Awesome / The Cartoon Hero

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     The Cartoon Hero's Reviews 

  • Before they were famous, getting cameos from Kyle Kallgren (his review to Atlantis 2: Milo's Return) and Nash Bozard. (in his Balto review.)
  • Cartoon Hero pulling off a Big Damn Heroes moment in the The Hardcore Kid's review of Fritz the Cat
  • In his review of Little Cars in the Great Race, the Cartoon Villain pulls off a Big Damn Villains on Asura via effortlessly ignoring Asura's Mind Rape and countering with his own "Deranged Animation attack" before ripping out Asura's heart.
  • He got to meet Kyle Hebert at A-Kon 23, whose work he really enjoys. Before he left, though, he had to get a photo taken with him. The pose he chose? Piercing the heavens.
  • Meta Example: Him taking over the Red Ribbon Reviewers charity when the original creator couldn't continue it.
  • At the end of the Crisis Crossover in Season 4's EarthBound review, he and some of his colleagues team up to defeat Chaos with a giant robot. That uses Giga Drill Break. Yeah.
  • Using his Heroic Willpower to break out of The Absolutely Safe Capsule, which is supposed to be indestructible!
  • Upon finding out that the creators of Barnyard intentionally knew bulls didn't have udders and added them anyway, he slams them for being insensitive to transgendered people, intersexed people, and transvestites.
  • In his review to Eight Crazy Nights he calls out the hypocrisy of the movie. He says that the movie wants us to feel sorry for Whitey even though the movie itself constantly made fun of him and he says that the movie itself is one of the biggest minstrel shows in existence for its Broken Aesop and forced in moral.
  • After his review of Video Brinquedo's The Little Panda Fighter, Eli proceeded to demonstrate a basic knowledge of karate, a.k.a. more than the film knew about fighting.
  • His review on the, in his opinion, worst movie he's ever seen: Alice in Wonderland (no, not the movie that you think). The video itself is less of a review on the movie, but more of a speech calling out people who deride video reviewers as ripoffs just because their work is similar to people like the AVGN or the Nostalgia Critic, when those so called "ripoffs" at least try and add original elements to their series, as opposed to what the movie did (blatantly take the audio from a public-domain radio play, add bad MS Paint drawings, and sell it for profit).
  • Not in character, but during his reaction video to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic season 4, he admitted that he enjoyed the derided episode Filli Vanilli, called out those who sent death threats to the writer for the way Pinkie was portrayed, and pointed out that Pinkie's behavior has been addressed and called out on in said episode. He is a brony and has many friends who are bronies, but he isn't afraid to call out the bad behavior of some.
  • Everytime he calls out Craig's jerkass behavior towards the main character Jimmy in his Reanimated review.
  • His speech of never giving up in his Samurai Jack which is also an awesome take that against networks (like Blip) that screw over internet reviewers.
  • This bold statement from his The Spectacular Spider-Man Review after Aunt May talks with Betty about Peter's attempts of flirting with her.
    The Cartoon Hero: Lady... I hate to bring this up but: He sacrificed his marriage to safe your life... not cool!

     Trials and Tribulations: An Ace Attorney Retrospective 

  • Another Meta Example for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney episode. Despite numerous technical issues—including MICROSOFT ITSELF releasing a buggy patch that made WMM not function properly, he STILL put together and released the first game's videos before he began the next Cartoon Hero season.