Awesome / Kingdom Hearts III
Not shown: The very next scene, where both Woody and Buzz help destroy Heartless!

  • Among the many highlights of the E3 trailer, we have Sora running up a vertical wall toward Lythos, the Rock Titan. When he reaches the top, we find that Lythos is much bigger than he's been in previous games, and Sora effortlessly takes several huge flying leaps up his body. Scaling a mountain and battling a Titan at the top? The whole thing has the air of a faster-paced Shadow of the Colossus or a less-bloody God of War. These kinds of maneuvers were semi-regular in previous games with the Reaction Commands of Kingdom Hearts II and the Flowmotion of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and the trailer seems to indicate that these two systems have been combined to give Kingdom Hearts III the wildest combat system we've seen yet.
    • Then you add in things like transforming keyblades (such as the BBS trio used), seeming special attacks based off rides (even against the aforementioned Rock Titan), even Shotlocks (as seen from the newest trailer), and well...
  • Another from the trailer, in the subtleties of the environment. Enemies burst out of a river and create splashes. Sora casts a wind spell, and the surrounding grass gets blown around. Anyone who knows how difficult that sort of thing is to render in CGI can surely appreciate it, and even though most video games have that much detail these days, it's an extremely satisfying art upgrade for the series. It's also a nice and sneaky way to reassure us that the game engine will be able to handle one of the most difficult pieces of CGI artistry in history: Rapunzel's hair.
  • This artwork of Sora flying on Baymax to fight a Heartless-possessed version of Baymax's original body.
    • The entire premise of the Big Hero 6 world - ever since Kingdom Hearts II, new worlds in the series have had a tendency of following their movie's plot exactly, making this brilliant original story a very pleasant surprise.
  • The Jump Festa 2015 Trailer. Nothing short of amazing in the gameplay department. As for 2.8, new story, and Riku, Kairi, and Mickey are rendered in the new style!
  • The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra 2017 trailer that debuted at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, June 11, 2017, all but shook the entire place down. A lot more showing off of Sora in combat in Olympus Coliseum, such as a Tag Team moment with Goofy, the return of Maleficent and Pete, now searching for a mysterious black box, and Xemnas daring Sora to use the darkness to bring back Roxas!
    • Another point is that following the end of 0.2, Sora is going to Olympus. So everything we see in the trailer is going to be at the start of the game.
    • The trailer starts with a catchy tagline. Come next scene, Sora exemplifies this tagline by literally skydiving into the fight, giving a breathtaking skyview of the Mount Olympus along the way. Oh, the wonderful things you'll be able to do in this game...
    Tagline: Don't assume your dreams are just fantasy. If you can imagine a world, believe in it... and dive in.
    • During the battle, Sora is accompanied by Donald, Goofy, and Hercules, with Herc having his own Guest-Star Party Member emblem. No more Arbitrary Headcount Limit! It's hard to say whether it's cooler that we'll have three allies active onscreen at once... or that Sora's fighting is so high-flying and fast-paced that we barely see his allies at all. Now that's combat!
    • Sora uses a Shotlock command, basically solidifying the notion that this combat system uses every combat mechanic the series has ever had and then some.
    • Sora's new Drive Form, Countershield (also referred to as Guard Form), displayed some incredibly awesome moves, including summoning giant golden fists to pummel Heartless and raining down large bolts of electricity.
    • The fact that Hades has taken a level in Genre Savvy-ness and decides that he's not having any of Maleficent and Pete's meddling and tries to shoo them out the door as soon as they arrive.
    • In general, next-gen versions of "Ansem" and Xemnas being Back-to-Back Badasses!
  • If these trailers and Word of God are anything to go by, this game will see Sora not only as a Keyblade Master, but watch him have powers and moves worthy of his new title.
  • The D23 2017 trailer reveals a brand new world, which is none other than Toy Story!! And it features an all-new story written by some of the original staff in the film! And you get to fight with both Buzz and Woody (that's right—five party members at once)!
    • You also get to take control of giant (well, giant to a toy) mechs!
      • When Sora is fighting in the Mechs, check the background. He causes at least one display to TOPPLE.
    • Character animation that looks like the cast stepped right out of Toy Story 3. Yes, 3.
    • The events of Kingdom Hearts 3 are CANON TO TOY STORY. It's not a mistranslation as the interview asks a follow up question about it. At some point between Toy Story 2 and 3, Organization XIII kidnaps Andy to figure out if his love of his toys gives them life. On the one hand, this means that Andy may be the kid who loves his toys the most out of anyone in any world, which is amazing. On the other hand, it makes the events of Toy Story 3 that much harder to watch.
    • In a minor note, the trailer is in Japanese and at one point we get a close up of Andy's bulletin board. If you pause, the English is surprisingly good and the prices for the toys are fairly accurate, though this could be explained by the fact that parts of the Toy Story production team helped with the writing and art design for the world.
    • Woody and Sora shaking hands. Its a small little moment, but considering how long Nomura has wanted Toy Story, how long fans have wanted Pixar in general, with it all finally coming together, its a nice warm and fuzzy moment for those that have really followed the series' production history.
  • After all the years the game was anticipated, the fans can rejoice in finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, for the release year is FINALLY announced to be on 2018.
  • A bit more subjective, but just the fact that the game was somehow able to out-hype Avengers: Infinity War and The Last Jedi at the D23 expo.
    • Take it from a troper that was there, Kingdom Hearts 3's presence was extremely palpable. Whenever the game was mentioned, the crowd sent nuts, there was a almost literal sea of cosplayers, and it could all even be considered a CMOA or CMOH depending how you look at it, because Nomura and the Disney executives got to hear and feel the love. Add onto that the passionate reactions to the stream, and by the people that were there, its good feelings all around. Only Kingdom Hearts could elicit so many feels from a Goddamn TRAILER.