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Video Game: Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is a 2013 video game made by Disney Interactive. It is an action platformer-ish game that was inspired by the Toy Story 3 videogame's Toy Box mode. Taking a page from Skylanders, the game uses figures of Disney characters to unlock content. The idea is that players are literally playing with virtual toys of Disney characters, and while certain characters can enter themed "Play Sets" based on the movies they come from, the Toy Box mode allows players to take their toys and play any way they want thanks to a deep Level Editor.

Many Disney characters, from Jack Skellington to Wreck-It Ralph and various others from Pixar, Disney Animated Canon, Live-Action Disney movies, non-canon Disney animated movies, Disney television series, and possibly more kinds of media, are in Infinity, and more will follow.

    Playable Characters 
(series with accompanying Play Sets are marked with a star)

The Avengers in general and Captain America in specific have been teased for upcoming "2.0" 2014 version of the game.


  • Alternate Continuity: The Incredibles world is set in a Metroville where Syndrome did not kidnap Jack-Jack and simply sent more of his robots on the city.
  • Art Shift: All characters are modified from their original versions to fit a unified Infinity art style. Justified as they're not the actual characters, they're toys of the actual characters.
  • Big Bad: Every play set except Monsters University seems to have one, and they're frequently available as player characters. This doesn't change the storyline, though, so you can play as Syndrome and battle NPC Syndrome's forces or play as Davy Jones and fight your NPC doppleganger's crew.
  • Continue Your Mission, Dammit!: In Play Sets, characters will often give you reminders of your current objective.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Your character is simply magically reassembled on the spot, unless there are checkpoints in the level.
  • Doppelgänger Crossover: The game can have Capt. Jack Sparrow and Tonto together in the Toy Box. Featured in this trailer.
  • Easter Egg: The Disney Theme Parks are currently testing out a new "Magic Band" RFID system - and yes, it unlocks something in Infinity.
  • Family-Friendly Firearms: Especially noticeable in The Lone Ranger content, where the guns are modified to have different sound effects and orange caps on their muzzles to resemble cap guns rather than real ones. Justified as all the characters and firearms are toys.
    • Which is weird since the Pirates characters' special ability is a regular flintlock pistol that shoots real bullets.
  • Furry Confusion: In one of the trailers, Mater tries to strike up a conversation with a non-anthropomorphic vehicle.
  • Gameplay Roulette: Each Play Set focuses on a different game genre; for instance The Incredibles is primarily a beat-em-up while Cars focuses on racing. Monsters University is a third-person stealth shooter, and Pirates is an exploration game with ship-to-ship combat.
  • Genre-Busting: The game has many, many, many different and interesting playstyles, ranging from stealth gameplay to swash-buckling Beat 'em Up to a Superhero Wide Open Sandbox. The E3 Trailer seems to highlight this trope just as much as parody it.
  • Ground Pound: Certain characters will be able to perform this ability, such as those from The Incredibles or Pirates.
  • Le Parkour: There are a lot of movement options, which includes grabbing onto windowsills and pipes.
  • Level Editor: One of the game's major selling points.
  • Living Toys: All characters in Infinity are toy versions of themselves. They even break apart upon defeat.
  • MacGuffin: Kraken's Bane in the "Pirates" playset.
  • Merchandise-Driven
  • Milestone Celebration: An interview noted that Jack Skellington's inclusion was in honor of the 20th anniversary of Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Mooks: They seem to differ between different worlds, as they should. Davy Jones' crew members for Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters from a rival university for Monsters University, Syndrome's robots for The Incredibles, Emperor Zurg's drones from Toy Story, and members of the Cavendish Gang for The Lone Ranger.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Part of the Pirates Play Set is modeled after the Disneyland ride.
    • Mater's song in the "Unexpected Pairings" trailer seems to be one to Heavy Metal Mater.
    • At the end of the tutorial, Mickey throws you above the castle. The way the castle pans across the the sky and castle after that is reminiscent of the current Disney movie logo.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted with Jack Sparrow and Jack Skellington.
  • Pinball Projectile: The Lone Ranger's six-shooter can fire bullets that ricochet off of metal objects. Tonto's tomahawk axe also works like this.
  • Product Placement: Monsters U and The Lone Ranger both came out the same summer that Infinity was released. In fact, it looks like Disney is using Infinity Play Sets as the movies' official tie-in games instead of making separate ones. Frozen gets a similar deal, with character figures (but no Play Set) arriving about the same time the movie releases.
  • Recycled IN SPACE!: Four Words: "Toy Story In Space".
  • Reference Overdosed: This game covers a lot of Disney property, and it looks like the list will continue to grow. Outside of known playable characters, non-character toys and in-game locations reference Aladdin, Frankenweenie, The Muppets, Alice in Wonderland, DuckTales, even obscure works like The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad and Condorman and those on the far edges of the Disney family like ESPN.
  • Reformulated Game: The 3DS game is a Minigame Game, without any of the console game's Level Editor stuff.
  • Required Party Member: "Play Set" levels can only be played with characters from that specific world - for instance, Mr. Incredible can't be used in a Pirates Play Set, and pirates in turn can't enter Monsters University.
  • Revenue Enhancing Devices: In addition to character figures and Play Sets, Disney is also releasing "Power Discs" in two varieties: round ones provide Status Buffs and gear for playable characters and hexagonal ones add Toy Box customization options. The discs are even packaged in random assortments like trading cards.
    • There are also translucent-white "Crystal" variant figures with boosted EXP gain and abilities.
  • Rewarding Vandalism: Destroying objects in the game allows you to get sparks to get experience for your character and the coins to buy more toys.
  • Shout-Out: Disney occasionally releases new premade Toy Boxes for download. One of them is "Toy Columbia", a recreation of the setting of Bioshock Infinite.
  • Sigil Spam: The game's IN logo is everywhere.
  • Spiritual Successor: to the Toy Story 3 video game.
  • Toy Time: Everything in this game is a toy!
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: You can pick up otherwise harmless characters and dropkick them.
  • Wide Open Sandbox: Toy Box Mode. The Play Set worlds also have open-world elements.
  • Wolverine Publicity: Out of nine decades of Disney history, the majority of franchises represented by Play Sets and figures are ones that have had a movie within the last three years! The only major exception is The Incredibles (which is apparently still popular with kids), and even that's less than 10 years old. Aside from that, the only other figures are Jack Skellington and Mickey Mouse.
    • On a more specific note, the Toy Story Play Set is a Science Fiction world themed after Ensemble Darkhorse Buzz Lightyear. Justified in this case, as the Toy Box mode already takes care of the movie's "living toys" concept, and Woody and Jessie's home genre of The Western is covered by the Lone Ranger Play Set.
  • X Meets Y: Could be described as LittleBigPlanet meets Minecraft meets Disney

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