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  • Colbert Bump: In his re-upload of "Alliances", mentions and quotes part of the review given by The Agony Booth for that episode, joking that people are clearly trying to hassle in on his niche.
    • Also drops one towards fellow reviewer Confused Matthew, who occasionally he's collaborated with.
    • Received one from Linkara, who freely admits to being a fanboy of his.
    • In fact Confused Matthew and Linkara's sites are directly linked to from the footer on his website. The only websites other than his own that he links to that way.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: His BIONICLE 3 review was loaded with this, including several name mispronunciations and implying green characters had the Jungle elementnote . Continuity Lock-Out could be a valid excuse, though.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Some fans tried to do this after Chuck removed all his reviews from YouTube, by re-uploading copies of his video reviews to the site. Unfortunately, all they ended up doing was proving that Chuck's decision had been the right one, as Viacom squashed the new uploads almost as soon as they went up.
    • Some fan-made archives still exist, off of YouTube, though they aren't too easy to find. The original videos are not 100% identical to the remade ones, so they still remain archive-worthy.
  • One of Us:
    • Chuck is an avid Troper, even linking this very page from his own site to list the scores for Trek episodes.
    • Jokes that a former Mean Boss of his can suck it, cause now Chuck has his own tvtropes page!
    • He mentions in his Stargate review that he should avoid talking about something, less it's mentioned in the series and someone adds Did Not Do The Research to his tropes page.
    • He also makes frequent Dungeons & Dragons jokes, applying concepts such as dual classing and free actions to the events in stuff he reviews.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • Magnificently averted. He hasn't missed a scheduled update in ages. Made even more impressive with the transfer of his videos from YouTube to; he posts several videos per week, which are either brand new or are completely re-recorded (given the poor sound quality of his older videos), usually with new material added. In August 2011, he posted at the rate of almost one video per day. And the only breaks he takes are scheduled ones. He's only missed three scheduled updates, two of which have been due to outside forces, the first from a tornado knocking out power to his house for a few days, the second from some unknown technical glitch on the blip server.
    • Subverted in February 2014. He was summoned to jury duty, and noted that the schedule posted was tentative. He did not miss a day even with jury duty.
    • Generally speaking, the only time this is played straight is when he has to change video hosting services, which admittedly is not a rare occurrence at this point.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: He notes that his legal experience is basically limited to "not singing Ninety-nine [sic] Luftballons", (which was the dropped intro music of TNG on YouTube).
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Left Channel Awesome the same time Linkara did in the wake of "Change The Channel". Considering he never got a huge bump from his association and he supports himself through Patreon these days, nobody's considering this a big loss.
  • Trope Namer: This web series has named Voodoo Shark.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: A much more subtle example than most, but some references and jokes that are made when the episode comes out are not always understandable at a later date. For example, in "Ensign Ro," a planet "Salar" is attacked, and SF Debris makes a joke about "Krogans attacking the Salarians" but then comments that "No one who gets that joke is watching today." This was because the episode came out on the day that Mass Effect 3 was released, but future watchers can sometimes be confused. Similarly, the episode "A Matter of Time" was released on the date of the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who, and several jokes reference that.

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