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Website: Game Show Garbage
Game Show Garbage (GSG) is a website created in 2009 by Robert Q. Seidelman. The best way to describe GSG is basically that it's WrestleCrap for the worst in Game Shows.

In 2014, the site expanded to add Tooncrap (a blog about terrible cartoons) and Video Game Garbage (same, but with video games).

List of inductions:

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    Inductions 1- 50 
  • Patrick Wayne (John Wayne's son; hosted the 1990s Tic-Tac-Dough revival)
  • WCW 2000 on Double Dare 2000 (special with four WCW stars including Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who had competed against Mr. Perfect in a 1989 episode)
  • Slime Time (short-lived 1988 syndicated game that was little more than a second-rate Double Dare knockoff)
  • How Much Is Enough?
  • TPIR's First Bullseye Game (the fifth-ever pricing game after Price returned in 1972...and the first to be retired)
  • Nadine (Nick Arcade contestant who played the bonus round pretty badly)
  • Elevated Conquer Ring (an ill-thought-out American Gladiators tweak that was only used once during the first half of Season 1)
  • Howard's Buttah Answer (a particularly bad answer given by a contestant on the 1998-99 Match Game revival)
  • Johnny Arcade (host of Video Arcade, which was a game show for its second season)
  • Duel of the Dice (minigame used in a pitchfilm for the 1986 High Rollers revival pilot but not the series)
  • Joe Farago (comedian who hosted Break The Bank 1985 after Gene Rayburn's dismissal)
  • Frog & Alligator (two bad Family Feud answers to the 1977 Fast Money question "Name an animal with three letters in its name.")
  • Rappin' Chuck Woolery (commercial for Woolery's GSN reality show Naturally Stoned...a show that ended up killing his then-current marriage)
  • Fried Chicken Drewcase (late-2008 Price Showcase written by host Drew Carey that made almost no sense at all)
  • Joker (long-running Price pricing game with a...pretty ugly main prop, really)
  • Bad TPIR Bids, Part 1 (compilation of bad guesses over the years)
  • Joseph (early-2008 Price contestant who most famously bid $2,000,000 in Contestant's Row)
  • 3's a Crowd (1979-80 Chuck Barris series that asked whether a man's wife or secretary knew him better...and took down all of Barris' other shows with its demise)
  • The Newlywed Game, Rodriguez Version (1988-89 overhaul hosted by comedian Paul Rodriguez, based on his debut; updated in January 2011 after an episode from much later in his tenure surfaced, proving that he got better)
  • Chains Of Love (short-lived UPN dating show where everybody was chained together)
  • Tic Tac Dough 90 Raps (the inexplicable decision about six weeks in to have the Dragon and Dragonslayer rap)
  • Attack of the Zeroaires Part 1
  • Sang's Scrabble Sprint
  • Card Sharks 2001
  • Jeopardy! (April Fool's induction, but see below)
  • You're On!
  • Inquizition
  • Full Swing
  • Scavengers
  • Hi Score
  • Family Fortunes' Irishman Problem
  • Robb Edward Morris
  • Skip Lackey
  • The Get The Picture Rap Special
  • Celebrity Double Dare (unsold 1987 spinoff pilot with a different set, host, and announcer)
  • Hold Everything!
  • WOF's Worst Solves pt. 1
  • The Remote Control NES Game
  • The Chamber
  • Carnie Wilson
  • The Neighbors
  • Number Please
  • Monday Night Quarterback
  • The Our Little Genius Scandal (2009-10 Patrick Wayne Award winner)
  • Fred's Futile Fast Money
  • What's Going On?
  • Blank Check
  • Squares' Big Money Bonus Game
  • Laurie Dotson
  • Jason's Selfish FunHouse Run

    Inductions 51- 100 
  • Bamboozle (unsold 1986 Chuck Barris pilot hosted by Bob Hilton that was lawsuit-close to To Tell the Truth)

  • Big Saturday Night (2009 GSN "wraparound" for 20Q and The Money List that wasn't much more than a great big insult to the genre)

    Inductions 101- 150 
  • On The Nose (1984-85 Price Is Right car game that relied on physical prowess; knowing the car's price did nothing but give you $1,000 and more chances to win)
  • Shoppers Casino (a No Budget game show that was little more than a front for a pyramid scheme)
  • It's Torture (short-lived 1989 children's game show done by ITV)

    Inductions 151- 200 
  • Off The Wall (short-lived Disney Channel game show that was partnered with Mad Libs but was nowhere near as fun to watch)

  • Let's Go Back (1991-93 Nostalgia Channel series that was very cheap and ripped off the Countdown Round of Split Second, not to mention the host/producer who hasn't done much good stuff)

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