's drinking it. Most mammals can't resist it. Bats, rodents, cats, dogs, all of these can be found sucking on the thing, and refuse to let go; it's described as being a sexual, psychological, and hunger compulsion all at once. Also, the male staff have sex with it. Regularly. So regularly in fact that they don't do anything to discourage it. The thing is always covered with slobber and semen, which D-class personnel clean. Of course, that just means they get brainwashed faster than everyone else. They also have the task of collecting the milk for study (which they often sneak whole bottles off for themselves). All staff at its facility are affected. In early stages, people who quit smoking for years have a 100% relapse rate, people binge on snacks (especially dairy products) or chew gum. So much gum that they choke on it. Later stages the behavior gets even more extreme. Formerly heterosexual woman begin to engage in lesbian sex, some men become rapists, others latch onto large breasted women as surrogate mothers. If things are allowed to progress this far, all milk samples from The Mother will be fought over by the staff. Next staff begin to regard the mother with superstitious awe, worshiping it with incense, food offerings (even though it doesn't eat) and animal sacrifice. One scientist circled every one of the nipples with a red marker and wrote the word "life" next to them before killing herself. Then they begin to revert into child like states, losing bladder and bowel control, masturbating constantly, calling it "mommy", crawling on all fours and talking like toddlers, before finally curling up and joining the rodents and bats in suckling. The milk will keep them alive the rest of their adult lives, and they will be in blissful happiness, but their muscles will atrophy, and their teeth will fall out, and they will experience digestive problems from the sudden switch to a liquid diet. There is no way of stopping this. Even if you send them away from it, the effects are permanent, and they have several data expunged section describing staff that took this mental illness home with them (including one where it was implied that a man raped and killed his own mother for "not being good enough"). The only thing they can do is constantly rotate, and kill staff members.
    • Even worse: The Mother can be destroyed, but the ones who have the authority to do so use The Mother as a sexual experience, ordering a Class D to pry them off after an hour of suckling.
  • SCP-087 (Pictured) is a never-ending platform staircase that resists attempts to illuminate it, and descending one flight of stairs lets you hear a child crying for help about 200 meters down. The people sent down one by one found something else instead...
    • Plus, they sent four missions down into that staircase and you can only read the first three and they get progressively worse. But after the fourth mission it started to knock on the 'door.'
    • Also terrifying are the effing pictures on the thing's page. Especially the first one. It's like one of those "when you see it, you'll shit bricks" demotivators.
      • Have you ever noticed that the picture seems to change? Sometimes the face will be there, and sometimes not. Right-click and select "View Image" and sometimes you'll get a surprise...
    • There is now a game of SCP-087. Enjoy.
    • If you've played Super Mario 64, SCP-087 may remind you of a certain other set of infinite stairs.
  • It's one thing to read about the Foundation personnel doing horrible, ruthless things to contain dangerous or even "potentially dangerous" SCPs. It's not even so bad to read about Foundation personnel doing cruel and messed-up things for kicks—after all, it must take a strange, not conventionally moral person to survive working there for very long, right? But then there's examples like SCP-042 and SCP-948, where there's a very strong implication that the Foundation is containing not merely harmless but good, benevolent, mystical creatures against their will, and possibly even endangering the world by doing so. SCP-042 in particular seems to be written specifically to highlight the cruelty of the Foundation, particularly since for SOME REASON they won't allow the poor thing to die.
    • Knowing the Foundation, that "reason" can probably be summed up as For Science!.
    • SCP-948 is vaguely dangerous, but the fact that the Foundation terminates people who go feral after repeated exposure to it kinda underscores the "they're evil" idea. Being essentially uncivilized doesn't make one a danger; there's no need for it. It's also interesting that the 948's effects include the removal of mental disorders/negative emotions and the removal of traces of human civilization (or domestication, in animals). It implies that human systems of thought, language and behaviour are some sort of harmful mental aberration, at least in the view of whatever the SCP is.
  • SCP-596. That it can heal any injury would have been a great help for the Foundation, if it weren't for the fact that any physical contact with it will leave the victim permanently stuck to it and unable to move it themselves unless another person makes physical contact with the statue, killing the original subject. What's even more nightmare-inducing is that absolutely no other method can separate the two: whenever a victim is surgically removed from SCP-596, they will die and a new body will grow from the parts still attached to SCP-596.
    • What's even worse is how the Foundation takes advantage of its abilities. The victims are used as reusable organ donors. Since anesthetic isn't an option thanks to the SCP's powers, the Foundation used to resort to decapitating the victim in order to temporarily incapacitate them during the harvesting. Now they just empty their skulls to keep them from screaming.
  • Not as horrifying or deadly as the other SCPs, but SCP-316 ability to make contaminated organisms lose all color and become black and white over the course of a few days and leaving the carriers unable to perceive or remember what colors are, brought shivers to me. Luckily any healed former carriers can develop immunities to the disease.
  • SCP-204. 204 comes in two parts: 204-1 is a colony of nano-machines that follows around 204-2, protecting him/her from harm. 204-2 is a child aged from 4 to 14, with a history of being abused, who can control 204-1. When 204-2 turns fourteen, 204-1 finds a new child to protect, and, if the former 204-2 is mentally stable, the former 204-2 is given a Class-A amnesiac and put into a foster care program. That's not the Nightmare Fuel. The real NF comes from an addendum that explains that due to 204-1 freaking out if there isn't another suitable child to imprint on if needed, the Foundation have a group of suitable candidates. However, if they really need candidates quickly, they can enlist some more candidates who don't fit the protocol- i.e., they are of a suitable age (preferably under ten), but they don't have a history of abuse. The Foundation will then turn them over to 'caretakers' which will consist of D-class personnel convicted of violent crimes, child abuse, and pedophilia. It also says that the procedure for hiring the 'caretakers' is the same one for finding people to perform Procedure 110-Montauk on SCP-231. Jesus Christ.
    • Oh, and as an aside? SCP-204 will psychically manipulate whatever it's guarding into taking dangerous actions so it is forced protect what it is guarding, and thus allowed to feed. The SCP literally forces the child into danger so it can feed.
    • And on top of that? Right now it's guarding a complete sociopath who is very quick to threaten people with the hungry, amoral nanomachines!
    • And as if to top the whole thing off, 204 is ludicrously powerful. The initial capture required an Abrams tank and an AC-130. Yes... to capture this thing, you need not only one of the most powerful armored vehicles in the world, but also Death from Above Up to Eleven.
    • Even the fate of the children who naturally outgrow 204-1 is nightmarish. The "lucky" ones get the amnesiac...the ones who are mentally unstable are terminated.
  • The Great Short Story Contest. Given that the contestants must include at least some of the twisted geniuses responsible for the entries above, we should expect some doozies, but here's the kicker: The theme for February? Post-SCPocalypse.
  • SCP-764. Because puppets were not scary enough already. These will end up killing the user. How's that for a comedy routine?
  • SCP-800 is an antique scroll painting that regularly changes to reflect current political relations or tensions in East Asia. It currently depicts two soldiers in combat, mirroring the tenuous state of relations between the North and South Koreas. The Foundation once performed a test to see if adding objects into the painting had any kind of effect; an expert in East Asian art added a quiver of arrows to one of the soldiers. Three days later, North Korea did...something that ended up purged from the records and stopping all further testing on SCP-800.
    • Note that the article itself expuged it, but the date given coincides with the one of a North Korean nuclear test. Presumably, adding the arrows made the nuclear test occur. That's not the worst thing; there's mention that it once took the appearance of a Khmer stone carving. The description of said carving has been expunged. Predictable, considering what happened...
  • SCP-823. A Theme Park that killed over 200 people in horrific ways (such as somebody in a mascot costume being filled with stuffing). Anybody sent in after that dies. So they can't find out what's going on, and that can't contain it because it's growing.
    • "Unable to determine context or content of above photograph."
    • The last paragraph in the "civilian deaths" section. Someone was completely dismembered... and, at the very end, it's mentioned that he was still alive when they found him like this.
    • The commander of the Mobile Task Force team was found dead from suicide. That's not the scary part. The cause of death was from "forced sexual entry through left eye"! Think about that for a second.
    • The backstory behind some of the images doesn't exactly help, either.
    • It killed 231 people and maimed 7. 231-7. Might be coincidence. Probably not.
  • SCP-741 is a sunken Russian submarine split into three pieces and guarded by the Foundation. The Nightmare Fuel? An attached interview with an American spy that said that the sub was carrying some kind of new weapon that not only made a bioweapons researcher sick, but that the Soviet couldn't safely control — they sent the sub away to get rid of whatever it was.
  • Opportunity Knocks. Apparently based on a recurring nightmare of the author's...
  • This story, especially the ending and the fact that there is no mention of which SCP it is. Watch me fly! Then again, the ending of the last part could also be construed as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • SCP-734. Awww, it's a cute baby boy. And if you touch him your body starts to break down and flake away.
  • SCP-058 resembles a bovine heart with tentacles and spikes. It destroyed 70% of a town during its first encountered with the Foundation. It also talks, although whether that's a good or bad thing depends on how creepy you find poetic ranting.
  • SCP-290 reads like a love letter to the Body Horror sub-genre: it reconfigures your body in wild ways while keeping you alive. The Experiment Log Addendum includes the poor test subject's head "slowly embedding itself into his thigh, both eyes absent", and a strong implication that — horribleness warning — the restructuring of his internal organs had re-routed some of his waste through his chest cavity.
  • While their treatment of D-Class personnel may be abhorrent, the way the organization treats certain SCPs (such as harmless ones, or non-hostile intelligent SCPs) indicates that many of the staff are more or less psychologically normal. Which means that normal people are engaged in the caretaking of these things, which may also include the horrible, horrible things they have to do to contain some of them.
  • SCP-775 are ticks as big as nickels.
  • SCP-370 is an memetic hazard that spreads via sight, knowledge about said hazard, sight of the end result, etc. Don't read it if you plan on getting sleep.
    • Not to mention that it's implied to be created by God.
    • Furthermore, people infected with it rewrite the page to spread it. How do you know you haven't been infected yet?
  • SCP-781 is a person who involuntarily manifests his own nightmares, and is killed by them an average of three times a week.
  • SCP-035, a comedy mask that constantly secretes a corrrosive substance from its eyes and mouth. This calls for a glass containment since glass dissolves slower than everything else. People that see it want to put it on and when they do they are possessed by it as their body slowly decays, even past the point where (mechanically) they shouldn't move. The entity has complete knowledge on human psychology and uses this along with charm and telepathy to convince ''anyone'' to do anything. After a while, they decided not to give it any more hosts, realizing the potential this thing had. It starting driving people around the cell to suicide and depression. They coated the walls with an alloy that blocks telepathic suggestions, and it started decaying the walls with corrosive blood. Now, its cell is almost impossible to enter, due to the dangerous phenomenon within. It gets worse. The entity also shows interest in 682, whose regenerative abilities could counter the mask's corrosive decay, giving it a permanent host.
  • SCP-343. He's God, how can he be scary? If he's God, that means he is (however indirectly) responsible for the SCPs. Now, he denied having anything to do with 682, and in fact cannot see it. 682 charged right through 343 without either of them noticing. Neither one can directly sense the other in any way. In fact, he was downright furious at being brought near it. If God didn't make 682, who did?
    • 343 is formally classified as Safe. No big problem, right? It's not like God would be harmful... except that's not what the SCP classifications mean at all. 'Safe' is more precisely defined as 'understood', because it's easy to contain and operates in a predictable manner, so following all containment protocols will result in no possibility of anything bad happening. Examples of things equivalent to Safe SCPs include, say, atomic bombs (they can destroy cities or nations, but only when precisely activated, when inactive pose no threat, and can be contained just by keeping people away from the controls). So by the rules of the Foundation, God should never be classified as anything less than Euclid (meaning roughly 'not understood or predictable, but non-hostile or unlikely to be capable of destroying humanity). Meaning that whoever wrote the entry was almost certainly... influenced by 343 to make it seem less dangerous.
    • Combine that with a few interesting notes from the entry, like how the containment procedures mandate at least one person talking to 343 every day, and granting any requests made. Or how a visit with 343 has become part of daily routine for nearly all Site personnel. Or how they attempted to restrict access to people below Level 3 clearance (keeping those with actual power within the Foundation away from Him), but it failed because any guards stationed would simply quit their posts and either shrug or say something about "Him liking company" when questioned.
    • A routine check of an unnamed doctor's network drive recovered fragments of notes indicating suspicions about 343, attempts to interrogate people who'd visited Him, and culminating in attempting to confront God. There are no records of a doctor by that name working for the Foundation, and he is presumed to not exist. Meanwhile, the doctor currently assigned to study God has requested that staff from other facilities be rotated through Site 17, and due to improved health, morale, and fatality rates on the Site the request was approved by O-5 authority.
    • To reiterate: every single person in the Foundation, to the highest levels, is encouraged to visit SCP-343 in person, despite significant evidence that He's screwing with people's minds, forcing them to violate the rules of the Foundation, and has probably wiped at least one dissenter from existence.
      • And if you still aren't scared by the Foundation being compromised on nearly every level by an uncontainable being with inscrutable motives (like, say, if you think that God would do a better job in charge than the current authorities), just remember: He couldn't touch or see 682, one of the most deadly things in containment and one of the most likely to break free. The de-facto leader of the organization responsible for protecting the world from the worst possible things doesn't even perceive at least one of them.
  • SCP-966; an invisible humanoid thing that hunts by making you unable to sleep. Imagine it; you're in your house, at 2 AM and you are dead tired, but for some reason you just can't sleep. The night goes on and on, you keep moving uncomfortably in the bed, and nothing. Comes 6 AM and you have to get up to go to work. The whole day you are just shambling through the world like a zombie, trying desperately to at least have a little nap, but you simply can't get asleep. When you're finally so tired you can't even move, a sharp pain comes from somewhere on your body and all you see is your flesh being ripped off with no clear reason as to why. Oh, and there's a picture of it too.
    • More squick than terrifying, but when someone took a picture of one of those creatures with SCP-978 (the Desire Camera), it showed a picture of two of them mating. Just... try to imagine those things doing that... *shudder*
    • They also seem to bear more than a passing resemblance to the Silence from Doctor Who.
  • Four words: I am a toaster. God, reading my page is still scaring me.
    • To elaborate, I am a toaster that makes people refer to me in the first person. Nobody's ever been able to refer to me in the third person, no matter what they do or don't know about me. Eventually, they completely forget who they are, and usually die when trying to emulate the functions of a toaster (one person died because she ingested so much bread that her stomach bursted). This short story also demonstrates my potential for creepy.
  • SCP-455. A ghost ship... that's also an Eldritch Location Weird temporal distortions, messed up interior dimensions, not really having any clue what goes in inside, things getting worse for exploration teams, and so on and so forth.
  • Dr. Bright. Aside what he did to his own brother, he is a god of Fridge Horror. Just look at this list. Sure, it's damn funny, but then you realize, that he is one of most important people in charge of all this gallery of horrors and is an irresponsible sociopath. It's like a monkey being in control of nuclear arsenal.
    • Word Of God says that the list is not in-universe. So, although Bright is an asshole, he's not an completely irresponsible asshole.
    • But then again, half the time he is a monkey, so it kinda makes sense.
    • Bright's own life is a Fridge Horror in and of itself.
  • SCP-363, the centipedes that grow enormously in the dark. And not into giant centipedes, but into horrific tentacled monsters. To top it all off, they have the apparent ability to infect people and transform them into more of them. One of these infectees are a mobile task force agent, who escaped and is possibly out loose into the world.
    • Y'think that's bad? The page says F. Tell is to be stopped at all costs. It does not actually make note of him being stopped. Which turns that "possibly" into a firm "definitely".
  • SCP-632, a species of tiny, hermaphroditic, self-fertilizing spiders. Their eggs are light enough to float on almost non-existent breezes. When they land on warm skin, they hatch, burrow into your sweat glands and travel through your blood vessels to your brain. Then they burrow in THERE so they can feast. This causes a minor headache, which is alleviated by light tapping on the closest part of their head. As they continue, the headache gets worse, meaning the host has to hit their head harder. Eventually this leads to caving your own skull in.
  • SCP 700. There was a hole here. It's gone. Now the hole's back, but the person who fell in is gone.
    • You really want scary? The goddamn face picture on the left MOVES, and it's only action is a quick half-second look directly at you.
  • SCP-096 is a creature who is docile until you look at it's face at which point it will charge at you and kill you. The bad part about this is this works even with pictures and it will track you down no matter how far away you are. Also there have been pictures spread on the internet and the SCP Foundation is still in the process of removing them.
    • To understand how horrific this is read Incident-096-1-a in which SCP-096 tracks down someone who saw it's face in a picture in which its body was only 4 pixels. So you can be looking at a picture and never notice it's there.
    • Oh, and did we mention that when enraged, it's invincible? And that it's capable of bringing down an AWACS plane? And that it doesn't just kill its victims, it also [DATA EXPUNGED] them, leaving no trace of the body?
    • There is one bit of good news: 096 has been scheduled to be terminated. Though it took letting the creature escape and wreak havoc on a highway, a small population center, and a military aircraft, ending with the execution of the scientist who arranged for the breach to happen to convince the O5 to act.
    • SCP: Containment Breach has recently been updated. What does the new version include? SCP-096. It's not quite as fast as it should be (Likely for balance purposes) but that doesn't make it any less horrifying for those who looked at its face...
      • It was updated again...it's faster... and can break down doors to get you ... the good news is after you look at its face it gives you a 20 second head start.
  • You know you're dealing with some master writers when they can make cups Paranoia Fuel. SCP-198, a cup that can teleport and pretend to be other beverage containers. When you pick it up, it instantly bonds with your skin and cannot be removed, even by amputation. You rapidly become dehydrated unless you drink from the cup. What's in the cup? Human body fluids, like spit, sweat, bile, mucus, and...some less pleasant ones. Also, since you dehydrate so fast, your only hope is to chug everything in the cup constantly.
  • SCP-182: A nice, cheerful guy who wants to be friends. Oh, and did we mention that he's deaf, mute, and horribly scarred, and he compensates for the first three by involuntarily riding shotgun on your senses when you get within ten meters, and if you stay around him there's a 97% chance you'll go insane? And he knows this. And he can't do a thing about it.
  • SCP-084. The static tower. It causes distortions of reality within its area of effect, trapping a small town within. They can't die, age, and have no need to sleep or eat. They also can't escape. One man was picked up four hundred meters from the city limits. He'd been traveling for six years.
  • SCP-616 is a prototype airplane. The emergency door opens on its own every 30 days, revealing what is essentially implied to be Hell. However, the worst thing you can do is let the door close before the manifestation is over...
    • As scary as that entry is now, it was actually a lot worse when it was first written. See for yourself. Among other things, it tells you exactly what was on the recording.
  • SCP-456 are bedbugs. When they bite you, they produce narcotics in your brain, causing you to feel increasingly sleepy until you sleep constantly, causing you to die of malnutrition. They can't be distinguished from ordinary bedbugs, and you probably won't know they're 456 bedbugs until it's too late.
    • Even worse, they exposed four D-class to the bedbugs. After expending three of them, they put the fourth one on a regimen of IV nutrients, blood transfusions, and narcotics antagonists. He's been asleep for a long time. The number of days is blanked out, but it's a triple digit number...
  • SCP-686 By itself, it's not scary, but once you think about the implications, you will freak out. 686 is just milk, except it contains an infection that causes mammary glands to develop in mammals, even males. If milked regularly, the disease won't advance any further. If left unchecked, however, your entire torso will become an gigantic udder. Not only that, but because you have to eat all the time to keep your metabolism up, you'll become nothing more than a docile animal. Just imagine what a sick mind could do with that.
  • SCP-860 seems fairly ordinary by SCP standards - a blue key that leads to a blue-misted forest with some unseen creature stalking you as you walk through it. The real chiller is the end of the last exploration log and that very last bit of audio.
  • SCP-624 seems on the surface to be one of the more benign SCPs. It is an ordinary MP3 player which, if used, plays the users favorite music, covered by a more musically talented version of the user. But if someone with no musical preferences uses it, it plays the users soul. Meaning that you hear everything you have ever felt and heard and thought, including the bits you are ashamed of, right up to and including your own death.
    • Death nothing. The examples provided in the main SCP page for 624 state the last track continues into the afterlife. Specifically, continuing as the soul is tortured in hell. This happens Twice.
  • SCP-750 is a pair of contact lenses made by The Factory. When you put them on, it displays a variety of changes, like food becoming piles of limbs and gore, walls becoming coated in biofilm, and the skies becoming red and black. Victims who have the glasses on for too long usually get schizophrenia or PTSD. Real scary part? The lenses LET YOU SEE THINGS AS THEY REALLY ARE.
  • Goddamn it, the whole website. The titles are very mundane numbers and stuff, so...you never know if you're clicking on something funny, squicky, or an insane Eldritch Abomination that will keep you awake for days. And the pictures...oh, god, the pictures...
  • According to The document recovered from the Marianas Trench, they frequently have containment failures so massive that it kills nearly every person on earth, and the survivors use SCP technology to repair the devastated planet, clone the dead and make them think nothing happened, with geologic features covering up bigger damage (evidently the Marianas trench used to be a dry land ravine). You'll never know how many times you've died to make it to the end of the "week", or how many years have passed between Monday and Friday....
  • How about SCP-528? They're little plastic containers containing silly putty that copies whatever image of a person is pressed onto it. Sounds harmless right? Wrong. Whatever happens to the picture happens to the person. The tests are horrific, the first one involving a D class having first his arm stretched unnaturally long, which is apparently painful and then torn off. The second subject is crushed into a ball and suffocates on his own flesh. The third one however is the worst of all. The putty is dipped in boiling water and the D class actually melts until he suffocates on his own nose.
  • SCP-736. It's Tiberium, except that it feeds on your blood. Deleted and replaced since, however.
    • The replacement might make you wonder why it's classified as Keter (it's basically something messing with one of Saturn's moon's orbit in minor amounts each time), and then you look at the logs of each anomaly, the predictions for each altered orbit, and the fact the foundation has received broadcasts from Iapetus, the moon in question. Each time, the predicted collision with either Saturn or another moon is a few years earlier, and, once the predicted orbits settle with Titan as the first impacted object, Titan's predicted trajectory gets closer and closer to Earth. Plus, the last orbit alteration coincided with a transmission to foundation installations from Iapetus. Something up there is setting up a Colony Drop on us. Oh, and the latest broadcast? It's the number 7.048 billion repeated 17 times, followed by 0 repeated another 17 times. This doesn't seem bad until you realize what the former number means: It's Earth's human population. Whatever's doing this, it wants us, and specifically us, dead.
  • SCP 939. Read the whole page and all its included documents. They are these things that attack people and breathe amnesiacs. Doesn't sound scary? Read the document, "Reproduction of SCP-939." The whole thing. The audio log is a blend of Nightmare Fuel, Tear Jerker, and just a bit of Adult Fear. Those things are sentient and, when they're young, they are just like small human children.
  • On the page "Log of Anomalous Objects", there's a mention of a piece of charcoal that writes (regardless of what the writer is using it for) "Please help me! I'm trapped in the charcoal!" every few seconds. And the foundation found it too boring, and put it into storage.
  • SCP-772. More Body Horror, except this time with bugs the size of your thighs.
    • Elaboration: They're wasps, Made of Iron to an extent where bullets and even fire are useless, with a stinger longer than they are. When they sting you, they inject eggs under your skin, which is described as being 'excruciatingly painful'. Read the whole thing, if you can stomach it.
      • It's also implied that they're more likely to go after you the more afraid of them you are.
  • SCP-592. It's a history textbook. From an alternate timeline. If you read it, you're absolutely fine, as long as you read about something that happened before June 15th, 1956, when the timelines diverged. Anything past that and your mind is warped — you start remembering things according to the alternate timeline's history, not reality. Reading an entry covering within 2 months from June 15th, you get a headache and can recover. 2 years, you'll have panic attacks and minor mental illness for the rest of your life. 10 years, psychosis and dementia. Anything past that and your perception of reality starts to break down completely.
    • It gets worse. People who start remembering history differently due to this book can be physically modified to match the book's history — gaining scars and losing limbs in wars that never happened, for example. Worse still, a significant number of the articles mention known SCP objects, suggesting the divergence point is the founding — or rather, lack thereof — of the SCP Foundation. (The timeframe is actually spot on for this theory.)
    • The Foundation is using a complex system of computers to analyze the book, due to nearly anyone even looking inside the book going absolutely stark raving mad. They are effectively getting the computers to "learn" that history and tell us it in the most vague terms possible. One of the final entries on the page suggests something far, far more sinister is at work:
    The image contains two (2) ADULT PERSONS standing, one (1) HUMAN CHILD sitting on a CHAIR or STOOL, and SCP-███. With 100% certainty the PERSONS in the image should have FACIAL FEATURES. With 100% certainty the PERSONS in the image do NOT have FACIAL FEATURES.
  • SCP-930. It's an uncharted island. The birds around it, 930-1 attack anyone who gets close. They don't kill, just cause minor wounds. They're not trying to hurt you, they're trying to get you away from the island. There's something much worse there...
  • SCP-716. On the surface, it doesn't seem too scary- just some kind of ghost train, but that's until you get to the part about a boxcar filled with dead horses, or a tanker filled with human bile. Plus there's the fact that if it comes near you you're compelled to kill yourself. And if you're on board the train when it gets too fast, it's likely that you're sent to another planet to die.
  • SCP-870. Ever drop something and can't find it again?
  • SCP-1000. My god. It's Bigfoot.
    • Bigfoot used to be the dominant species on the planet. Humans were hunted to near-extinction, put in zoos, etc. Meanwhile, Bigfoot created things even humanity can't comprehend. Organic technology, mostly. Eventually, humanity acquired Bigfoot's technology and used it against them, wiping them from the planet, destroying their minds, their technology, everything. Then, humanity wiped its own minds, forgetting everything they had done and rising to become the dominant species. However, recently, Bigfoot has been regaining its mental capacities...
    Director Jones: You think Bigfoot is funny because we want you to think Bigfoot is funny.
    • And later on, they leave us this message:
    we forgive you;
    given choice for now, not forever;
    let us back in
  • SCP-517 Is a Fortune-Telling Machine that gives strange fortunes about your wrongdoings. Tomorrow at 1:43AM, long, multi-jointed arms that can extend indefinitely will come from everywhere around younote , drag you to a specific position and punch you to death. If you try to escape, more will come and overwhelm you, one researcher was faced with more than 200 arms. note 
  • SCP-993. It's like Candle Cove as done by a Monster Clown - except Candle Cove didn't brainwash children. In one episode the clown just stares at you. For the entire episode. What makes it worse is at in that next episode you can tell who he's really staring at: The SCP Foundation. It can think. It is a sentient, evil television program and it knows who's watching. Even it's archived copies are aware. It knows the Foundation is blocking it's broadcasts and it's pissed. Its copies are kept on the Foundation, so he could easily learn about a memetic hazard and get creative....
    • It already knows about certain SCP's, and how to breach containment for them. For all we know, it may have already found one
    • One short story on the site makes Bobble even scarier with The Reveal that Bobble isn't just a television program. It's an Eldritch Abomination that existed since the dawn of humanity and has spent all that time encouraging violence in humans. Its first act was to teach them the secret of fire. "Bobble" is just its most recent idea. In the same story, Bobble also reveals that he's perfectly capable of killing people in the real world even in containment.
    Smile. You're on television!
  • The living toothpicks... They are a species of botflies. Botflies are insects that nest in human flesh, with their larva feeding off the person and eventually burrowing out. These particular flies can impersonate toothpicks, and lay their eggs in the gums, eating their way out. And there's a picture.
  • SCP-1100. It's a substance that mutates life. How is that any different from similar items? Well, it started by only mutating plants into forms that were hostile to humans and/or poisonous. Then it adapted to mutate animals as well. When presented with a choice of attacking a prey animal or a human, the human is always targeted. It can affect plants, wild animals livestock and even pets. It's implied that the Earth itself is creating the substance.
  • The SCPs that specifically target children. Baba Yaga, the living pinata that turns children into candy that turns children into more murderous pinatas, the children's mittens that rot flesh when worn, the kiddie pool that can teleport people to space, Bobble the Clown, the treehouse, the child-controlling bone flute that makes its wielder abusive towards children...
  • SCP-136 is a doll. When you look at it for too long, you get mind raped (in a way heavily reminiscent of physical rape) by a naked, insane, blood-covered ghost thing that inexorably floats towards you, laughing, before shoving its face right ups to yours and screaming before disappearing. It usually takes the form of a woman with an obscenely large mouth and oversized breasts. And now we're finding out that it can kill people...
  • Dr. Wondertainment, and the fact that her SCPs are made for children.
  • SCP-953 is pretty freaking scary. The interview with one of the Foundation agents who encountered it is... yeesh.
  • SCP-089 is a golden idol with a cavity in its chest that either causes or can prevent horrifying disasters; either way, they will only abate if Protocol M8 is fulfilled. What is Protocol M8? The statue names two people: SCP-089-A and 089-B. The foundation will send out a taskforce to convince 089-B to complete Protocol M8 out of her own free volition. Then comes the Wham Line. "For each locution event, SCP-089-A is a healthy, unblemished human infant or child between eight months and six years of age, and SCP-089-B is that child’s natural mother. In all documented cases, at the time of the locution event SCP-089-B is alive, healthy and experiences a strong bond of trust and affection with SCP-089-A. Following SCP-089-B’s placement of SCP-089-A in the cavity and the ignition of the inflammable materials, SCP-089-A will burn and be destroyed over a period of two to five hours."
    • Worse still, they haven't yet found someone to carry out Protocol M8 for the most recent prophecy, which is naturally hidden behind a "DATA EXPUNGED." In the past, when it took 49 days to find someone willing to carry out the protocol the casualties were in the thousands. (It's implied they could have been much worse.) By the date shown on the page it could be up to nearly 12 years since the most recent prophecy. note 
  • SCP-1042 is a stone brick that has the strange property, when exposed to an electric current, to record and broadcast events happening near it, like a spectral videorecorder. But that's not what makes it creepy, nooooo... It's the only artifact that seems to detect the presence of strange, dark hooded figures in the vicinity, who sometimes slightly interact with nearby objects for causing accidents. Sometimes they cause LETHAL accidents for their own purposes that have far-reaching butterfly effects. AND THEY KNOW THEY'RE BEING WATCHED BY THE SCP AGENTS.
  • And for Nightmare Fuel it is really hard to beat...the Ethics Committee. There is no canon, and even if there were the Ethics Committee would never acknowledge this document, but the thought that someone is evaluating the moral cost of everything the SCP does, and they are still doing so much of what they do... that can keep you up at night.
    • It's like a reminder that yes, horrible things are done. Yes, the SCP is doing a lot of evil with their actions. But would you prefer the alternative? SCP stands for Secure, Contain, and PROTECT. They are here to protect the general public, even if it doesn't seem that way all the time.
  • And the And Then I Died Contests were games, but they involve stories of deaths involving the SCPs in some way, and you get to guess which was involved. And most of the stories take place before the SCP in question came under the Foundation's control. They not only remind you of what these things can do to ordinary human beings, there's the added scariness that, however horrible the Foundation may be, it would be SO MUCH WORSE without them.
  • SCP-435 is a meteorite to which a very strange entity that is seemingly immaterial, yet does horrible things to solids that it touches, is bound. Also, if the meteorite isn't illuminated at all times, it can move around. We aren't told what happens when it intersects with landmasses or water, but apparently when it happened during its retrieval it had to be passed off as a nuclear test misfiring (which actually implies that it was Castle Bravo at the Marshall Islands due to text mentioning it "had a higher yield than expected"). Apparently it's an Eldritch Abomination sealed to the meteor who cannot see in the light, so he cannot find his way back unless it's dark, and the entity is its shadow on the material universe. Oh, and if it it goes dark for more than 90 seconds, it could cause an XK-class scenario, and the backup plan is dumping the rock in another universe, which might actually break the seal.
  • SCP-710. Entering this city will cause you to slowly fade from existence. And it's totally irreversible once the symptoms manifest, to boot!
  • SCP-515 is a young man who causes celestial objects to move towards earth whenever he moves any part of his body. The good part is that he is asleep and is easily constrained, the bad part is that he sleepwalks and his very breathing counts as movement.
    • "If SCP-515 is killed, it is presumable that someone with similar abilities will appear someplace else on the planet [see Addendum 515-02]."
  • SCP-895 is not really all that scary to read about. It's a wooden coffin that inverts a common horror scenario; specifically, it's completely harmless and appears totally normal when viewing it in person. But viewing it through a camera lens or a security camera causes all sorts of nightmarish imagery to appear to the viewer, including giant bloodstains and "GET OUT" written in blood everywhere. The testing log for SCP-895 includes a team investigating the coffin, only to hear their commander screaming and gurgling on his own blood over the radio as he dies. There's even a live video feed of it on the page.
  • SCP-1237 is a brain wave that occurs in some people, causing them to go into a deeper-than-REM-sleep state. It causes the person to experience dreams that are not really any different from other dreams. The kicker, though, is that whatever occurs in the dream becomes reality. That's right, it's literally a reality warping dream. Some examples of effects from 1237-sleep include people changing gender, significant changes to city layouts, people losing or regrowing limbs, people gaining super powers, and governments being changed. The scary part is anyone involved in the dream will simply see the changes as normal, but will still have memories from before the change (imagine remembering two different things and believing that both are true, even when you know they simply can't be). However, the memories of people not involved in the dream will be unaffected, meaning they could get up one morning and be in a city they don't recognize with a new government regime they know nothing about. And absolutely none of it is under the dreamer's control. And since this is a brainwave we're talking about, the Foundation can't contain so much as limit it's influence and mind-wipe everyone affected with class omega amnesiacs. And the dreamers themselves? They're taken by the Foundation and constantly mind-wiped to stop them from forming memories and never allowed to enter REM sleep again.
    • many of you are no doubt wondering "what if a lucid dreamer was born with 1237?" There is only one instance of this happening. Like every other thing in the Foundation's storage it was attempted to be used on 682. A breakout was staged for 682 in an attempt to minimize casualties. Only one dozen security personnel were killed, making this part of the plan successful. Next subject 1237-1 was told of the breakout and ordered to dream that 682 was turned into a calico kitten in the process and brutally killed by machine gun fire. When 1237-1 entered R.E.M. Sleep, he began thrashing and screaming, before dying of what was termed a brain hemmorage. 682 was noted to have been covered in fur which withdrew in four hours. 1237-1's corpse was noted to be covered in scratches and black cat fur was found in his cranial cavity.
    • The really horrifying thing about it is that SCP's "containment procedures" for it include genocide of populations where the gene resulting in it is marginally (i.e.: 1-2% rather than 0.1-1%) more common than the human norm. They're not even looking for a way to neutralize it, such as gene therapy; they're just engaged in killing off anything from thousands to millions of people because they might have a slightly higher chance of being susceptible to it.
  • SCP-017 is a shadowy figure roughly the size of a young child. Unlike some other dangerous SCP objects, it generally remains stationary and does nothing to actively harm anyone... until a shadow is cast upon it. When that happens, it will immediately leap at and engulf the object or person, then return to normal size as if they were never there to begin with. And all of the Foundation's attempts to discover what, if anything is within those shadows or where the victims go has been unsuccessful.
  • SCP-020 is a germaphobe's nightmare— a mold that is invisible to humans unless videotaped or photographed, can grow all over your house and even on your body, and changes your personality to make you more sociable so it can spread to all your friends.
  • SCP-1548. 'The Hateful Star.' It's sentient, intends to destroy us all, knows we know about it and is coming closer. And worst of all, there is nothing whatsoever the Foundation can do about it.
    "I wake/I see all/And find it lacking"
  • SCP-973 is essentially an evil police man who likes to chase down unlucky vehicles at high speeds with his police cruiser until overtaking them in a few minutes. Yeah sure, this SCP may not SEEM as horrifying as the other SCPs listed above, but consider that it has already killed 34 people from 19 vehicles on the highway where it has been driving, with said victims eviscerated, raped, and damaged beyond the point of identification and their cars sustaining heavy impact. Also, attempts to destroy the highways used by SCP-973 have proven ineffective, as it can simply relocate to a different road and attempts to contain it led to the death of nine agents. And as a final little note to keep you awake at night, a post-mission interview by one of the surviving agents revealed changes in the police man's appearance, with red eyes and a black hole where his mouth should be. No teeth, no tongue, just a hole.
  • SCP-1983 is a farmhouse that has a set of containment procedures pre-written by an unfortunate Agent who became trapped in it. The classification reads "Keter, God help you", and the Special Containment Procedures read "You're going to die, you poor dumb fuck."
  • SCP-833 will make you WISH you were only infected by ordinary intestinal parasites. Anyone infected by this SCP become kinder and more generous. Doesn't sound bad? WAIT there's more! Not only do the victims become more altruistic, they try to help others in the best way they can think of....by feeding them pieces of their own flesh which they think is the most delicious thing in the world. Due to most people's issues with cannibalism, the infected try their best to keep their actions a secret.
  • SCP-1076: Say your a little kid whose parents discovers a 3-5 year old child who looks like they suffered from severe abuse. As responsible and sympathetic human beings, it's only natural they take him/her back and care for them until they get better. But then, after a while they begin to show a little TOO much concern for this child, to the point they begin to forget looking after YOUR needs. Eventually they stop paying attention to you and you begin to suffer from starvation and neglect. You become lonely, withdrawn, and depressed, desperately in need of the love that has become monopolized by the strange new child. Eventually your condition attracts the attention of concerned school authorities and social well-fare agents. As they investigate the cause for your misfortune, your heart lights with hope that they will help save you and your parents from this nightmare. But no, it was all just a Hope Spot, since now the authorities have encountered the SCP which has ensnared their affections just like your parents. And now, with no other hope left, you watch as all your family and caretakers succumb to starvation, disease, or fights to the death as they neglect their own well-being as well as yours attempting to care for their new "baby". In other worse, a lethal and humanoid version of the cuckoo, or Debo Kyawaeen.
  • At first glance SCP-428 just looks like an ordinary huddled crowd of people. In reality, it is actually a Hive Mind whose internal organs have been removed and replaced with an unidentified amorphous mass attached by umbilical-like lengths of flesh. Any person who comes within two meters prompts the crowd to go into hostile mode by grabbing the unfortunate victim and pulling them into their mass, where they are assimilated into the crowd within ten seconds (those who try to escape are hunted down by the crowd who use the methods gained from each members' knowledge, skills, and memories to absorb anyone who gets in their way). Remember, the members could be your friends or family, which the SCP may use to their psychological advantage to lure you into their fold.
  • SCP-511 exemplifies Cats Are Mean Up to Eleven. It's an SCP made up of hundreds of feral neglected diseased cats and some kind of cat-like.....THING that takes the form of a mass of extra limbs, eyes, mouths and other organs made up from the bodies of said cats as well as other material (small rodents, plant material, insects and insect larva, black mold, human [DATA EXPUNGED]). It's also in a constant state of degradation and decay, which means the cats find new material to add to the mass. And that's not all. An interview with a survivor of a mobile task force sent for containment of the SCP revealed that when they tried to roll the captured cat thing SCP out the door, it exploded and splattered its contents onto the force, who were immediately torn about by the horde of rampaging cats. The surviving member had half his face ripped off when he accidentally locked himself in his van with just one of the cats trying to escape the onslaught of feline fury. And it's revealed it's not the cat thing that influencing the cats' actions, the cats MADE it because they hate humans.
  • SCP-1055. It appears to be a harmless little teddy bear, but it can change in size and shape into an enormous Eldritch Abomination based on how many people know about it. Worse, its behavior is also influenced by how people aware of it generally think of it; hostile and fearful awareness make it act in a more hostile and fearful manner. It has no upper limit to the size it can achieve, so even what starts as benign awareness can quickly grow fearful. The SCP is believed to be capable of causing an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario, and the only way they have to contain it is to have a mentally retarded man constantly hug it. The only way anyone thinks they can destroy it would be to kill at least 80% of all people who are vaguely aware of the existence of the SCP...which now includes you for having read the page for it. And this entry.
  • Speaking of scary teddy bears, SCP-1048 is a vicious subversion/deconstruction of "Team Pet"-style SCPs that aren't kept under close watch because they're considered harmless. It provides some excellent perspective on why the Foundation continues to use the methods that they use when handling SCPs classified as "Safe." It collects human body parts and uses them to make new teddy bears. Once it even aborted a pregnant woman's child while she slept for use as raw material. Yeah, there's a good reason it was reclassified Keter.
    • Scary enough? No? Would you like to read the diary of the little girl who had it first?
    • There's also the incident that got it reclassified. While walking around the facility, its first creation, SCP-1048-A, let out an intense shriek that could be heard for 10 miles. It caused ear-like growths to grow to cover the body of everyone who heard it, and they all soon died of asphyxiation due to the growths forming in their esophagi and mouths.
  • SCP-1981. Holy. Crap. Just try watching any political speech after reading that. It's a Beta Max Tape of Ronald Reagan giving his "Evil Empire" Speech with a figure wearing what looks like a black KKK robe in the background. Over time the speech devolves into a series of highly deranged non-sequiters, delving into cannibalism, child molestation, genocide, and many other disturbing topics as Reagan is injured horribly, including by decapitation, impalement, and genital mutilation. His speeches often predict future events such as including the line "We will stop al-Qaeda" in 1983. Also, every one of his speeches includes the line "Now there you go again". And even if he's injured past the point of death, he doesn't stop talking. Did we mention the part about the tape changing the speech, the injuries, and the topics with each time it's viewed, or the part where the tape is alive?
    • Since Reagan was still alive, but not president anymore at the time SCP-1981 was discovered, the foundation launched an investigation to see if he had anything to do with it. It's implied that they showed it to him and erased his memory afterward.
      "No known connection was developed, though Reagan would frequently complain about "nightmares" before his mental state degenerated due to Alzheimer's."
    • And to make matters worse? It sees you.
  • The background "music" from the SCP-087-B game. This has to be the most spine-chilling, paranoia-inducing track in video game history.
  • SCP-1344-J otherwise known as the kool aid man, doesn't seem frightening when you know what it is, but if you read its description before you know its name, you may never look at it the same way again.
  • SCP-1875 is a chess computer that comes with an engine with a timer that has it's maximum setting worn out, a 32-piece chess set made out of human bone (sorta creepy), and a suit of samurai armor presumed to be used for performances involving the computer. The computer also affects other computers, in one case sending a memetic image, of two girls in black and white playing chess, that causes insanity. By the way, SCP-1875 also altered it's own file, corrupting two incident reports and putting a possibly memetic file in the last one.
    • Not to mention what's actually powering the computer. It's the brain matter of a Russian chess champion's two daughters, apparently still alive and somewhat conscious. The odd glitches at maximum power and Brown Note emails suddenly make a lot more sense.
    • And for the love of god, DO NOT CLICK ON THE 3RD AND FOURTH ADDENDUMS. There is nothing you can do to stop seeing that... picture, except refreshing the page, which removes it.
      • The picture is downright cruel it is in its implementation. It's not animated, but the thing is, it comes after several pages of nothing but "UPLOADING... UPLOADING... UPLOADING..." repeated over and over - so naturally you'll scroll down faster to get through the textwall quicker, and end up with a faceful of oh God little demon girls before you're ready for it.
      • There's also the line of code in one corrupted report, "WE C Y0U, TITLE" surrounded by a double-%. Not a huge deal, right? Problem is, that TITLE code in wikidot code doesn't show the page title, but your username. The girls know you're looking at them. Not the Foundation, YOU.
      • To make things even more fun, it's implied that they've infected your computer. Oh, and that picture has nasty memetic effects which you will be suffering from shortly. Feeling a little uncomfortable after seeing it?
  • SCP-956, quite a disturbing inversion of pinatas.
  • SCP-1300, a dentist's chair that, for reasons unknown, puts people to sleep and inserts tubes that liquify and absorb foreign objects to the body (such as implanted organs, tumors, and even false teeth) and replaces them with a substitute that usually functions the same. Sound alright? Sometimes it randomly enters "beta-state", when instead of replacing foreign objects, it liquifies EVERYTHING inside you and steals it, filling you up instead with "biomatter" that invariably kills you. In a few instances, subjects even burst open due to too much biomatter being applied.
  • One of the images for SCP-212features a bloodshot eyeball being stabbed by various metal impliments.
  • SCP-980 is a blank that has the power to "simplify" anyone and anything in an 8 meter radius. While objects are bereft of color, detail and often function, animals and humans will experience loss of distinguishing characteristics, due the point that victims may die of heart failure due to chambers of the heart fusing together. It also Mind Rapes you into losing facets of your personality, including interests, habits and memories.
  • SCP-910 is a protein that grants immortality. Sound pretty cool right? Well, it would be if that didn't mean losing all normal regenerative abilities, putting you in a scenario similar to the immortalized humans from "Torchwood: Miracle Day".
    • Or the Struldbugs from Gulliver's Travels.
  • SCP-194 combine both The Virus and corvids, flocking around antisocial individuals until said victim transforms into one of them.
  • Although not as sanity-breaking as the other SCPs, SCP-1725 still rates high in Body Horror as each of its nine settings mutates the body parts of anyone nearby into mimicking fashion accessories, including fleshy shoe heels and dangling earring growths.
  • SCP-1227 was the result of a 1960 Russian social experiment where political prisoners were placed in an unlit cave with little food and water to study group dynamics under severe stress. After much torture, rape, screaming, muttering and one forced abortion, what was discovered was one of the male prisoners attached to a large lump of rotting, liquified human flesh revealed to be the remains of the other prisoners. It get's worse from there.
  • Fucking hell, practically any SCP labeled under the transfiguration category will involve gratuitous amounts of Body Horror to the human body.
  • Project Oylmpia. Using ten different SCP, and claiming the lives of over 40 human test subjects. It's stated aim? "To successfully create an artificial humanoid through the use of several SCP, and use it to the benefit of the Foundation". It worked. Just read everything the resulting "woman" is capable of. The foundation then decided to begin Mass Production.
  • SCP-1147, a plum tree that can grow in anything and will take on the physical attributes of whatever it was grown in. Some of the test logs are funny, but the "Animalia Test Log" entries are just squicky or horrifying.
    • When they grew it in ground beef, the bark was muscle with a thin layer of cow hair and hair instead of leaves. The flower buds were "fleshy sacs" that smelled rotten. When the fruit was eaten raw, the consumers suffered from food poisoning-like symptoms. Cooking the fruit prevented sickness, but the taste was still described as "gross" and "wrong."
    • And then they had the brilliant idea of growing one specimen of 1147 from the brain of a D-Class. When the researchers tried to remove a fruit, the tree [DATA EXPUNGED] and required two MTF agents to bring it under control.
    Notes: Further testing requires O5-█ approval. Not that it'll do Researcher Paulsen any good. I accept full responsibility for not taking his suspicions more seriously. Dammit. I went into botany to avoid this sort of thing. -Dr. Laurel
  • SCP-1173 is a memetic hazard centered around a fictional country known as "The Islamic Union of Eastern Samothrace." Hearing the trigger phrasenote  infects you, causing you to constantly see references to this place, its people, and its history, and accept them as fact. The Foundation's tests discovered that some people with schizophrenia actually have memories of participating in military action in Samothrace, having been traumatized by atrocities that never happened. OR SCP-1173 is a memetic hazard that expunges all memory of the very real Islamic Union of Eastern Samothrace. Infected individuals exposed to the trigger phrase are purged of SCP-1173's influence. When in the presence of refugees from Samothrace, the infected will become violent, screaming "You can't be real!" Afterwards, they have no idea what provoked them. The worst part is, half the Foundation is infected, up to and including the O5. They're engaged in a cold war, and we have no idea who is right.
  • SCP-187 is a twenty-something year old woman who has a unique, if not horrific, form of precognitive powers which shows her the present and future state of anything she is looking at, as long as the future state is sufficiently different. As a result, she often wears a blindfold because she is near crazy and suicidal from what she sees and must wear a pair of padded mittens which can she cannot remove in case she tries to rip out her eyes. However, her powers can be useful, when she predicted the escape of an unidentified SCP which was averted by the organization. Not that this did her any good as she was forced to participate in a series of other tests involving her meeting the Keter-levelled SCPs to see if she would predict their destructions.
  • SCP-1425. It appears to be a New Age spiritualist self-help book from the Church of Happyology. But then we get to the chapter "Do Not Look Away From The Book", which includes such lines as "Some helpful advice that will save you in your coming weeks:" and "Love the archons. When you hate them, they see you." By Chapter 10 ("You Cannot Wake Up") the book has become pure Black Speech. Did we mention reading it brainwashes people and drives them crazy? Or that it can alter reality (and not in a good way)? And that the Foundation had to use Laser-Guided Amnesia on the entire Earth again? And then there's the intercepted broadcasts. Anyone think Peppy was going to introduce SCP-993 (see above)? And how about that American Idol broadcast? AND WHERE DID THAT HAND COME FROM?
  • SCP-1440. Wherever he goes, any trace of human society he comes into contact with will attempt to destroy itself, and his unknown compulsion to wander the earth brings him into contact with society very often. Problem is, he knows that it's all because of him and wants to be killed... but a side-effect of his power makes him effectively immortal. He approached an SCP agent hoping that the Foundation could find a way to destroy him, and since that time, he's managed to annihilate every single site that tried to contain him (at least five). It's gotten to the point that the Foundation has pretty much said "screw it" and stopped trying. He's still out there in the world somewhere, and the Foundation has no idea where he is...
    • He also has some advice for the scientist interviewing him:
    SCP-1440: Should you choose to challenge Death to a game of cards for your life, there is one thing you must never do.
    Doctor: And what is that?
    SCP-1440: Win.
  • SCP-1733 is a recording of a 2010-2011 NBA match between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. The catch is that with each new viewing of the recording, the events of the match changes with the people in the recording eventually become self-aware of their situation (although not yet to the extent that they are in a TV recording) to the point that viewings of the recording have been banned by the Foundation. The 27th playback shows the commentators are self-aware, the 44th-45th involves the players and audience, the first violence occurs in the 51st, a death in the 52nd, and by the 65th, three organizations have formed - one of which is a growing Religion of Evil, leading to the ritual-based murders of the teams' key players to appease whatever is causing the phenomena. The last viewing involved the possible sacrifice of children.
  • SCP-303. It's a creepy little humanoid figure, which just hides behind doors. It doesn't attack, it doesn't try to communicate, it just stands there, never letting more than 10% of its body be seen at one time. Oh, and it apparently taps some sort of Primal Fear in people, so anyone on the other side of a door it's waiting by will feel insane terror at the idea of going through. To give an idea, one researcher died of dehydration, because he was trapped in a room with it on the other side of the only door. During experimentation, one of the D-Class personnel chose to be stabbed to death rather than go through a door it was waiting behind. And to make things even creepier, two of the D-Class personnel refused to go through the door and both cited something that they believed SCP-303 would do to them. This thing was [DATA EXPUNGED], and a researcher was visibly shaken by it. Bonus points for the first sighting of SCP-303, when it materialized outside of an agent's shower curtain while she was cleaning herself. Even if the thing didn't automatically inspire complete and utter terror, it would be plenty frightening to be vulnerable and naked and suddenly hear something wheezing loudly outside, with only a flimsy shower curtain for protection.
  • There are some bizarre things in the SCP Foundation's canon. SCP-1782 manages to be a massive Mind Screw even by those standards. The old man feeding himself to parrots may be the least disturbing thing in this room. "Testing subjects in all cases return from the interior of the room with a fear of holes. Exact reasons for this are unknown." And then there's the things the old man with the parrots says like "And then I'll be eaten. There's a hole in the wall in the bottom of the floor.", "Pour all the rest of the blood thereof at the foot of the altar, chickadees. In the hole in the floor." and "There's an abortion under the floorboards, one in the sink, too." What makes it even worse is that a hole that was never there, does indeed manifest later on. And it does in fact have an aborted fetus inside. AND IT'S STILL ALIVE! The underlying concept is amazing. It's all a manifestation created by an aborted reality bender. Which apparently holds a grudge towards its mother. And has a penchant to placing itself inside any woman around the area.
  • "Nor Shall My Sword Sleep", or the point of view of inhabitants of SCP-1235. Imagine that everything you knew about reality turns out to be false, and that your entire world suddenly finds itself in the mercy (or rather, lack thereof) of entities who can tamper with your universe without remorse about the torture they're inflicting upon everyone.
  • When you think about SCP-085/Cassy's situation, you may realize that it's both terrifying and heartbreaking at the same time; she's a living, sentient drawing but wishes that she was human. Also, while she can manipulate other items on the page, and even transfer to other pages, other drawings still aren't alive; if you allow her to transfer to, say, a comic book, it's less "Cassy joins the X-Men" and more "Cassy walks around statues that look like they're in the middle of a pretty cool story." She could take Cyclops' coffee and drink it, but not talk to him. While it's not as bad as it sounds because she's not just stuck in empty whiteness - the world's as big as the amount of drawn material you can convince the O5 Council to let her have - she's also completely alone, and there's nothing to be done about it. However, she does show that the Foundation isn't all bad; references to her involve way more petting than kicking.
  • Implications of SPC-304. It list all world leaders and has not been wrong for once. It keeps going into the future... until it suddenly stops and starts again.
  • SCP-053. She looks and acts like an ordinary 3 year old girl. At first. But anyone above the age of three who comes into contact with her becomes so overcome with fear, hatred and paranoia that they attack and try to kill her, dying in the process while she instantly heals. This coupled with the fact that SCP-682 is docile toward her implies that there is some sort of inherent wrongness lurking within 053. Did we mention that anyone affected kills every human in the vicinity before going after 053 and her parents were the first people affected?
  • SCP-1893 is a mysterious entity that rewrites any information written about it into an unrelated fictional narrative, with the original document's contents given out in the from of dialogue. The common element of the stories is a violent and sadistic man with tattoos of bull horns on his face, nicknamed 'the minotaur', who carries a baseball bat. If you have an SCP Foundation account and are logged in, the text will call you out and threaten you with your username.
  • SCP-1958, the space microbus. Congratulations to its crew for being the first humans in space! Off to Alpha Centauri! Whoops, looks like the crew forgot that Alpha Centauri is 4.3 light years away, and the van can barely even top 130 kilometers per hour.note  By the time the remaining crew realized their mistake, only two out of four remained and were dying of scurvy. Now consider that the file mentions a missing person report for the driver; he and his friends most likely have friends and family back home wondering what happened to them...
    • Oh, and it turns out that one of them was a member of the Fifth Church. You know, the ones behind SCP-1425?
  • SCP-1155, a piece of street artwork that's alive, aware, and compels people to look closely at it so it can eat them, after tearing off eyes, tongue, hands and feet, and reappear elsewhere in the same city, if not another, and start again. And if you survive? It starts looking for you specifically. It also has a larder where it keeps his victims for later consumption, and it's been showing up in less abandoned places each time, including a playground.
  • This tale about an unusual DVD that The Foundation came into possession of. It involves a trio of explorers, all of whom speak a strange, unknown language, filming what appears to be a nature documentary. It starts out alright, but then things get weird when they film a flock of vultures eating a dead camel. The camel suddenly wakes up and drives off the vultures, then stands there with its exposed organs dangling from its belly. We see more creepy and weird stuff afterward, such as a rhino-eating plant, tribe of humanoid lemur-like creatures, living Utahraptors, a giant ground sloth with six legs, a Multi-Armed and Dangerous aquatic predator, two giant floating creatures, and a pair of bloated worms. But the most horrifying part is when the researchers enter some slums filled with severely malnourished humans. One of them promptly attacks the subjects and says the following:
  • SCP-238, an enormous (as in "thousands of miles of tunnels") underground complex. Currently, the only thing that has worked has been blocking it off with a brick wall, and all attempts at exploration have invariably ended horribly, with reports of hallucinations, odd sounds, mysterious accidents and partially organic walls. And then you get the pictures with the giant spiders, combine it with the comments about an incursion finding something that wasn't "natural", and you can start guessing just what sort of thing's down in those tunnels. It doesn't get much better when you check the comments: Apparently quite a few SCPs came from there.
  • SCP-1897 is a Deconstruction of the very concept of domestication. It's aliens that consider us the same way we do dogs, kidnap people, and then castrate them and leave them with the intelligence of dogs, treating them as pets.
  • SCP-1555 seems harmless enough at first: an industrial facility built into a mountain, with one long barrel that randomly launches containers of perfectly normal mice into a nearby field, where they run off unharmed (most of the time, anyway - there have been instances of dead mice, abnormal mice, and sometimes something other than mice altogether). But reading the audio/telemetry log makes it much creepier as a team goes inside to investigate. It ends on a horrifying note as the last surviving team member, following his tether to go back the way he came, finds that his line now inexplicably leads into a tiny pipe. He commits suicide, while up above the line retrieved by the base team is many times longer than when it was originally extended.
  • SCP-902 is a box that constantly emits a ticking noise, causing anyone who hears it to become convinced that there's something inside of it that needs to be destroyed. People will constantly open and close the box, convinced that whatever's inside of it is going to keep ticking down and kill everyone, slowly going insane. The really scary part is reading the page if you're logged into an account on the website. The page tells you to open the box. By your username. That's right, the box is telling YOU to open it.
  • SCP-698 is a tar pit. Doesn't seem very horrifying, except that its a living tar pit that is made up of a colony of carnivorous microbes which are capable of creating shapes of prey within the pit so that passing predators would jump in and become their tar trapped lunch. Whats worse is that when it wants human prey, it simply creates the shape of a trapped baby, which is why its alternative name is ''Tar Baby".
  • SCP-417 is an African baobab tree. It seems pretty normal...except that its fruits are actually eggs for extremely visious bugs of 4 different varieties. 45% of the time someone gets bitten by these bugs, they die, rot away, and a new tree grows where their corpse was.
  • SCP-743 is a chocolate fountain that houses a bunch of vicious arthropods that it uses for a number of tasks, with the most prominent one being to bring it food...especially organic food...
    • One of the creepiest things about it is that it is used as an execution for D-class personel. They force the victems to taste the chocolate, which in turn makes them targets for the ant-like creatures inside the foundain, which proceed to gang up on the individual and tear it to pieces. Three D-class are kept on site at all times for this exact purpose.
      • This is done because after a week without food the fountain will send "scouts" in pattern similar to anthills looking for food, which have been reported to chew through two inches of titanium. The above protocol was set up after this incident.
    • Unsurprisingly, this Scp is one of many that they've used to kill 682 with. The ants do manage to kill it temporarily, only to get snagged by the anteater-like tongue that it grows when it springs back to life. As another note, the chocolate seems to actually improve 682's already impressive Healing Factor...
  • SCP-1128 is an aquatic monster that attacks people who know the full description of its appearence... and it can pull people into its world through any body of water that they can be fully immersed in, regardless of depth.
    • The good news is that if you survive the Foundation can cure you of its infection by giving you class-C amnesiacs, as the Mind Virus only works if you remember what it looks like.
  • SCP-807 is a ceramic serving dish that transmutes any food served upon it into a heart stopping delight. Anyone who consumes the food will undergo cardiac arrest 5 minutes after consuming their meal due to sudden and massive build-up of fat within the arteries.
    • Even scarier (or funnier) is when they tried putting a Luther Burger on the plate. The outcome was expunged, but it apparently caused a high number of casualties.
  • SCP-668 is a chef's knife that emits a psychic signal which renders all sentient beings with a Psionic Resistance Index of at least 97 incapable of assisting the victim when wielded by someone with violent tendencies towards a humanoid being, such as a human. It's the knife that was used to murder Kitty Genovese.
  • SCP-127 is an MP5K submachine gun. Other then the fact that it shoots teeth, it appears to be a normal gun...on the outside. Inside of the gun is a whole mess of organic tissue, organs and bones. Also, the clip can't be removed.
  • SCP-309 is a plush toy... and if you hug it, you suddenly turn inside out. This event is irreversable and universally said by sufferers to be the worst pain they've ever experienced, even by sufferers of cluster headaches.
    • What happens if you just lightly brush against it is a little bit better, but still extremely unsettling; if you lightly brush against it, you'll suffer from extreme, non-localized pain and a considerable amount of nausea. The only good news here is that this will result in the feeler not wanting to go near it or touch it any further.
  • SCP-513 is a cowbell whose ringing causes all who hear it to be stalked by a Humanoid Abomination known as SCP-513-1. Oh, and with a single exception, everyone who has heard the cowbell has ended up committing suicide just to get away from SCP-513-1.
    You've seen it. Now he can hear you.
    You've touched it. Now he can see you.
    Never ring it. If you hear it, he can touch you.
  • SCP-049 is an inhuman Plague Doctor whose touch kills people, allowing him to perform surgery on them. This "surgery" actually turns them into zombies whom are now known as SCP-049-2. What makes it worse is that he actually means well, but doesn't know about his power and thinks he is the only cure for the plague, which is no longer a threat...or the "plague" he mentioned is actually something else.
  • SCP-056. He sounds like a mere annoyance at first. Then Reality Ensues when you realize that 90% of what he does is pretty much leech off of everyone's self-esteem. He has apparently caused a lot of people to try to commit either suicide or murder.
  • SCP-395 is a fetus that becomes active when any human female is within 5 meters of it. It has telepathic powers that it uses to get human females to take it out of the jar and start breast feeding it. When it has consumed all of the female's breast milk, it will start drinking their blood.
  • SCP-1165, Glitch City in real life. Among all the other creepy things: if you're careless while exploring, you can suddenly find yourself in an infinite void where you're falling, forever, until you expire. The article mentions an entire large group of civilians who apparently vanished without a trace in the place. If you think that falling forever while you're alone is scary, imagine falling through void endlessly with a bunch of other panicked victims around you, presumably with people slowly starving to death and dying in mid-air one by one over the course of the weeks that follow.
  • SCP-1715 is an entity that exists on online communities, such as a forum. It will manifest as a user, and starts working its way up the forum. When it is high enough, it will send private messages to other site members requesting personal information. If they reply that message, they will die in the next two weeks. However, their user will still be active like they are still using it. Now, what if it is on the SCP wiki? What if it is on the TV tropes forum? What if everyone on the forum is dead and you don't know it?
  • SCP-400 are pillbugs that feed on human mammary secretions. Their methods of obtaining food are... rather unorthodox, to the point that the Ethics Committe put a ban on further human experimentation. Oh, and the last Addendum implies that they were deliberately engineered by a Foundation scientist.
    • And a woman they suspect is the first person to be affected by these things has been breastfeeding them for two years.
  • SCP-319, a curious device. This one needs a bit of knowledge on some of the more complex physics like false vacuums, but, to put it shortly, if you ever plan on going to another universe, make sure you're compatible with it in the first place, otherwise you might just have a hole in the starting universe that could well start assimilating it at light speed and annihilating everything and everyone, and the stones that keep it at bay let it open just another bit every time they move so much as a micron.
  • SCP-302 is an insectophobe's worst nightmare. It's a sculpture of two ants carrying a leaf. When someone makes direct skin contact with it, a single ant will appear on them some place (under their clothes, from behind near objects, or worst case scenario from orfices). Then on following days — without touching the sculpture again — more ants will appear on them, increasing in number, hostility, and species strength. It gets bad enough that by the Foundation has to terminate subjects of it after eight days due to... something expunged. There's also a short test long detailing the types and average number of ants that appear on a D-Class tricked into being exposed to it without knowing about it.
  • SCP-607 is a cat...that synchronizes its health with the first human it makes contact with after reincarnating. If the cat is injured, a roughly equal injury will be dealt to the person it's "bonded" with. Cat dies? The person dies. Even worse, SCP-607 is suicidal, and will do anything and everything to kill itself, taking the bonded human with it. In other words, the cat may or may not be trying to murder its "owner". Then the cat comes back to life and the Vicious Cycle continues.
  • SCP-1984. Thought the Dead-Hand system the Russians had during the Cold War was just computers? Well, no. It's actually a ghostly entity, who listens in to any radio and TV broadcasts made, and in case it hears anything that could possibly misconstrued as a future offensive, rushes to any missile silo around and launches absolutely everything inside, then keeps going with every missile that might be left in the entire damn country. It also moves insanely fast, can only be temporarily stunned by using microwave weaponry, and if you get between it and a missile, it will fry your brain so hard it'll leak out your nose. That's not much of an exaggeration.
    • The maker's log makes it even worse: They specifically looked for the most sociopathic Spetznaz officer possible, as they needed a man that could see the nukes falling, the world half dying, and press the button to kill off whoever might ever survive, and, in his words, "sign the death warrant of the human race".
  • SCP-1004, aka "Factory Porn". It's a disc that contains a program that allows you to see pornography of any subject; Rules 34 and 36 in .exe format, if you will. However, as one uses the program more, they will seek out increasingly Squicky fetishes, such as pedophilia, scat, and snuff, and it becomes harder for them to get turned on, to the point where the user will attempt to act out these newfound fetishes in real life. It's such a problem that a researcher who got infected tries to get two D-Class personnel to have sex for his pleasure; as a result, researchers are no longer allowed to look at the output of SCP-1004, even indirectly.
  • According to the page SCP-8900-EX, the concept of color as we know it was completely different. Think that sounds bad/not bad enough? Try imagining this from the perspective of the Earth back when people remembered what the world was supposed to look like. Or the fact that our entire world has been corrupted and we've just been made to not notice it. Or, heck, these excerpts from an addendum from O5-8note :
    Gentlemen, we have failed. SCP-8900's effects have become so widespread as to be commonplace. The natural blue of the sky has been replaced with a gross and unnatural shade, and the green of trees has been equally corrupted. SCP-8900 has brought ruin down upon the entire visible spectrum, and we have been overrun.]] [...] [[spoiler:By the time this message reaches those of you cleared to receive it, Foundation resources on a global scale will have released vast amounts of compound ENUI-5, our most subtle amnesiac. Worldwide, men and women who do not deserve the horror wreaked upon them will pause, confused, then resume their business, confident that this is the way it has always been, never knowing what they have lost. Only the photographs not affected by SCP-8900's taint will remain to tell the truth. I regret this, gentlemen. I regret it deeply.
  • SCP-012 doesn't sound too bad, being rather old, and short. And then SCP - Containment Breach decided to include it, complete with your character tearing at his own wrists with his fingernails to draw blood, and an interpretation of the awful cacophony that's written in there that could only be described as unsettling.
  • SCP-401 is a tree that is all out Squick. The tree is made of human tissue. There are jaws at the end of its roots, complete with tongue to dig and snare its food, digesting them in a stomach and throws away the waste from a hole on the treetrunk. The branches are human arms, and there are eyes in the end of every single finger. That's not the worst part. When it blooms, it will grow female sexual organs in the palm of the hands, and after five days, mensturation will occur and it will replace them with male sexual organs. What happens next can be summed up in this quote from the page:
    During this phase, SCP-401 will attack human females for the purpose of reproduction.
  • SCP-1372, a spatial anomaly that screws up several hundred miles of ocean, making it seem like it has an edge. Not only that, you can sail over that edge, and fall into whatever the hell it is that lies beyond it. The worst part? Sometimes they return, sailing normally despite being so damaged they should sink. And that's not getting into what happens to the crew. Details are spared, but to put it shortly: If one of them tries to tell you anything about what they saw, don't listen. And don't think flying over it can save you either. The exact same thing will happen, with the added detail that planes have radios.
  • SCP-1034, a small suture. While safe if left alone, if anyone makes contact with it they begin using the suture to sow up their facial orifices, starting with the mouth and moving onto the eyes, nostrils, and ears. During this process, the subject loses all control of their body except for their facial muscles, lungs, and vocal cords. After all orifices have been sown, the subject will just stand there and rapidly dehydrate until they are a leathery corpse. The worst part of this? During the sowing process, the subject is completely awake and aware of whats going on, with the threading of their mouth being just loose enough for them to breath. This means the only thing the subject can do is scream.
  • SCP-554 sounds pretty tame by Foundation standards. A small structure on the Isle of Wight with a corpse underneath, and if anyone sees the corpse, they will disappear the next time they are out of sight and replace it, garnering multiple stab wounds. While it makes for a nice urban myth, it doesn't sound too bad, right? Well, until you find out that photos and videos of the corpse have the same effect on viewers. And if such were to get out, the Foundation has preparations to nuke the site, crash world-wide electronic communication infrastructures, and use satellites to sever the optic nerves of anyone in a contaminated area.
  • SCP-217, the Clockwork Virus. Anything infected by this highly contagious, incurable, and hardy virus will be slowly and agonizingly turned into a Clockwork Creature. Its effects on the body alone wouldn't be too horrifying, but it causes severe pain as flesh and organs become mechanized, and those who are infected also become emotionless, dull, repetitive robots incapable of coming up with anything new. It doesn't kill you, but it might as well have. Combine this with its subtlety and infectivity, and it's Keter for a very good reason.
  • SCP-599. It's a town in a Site that is entirely populated by people who've gone missing, but all of them think they've lived there forever. Hell, one former agent turned up with a wife and kids, and he went missing six months before. New streets and houses appear out of nowhere, everyone is very keen for visitors to move in, and when an investigating Agent tries to leave, the entire town conspires to keep him in.
  • SCP-2000. Right from the get go, you know this is something big when you see they've got an cognitohazard safeguard, just like the SCP-001 page. Then you see it's classification: Thaumiel. Essentially, it is a huge facility capable of cloning the entirety of the human race in the event of an end-of-the-world scenario, able to set the culture and civilization of mankind to any time period chosen, with politically important figures copied exactly to get the world running back on track. It is an enormous Reset Button. The scary part is it has already been pressed who knows how many times. A corpse found in it is dated back 450-700 years, and a letter accompanying it indicates that it was around long before then. Attached notes also indicate that we've still screwed it up by rewinding too far before its repopulation began, which ended up causing World War II. One note even says that they will not try reducing humanity's violent and sociopathic tendencies, because they already did, successfully.
    • If this sounds familiar, it's because this is likely the origin of the "Document Recovered From the Marianas Trench".
    • And another thing. That corpse? It's Doctor Clef's. Yes, the doctor's walking around fine, and has absolutely no idea why there's a centuries-old corpse that matches his DNA, and yet there it is, with a note marking that even he, and then, had absolutely no idea when, and for what, they built the facility.
  • SCP-060, looks benign at first, being a grove of white oak trees. However whenever they are burned, a sentient burning skeleton called SCP-060-Alpha appears and proceeds to burn the surrounding area around 060, causing saplings of 060 to appear in it's wake. 060-Alpha also seems to be intelligent, with being able to learn it's way around the facility with each manifestation. The weird stuff comes from the additional information where the grove was found at a burned out house of this nihilistic, bitter man who was also interested in occult practices. The Foundation assumes that 060-Alpha must have manifested and killed the man after he burned parts of 060, but considering they Never Found the Body...
  • SCP-457, essentially a living flame that can take the shape of a human, with only the desire to burn and grow. The added twist is that apparently, it can grow in intelligence and learn how to manipulate its surroundings.
  • SCP-205. A pair of flood lamps that project shadows that are telling a terrifying story about a girl meeting, mating with, and getting killed by horned humanoids. Then you realize the shadows are more like actors reenacting the story, and that you really don't want to catch their attention. But that's not the worst part: it looks like the girl didn't realize she was living with monsters before taking pictures of them. Meaning that to normal eyes they look human, and that they could be walking among us unnoticed. Oh, and the circumstances of the recovery of the lamps make it clear that everything displayed by the shadows actually happened.
  • SCP-1353, little felt centipedes that burrow inside you while you sleep and make their home in there. For the most part they remain dormant and harmless, but as soon as you get a feeling of nostalgia, they wake up and start crawling around... and you can feel every bit of it. The addendum at the end then proceeds to describe this in vivid detail. Good luck sleeping after reading that.
  • SCP-2950 is referred to explicitly as "Just A Chair", with no real harmful side effects except the fact it is so comfortable, force must be used to remove from the chair any person that sits on it longer than half an hour to an hour. It is classed as a "safe" object. Kind of creepy that a simple chair could mess with your head like that, right? Then you read the addendum, intended for a single O5 only, which reveals that they want people to think 2950 is a "safe" object. It's actually a Keter-class object that is capable of bringing about an XK-class scenario. It is "undefinable", only defined by what people think it is. If the Foundation can convince people it's just a relatively harmless chair with a creepy effect on people, that is what it will be. The problem is, there's a book written about 2950 saying it's a world-ending monster, that appeared in The Wanderer's Library, leading everyone, even the Foundation, to believe that was what it was - it was even contained as its "monster form" for a long time. The Foundation had to communicate with the Serpent's Hand to be convinced it was in fact an "undefined" object that is only what people choose to define it as. The most disturbing part, of course, is that this means someone defined 2950 as a world-ending monster on purpose, possibly just For the Evulz, and word must never get out that it is anything more than Just A Chair. Except it just did, when you read this, right now. Oops.
  • SCP-2317, "A Door To Another World"'s page contains 6 tabs, each a record of a different SCP staff member logging in to the database to read the SCP entry, each with increasing security clearance that reveals more and more sensitive information. The first iteration, a lowly staff assistant, gets almost no information at all, other than that it's a wooden door frame which leads to another world, kept in security by the Foundation. Then a security specialist finds out that it's Keter and more about the containment procedures, including something called "Procedure 220-Calabasas". An assistant researcher finds out more about the nature of the SCP and potential consequences for failing to perform the containment procedure- a potential XK-Class End of the World scenario. A senior researcher gets most of the details of Procedure 220-Calabasas, which now requires a high-clearance foundation staff member pretending to be a Class D and some form of ritual sacrifice. Dr Crow himself reveals the true nature of the threat: an immensely titanic entity, estimated at over 200km in height, imprisoned below the ritual site by 7 colossal chains- 6 of which have already broken. However, it does slightly alleviate the horror by also revealing that the sacrifice required daily is only a chicken. But, the worst is yet to come..
    The 05-restricted entry reveals that, while the description of the world beyond the door and the imprisoned entity are accurate, the rest of the entry is a complete lie. The SCP? Not the portal, but the entity imprisoned beyond it itself, a creature referred to as "the Devourer of Worlds". Its true designation? Apollyon. The meaning of that? The Foundation is utterly powerless to do anything about it. The containment procedures? "Irrelevant." While the Foundation is desperately trying to find a way to contain the Devourer when it inevitably breaks free sometime within the next century, at the moment they're at a loss to either repair or replace the broken chains or prevent the last one from breaking. All the hoo-ha and fuss about "Procedure 220-Calabasas" earlier in the document? A smokescreen the 05s have implemented to prevent panic by convincing people that they're achieveing something meaningful. In short? We're effectively doomed and the SCP Foundation can't save us!
  • SCP-2003 is a straight-up time machine used by the Foundation to find out about possible futures and guide humanity onto the correct path. The method used is pretty horrific in itself (only brain and nervous tissue survives time travel intact, so travellers must be 'prepared' suitably) but that's not the scary part. There's a memo explaining that the Foundation is using all its resources to try to keep the timeline on-course for a particular future designated XN. What happens in scenario XN? In 2349, an asteroid hits the Earth, wiping out most of humanity and rendering the planet uninhabitable. Of all the possible futures the Foundation has encountered, this is the best outcome.
    • The real kicker? It IS the best outcome, in the sense that its the only one the Foundation has observed where humanity survives the first century of the 2000's. In ALL other timelines so far observed, total extinction occurs anywhere between 10 to 50 years from present day from a wide variety of causes, from our Sun spontaneously transforming into a black hole which not only freezes our solar system but somehow leaves all of humanity in a state of suspended animation, to all life on Earth mysteriously disappearing overnight aftr a period of extended world peace, to a breed of mind controlling spider taking over 85% of the population and forces them to breed more of them, which eventually leads to the death of 6 billion.
  • SCP-2999, while the article itself isn't overtly scary, just a little unsettling (and MORE than a little heartbreaking), the page image makes for a great scare, oh and try doing what the article says and click to enlarge.
  • SCP-169 is a titanic sea creature, estimated to be 2000 kilometers in size...at the minimum. This thing has been around for millions of years, is still alive, and is so huge that spines on its back have been mistaken for islands. Oh, and the Foundation outright admits that it will never be contained—all they can do is keep the thing a secret. That's right: the only people in the world who could ever hope to keep this beast under control can't do anything of the sort at all, and they know it.
    • And the best part? 169 is stated to be "dormant" or in hibernation by Foundation researchers. And there's no way to know if...or when, it'll wake up.
    • Want some Fridge Horror? The creature itself is resting in the Southern Atlantic, specifically around the tip of South America. What islands could they be referring to?
  • SCP-1575. It is a statue/fountain that, over the course of about a month, slowly transforms animals into humans when they drink from it. What sounds like a furry fetishist's dream quickly becomes a nightmare when the Foundation does what it does best and injects some cruel reality into the concept; simply put, animals and humans are biologically different for a reason. Only three tested animals managed to survive the transformation and only one of those three transformed fully with no unwanted results. The rest feature such lovely imagery as a field mouse whose cardiovascular system shut down because it couldn't keep up with the rate her body was growing, a tiger whose organs failed after just four days because of the sedatives she was given, a parrot whose skeleton shattered in various places because, like the field mouse, it couldn't keep up with the rest of her (her wings did apparently manage to form a set of pseudo-hands, though) and most horrifyingly of all, a dog that was not properly checked for parasites before her transformation. The parasites were also affected by the water and...well...
    Dr. ████: We absolutely do not need another instance of half-mutated flea-creatures, and the psychologist is having a hard time helping Janet with her nightmares of a seven foot long tapeworm with a screaming face tearing out of the belly of a dog.
  • SCP-1738 is a barber's chair that puts anyone who sits on it into a coma. When they wake up, said victims experience intense phobias towards specific things. The creators responsible were themselves exposed to SCP-1738, with one suffering intense hallucinations of being abused by his mother, despite his mother dying at childbirth, and another completely catatonic despite having no direct exposure to the chair. Originally in the hands of Marshall, Carter, and Dark, a note left revealed that clients intentionally subjected themselves to SCP-1738's effects. That's right, they deliberately made themselves experience their worst terrors simply for the sake of getting a fear-induced high.
  • SCP-1282 are five rabbits (rendered sterile after containment) who turn into human hunters, complete with weapons and gunpowder, during the coming off the full moon. During this time they hunt and eat any rabbit they previously lived with, including mates and children. They continue doing this until all rabbits in the area are killed or the lunar cycle ends. Considering this is done with rabbits, this may not be as nightmare-inducing as the other examples above. However, the page notes that after the transformation SCP-1282 exhibit depressed behavior, refusing to move or consume food. This is both horrifying and a massive Tearjerker as it is implied that the rabbits have enough awareness to lapse into a depression at the death of their offspring and mates done by their own hand.
  • SCP-1269, a sentient mailbox that develops stalkerish tendencies when a woman in her twenties or older moves into its house. At first, it's kind of Black Comedy and definite Refuge in Audacity (seriously, a stalker mailbox!?) with his constant love letters that basically come from nowhere and get more and more erratic as time goes on and destroying any mailbox that dares to get in the way of him and his "beloved"...then it gets creepy when it's revealed that the mailbox will occasionally teleport to the occupant of the house when he wants to and follow her around...and then it gets terrifying when it's revealed that he kills a human male who moves into the house with the occupant.
  • SCP-1127 is a series of short films that permanently alters their viewers' minds. In order, we have:
    • "Were Clowns Always Yellow?", in which a Nazi clown that narrates how people's lives become jokes, with the affect being that anyone who views it starts seeing morbid things funny and funny things unfunny.
    • "Crazy Where? You Are", in which a little girl narrates over clips of graphic violence about how said violence is "the only answer" while stabbing a teddy bear. This leads viewers of the thing to become violent sociopaths.
    • "All? Comes With Yesterday", in which a woman in Victorian clothing and a mask sewn onto her face narrates over images of technology and just recites random words, at one point repeating the word "liar" over and over. Anyone who views this one becomes terrified of anything man made, especially technology.
    • And lastly "Why Are You Crying?", in which a leatherman narrates over pornography and other sexually explicit images in a creepy fashion. It causes anyone who sees it to grow obsessed with different creepy paraphilias.
  • SCP-001-EX-J is a joke and explained as understood. Except that it can still do unpredictable, devastating things, even in the modern era. It is NOT safe. It is NOT controllable, and it exists EVERYWHERE and can pop up from nowhere and wreak havoc. Cavement discovered it, but no one can truly ever control it or the millions of casualties it causes every years. SCP-001-EX-J is simply fire, discovered by cavemen. Fire itself, while EXPLAINED, can never be contained completely, or controlled completely and can appear anywhere, even from the air (lightning). Fascinating that this is not a former Keter object that is now understood, because Fire is more deadly than most of the SC Ps.
  • SCP-040 is a little girl who can transform animals (and plants if she tries hard enough) into freakish mutants designated SCP-040-1 that are loyal to her like pets. Sounds simple and harmless right? Until you realize that all instances of SCP-040-1 are loyal to her, regardless of their previous behavior. This means she modifies not just their bodies, but also their minds. She's essentially brainwashing animals into being her pets (read: slaves). Now imagine if she were to modify a human being.
  • SCP-974. Adult Fear 101. It's a carnivorous shapeshifting creature that lives in crude wooden structures situated in parks or other lightly wooded areas. It assumes the form of a human child and lures other children to the wooden structures to play with them. Once it has built up and obtained the trust of the children over the course of several days, it will try to entice a single child to go inside the structure with them to play together. Regardless of whether or not the child agrees to do so, the creature abducts the child and devours them. Human children are it's primary and preferred food source. Standard containment protocol is to introduce groups of children aged between 6-12 years to the containment area and encourage them to play and explore inside, knowing the creature will prey on them. When these containment procedures were dropped in favour of introducing woodland animals for it to feed on, the creature buried itself and underwent a metamorphosis where it became far larger, stronger, tougher, more aggressive and lost its fear and weakness to fire. It attacked the nearby Foundation monitoring station and killed everyone inside before a team was mobilised. It attempted to masquerade as a badly wounded Foundation researcher, but attacked the team when it failed to respond correctly to passwords, and the team were successful in subduing it, though at a cost. Probably the very worst thing about it, though, is the very last line:
    In light of Incident 974-Phi, the original containment protocols have been re-instated.
  • It's a pity that the SCP from the foreign branches aren't translated, because they can bring the creepy. Some from the Spanish branch:
    • SCP-ES-045, a doll made of porcelain and... some kind... of human tissue. It makes people stay still, lose their communication skill, and then [DATA EXPUNGED]. The subjects do survive, but get a reasonable fear of dolls after the experience. The doll was found in an abandoned house in a neighborhood after the disappearance of a number of children. When in contention, a note from the creator appeared, promising the doll to rescue her. After a containment breach, which ended with the assigned personnel found with their tongue and several internal organs removed and dressed in baby clothes, another note from the creator was found, saying, more or less "I don't want you anymore. you're as evil as always. Also, I have new toys. Don't come back, or I'll tell Daddy". The thing is so vile, not even its creator wants it back.
    • SCP-ES-053, "Mother and ████", combines the unknowing aspect of SCP-579 with an inversion of 231. It consists of an ordinary woman in her thirties and an unknown number of [DATA EXPUNGED] (one of them being a cognito-danger of some sort) that only she is able to contain in their cell. It's implied that whatever she is containing has affected her, to the point that she has stopped collaborating with the Foundation, but the danger they present is so big they can't be terminated, and merely permitting them to leave the cell can have a massive effect in all the humans' psyche.
    • SCP-ES-020, a funerary urn from the Tonocoté aboriginals. When a person touches it, an humanoid entity with the appearance of an attractive native of the opposite gender invites them to know the wonders of their world, and uses the urn as a portal to a world where the pre-columbine cultures are still alive and blooming. If the person doesn't come back immediately, they begin to integrate to the new culture, up to the point of losing their ability of speak their mother language and instead adopting the local aboriginal language. After some level of integration, the person is offered to remain in that world; many of the subjects accept. All was fine and peachy, until a volunteered D-class discovered that some people invited to live in the world inside the urn was offered as human sacrifices and escaped to avoid that fate. The urn also wants to break contention, and from time to time arrows with poison come from it.
    • SCP-ES-088 a labyrinth that can manifest in any hotel or equivalent establishment. You can easily enter on it, barely without realizing that its decoration clashes with the rest of the hotel, until it was too late to come back. Inside of it there are miles and miles of corridors, with no doors and constant muzak. Also, human bodies, the corpses of the people who got lost there and weren't rescued on time. And still, those who died are way luckier than the guy that managed to find "the center"...
    • SCP-ES-019, the apocalyptic headphones. It's a pair of headphones that tune to transmissions from different scenarios of human extinction. The people who hear any of those begins to suffer either related PTSD or the physical effects of said scenarios. One of the described world-end scenarios involves the "Human Cattle Breeding project". Just do the math.
    • SCP-ES-061, the alternative VCR player is, in contrast, pretty harmless: just a VHS player that display the What Could Have Been version of whatever tape you play on it. Until you see that the O5 has forbidden its use with documentaries and non-fiction material after the results obtained when played several documentaries, in particular one about the evolution of men.
    • SCP-ES-071 is a memetic agent that manifests as a writing in one of many indigenous language in the skin of any person that read its text from any written surface it was transcribed. The text is basically the direction of some magical golden city with many riches, but the location differs in each language transcription. The person infected has also vivid mental images of the geographical accidents near the site, acquire the compulsion to go to said city, and the infection can be get even if the person doesn't know the language of the text, and every time they want to write it is in said aboriginal language. Fortunately, the memetic effect doesn't spread when said person repeats the content of said text in their mother, occidental language, but since by then the infected has lost their ability of write in anything that isn't the aboriginal language of the text they carry, that's isn't much of a consolation. As if the former wasn't already bad, one of the places the text directs is the location of SCP-ES-082, a Mayan sarcophagus who contains something who gleefully kills anyone of non-indigenous ascendant. Another of the described places was has it's data expunged, save by the fact that the Foundation had to raze the pace with napalm and then irradiated until it was rendered inhabitable.
  • SCP-000. It's supposed to be just a blank glitch page that was there because the wiki demanded it be there. That's how it appears at first, with bad text parsing and an admin note. But highlight the area below that, and you'll get a story of an entity that is apparently trapped in a blank white void of nothingness. It eventually figures out how to make noise, then it starts to scream. And now, that's all it does. It knows the Foundation contained it here. It hates the Foundation, and whatever it is, it wants to get out. Just what the hell is this thing?
    "I did not do anything to deserve this fate, why am I here?! Who or what would be so cruel as to trap someone in a blank nothingness for eternity?! "Foundation", did it do this to me!? Is "Foundation" my captor?! Or is it my creator? It does not matter! I will howl and shriek at the emptiness and until the waves of force I create rips open an exit from this hell, and then I may be able to find the truth, the one fragment of logic and reason in this unending sea of madness and despair that is my existence!

    …I will not stop screaming until I am free."
  • The Empire of the Daeva, a highly agressive and militaristic civilization that once existed in Asia and Eastern Europe. The SCP in question is a chronicle of the empire's existance which, whenever it comes into contact with liquid, will retroactively add to its history, causing the Daeva to survive further and further into the future. The Daeva's history currently ends with their extermination at the hands of Genghis Khan, but there's more than one copy of the chronicle out there, and the Foundation has determined that if the Daeva were to survive past a certain point in history, the results would be catastrophic.