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Any Last Words
So the villain's got the hero cornered. As a mocking gesture, the villain asks the hero if there are any last words he would like to say before he dies. The hero would often make a snappy comeback, a "The Reason You Suck" Speech or a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, depending on what's going on or what's goping through his mind.

Usually related to Pre Ass Kicking One Liner or Bond One-Liner.


Animated Films

  • In the climax of Jumanji. Van Pelt has Alan at gunpoint as one of his dice seems to roll endlessly into the basement. As Van pelt asks if he has any words to say before he kills him, the die finally stops rolling and Alan's space moves to the finish line, and he makes his last word "Jumanji!", which causes everything, including Van Pelt, to get sucked back into the game and undo everything.
  • During the sword fight of Pixar's Up, Mr.Fredericksen is cornered. The villain says, "Any last words, Fredericksen? Come on, spit it out!" Mr.Fredericksen promptly spits his false teeth in his face.

Live-Action TV
  • In the Family Matters episode "A Pirate's Life for Me", Steve, Carl and Laura are walking the plank and they're asked this when they use Steve's time watch to go back to the present.
    Steve: So long, suckers!
    Captain: That's an odd choice of words.

Western Animation
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