Heartwarming / Kingdom Hearts III



  • Sora is looking to bring back Roxas so he can be his own person.
  • After Andy goes missing, Buzz and Woody set out to go search for him.
  • Andy's love for his toys is so great that Organization XIII hypothesizes that it may have brought his toys to life.
  • Woody refusing to let Sora and co. confront the bad guys alone, saying that they're gonna have to work together to put an end to these baddies and find Andy.
  • Young Eraqus and Xehanort playing chess. It's sad and tense but they really were like brothers once.
  • The fact that, though they claim they're "looking after" Sora at the end of 2.8, Donald and Goofy are just having fun fighting the Heartless with their best friend by their side. They've been sidelined for so long - now? Now, they're back to kick arse.
  • The D23 Expo trailer shows Meow Wow returning, Ariel appearing as a spell (as pictured), and Sora and Boo bonding upon meeting, which involves Boo happily jumping up and down.
    • Ariel's return as a summon is especially this, if you recall her desire throughout KH1 to be able to see other worlds, and her disappointment when Sora told her he couldn't help her. 16 out-of-universe years later and he finally will, especially as summons remember their time with Sora, like Mushu and Simba did. Ariel is going to remember these other worlds.
    • Mythology Gag example: Ariel appears as something resembling seafoam. Now recall the fate of the mermaid in the original Hans Christian Andersen story. In a sense, Ariel's appearance has, in a way, given the original mermaid an even happier ending through her.
    • Sully playing with Boo. Also, Mike exasperatedly trying to get Boo to stop calling other monsters "Mike Wazowski", something he dismissed doing in the movie.
  • It's relatively minor, but considering how Nomura loves the little details, let's bring up Mickey and Riku's new matching outfits. Sora will always be his best friend, but after all he and Mickey have been through, it shows one of Kingdom Hearts' recurring plot points: Riku and Mickey Mouse are bros.
  • Rex squeeing over Sora, Donald, and Goofy because he thinks that the are action figures of characters from a video game he's been playing.
  • The lyrics to "Oath" sound like a wedding song, leading to fans wondering if this means Sora and Kairi will finally be an item.
    It's a perfect day for our oath.
    I don't need pretty flowers or blessings.
    Let's wear rings with the same color.
    Kiss me once, kiss me twice...
    Once is just not enough.
    Kiss me once, kiss me twice...
  • Sora vowing to not let Elsa fall into darkness definitely count. Especially if one realizes how similar Elsa is to Riku.
  • Sora calling Elsa's ice powers amazing, even if she thinks they aren't.
  • Sora reaffirming Roxas' existence:
    Sora: Roxas does exist. His heart's inside my heart.
  • Just like Ariel, Simba returns to help Sora as a summon one more time.
  • Axel compliments Kairi's new clothes and haircut, and the two sit down and watch the sunset together. Especially touching to fans who were afraid the two wouldn't get along after their interactions in II.
  • Sora singing Yo-Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) from Pirates of the Caribbean, so happy to be back as a pirate... and dressed up as a pirate (gold tooth and all).
  • Sora, Donald and Goofy hanging out on the raft is pretty heartwarming to see as well. Despite all the dark stuff in this game going on it's nice to see that they're having fun together as friends; clearly excited to be together again, with Donald and Goofy humoring Sora, with Goofy even mentioning how much Sora liked the world. It's a nice little reminder, that, at the end of the day, Sora is going out on an adventure with Goofy and Donald Duck.


  • Just check out some of the reactions to the reveal of the release date. The volume of excitement just says it all. After being the butt of jokes for so longnote , seeing that release date is pretty much the fandom finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after 13 years of waiting.
  • The Heroes And Heroines medley teases at Vanitas having a redemption arc. If half of his part of the novel is accurate, he really needs one.
  • A Disney executive named Justin Scarpone was at the Dandelions event and he spoke at it, going off script and thanking the Kingdom Hearts fans for their dedication and patience, not unlike Jimmy Potaro at D23. During a conversation with a fan in the parking lot after the event, he said that while it took them a long time Disney finally realizes and recognizes how much this game is worth and means to people and that they want even more of it now. He also spoke of working with Nomura and the Classic Kingdom games. He spoke of Nomura having a very strong and personal respect for Disney, Final Fantasy, and the respective fans, and couldn't be more excited for the future. He spoke of his dedication to making everything as perfect as he could, especially with the Classic Kingdom Games. Despite all the rumors and criticisms about Nomura and Osaka, they do in fact care. They care even more than we imagined. Also kinda crossed over with funny because he said that the team is about 300 working on this game and he said he brings them all coffee and red bull, and when Nomura had the idea for Classic Kingdom, everyone thought he was nuts.
  • Utada Hikaru joking that if Square-Enix doesn't release Kingdom Hearts III soon, she'll have to release "Don't Think Twice"/"Oath" early. Even if she doesn't play Kingdom Hearts, it doesn't take away from the fact that she's supportive of it and the fans, and she knows how much fans love her music.