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EmperorLemon (also known as EmpLemon) is a fairly notable YouTube Pooper of today who is the one of the famous around as of 2014, who strives to create funny Youtube Poops for all to enjoy, and may even rival MoBrosStudios. His preferred sources include but are not limited to SpongeBob SquarePants and King of the Hill. Some of his videos have been critized because of 9/11 jokes and jokes that could be considered "racist", even though it was initally meant for laughs.

It is to be noted that he left a mildly popular group of the YTP community in 2013 (and in so doing, urged more to do the same) because of said group's announcement span (sometimes new announcements every five seconds, which would in turn cause EmperorLemon's video editing software to crash).

Since 2016, he has been in a self-embraced "downward spiral", where now, instead of making YTPs, he instead makes rant-videos (edited with a Youtube Poop style) reporting how broken YouTube has become as a website and creative platform.

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