Web Video / Animerica


Animerica is an Anime Review Show by two American Anime fans called Fox Catcher and Phoenix, played by Alan Morrisey and Will Ryan, respectively. It usually involves them watching an entire anime, while making jokes, pointing out plotholes (which as of now is incredibly frequent in a majority of the episodes), among other things. Unlike most review shows, each episode is connected by an overarching storyline, in a similar fashion as Atop the Fourth Wall. While most of the anime they call terrible, some of them they actually liked, such as Tokyo Majin.

Upon Fox Catcher's mysterious disappearance at the end of season 1 (due to Alan Morrisey wanting to quit the show), Phoenix spends the second season reviewing anime alone, and in season 3, is joined by the robot Atlas, played by JT Kamp, Ryan's co-host on their other show, Cover By Cover.