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Website: Game Show Garbage
Game Show Garbage (GSG) is a website created in 2009 by Robert Q. Seidelman. The best way to describe GSG is basically that it's WrestleCrap for the worst in Game Shows.

In 2014, the site expanded to add Tooncrap (a blog about terrible cartoons) and Video Game Garbage (same, but with video games).

List of inductions:

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    Inductions 1- 50 
  • Patrick Wayne (John Wayne's son; hosted the 1990s Tic-Tac-Dough)
  • WCW 2000 on Double Dare 2000 (special with four WCW stars including Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who had competed against Mr. Perfect in a 1989 episode)
  • Slime Time (short-lived 1988 syndicated game that was little more than a second-rate Double Dare knockoff)
  • How Much Is Enough?
  • TPIR's First Bullseye Game (the fifth-ever pricing game after Price returned in 1972...and the first to be retired)
  • Nadine (Nick Arcade contestant who played the bonus round pretty badly)
  • Elevated Conquer Ring (an ill-thought-out American Gladiators tweak that was only used once during the first half of Season 1)
  • Howard's Buttah Answer (a particularly bad answer given by a contestant on the 1998-99 Match Game)
  • "Johnny Arcade" aka Stivi Paskoski (host of Video Power, which was a game show for its second season)
  • Duel of the Dice (minigame used in a pitchfilm for the 1986 High Rollers revival pilot but not the series)
  • Joe Farago (comedian who hosted the 1980s Break the Bank after Gene Rayburn's dismissal)
  • Frog & Alligator (two bad Family Feud answers to the 1977 Fast Money question "Name an animal with three letters in its name.")
  • Rappin' Chuck Woolery (commercial for Woolery's GSN reality show Naturally Stoned...a show that ended up killing his then-current marriage)
  • Fried Chicken Drewcase (late-2008 Price Showcase written by host Drew Carey that made almost no sense at all)
  • Joker (long-running Price pricing game with a...pretty ugly main prop, really)
  • Bad TPIR Bids, Part 1 (compilation of bad guesses over the years)
  • Joseph (early-2008 Price contestant who most famously bid $2,000,000 in Contestant's Row)
  • 3's a Crowd (1979-80 Chuck Barris series that asked whether a man's wife or secretary knew him better...and took down all of Barris' other shows with its demise)
  • The Newlywed Game, Rodriguez Version (1988-89 overhaul hosted by comedian Paul Rodriguez; originally based solely on his debut, it was updated in January 2011 after an episode from much later in his tenure surfaced, proving that he got better)
  • Chains Of Love (short-lived UPN dating show where everybody was chained together)
  • Tic Tac Dough 90 Raps (the inexplicable decision about six weeks in to have the Dragon and Dragonslayer rap)
  • Attack of the Zeroaires Part 1 (compilation of various $0 winners on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?)
  • Sang's Scrabble Sprint (an infamous 1985 Sprint with several mistakes and a time of 87 seconds)
  • Card Sharks 2001 (the second aired revival, with several inexplicable changes)
  • Jeopardy (April Fool's induction, but see below)
  • You're On! (late-1990s Nickelodeon game that brought Phil Moore back)
  • Inquizition
  • Full Swing (short-lived 1997 BBC game based around golf)
  • Scavengers (1990s ITV series with a sci-fi theme)
  • Hi Score (British show based around video games that was not only bad in every aspect but didn't actually play any video games until the end...which was a freeware game)
  • Family Fortunes' Irishman Problem (a 1983 episode where the contestants gave six wrong answers at the third Face-Off)
  • Robb Edward Morris (host of Make The Grade's second season, replacing Lew Schneider; as it turned out, he got better)
  • Skip Lackey (host of Think Fast's second season, replacing Michael Carrington)
  • The Get The Picture Rap Special (an episode from the second {far cheaper} format with lots of cringe-worthy "rapping")
  • Celebrity Double Dare (unsold 1987 spinoff pilot {one of four: two Celebrity, two with just couples} with a different set, host, and announcer...and everything about Double Dare pretty much sterilized)
  • Hold Everything! (1990 Barry-Enright hidden-camera show with Pat Bullard hosting and not much else)
  • WOF's Worst Solves pt. 1 (compilation of various missolves from over the years)
  • The Remote Control NES Game (a lackluster home adaptation by Hi-Tech Expressions)
  • The Chamber
  • Carnie Wilson (original host of GSN's Newlywed Game, 2009-10)
  • The Neighbors (short-lived 1970s game hosted by Regis Philbin that was basically The Newlywed Game WITH NEIGHBORS! {note that the review is based on the pilot, as it was the only episode known to exist at the time})
  • Number Please
  • Monday Night Quarterback (unsold 1970 Bob Stewart pilot hosted by ex-football player Jerry Kramer that involved guessing the outcome of various plays)
  • The Our Little Genius Scandal (2009-10 Patrick Wayne Award winner)
  • Fred's Futile Fast Money (a contestant's four pretty lame answers during an August 1976 Family Feud)
  • What's Going On? (really short-lived 1954 Goodson-Todman game that was primarily hampered by the remote segments having audio problems)
  • Blank Check
  • Squares' Big Money Bonus Game (the overhauled bonus round used for most of the fourth Bergeron season {2001-02}, with no relevance to the rest of the show)
  • Laurie Dotson (late-2010 Price contestant who did nothing but bid $420)
  • Jason's Selfish Fun House Run (1988 contestant who deliberately passed up several prize and cash tags to spend all but four seconds of the allotted two minutes in the House)

    Inductions 51- 100 
  • Bamboozle (unsold 1986 Barris pilot hosted by Bob Hilton that was lawsuit-close to To Tell the Truth)
  • Bruce McBirney's Cure-all Water (a particularly sleazy pitchman on the Canadian Dragons Den in January 2010, who claimed his $18 bottles of water cure {among other things} arthritis, colitis, hepatitis, flus, and cancer)
  • Hidden Agenda (early-2010 GSN flop involving wives trying to get their husbands to do various "stunts" for money, probably most infamously by giving them liquor to loosen them up {a practice encouraged by the host, because common sense and livers be damned})
  • You're in the Picture
  • Brooke Burns (host of Dog Eat Dog)
  • Professor Price (1977 Price Is Right pricing game that was played twice, involving a puppet "Professor" and answering general-knowledge questions; start of "The Price Is WRONG Month")
  • Evan Goding (circa-2004 Price contestant who bid $420, then $1,420, then $420 again; part of "The Price Is WRONG Month")
  • The Yodely Guy Suicides (compilation of bad Cliff Hangers bids on Price that resulted in an immediate loss; part of "The Price Is WRONG Month")
  • On The Spot (2003-05 Price pricing game that involved matching prices to prizes to get off the titular Spot; part of "The Price Is WRONG Month")
  • Jack Wagner (infamous early-2009 Price episode where far more focus was put on the guest than anything else, resulting in no games being won and a tasteless bit where Jack "flashes" Drew and the contestants; end of "The Price Is WRONG Month")
  • Sweethearts (1988-89 syndicated show hosted by Charles Nelson Reilly where panelists tried to determine which of three couples was actually a couple)
  • The Dating Game w/Brad Sherwood (the 1996-97 revamp, alongside a revamped Newlywed Game)
  • Temptation: The New Sale Of The Century
  • Attack of the Zeroaires Part 2 (compilation of various $0 winners on Millionaire)
  • The Game Game (obscure 1969-70 syndicated Barris game about psychoanalysis)
  • Baloney (1989 Canadian game hosted by Pat Bullard)
  • Horrible Karn Feud Answers Pt. 1 (compilation induction)
  • Born Lucky (1992-93 Shop 'Til You Drop knockoff that aired on the same network)
  • When Did That Happen? (1998 GSN original that replaced Super Decades and was about one-third as fun to watch)
  • Jackee Harry's Pyramid Problems (compilation induction)
  • Supermarket Sweep's Monster Squad (various "monsters" used during the Big Sweep in Season 1)
  • The Chase of Keith from the Isle of Wight (a 2011 round of The Chase where a contestant gets no questions right; start of "UK Month")
  • Bradley Walsh: UK Wheel Host (the 1997 season, where Walsh acted like a cross between Pat Sajak and Edd Byrnes; part of "UK Month")
  • Catchphrase Post-Roy Walker (five problems with the last few seasons of the original British version; part of "UK Month")
  • Bob Johnson's Big Money Turkey (1983 Family Fortunes bonus round where a contestant answered "Turkey" to three consecutive questions; end of "UK Month")
  • I'm Telling! (1987-88 NBC game that was a children's version of The Newlywed Game; start of "Kids Month")
  • Wheel 2000 (1997-98 Wheel spinoff that simultaneously tried too hard to be "cool" and was way too cheap for its own good; part of "Kids Month")
  • Jep! (1998-99 Jeopardy! spinoff that added penalties and also had no money to offer; part of "Kids Month")
  • The Worst Double Dare Obstacle Course Obstacles (five really bad obstacles; end of "Kids Month")
  • Family Feud's 400 Point Format (the format used from 1984-85, with $400 as the goal and a fourth Single question)
  • Secrets of the Crypt Keeper's Haunted House (1996-97 CBS children's game with the titular Cryptkeeper; actual end of "Kids Month")
  • Patrick Duffy: Game Show Host (his performance as host of GSN's Bingo America)
  • Ray Combs' Last Fast Money (the infamous Family Feud endgame of May 27, 1994, where the second player got five zeroes and Ray proceeded to note that this was in fact his last show)
  • Name it and Claim It (an infamous minigame during GSN's Game Show Awards; Co-Third Place GSG "Create an Induction" Winner, written by Matthew Wojis)
  • The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan Temple Run (a really bad run on Legends of the Hidden Temple; Co-Third Place GSG "Create an Induction" Winner, written by Andrew Mora)
  • Superstar USA (very infamous American Idol knockoff by The WB that looked for the bad singers and told the good ones they sucked {among many other issues}; Second Place GSG "Create an Induction" Winner, written by Brian Henegar)
  • Fun House Fitness (two-tape set of fitness tapes with Fun House elements shoehorned in, later released on a single DVD in 2005; GSG "Create an Induction" Grand Prize Winner, written by Aaron Levinger {who also wrote an unsubmitted induction on Gladiators 2000})
  • Millionaire's Tournament Of Ten (late-2009 mess that was little more than an attempt to give away the million after more than six years since the last winner)
  • Love Triangle (abysmal 2011 GSN show with no play-along factor and a host who couldn't seem to care for anything except her paycheck; 2010-11 Patrick Wayne Award winner)
  • Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition (NES)
  • The Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa Puzzle (infamous early-2010 Wheel round where the contestants kept mispronouncing words when trying to solve - including one who messed up with the entire puzzle revealed!)
  • Megaword (Season 12 Wheel category that was pretty problematic and had a silly "bonus" attached, the only saving grace being Pat's snarkiness due to clearly hating it {confirmed by him in a 2014 episode when a player brought it up})
  • Rolf Benirschke (short-lived daytime Wheel host from January-June 1989)
  • SNL's Phillips Family Feud Parody (2009 Saturday Night Live sketch that beats the whole "McKenzie Phillips had an affair with her father John!" thing into your head)
  • Rappin' Wink Martindale (GSN promo for Wink's return to the genre - Instant Recall, a hidden-camera show with almost no game)
  • Yahtzee (1988 Ralph Andrews game that had elements of Match Game and issues with paying winners)
  • The Worst of Hell's Kitchen: Season 1 (compilation induction)
  • Malcolm (unsold 1983 Merrill Heatter pilot that involved Alex Trebek interacting with a cartoon character)
  • Shop 'Til You Drop: Megastore Edition (the final two seasons, with an overhaul that left the show far less enjoyable to watch)
  • Big Saturday Night (2009 GSN "wraparound" for 20Q and The Money List that was little more than a big insult to the genre and those who loved it)

    Inductions 101- 150 
  • On The Nose (1984-85 Price Is Right car game that relied on physical prowess; knowing the car's price did nothing but give you $1,000 and more chances to win)
  • Bad TPIR Bids: Part 2 (compilation induction)
  • Ghouls of TPIR Halloween 2009 (some pretty bad contestants)
  • Double Digits (short-lived 1973 Price pricing game that paved the way for Temptation)
  • Fake-A-Date (2004 GSN dating show)
  • Perfect Match (1986 version) {second-rate Newlywed Game knockoff that replaced Catch Phrase}
  • ESPN's Trivial Pursuit (2004 "pilot week" that was...kinda lame, actually)
  • Attack of the Zeroaires Part 3 (compilation induction)
  • Patricia Heaton's Millionaire Meltdown (an infamous celebrity question during the 10th-Anniversary Specials in 2009)
  • Robert Redford is Pointless...Truly (a round of Pointless where none of the contestants know who Redford is!)
  • Keith Chegwin's Naked Jungle (2000 one-off with nudity)
  • Robert Kilroy Silk (host of Shafted, who sounded really fake and "hollow")
  • Chris's Big Money Fail (1994 Family Fortunes player who managed to give five no-score answers)
  • Peer Pressure (aka Pressure 2) {1997-98 game for teens that was reedited twice for each of the next two seasons; start of "Kids Month"}
  • Pressure 1 (1999-2000 game for teens that replaced Click and was paired with Peer Pressure {reedited to Pressure 1}; part of "Kids Month")
  • Pictionary - the 1989 Version (the version for kids, done by Barry-Enright; part of "Kids Month")
  • Nick Arcade (end of "Kids Month")
  • Phil Moore (host of Nick Arcade and You're On!)
  • Mark Richards (host of Starcade for its first 23 episodes)
  • Blake Emmons (host of Chain Reaction for its first few months back in 1986; USA skipped his run when airing the show in the States)
  • Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding (hosts of The Name's the Same for a brief period in 1955)
  • Edd "Kookie" Byrnes (host of the 1974 Wheel of Fortune pilots)
  • Win, Lose or Draw Nintendo Game (the NES version by Hi-Tech Expressions, which...kinda sucks)
  • The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime Board Game (lackluster adaptation of the 1986-87 game show)
  • Press Your Luck Wii Game (2010 attempt that consulted the fans...and still failed)
  • Fun House NES Game (Hi-Tech Expressions' attempt to make an In Name Only game with very little connection to the show)
  • The Australian Price Is Right Revival (2011-12 Patrick Wayne Award winner)
  • Shopper's Bazaar (the original Wheel pilot, taped in 1973)
  • Name That Video (low-budget 2001 revival of Name That Tune)
  • Extreme Gong (late-1990s Gong Show revival that insulted a then-popular fan group for not liking it)
  • Cop Out! (unsold 1972 Barris pilot)
  • Faux Pause (1998 GSN attempt to do Mystery Science Theater 3000 for game shows)
  • The Home Shopping Game (short-lived 1987 game done by the Home Shopping Network)
  • Bargain Hunters
  • Shoppers Casino (a No Budget 1987 game show that by all indication was little more than a front for a pyramid scheme)
  • The Torturing of Rich Fields (Season 37 "Drewcases" which did such things like have Rich suspended over a dunk tank; start of "The Price Is WRONG Month")
  • Daniel Rosen (a really bad announcer during Season 32, following Rod Roddy's death; part of "The Price Is WRONG Month")
  • Brad Sherwood: TPIR Announcer (a really bad announcer during Season 39, after Rich was kicked out; part of "The Price Is WRONG Month")
  • Those Golden Fanbois Who Live Down The Road On The Internet (, an induction that was edited and softened after Golden-Road and The Game Show Forum took Seidelman to task {see the YMMV tab for more}; end of "The Price Is WRONG Month")
  • Love Connection: The 1998 Version (the one-season revival, hosted by Pat Bullard)
  • Shipmates (2001-03 syndicated show that was pretty much Blind Date ON A CRUISE SHIP!)
  • Swaps (short-lived 1995 dating-based game)
  • Burt Luddin's Love Buffet (GSN original that was part Newlywed Game knockoff, part scripted behind-the-scenes drama)
  • Top Five Reasons Why Match Game 1998 Failed
  • Think Like A Cat (GSN one-off special hosted by Chuck Woolery, with way too many cat puns; Video Induction)
  • Outrageous! (early FOX Family show that involved hidden cameras and getting random people to do random silly stuff)
  • The Reel To Reel Picture Show (PAX's first game show in 1998, with a lame format and massive problems with paying winnings and salaries)
  • Golden Balls (2007-09 ITV game that ended with the Prisoner's Dilemma)
  • The Colour Of Money (short-lived 2009 ITV game)
  • It's Torture! (short-lived ITV children's game show from 1989; start of "Kids Month")

    Inductions 151- 200 
  • Off The Wall (short-lived Disney Channel game that was partnered with Mad Libs but was nowhere near as fun to watch; part of "Kids Month")
  • Thousand Dollar Bee (utterly abysmal show with no redeeming elements; end of "Kids Month")
  • Think Fast (Video Induction; actual end of "Kids Month")
  • What Are My True Colors? (unsold pilot aired May 30, 1987 by ABC, with almost nothing worth noting except that Charlie O'Donnell is announcer)
  • Second Guessers (unsold 1969 Bob Stewart pilot)
  • Dollar A Second: The Unsold 1981 Pilot (Barris' attempt to revive another Jan Murray game of the 1950s)
  • Take It All (2012-13 Patrick Wayne Award winner)
  • The $100,000 Pyramid DVD Game (contains just 15 games, and the scoring system makes no sense)
  • Strip Poker (1999-2001 show hosted by Graham Elwood that mostly involved taking clothes off...and they couldn't even do that right, giving everyone so many layers that it's impossible to actually get naked)
  • The Worst Answers from the TNA Wrestling Special (Family Feud, Harvey; Video Induction)
  • Family Feud's Bullseye Round
  • American Gladiators NES Game
  • Who's Still Standing?? (Video Induction)
  • Split Decision (Pricing Game) {mid-1990s Price game)
  • Top Five Reasons Why The New Price Is Right Failed (Video Induction)
  • The Newlywed Game Porno Parody (written by Mark "Cornshaq" Davis)
  • Scramble (1993-94 syndicated game where the "referee" hosts better {and more} than the host does; Video Induction)
  • Jeopardy Porno Parody (written by Mark "Cornshaq" Davis)
  • Time Machine (short-lived 1985 NBC game by Reg Grundy)
  • Let's Go Back (1991-93 Nostalgia Channel series that was very cheap and ripped off the Countdown Round of Split Second, not to mention the host/producer who hasn't done much in the way of quality programming or being a decent person)
  • Jack Gallagher (1996-98 host of The Big Spin who didn't seem to "gel" with the show)
  • Make Me Famous, Make Me Rich (2006-07 Ohio Lottery game show that replaced the long-running Cash Explosion...and got replaced by the still-running Cash Explosion)
  • Anna Sass's 0-Fer Fast Money (May 2014 Family Feud contestant who managed to lose Fast Money despite needing only 18 points {although Steve didn't help by barely hosting}; Video/Instant Induction)
  • Charles Ingram (infamous British Millionaire contestant who "won" the Million by a coughing system; Video Induction)
  • Divided (2009-10 ITV game that was basically a three-player Prisoner's Dilemma)
  • Video Power (Video Induction)
  • Hurl! (G4 show where people ate a bunch of food, then played physical games while attempting to avoid throwing up)
  • #178: Nickelodeon GUTS for SNES (16-bit adaptation that's way too hard for not only the demographic the game was going for, but even adults; Video Induction)

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