Web Video / The Hardcore Kid

Hey, dudes, Hardcore Kid here. Hardcore enough to review kid's stuff.

Brandon "The Hardcore Kid" Nichols is an Internet reviewer who reviews...well, a lot of things, actually. His persona is that of a kid who grew up with 80's rockers like The Ramones and a lot of BBC shows including Father Ted, and while his slogan may say he's "hardcore enough to review kids' movies," he occasionally divulges into Internet videos, Robot Wars, and A Nightmare on Elm Street series. Imagine if 90's Kid had his own review show, if he was from the eighties. In the end, he usually gives a movie a score of "Hardcore Hit" for good movies or "Hardcore Headache" for bad ones.

His videos used to be on Reviewers Unknown, until the site closed down October 2014. However some of his videos can be seen on his Youtube account.

This review series contains examples of: