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Brad Jones (born December 20, 1981) is The Cinema Snob, Kung Tai Ted, 80's Dan, and, well, Brad Jones, amongst other things.

Man has the voice of a young Jack Nicholson, and is a featured contributor on That Guy with the Glasses.

He also co-starred in Ninja The Mission Force, a series by Dark Maze Studios which parodies the ninja films of Godfrey Ho and other 80s "ninjasploitation" films. He also appeared on Radiodrome, pop culture opinion podcast hosted by Josh Hadley, until Brad left in 2013.

He produces and hosts several series and movies on his website, including:
  • The Cinema Snob – His most prominent show, in which he plays a snooty film critic reviewing exploitation films.
    • Snob Riffs, in which he riffs a short movie MST-style, mostly as himself.
  • 80's Dan – A sitcom parody where Brad, as the title character, reviews obscure shows and products from The '80s with his roommate and neighbors, the Crabtrees, and a ROB robot who has a crush on Mrs. Crabtree.
  • Brad Tries... – An impromptu series where Brad (as himself) samples various novelty foods, particularly long-since-discontinued soft drinks, often with his wife and friends.
    • Flaming Brian's Kitchen – A spinoff in which Brad, Brian Lewis, and various others try hot sauces.
      • Drunk Brian Tries - A spinoff of a spinoff in which Brian Lewis gets drunk off his ass as the the rest of Team Snob push bizarre alcoholic beverages on him.
  • DVD-R Hell – Where Brad (as himself) reviews obscure TV shows, educational films and specials that haven't been officially released on home video in years.
  • The Big Box – In which Brad plays Vic Dealio, a sleazy infomercial host hawking eighties movies from the era when VHS tapes came in big plastic clamshell cases, co-hosted by the well-endowed Big Box Model (played by his now ex-wife Jillian Zurawski).
  • Kung Tai Ted – Where he dissects classic martial-arts B-movie fight scenes as the titular martial artist wannabe.
  • Brad and Jerrid – Fictionalized versions of Brad and friend Jerrid do random things.
    • Brad and Irving – Same as above, but with Brian Irving replacing Jerrid Foiles after they had a falling out.
      • Brad and Jerrid appear to have patched up their differences, as Jerrid has started appearing on Cinema Snob episodes since October 2012.
  • Softly From Cable – So far his only show where he himself does not have a starring role, showcasing classic late-night skinemax films from The '90s. Only lasted two episodes.
  • The Reviewers – A comedy about two friends trying to make it in the world of internet reviewing.
  • Snobcast (formerly The Random Button), a podcast where Brad and (usually) one of the persons from his team (who also participate in the Midnight Screenings) review a random movie found on Netflix or other formats.
    • From Dusk Till Dawn-Cast, a podcast with Mister X from Geek Juice Media covering the El Rey television version episode by episode. Will likely return when the next season of From Dusk Till Dawn starts up again.
  • Midnight Screenings – In which Brad and his friendsnote  go to see the midnight screenings of various new movies and review them immediately after seeing them.
  • Game Boys – An animated continuation of his 2008 film of the same name.
  • The Bruno Mattei Show – A series of roundtable discussions on one of Italy's more infamous exploitation directors.
  • Brad Jones' Demo Reel, a remake of the short-lived Demo Reel. Unknown if it will be a series or just a one-time April Fools joke.
  • Lloyd, an animated noir series based on Brad's cat Lloyd. Produced as part of a Patreon milestone, it covers the life of Lloyd, a hard-boiled detective and features guest-voices from other video producers and members of "Team Snob."
  • Once Upon a Time When I..., a newer series involving Brad telling random stories about his life, with topics ranging from his suicide attempt to being in a '90s rap video.
  • Binge Watching, another new series, focusing on Brad binge watching various shows, spining off from a v-log Brad did after bingewatching the first season of Fuller House.

He has also produced the following films/miniseries:

The following tropes apply to Brad:

  • Acting for Two: Tends to happen whenever Brad's characters crossover. Also done in Hooker, where he plays two of the major antagonists. And at the end of Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky review, the Snob and Kung Tai Ted have a duel.
    • Though if you look at some points during the duel you can tell when one of the characters is played by a stunt double (Flaming Brian, to be specific).
  • Alter-Ego Acting: Brad's real persona is nothing like the characters he plays.
  • Attack of the Killer Whatever: One of the Shot on Shitteo segments features a killer wheelchair.
  • Author Appeal
    • Guaranteed to like a film so long as it contains either disco or eighties synth.
      Brad: Proving that in the '80s, even the bad songs have a hook!
    • If there's a chance to make a reference to Manimal (his favorite show), Tequila and Bonetti (his OTHER favorite show), Pod People (his favorite episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000) or Caligula (his favorite film), it'll be taken.
  • Badass Baritone: Brad's voice is pretty deep.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Homophobia. While reviewing Rock: It's Your Decision in DVD-R Hell, he riffed on the protagonist's final speech until he made a homophobic reference – Brad dropped his joking demeanour and pretty much ended the review on the spot.
    • Christian propaganda which argue that the hand of Satan is in all things secular such as toys or Halloween, especially if the people presenting it are either demonstrably wrong or hypocritical
    • Depictions of animal cruelty or bestiality. He called Lars Von Trier a piece of shit for the dead animal shots in Antichrist and Manderlay, and only implied the rabbit slaughter in Nekromantik (and got really pissed off about it) and wouldn't even mention what happens later to the cat. He also complained about exploitation movies using bestiality as a go-to kink in the reviews for Los Ritos Sexuales Del Diablo and Island Of Death (which made him Go Mad from the Revelation). One reason Cannibal Holocaust made him so uncomfortable was that animals were actually killed for the movie. He also raises the issue in his review of Cannibal Ferox.
      • During the review of Elves, when the heroine's stepmother kills a cat, Brad breaks character and threatens to kill her. Remember, Brad's cats are pretty much costars on this show.
      • He said during John Wick, he wanted the antagonists dead as badly as the protagonist did for invoked killing John's dog.
    • Terrence Malick
    • CGI over practical effects.
    • Mishandled rape scenes. He's utterly appalled by the comedy-dubbed rape sequence in Dracula the Dirty Old Man, and snaps at the rape scene in Angel Above - The Devil Below, pointing out it's the longest sex scene in the film (up to that point a porno played for humor) and thus the scene the filmmakers likely wanted to focus on.
    • Brad really hates Mood Whiplash moments.
    • When films he feels are genuinely good are snubbed by the industry or treated as niche cult fodder, especially if it's because of an inferior movie that real critics and film snobs insisted was better.
  • Bile Fascination: invoked He eulogized Ebert, whose scathing reviews compelled Brad to seek out Zero Star films — including Caligula, which ironically became his favorite film of all time.
  • Broke the Rating Scale: A Serbian Film was enough to push past even Brad's limits. He even points out that his favorite movie is Caligula and he didn't regret watching ET: The Porno, Porno Holocaust, or Las Vegas Bloodbath, if only for the ability to complain about them. He couldn't do that with A Serbian Film.
    Brad: Thinking about all unpleasant movies that I've sat through... Um. I... I think this might be the first one that I... I regret watching. I really regret watching this movie.
  • The Cameo: LordKat appears in The Bix Box review of Don't Open the Door as Vic Dealio's Uncle Lino.
    • Ed Glaser made a guest appearance on The Bruno Mattei Show.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: While The Cinema Snob (or any of Brad's scripted material) is more prone to Precision F Strikes, anything involving Brad simply going off the cuff (such as a Vlog) is all but guaranteed to result in at least one instance of these.
  • Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch: Brought this up while talking about A Serbian Film, when talking about how he never regretted watching Las Vegas Bloodbath, which he states is the worst movie he's ever seen. He reasons that if he hadn't watched it, then he wouldn't be able to call it the worst movie ever made.
    Brad: [Otherwise] I'd be picking on a movie I've never seen, and that would just be mean!
  • Creator Backlash:
    • In the non-canon pilot for Pop Quiz Hotshot, he was unenthusiastic (and later considers it an Old Shame). Part of it was because of the Troubled Production.
    • Of a sort towards Paranoia. while he doesn't outright hate it, he regards it as somewhat amateur, seeing how he wrote it in high school and said it's more Ryan's (the director's) movie than his.
  • Dear Negative Reader: Present on his Twitter and Tumblr pages are snarky reactions to his Fan Dumb over a variety of topics. (Different political views, not getting jokes, etc.)
  • Department of Redundancy Department: From Ninja: The Mission Force:
  • Determinator: Brad himself. He willingly sits down to watch movies like Gross Out, Necromantik, and E.T. the Porno. And then there's his Brad Tries... segments...
  • Disco Dan: Brad himself seems to resemble this trope a lot, the eighties was his decade. He's even been in Genre Throwbacks to sleazy eighties movies.
  • Everyone Has Standards: In his Top 10 Worst Films of 2010 video, he comments that it feels like he's just picking on The Twilight Saga when he mentions Twilight: Eclipse.
  • Fan Boy: For Pierre Kirby, Manimal, old Looney Tunes shorts, and all things James Bond.
    • Pierre Kirby squirts out a tear in Dressed to Fire. Being that it's Pierre Kirby though, this leads immediately into a Lock and Load Montage.
      Snob: Badassssssss.
    • And for A Clockwork Orange, to the point where he gets mad at A Clockwork Orgy for taking a line from the film out of context.
  • Follow Up Failure: Most of Brad other shows beyond The Cinema Snob don't last long (ex: Softly From Cable only lasted two episodes) or haven't had new episodes in a while (ex: the last Kung Tai Ted was in 2011). The only other shows he's done that seem to have some form of longevity are Brad Tries..., DVD-R Hell, and perhaps 80's Dan.
    • The most updated series so far has been Midnight Screenings, which started as just a summer thing but expanded to every week (sometimes multiple days per week).
  • Hitler Ate Sugar: From an anime Q&A panel: "Snooki is an accomplished writer." "So was Hitler."
  • Insult Backfire: Brad loved Tron: Legacy, so when Spoony in his "Top 11 worst movies of 2010" list said that anyone who liked Tron: Legacy was "easily amused and has no standards", Brad had to respond in his top eleven favorite list.
    Brad: I know, I know, I'm easily amused and have no standards. It's true. *Smiles coyly*
    Snob: *Puts paper down* Pfht, whatever, I hated this fuckin' movie! *Puts paper back up* No fucking sense...
  • Line to God: His tumblr, full of fan questions, videos, and a disproportionate amount of Friends and Gilmore Girls GIFs.
  • McLeaned:
    • Jerrid Foiles had been let go from the site with no chance of returning, according to Brad. Apparently Brad and Jerrid buried the hatchet at some point, as Jerrid made an appearance in the video for Violent Shit 4.0, as well as in ''The Reviewers''. He made a surprise appearance in the Midnight Screening for WarCraft, and subsequently in reviews for Patriots Day and The Great Wall; though he isn't making a full return (and has his own series, Netflix and Chill, it seems he'll be a frequent guest contributor.
    • Jake Norvell's ties with Brad were severed by the latter, due to this. Confirmed in the same thread by Brad.
    • A more direct example of this is Brad's ex-girlfriend Rayn, who recorded two Brad Tries... videos with him in her sole contributions to the website (aside from a cameo in The Reviewers). After the incident with Jake described above, they were taken off the site, and were lost after Blip (the video service Brad was using at the time) was shut down. She has received no mention since.
    • Brad mentioned on his Tumblr that he wishes he could delete any video with Violet after their breakup, but can't because she was in too many things (mostly Midnight Screenings, along with a cameo in the second episode of Lloyd).
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: The real Brad Jones is very gracious towards his fans and generally seems like a nice person, and frequently does reviews as himself, instead of being in-character as The Cinema Snob. Much of the time, it's easy to mistake the Snob's opinions as Brad's own, even though the Snob himself is an exaggerated Caustic Critic, and Brad frequently finds himself writing hateful reviews for movies he actually likes.
    • Brad specifically mentions that "Snobbing" his favorite movie of all time, Caligula, was particularly heartbreaking.
    • The reverse is also true - Brad remarks that writing a praising review of Salς, or the 120 Days of Sodom was one of the most difficult things he's ever done.
    • His nice guy attitude even shined through when he "had to be the bad guy" by saying that he was really displeased with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
    • Need more proof? His cameo alongside aforementioned Distaff Counterpart - Obscurus Lupa - wherein during one of the takes (see the outtakes at the end of the review)...he accidentally punches her the face. He immediately starts apologizing and hugging her.
      • And then gives her the greatest two-second cameo ever, when Kung Tai Ted randomly shows up and punches the Snob in the face. Cut to Lupa, with a laugh.
    • Apparently Jake Norvell was somehow (Not-So-)Mean Character, Mean Actor: He played himself as an eternally angry guy who yet seemed decent enough to be friendly with, but, well, more details elsewhere...
  • Name's the Same:
  • Old Shame:
    • Brad hates some of the older films he did within the Stoned Gremlin Films brand. Cancelled Sitcoms and Straight to Video are two he really hates in particular. Cancelled Sitcoms was done for a college class he took and was done in an artsy style, while Straight To Video was a much more comedic film. Thankfully for Brad both are probably lost forever (His only copy of Cancelled was part of his old DVD collection that got stolen) though he said Hooker With A Heart Of Gold was based on elements of the latter film.
    • According to a conversation he had with Lord Kat, he didn't even watch Pop Quiz Hotshot (Channel Awesome's new game show that Brad hosts) and was annoyed to find out that they left flubs in due to lazy editing.
      • Additionally, on the Channel Awesome panel at Midwest Media Expo 2015, when asked what he thought of Pop Quiz Hotshot, he responded: "Well, everybody needs a Battlefield Earth on their resume."
  • One of Us: Jillian dressed up as Sailor Moon, may or may not own a katana, has referenced Death Note, and apparently plays Dungeons & Dragons. Pretty safe assumption.
  • One Steve Limit: Brad has two friends named Brian in "Team Snob", Brian Lewis and Brian Irving, so the latter is just called Irving to avoid confusion.
  • Pizza Boy Special Delivery: Parodied in the Softly From Cable episode covering Animal Instinct. The female protagonist gets a visit from a cable guy who makes some Accidental Innuendo, to which Jillian's character responds, "I know where this is going... he's going to order her a pizza."
  • Raised Catholic: While Brad's professed beliefs aren't explicitly Catholic, he mentioned in passing that he had attended religious school and knows a number of Christian friends. This is especially evident in DVD-R Hell while reviewing stuff like Rock: It's Your Decision and Deception of a Generation, wherein he utterly skewers both works at their own game. He himself identifies as being agnostic.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: In love with this trope. Nearly every show he does uses a theme song from another show. The Manimal theme is Brad's personal theme song, complete with the "Manimal!" and panther growl.
    • The Cinema Snob - The Greatest American Hero (Until 2013, when he started using the themes from the movie he's reviewing, then in 2017 he gained his own theme by Sad Panda.)
    • Brad Tries - Newhart
    • 80's Dan - The theme from a long-forgotten 80's procedural called Hawaiian Heat
    • The Big Box - Automan
  • Reference Overdosed: Brad enjoys making obscure pop culture references to older exploitation films, B-movies, failed TV pilots and other stuff that invites you to consult an encyclopaedia or surf the Internet for more background information.
  • Romance on the Set:
    • Sarah and Brian used to be married, but they divorced amicably. After that, she and Jake started dating. At some point they broke up and she started dating Dave...and now they're engaged!
    • Jillian was married to Brad; they're now divorced, but they're really good friends and she still appears in his videos.
  • Schedule Slip: Brad is really good about making sure that something new is posted on his website on a regular basis, but that's possible due to the fact that he has at least eight shows to choose from, they do not all update on a regular schedule, mostly due to amounts of reviewable material, the amount of work that goes into an episode or just plain interest on his part.
    • For example, Brad and his friends all seem to love 80s Dan, but the fact that the show (Which is still a nostalgic snark-review show) is structured like an 80s Sitcom with the biggest cast out of all of his shows means that they can only do a few episodes a year.
    • Keeping it short, the only regularly updated shows are The Cinema Snob (weekly, though at times replaced with DVD-R Hell or a special) and Midnight Screenings\Brad's Current Movie Reviews (once a week, but sometimes more).
  • Sexy Santa Dress: His wife wore one for a Christmas edition of The Big Box.
  • Something Completely Different: Jesus, Bro!, a parody of Pure Flix religious films, is a notable deviation from Brad's previous films, most of which are distinctly sleazy and would be rated R or worse, in both its subject matter and the fact that it was designed to be no worse than a PG-13.
  • Take That!: Brad is a man of very strong likes and dislikes. Get comfortable, this could take a while.
  • Trademark Favorite Food:
    • Brad LOVES Crystal Pepsi. So much that he's started a letter campaign to have it revived. In the Leprechaun crossover review, he also claims drinking Crystal Pepsi is how his voice got the way it is. he did not hesitate to taste test a 20 years old bottle of it as well as a knock-off with the truly unfortunate name Not-See Kola on the witness accounts that it's an exact taste match (which he initially confirmed, but reneged after comparing it to the brand-new Crystal Pepsi, though he still thinks it's a good drink). He was greatly excited when Crystal Pepsi made its return in a 2015 contest. When Crystal Pepsi was finally re-released, Brad was among the first to receive a free six-pack due to his vocal efforts to bring back the drink. There's a photo of Brad grinning with delight while cradling a six-pack of Crystal Pepsi to his bosom as if it were his own child.
    • The man loves his McDonald's, especially the McRib
  • Vocal Dissonance: Brad is a short man (watch his crossover videos with much taller Linkara, Kyle Kallgren, Phelous, or Diamanda Hagan note ) with a deep voice.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Brad mentioned once on his forums that he was planning a new scripted series about a character that loves films by The Asylum. As the post is nearly two years old of this time, the series probably didn't take off. (Also, MikeJ has an "Asylum Seeker" reviews with a similar premise, so it's possible that Brad didn't want to create a competing series.)
    • There's also several films he wanted to review, but ended up deciding against for various reasons. He also claims that the The Stewardesses 3-D review almost didn't happen because he had a hard time coming up with material.
    • In the pilot episode of the animated series based on Lloyd, a scene involving talking monkeys was cut out. To be more specific, every animal in the show can talk a la Bojack Horseman and the deleted scene involved confusion over talking monkeys. It wouldn't fit with the narrative.
    • Brad Jones and Ryan Mitchelle (director of Paranoia and the Snob movie) once considered making a found footage movie of the infamous Jonestown mass murder suicides. This was due to the immense amount of cameras that were placed around the area and partially due to Brad's love of movies centered around Cults. However, it was decided that there was already enough real life footage archived of the horrors that happened in Jonestown that a reenactment of said footage would not only be redundnant but arguably less chilling than the real deal and so they decided not to go any further with it.

(Growl) Manimal!