YMMV: Kingdom Hearts III

  • Broken Base:
    • On one hand the revelation that the Osaka team behind Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance is developing the game rather than the team behind Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II has been a sore subject for many. On the other hand some are actually relieved to know that the team behind Birth by Sleep is taking care of it, or at the very least, eased by the fact that they don't have to wait for Final Fantasy XV to be released for production to begin (as was initially thought).
    • The absence of the game on the Wii U is perhaps justified if the game is using the same development method as Final Fantasy XV, i.e. developed primarily for DirectX 11 and then ported to consoles that support it. What the Wii U's architecture is actually capable of supporting has never been fully made clear, but it seems to be something between DirectX 9 and 10 in terms of power. However, certain indie developers (like the ones behind indie platformer Candle) have stated that it is indeed possible to get Direct X 11 level graphics on the Wii U with the right techniques, causing a select few to wonder if Square could perhaps just be making excuses similar to EA's infamous excuses relating to the Frostbite 3.0 engine. Combine with the Internet Backdraft relating to the game's graphics, and some are wondering why the game is not on Wii U despite not looking much better than Wii U offerings such as Super Mario 3D World and Bayonetta 2.
    • After ownership by Disney, the possibility of Marvel and Star Wars being represented in the game at all has become a fairly divisive topic. Even more so since Nomura himself stated he wished for their inclusion, and more so than that after Tai Yasue claimed that any of Disney's properties were fair game.
      • That being said, it's fairly common to see fans that want a Darth Vader Bonus Boss — even for people that don't want to see a Star Wars world in the game.
    • Another sour grape for half the fans revolves around the gameplay - it uses the traditional Command Menu system like in the first Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II as opposed to the Command Deck introduced in Birth by Sleep. Nomura himself stated that the Command Deck was a natural evolution of the system, thus going back to the menu interface after using the Command Deck for three games in a row comes off as suspect in the eyes of some.
    • Some fans had a poor reaction to the game being made in Unreal Engine 4. While others are aware the engine can do colorful graphics, the critics are worried it will have the same issues as Unreal Engine 3.
  • Catharsis Factor: The chance to finally defeat Xehanort once and for all and make him pay for all the horrible things he's done over the course of the saga.
  • Internet Backdraft: The very fact that this game has taken forever to be made and released.
    • Footage shown off of an in-development build by Disney in October 2013 showed the game's graphics in a state that some say doesn't look much better compared to what the PlayStation 3 is capable of.
    • A teaser for III at the end of the 2.5 trailer released before E3 2014 got much hype... Except right after Square said III wouldn't show anything more at E3 2014, practically crushing the idea that fans would get more of an explaination of what the teaser was saying, or anything else new. This wasn't taken well by a few people.