Funny / Kingdom Hearts III
Of course, I was the ball.


  • Tai Yasue gave an interview where he said he saw Big Hero 6, liked it, and wondered what Disney could do with the property going forward. He then remembered he worked WITH Disney and could try to convince them to continue the story in KH3.
    • This is followed up in the same interview where after he got the Go Ahead from Disney, he got the crew together, showed them the movie which ends with Baymax left alone in a pocket dimension and his heart with Hiro and said essentially "We are going to do the Thing."
  • In some of the trailer footage, Goofy's run animation isn't always implemented, so he just kind of walk-slides around at times. The result is pretty awkward and hilarious as it makes him look like he's hardcore power-walking.
  • Sora as a toy? Funny. Square announcing 5 minutes after the D23 panel that they are selling a toy of toy Sora? Hilarious.

The Game

  • One of the trailers sees Sora getting into water, then the current swiftly pulls him down stream. In the meantime Sora's arms are going all over the place as he tries to keep his balance.
  • Hades is really annoyed that Maleficent and Pete have returned to Olympus Coliseum and immediately tries to shoo them out the door.
  • When Xemnas and Ansem appear before Sora trying to get him to accept the darkness to save Roxas, Goofy's pose makes it look like he's getting ready to fistfight both of them on the spot.
    • In the same scene, Ansem is looking annoyed that he has to wear a shirt and listen to Xemnas jabber on.
  • Sora freaks out that he's become a toy (much like Ven's response to being shrunk in Castle of Dreams). Donald nonchalantly reminds him of the World Order.
  • Woody mistakes the gang as new toys. Sora and Co roll with it.
  • Woody and his friends mention a "huge thing" that happened in their world. Rex, being Rex, has no idea what they're talking about.
  • Toy-sized Sora confronts normal-sized young Xehanort in Galaxy Toys.
    Xehanort: One heart's shadows fill the emptiness of another. See how they bring him to life? Like Heartless and Nobodies, they fit together.
    Sora: [bracing against Xehanort's boot with his Keyblade] Yeah, great. Why are you doing this?!
  • Upon encountering Sully, Mike and Boo in the lobby of Monsters Inc., Boo immediately spots Donald's one-eyed monster form... and calls him Mike Wazowski, much to the actual Mike's chagrin. Topped off when Sully introduces himself and Mike, only for Sora to name Mike based off the earlier exchange.
  • One of Mike Wazowski’s attacks includes Sora rolling him into enemies like a bowling ball. Made even funnier when one remembers this particular line from the movie:
    Mike: But I loved sports! Dodgeball was the best. Oh yeah, I was the fastest one out there! 'Course, I was the ball...
  • A couple of Flynn’s attacks is him riding on top of a barrel and using a frying pan.
  • The door vault of Monsters Inc. has you relying on Boo’s laughter to power the area, which means you’re going to have to do some funny stuff in order to make her laugh.
  • Woody and the other toys were about to stage an attack on the Heartless until Sora and his friends came along. Buzz stops them right in the middle by popping out his wings. Rex almost falls off the bed.
  • Our heroes Monster's Inc forms have already become the source of many jokes (especially Goofy's big googly eyes).
  • Vanitas, in a black cloak, with that enormous god damn biker helmet on.
    • The fact that he's clearly wearing his bodysuit from Birth By Sleep underneath said cloak.
  • Mickey's new outfit gives him a hoodie that has ear covers on top.
  • Meet Sora's yoyos... of death! Which apparently have teeth too!
  • Sora's reaction to encountering Marluxia is to call him a "has-been" (on the grounds that Nobodies are So Last Season) and joke that the new Organization is just recycling ideas.