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Big Head Mode


"I curse your heads . . . with bigness!"

A common type of Silliness Switch is making all characters in a game have really big heads. For shooter games, this can make headshots easier to nail (or harder, if the hitboxes aren't affected as well).

A distant cousin of Super-Deformed chibi versions of manga characters. Compare Tiny-Headed Behemoth.



  • GoldenEye (1997) has DK Mode, which also includes longer arms.
  • The TimeSplitters series had a big head mode cheat that could be unlocked (as well as a No head, tiny head and spinning head mode amongst others).
  • In Armor Games' Indestruc2Tank, one of the unlockable secrets is making the heads of people in comm units bigger.
  • Unreal Tournament 2003 had this as a mod.
  • BIONICLE Heroes for the DS has this, making enemies easier targets.
  • As an unlockable Mutator in Gears Of War 3, Big Head mode also pitches up everyone's chatter to match their silly proportions. Sadly, it does not apply in cutscenes.
  • Team Fortress 2: In the Ghost Fort map, one of the Wheel of Fate effects is this for everyone. Another is the inverse, tiny heads for everyone.

Sports Games

  • Tekken 2 has this, being released in 1996 when Big Head Mode was popular. It hasn't returned in any sequels.
  • In Mortal Kombat 4, this is one of the Kombat Kodes. For some reason, it also affects the skeleton hands that Shinnok summons in his fatalities. In one of them, they get too big to fit through the portal.
  • Jefailey of Divekick (pictured above) has this as his character gimmick: Due to his ego, his head inflates every time he wins a round. This makes it easier for opponents to score headshots on him during later rounds. However, the larger his head gets, the higher he jumps (since it's full of hot air), changing his kick angle.

Other Games

Non-Video Games
  • Emporio Ivankov can do that in One Piece.
  • Soun Tendo from Ranma tends to do this when upset (usually when finding yet another long lost fiancée or the like that Ranma has been promised to marry), sometimes with demonic assets like a snake's tongue or tentacles.
  • A common feature in Naruto fanfiction is the "Big-Head no jutsu", used by teachers (ie: Iruka Umino and the Sandaime) to quell unruly students in class.
  • An Easter Egg in Sega Pinball's GoldenEye has Bond get chased by Xenia Onatopp's giant head.
  • Dr. Hax in The G Mod Idiot Box looks exactly like Dr. Breen but with a giant head and a perpetually deranged, angry expression.