Web Video: The Hardcore Kid

Hey, dudes, Hardcore Kid here. Hardcore enough to review kid's stuff.

Brandon "The Hardcore Kid" Nichols is an Internet reviewer who reviews...well, a lot of things, actually. His persona is that of a kid who grew up with 80's rockers like The Ramones and a lot of BBC shows including Father Ted, and while his slogan may say he's "hardcore enough to review kids' movies," he occasionally divulges into Internet videos, Robot Wars, and A Nightmare on Elm Street series. Imagine if 90's Kid had his own review show, if he was from the eighties. In the end, he usually gives a movie a score of "Hardcore Hit" for good movies or "Hardcore Headache" for bad ones.

His videos can be seen on Reviewers Unknown here.

As for recent he also became a contributor for Geek Juice Media now.

This review series contains examples of: