Video Game / Epic! The Humorous RPG

Once, long ago there was a man who, through sheer bravery fought against innumerable odds, gathered seven mysterious crystals, and defeated an evil wizard....
He was indeed epic....
But this is not his story.
This is instead the story of a man named Gallas. He wanted an ordinary life.
But fate (and his mother) had other ideas.
Now he must prove himself to be
The Humorous RPG

Epic! The Humorous RPG is an 2012 freeware RPG game designed by The Mysterious Mr. Enter, known for his cartoon and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic reviews. The game is a parody of RPG games and runs on the Official Hamster Republic Role-Playing Game Creation Engine. Mr. Enter designed this game back in high school and considers it to be Old Shame.

The game revolves around Gallas, who is forced by his mother to set out on a quest to become an RPG hero. Joining him on his quest is his recently adopted little sister Lillith, and a man named Kain, who predicts that because the game is centered around Gallas, his hometown, Ketmar, is doomed.

So far, the game doesn't progress further then the first dungeon and there are only 4 sidequests avalible at the moment.

Download the game here.

Not to be confused with Epic.

Epic! The Humorous RPG provides examples of: