Creator / Ninja Theory
Ninja Theory Ltd. is a video game development company based in Cambridge, England.

The company was originally founded in March 2000 as Just Add Monsters, and was re-founded as Ninja Theory in November 2004, due to the collapse of its former parent company, Argonaut Games Plc, while Heavenly Sword was under development.

Their games all share several features: extremely detailed character animation stemming from mo-cap, wildly colorful Scenery Porn (and its grungy counterpart), gorgeous presentation, Action-Adventure elements, unusually high-quality writing (including lots of literary references), and women with red hair. To hear from the critical reception they typically get, the gameplay is good enough rather than excellent, there to allow the player to observe the intensely detailed animations.

They announced the development of a new game in August 2014, Hellblade, with a nice creepy teaser. Few details have been confirmed - largely because few yet exist - besides that the game is a Spiritual Successor to Heavenly Sword and has a female protagonist, Senua.

Video game developed as Just Add Monsters:

Video games developed as Ninja Theory: