YMMV / Game Show Garbage

  • Fan Hater: Seidelman doesn't think too highly of a certain highly passionate faction of game show fandom that she calls the "Number 3s" (as opposed to "Number 1s" whom she sees as the most rational fans, and "Number 2s" who only occasionally let their fandom cloud their judgment). According to her, these fans have oversensitive Nostalgia Filters and Berserk Buttons, often display what borders on Insane Troll Logic, and are very quick to cry They Changed It, Now It Sucks. For the site's 139th induction, as part of a "The Price Is Wrong" week, Seidelman singled out The Price Is Right fan site Golden-Road.net as an example of the "Number 3" branch. Except...
    • The induction included personal attacks on several prominent members, with Seidelman using the Encyclopedia Dramatica page on the site as a source (despite noting that yes, ED is "a parody site and a troll site"). Said ED page was created by a disgruntled former Golden-Road member.
    • She notes that "The integrity of the site was long gone even before the new website was put up since it was the actions of the users that compromised it with the 2007 blow up over Barker retiring and the 2008 death blow of Dobkowitz being fired." Relatively few people were upset over Barker retiring, as it was his choice. By comparison, a lot of people were upset about Roger being fired, since he had been very kind to the site note  and it wasn't his choice, having essentially been told "We want to take the show in a new direction. Either go with it or get out."
    • The main reason the induction was made was because a former Golden-Road user had emailed Seidelman to talk about a disturbing incident in August 2008 when a couple of members were being extremely stupid in response to said user's loved one dying from cancer. While the user in question didn't paint the entire forum as being full of those kinds of people, Seidelman pretty much did.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks:
    • The aforementioned induction caused a huge backlash not only from Golden-Road, whose users promptly called out Seidelman for her induction of them, but The Game Show Forum (a site created by those who defected from alt.tv.game-shows in 2003), whose members were far less polite about how they felt.
    • In response, Seidelman not only edited the induction the next day (taking out the personal attacks and ED sourcing, as well as softening the tone a bit) but posted an apology which, among others, acknowledged that she used napalm when a sniper rifle would've sufficed. Still, the damage had already been done.
  • Never Live It Down: Seidelman's reputation as a Fan Hater, which was cemented with an induction bashing Golden-Road. It caused her to remove the induction from the site in September 2017.