Funny / Animerica

  • The "QUALITY SCENE!" running gag in the Samurai Gun review produced a few gems.
    Phoenix: Love.
    Atlas: What... the fuck is that?
    Phoenix: Love... is love.
    Beat as dramatic music plays... followed by them bobbing their heads while What Is Love plays in the background.
  • The Hellsing review had an avalanche of these:
    Fox: Considering that Alexander Anderson...
    Phoenix: Who?
    Fox: The badass priest. Considering that Alexander Anderson and... and... and...
    Phoenix: And?
    Fox: (counts on his fingers) You know what? Show it up! It's not my fault that this show only had one threatening villain in five episodes! Considering that Alexander Anderson couldn't even make it past the front lawn, we're supposed to take guys who write toddler gibberish on their shields seriously!? Peas murder people!?
    Phoenix: Why not just wrote "Hurr Durr Split Peas Murr Turkey Vam Peppers"? At least that would be consistently stupid.
  • The moments where Pheonix and Fox mock Integra's lack of an incentive to actually investigate the origin of the freak chips.
    Phoenix: (as scientest) Hey, don't you want to understand maybe what's turning these people into vampires? It might aid strategically to help you...
    Fox: (as Integra) Nope. Don't care. Catch 'em and kill 'em. Derp a der.
    Phoenix: (as scientest) I hate working for you.
    • Later on in that exact same review....
Fox: (as Integra) Everyone knows that the best way to cure the affliction is to fight the symptom, not the disease. Right? Right!? Someone agree with me, dammit! Ugh! I'm Surrounded by Idiots!