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Kingdom Hearts III is the second Numbered Sequel in Square Enix's long-running Kingdom Hearts franchise. It is set to be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Believing himself to be protecting an even balance between light and darkness, Master Xehanort sets out to instigate a war between his forces of darkness and the "tyranny of light" that will wreak apocalyptic destruction upon the universe. To undermine Xehanort's schemes, Sora, Donald, and Goofy reunite to comb the worlds for seven guardians of light and the mysterious Key to Return Hearts, while King Mickey and Riku search for previous Keyblade wielders. Will the light be strong enough to face the darkness when the time for the fated clash arrives?

Reportedly, this game will be the end of the "Dark Seeker" storyline, but not of the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole.

It has been confirmed that new worlds based on Tangled and Big Hero 6 will be featured, and the Hercules world will expand to include Mount Olympus as opposed to the Coliseum again.

Previews: E3 2013 tech demo, D23 2013 gameplay trailer, E3 2014 teaser, E3 2015 trailer, Jump Festa 2015 trailer note 

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Kingdom Hearts III provides examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Kingdom Hearts 3