Creator / Paul St Peter

An American voice actor who is very active in the Digimon franchise. He voiced Leomon and Apocalymon in Digimon Adventure, Wormmon and Tapirmon in Digimon Adventure 02, Gorillamon and Leomon in Digimon Tamers, Cherubimon, Big Brother Mushroomon, Monzaemon/WaruMonzaemon, IceLeomon and Hiroaki Kanbara in Digimon Frontier as well as Keramon/Kurisarimon and SaberLeomon in Digimon Data Squad. He also voiced Diaboromon, Armageddemon and Argomon in the games. He is currently the voice of Grand Fisher and Yammy Rialgo in Bleach and the Nine Tailed Fox in Naruto Shippuden. He's also the English VA for Xemnas in the Kingdom Hearts series, and Armada and Marda B in Battle B-Daman. You can read his entry on The Other Wiki here.