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Web Video: The Cartoon Hero

Eli Stone is a reviewer who is a member of Reviewers Unknown, Space Monkey Mafia Studios, and The Rosen Hacker's website.. Although he is one of many reviewers who follows the tradition set by Doug Walker, he notably also has shades of Atop the Fourth Wall and claims that one of his biggest inspirations is Chad "CR" Rocco of Familiar Faces. Eli is aware of the fact that he is not the first to do this, and lately references this wiki a lot. As his name suggests, his character is a bitter superhero with the power to command cartoon clichés—which sometimes feel more like tropes—who specializes in animation criticism.

Notably, the show's quality gets increasingly better as time passes. The storyline becomes deeper, the camera quality gets better, and (perhaps not coincidentally) he references TV Tropes more and more. Either way, you can find him on Reviewers Unknown here, and on his blog here. He had a Blip TV account, but it got deleted.

Eli has also started his own retrospective project on the Ace Attorney series. Much like Linkara's History of Power Rangers videos, he has stated that each game will have three videos to cover it—two to go over what happens in all four-five cases in said game, and one to go over characters and general thoughts on the game in question. However, also like that series, there will be no set schedule.

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