Reviews: The Mysterious Mr Enter

No matter what, I can at least respect him.

I don't agree with absolutely everything Mr. Enter has ever said. Especially when it comes to Family Guy or him taking jokes a bit too seriously (because, like him or not, he does have the tenancy to take jokes too seriously) However, I don't hold that against him and that's because, although kind of rare, there have been cases of it being the other thing around, with others taking something too seriously and him actually being rational about it (Are You Happy Now is probably the biggest example of this)

Despite disagreeing with him a lot, I still have a good deal of respect for Mr. Enter. While I never always agree with him. I at least can see where he's coming from. Most of his more angry points are usually from some form of moral outrage. (like, the handicapped message from Little Clowns of Happy Town or the suicide joke in Brian's a Bad Father). It never really seems like he's picking on an episode or a show, just out of spite to it or towards one of the creators.

Not to mention, I'll say this, Mr. Enter's comedy is absolutely hilarious. Even if I don't agree with his thoughts on, say, Dorbees, I still find the review itself to be hilarious. (Also, no. I don't think him not going into excruciating detail about certain points isn't a bad thing.)

In short, while I don't always agree with him, I still think he's interesting, funny, rational and, most of all, respectable (which is a Hell of a lot more than I can say for Rebel Taxi, sorry.)

Not a good reviewer, at all

Hey guys, this is my first review on TV Tropes, so please give me criticism to help me in the future. =D Thanks for reading!

I'm sorry, but I think Mr. Enter is a very poor reviewer. I'm going to give 2 reasons why I think this.

Reason #1. He isn't likable.

A. He doesn't seem to respect other's opinions or viewpoints. In this video, he claims that trolling and cyberbullying aren't different, and says anyone with a different mindset about it will the be blocked, and that they are "using it as an excuse for bullies to do what they do". First off, cyberbullying and trolling are different, but due to the 400 word limit, I can't fully explain it. Look for my comment on his video or this dA journal for more info.

B. He's a major hypocrite. In his Fairly OddPet review, he makes a joke, making Nick look like child abusers, when he said once that he's against cruel and mean spirited jokes to someone who doesn't deserve it. Props to YouTube users Heart 2 Heartnet 24 and Super Suck 64 for finding this flaw.

C. He's just a complete jerk. Whether it be his growing ego as the weeks go by, his undeserved insults and mean spirited behavior towards writers of shows, or his infamous tendency to confuse trolling with actual criticism, I can safely say the dude's a jerk.

Reason #2. His reviews just plain stink.

A. He's not funny at all. Most of his jokes are either bland, mean spirited as mentioned above, or him acting as another person or character, which even my mom thinks is stupid. Seriously, a kid who made this YTP has better VA skills than him.

B. Hypocritical, and overall weak reasoning. In one of his Courage the Cowardly dog reviews, he excused everything Courage did that was illogical, as just something in "cartoony fashion", but in his Breadwinners review, he questions things like "why the plane was still driving". He also seems to take silly episodes really seriously. Examples of this is his "Dexter vs Santa's Claws" review and his "Town and Out" review.

Finally finished! =)

One of my least favourite reviewers

I would have reviewed this guy a while ago, but in order to have an opinion on something, you have to experience it first. So, I did. I sat down and watched a few of his videos all the way through. Guess what? I didn't enjoy them.

You see, Mr. Enter caters to the "I'm 20+ years old and I'm sorry for today's kids!" crowd. I can't stand these types of people, because they believe that their childhood was so perfect that they act like it's still ongoing, and think they're superior by bitching about how bad things are today. Mr. Enter himself seems to believe that he's an almighty hero, standing up against the tyranny of bad cartoons, saving today's youth from the horrors of poorly-made animated programming. As if today's kids actually care.

I'm certainly not against adults today watching cartoons for kids. That's fine because that's been going on for years. However, at the same time, you shouldn't care about what today's children watch on television. If you're not a kid anymore, and you still watch cartoons, you should be aware that cartoons are not always going to cater to you. And this isn't a new thing. Companies have been making bad cartoons since the beginning. They're mass-produced, churned out in order to please the little ones. But Mr. Enter acts like bad cartoons are some kind of grievous insult, and this, combined with his insufferable voice and self-centered attitude, makes his reviews impossible for me to take seriously.

If you are reviewing a cartoon aimed at little kids by whining about how childish the humour is and saying how "The shows I liked as a kid were so much better!" then you're a hypocrite. So, you're perfectly happy with the childish humour of the shows you liked as a kid, but today's kids aren't allowed to enjoy the childish humour of the cartoons they like? This hypocrisy pretty much sums up Mr. Enter's work. I'm sorry but I disagree with the idea that children's cartoons have to all be complex, solid-gold perfection. They do not need to be - if kids enjoy them, that's good enough. This man-child also rants about the "bad messages" and "poor morals" present in some cartoons, because apparently parents or guardians do not exist and the idiot box has to teach kids everything about life.

So, as you can tell, I largely dislike Mr. Enter. I find him and his videos whiny, elitist and immature.

He was good once...

Long ago, there was a time when Mr. Enter could easily be considered one of the smartest, most perseverant, most articulate, and overall the most eye-opening reviewer on Youtube. It was easy to tell he did his research and tried to remain unbiased in both his admirable animations and animated atrocities, to the point where he was for a short time the only reason I came back to Youtube.

That was a long time ago.

It started slowly; sure, there were times I disagreed with some of his opinions, sure. No one will 100% mimic your likes and dislikes, but as his "reviews" went on, I began to notice things...his attention to detail began to give way to a gross interpretation of Poe's Law, he began to review multiple episodes from the same crappy series', mainly Spongebob and Teen Titans Go! and always had the same bad things to say about them, and worst of all his "this is my opinion" tone gave way to "my word is law" kind of tone, as if things were bad solely because he said they were bad. And then...he started looking at whiny, self-congratulatory "poems" written by some hack who clearly didn't get beaten enough in school, and worse still started emphasizing his own horrible time in school—as if he was the only one who had it rough.

Now, he's a whiny, self-absorbed, over-emotional jackass using his mental condition (I have Asperger's too) as an excuse. While he has over 100 Animated Atrocities, he has less than 40 Admirable Animations at the time of this review. Worst of all, his so-called fan-fics, and "Growing Around", a self-financed animation he's trying to get off the ground...just plain suck, and more than suck, incorporate so many themes he's claimed multiple times to hate (gross-out humor, disconnect from the times, poor pacing) it makes me wonder if he even takes himself seriously anymore. Don't point those flaws out, though, or you'll see him REALLY lash out, and maybe hear about how much he hates college, to boot.

Sorry, Mr. Enter. Unsubscribe.

One of my favorite Internet critics

From what I've seen from skimming some of the other reviews, people either like Mr. Enter, or they don't. Am I going to say he's perfect? No, of course not. No critic is ever going to have a 100 percent approval rating. Even I don't agree with all of his opinions, but I understand that's okay.

One thing I do have for Mr. Enter, without a doubt, is a lot of respect. From what he's told about his life, it hasn't been easy. Nobody deserves to have to deal with uncaring parents or pepper spray-wielding bullies; especially when you add the struggles of being on the Autism spectrum into that. Despite that, Mr. Enter has survived his hardships, and is trying his darndest to make a difference in his own way.

So what if he tend to Accentuate the Negative a lot? The show is called "Animated Atrocities" for a reason; it's to point out just what makes a bad cartoon so bad. Plus, he has things like "Admirable Animations" to balance all that out, so you can't say he's negative all the time.

One other thing I've also noticed about Mr. Enter that seems to separate him from some Internet critics is that he's actually willing to admit that he's made mistakes. Heck, he's even admitted that his personally attacking writers for making "bad" cartoon episodes was uncalled for, and he's trying to fix that.

Let's face it: there are some of us out there who may look into something like an episode of SpongeBob, and people are going to say that we're being too nit-picky. I've had that said to me plenty of times, and I'm sure Mr. Enter has heard it before too. But I truly believe that he does it for the same reason I do it: because reviewers like us care about what our children are being shown, and how potentially damaging something like "Seahorse Seashell Party" can be. Mr. Enter might not always get approval from everybody, but I can safely say that he will always get it from me.

Good, not great

Mr Enter seems to be someone that you either love or hate, I can see both sides of this. On one hand, I do enjoy his reviews for the most part, they are usually intelligent and slightly amusing. His admirable animation series is especially well made. However, he has many things that I don't like. He quite often misses the point of a joke or episode because he can't process that something doesn't have to have any morals behind it. A prime example of this is his review of Sorry, Wrong Ed where he criticises Edd for being a jerk, not understanding that some friends playfully tease eachother for no particular reason. He also is quite hypocritical at times, using similar jokes to those which he says he hates. The worst thing at all however, are his exceptionally poor editing skills. This is the only thing about him that I truely hate, he keeps repeating the same minute of footage in the background as a way to make an episode seem worse than it is, and his transitions are so bad that a primary school student could improve upon it.

In summary, the reviews that Mr Enter does are usually extremely enjoyable, however he himself is kind of a jerk who makes uninformed statements who really needs to learn how to use editing software. His admirable animations are really enjoyable and most of his atrocities are funny, especially the Chicken little review, as he only spoke about Buck Cluck in long winded speeches about how terrible a character he is.

Divided and Conflicted

Mr. Enter is not a bad guy. In fact, he is probably one of the smartest reviewers on YouTube. He may be vulgar and over the top sometimes, but he at least knows what he talks about. Personally, though, if he didn't say he wouldn't consider himself part of the MLP Analysis community, he'd be my least favourite analyst. His tone and word choice making it sound like it's his way or the highway for an episode, which can end up offending some people. Despite his knowledge being above standard in writing, his empathy ranges from lackluster to abysmal. That is something I can't tolerate. However, I harbour no ill will to him. Why? His personal life and experiences are different than mine, so he would have a different perspective of things than me.

Also he's far from just another caustic critic, as seen through his Admirable Animation series. Also, he is willing to admit his mistakes and wrongdoings if they ever happen, as seen with his Top 11 Screw-Ups, Twilight's Kingdom, and 3 Cases of What Could Have Been.

His best series is Admirable Animations, mainly because he is able to pinpoint everything that makes an episode worthwhile. His series, Animated Atrocities, seems to develop most of the animosity towards him, though. I don't understand. The Nostalgia Critic can be negative and crass, but Mr. Enter is tame in comparison and yet gets more hate. That isn't fair. His MLP Reviews are my biggest grievance about him. Besides his lack of empathy, his outlook on some episodes are much too monolithic to the point where it's unsettling. It is only for some episodes, though. Others, I will say, are fantastic, like Rarity Takes Manehattan, Pinkie Pride, Maud Pie, and the aforementioned Twilight's Kingdom. If you ask me, his reviews that didn't rely on the Ace Attorney styled points system were better because it felt much more natural of a review.

Overall, I can't say much other than Mr. Enter is not a bad guy. He doesn't deserve to be slandered by haters. However, I can't bring myself to say that he's one of my favourite reviewers when he isn't. I disagree on too much of his content to like his work as a whole, but I choose to ignore those grievances than hate on him. I only hope he doesn't become increasingly crass in his future videos.

Bad. Very bad.

Where can I begin? Well...

  • Video editing. As everyone who saw at least one of his videos, he always loops back and forth the same scenes over and over for the entire video. I often think that he does this on purpose in Animated Atrocities to make the show he's reviewing look more annoying than it actually is.
  • He's oversensitive. I get that he haves Aspergers, OK, but he did TWO different reviews ("Poop Doggy Dog" and "Spit Collector") completely based on the fact that he dislikes looking at drool. (OK, the former is not completely based on that, but he mentions that fact first in that review)
  • He often mischecks some points. The "Dexter vs Santa's Claws", "Stuck in the Wringer" and "Seahorse Seashell Party" reviews haves him take blatant Spoof Aesops ("The true meaning of Christmas is presents", "Crying solves all your problems" and "If you're interested in what drugs do on your body, you should personally try them") as they were intended as serious aesops. The aforemented "Spit Collector" review ignores that Wayne is the show's bad guy and actually gets his punishment at the end, since after he drinks all the canister of drool and candy he gets sick and they bring him to the hospital, but he glosses about that part because the idea of drinking drool grosses him (Duh, that's the point!), and the one for the Angela Anaconda episode is also filled with many errors. Not to mention the Puppy in My Pocket review, where he takes an episode around the end of the series and keeps complaining that it doesn't explain the show's premise.
  • He is an hypocrite. Complains about rape jokes, then jokes that Nickelodeon is ran by pedophiles. Complains that Family Guy is filled with pointless cutaways, and right after that he inserts pointless cutaways in his reviews.
  • He keeps forcing people to like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He said at least twice that every adult in the world should watch it. At least three times he went all "Stop reminding me that MLP is a better show" because a character said "pony" in whatever it's reviewing.

I think that's enough.

A Pretty Decent Reviewer

I've been following Mr. Enter's videos for a little while now and I think he's a decent reviewer. He's far from perfect though; many have pointed out that he tends to take cartoons to seriously.

For one there were many cases of Enter losing his temper, which in turn made a few of his vids hard for me to watch (Dropping Da Bomb comes to mind). And then there was his whole "nervous breakdown" over Mega Babies.

With all of that said, Enter has made plenty of really good videos. I really liked his reviews on anything Spongebob related. He's also given out some fairly good advice on how to make animated shows work.

In then end, Mr. Enter, while not ideal, is still a decent reviewer who I enjoy watching.

Well, I like him

Personally? I love most of his reviews. I love the way he tackles the material, the way he goes step by step, the way he doesn't act as if his opinion is the only one. He's just giving his opinion. While I will admit that, yes, he could go too far in his earlier reviews, when he did attack multiple writers directly, he's certainly mellowed out. You have to admit, he's learning from his mistakes and getting better. He's human. That doesn't excuse someone from making mistakes, but Mr. Enter is clearly trying to learn from them. That alone is much better than what many internet reviewers do, as they often just plant their feet and plug their ears.

I do agree that he does not do good rants, but when he calmly addresses a subject, he can take it down reasonably without coming off as "RAH! IMMA HATER!". Again, more than I can say for many internet reviewers. His points are good, well thought out, and very sound. Even if I disagree with his assessment at the end of some of his reviews, I have never felt angry, mainly because he doesn't really seem to push off his opinions onto other people as the only way. He talks about what he finds disgusting or unappealing, but he has multiple times stated that he wants his viewers to see the source material themselves to form their own opinion.

Don't think I dislike critics who can rage well, because I do like them. I watch the Nostalgia Critic reviews, but mostly for the comedy. I watch Mr. Enters for the well thought out reviews and good points he brings to the table. Again, so long as he stays calm and rational, he's an extremely good reviewer.

And, if you don't like one of his series, you can watch another. Mr. Enter is slowly and steadily branching out. Don't like his MLP reviews? Watch Animated Atrocities or Admirable Animations. Don't like either of those? Then watch "Eras of Animation", a new series he's started. Likewise, he's also started going over the worst animated shows of certain decades, and has stated that he might also go over the best shows of these decades as well.

In my eyes at least, he's a good critic, who not tackles many subjects, but promotes you getting your own opinion. Huh. What kind of critic is he to do that? Be actually good at his job as well as supportive?

A Good Reviewer

Mr. Enter is a very good reviewer. I may not agree with some of his opinions and reviews, but I do respect them. I find him good because he goes looking for the facts and the fact he is willing to take things seriously while able to do some comedic things to keep our attention is a big plus in my book.

Both Great and Woeful

Now, I'm not going to say that Mr.Enter is perfect. He attacks the creators of series way too much (Honestly, I don't think Set Macfarlane en likes his own creation anymore) and he can get a little too motional at times.

But, all in all, he's a smart, intelligent reviewer. Like most, I see more of his Atrocities than his Admirables, but I don't think they're bad. He brings up good points and, like a lot of online critics, challenge us to think about our entertainment. I just wanted to post to even out the score a little since the so many negative reviews yet so little positive. I'll make a better review in the future when I have the time.

Enter Review

I'm using TV Tropes' review outlet to get some things off my chest regarding Enter. Pan Pizza and Enter respectively seem to take a Good Cop/Bad Cop approach to criticism. While Pan is humorous, charming and embodies the entertaining aspects of the Caustic Critic, Enter seems like the polar opposite. Enter has a take-no-prisoners approach to reviewing where he frequently scolds creators, writers, executives, animators and even viewers all for not adhering to making and demanding cartoons his way. He comes off as a stick in the mud who thinks that all cartoons should be weaksauce material so full of sap that it would make the people behind Barney & Friends Face Palm. His intolerance for anything that doesn't meet his sky-high expectations is astounding. He has a habit, especially regarding My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic of completely losing trust in talented writers just because they wrote one episode he didn't like. He is also something of a Hypocrite, criticizing others for nitpicking, whilst continuing to indulge in it. Enter is a man who seems unwilling to change a hopelessly flawed style that's riddled with amateurish sound and editing, constantly choosing to loop footage at normal speed instead of slowing down the footage so that it actually syncs up with his rants. He also seemingly refuses to adhere to the MST3K Mantra, as he chooses to overanalyze cartoons that:

1. Don't take place in reality.

2. Consequently don't have to explicitly follow rules and logic present in reality.

3. Follow cartoon logic instead.

Judging by his views regarding shows like Sponge Bob Square Pants and Teen Titans Go!, it wouldn't surprise me if he criticizes Looney Tunes just because Bugs Bunny doesn't resemble a real rabbit. So to wrap it up, Enter is an unfunny, unpleasant, hypocritical, nostalgia-obsessed man who is resistant to anything that isn't done his way.

Enter the Crusader

The long-short review: Mr. Enter has good points, but tries too hard.

That's how I see him. I don't really dislike him, he is just a guy who is trying to make cartoons to have quality. I have to agree that the It's Not Supposed to Win Oscars mentality of cartoons is harmful, because if you teach crappy taste to kids, they will have crappy tastes as adults.

But one thing that he goes too far is that one cannot leave the feel that he sees himself as some sort of crusader, leading an army against the hordes of bad animation. He has acknowledge this in the "Problem Solverz" however the problem is still present at "Space Circus" - I have to admit that I laughed a lot on how angry he got, it felt like he was actually expecting an answer from the characters of the show. However, it's still very difficult to discern whether all this is rage is from Mr. Enter or John Rozanski (well, there are reasons, as I have learned on this wiki).

But, as far as shortcomings goes, he is very dedicate to his work. When he is not reviewing, I like that he produces content that wants to improve the overall quality of everything. I'm just afraid that if he keeps this "crusader" mentality, he'll make people stop taking him seriously and even close some doors (I know that he's pushing "Growing Around" and some of his opinions, especially in his earlier reviews, aren't good for networking).


While I enjoy his Admirable Animations and editorials, his Animated Atrocities is where it is certainly at!

There are times where he cracks a clever joke and then where he flips his cookie and goes mad dog on the sick puppy he takes, not literally, that would be bad!

Flaws aside (he can confuse me sometimes), go ahead and give this guy a chance if you would like!

It's like the Nostalgia Critic... except not funny, mature, or entertaining.

I'm going to come out and say it. I HATE Mr. Enter. I hate his pretentious attitude and his pretentious reviews. His series is a lot like The Nostalgia Critic, but with some key differences. To demonstrate, take Nostalgia Critic, and do the following:

What particularly irks me is his desire for Nick TO DIE, just because he doesn't like their programming. I don't care if he said that they should "re-prioritize" in a later video, he did the damage. And he acts shocked that Breadwinners dare be the #1 show for kids. Did it ever occur to him that it was made FOR KIDS FIRST, and not all kids consider it the animated equivalent of being treated like a retard, and that they (and even some adults) just genuinely enjoy it for what it is? Wishing death upon the people who make it and insulting their fans is the most immature, biased thing you can do in a review.

I will admit that other review shows I like (such as NC and The Angry Video Game Nerd) are guilty of this, they are at least entertaining, and don't make the fans of the works they critique feel bad for liking it, and Doug Walker and James Rolfe have established themselves as a Mean Character, Nice Actor, while I can't be sure if Enter is an example or not.

In short, if your looking for smart, mature discussion on animation that won't make you feel guilty for liking something, this is NOT the show you're looking for.

Very opinion based as a whole

For the record, if you're expecting reviews that aren't going to be Love It Or Hate It, you'll be disappointed. I've seen reviews that are positive, saying they agree with his opinions, or that he sucks because they don't share their opinion. Some people think he's only good at making certain stuff (i.e. the now-infamous satire stuff wasn't really fit for him was a bad idea, and it's best he just sticks to his Animated Atrocities/Admirable Animations). And there's probably others just hate him for having autism.

Whatever the case may be, I will have this review be neutral, even if I do like his content, as he's VERY opinion based. It's probably easier to watch his videos and see if you like him or not instead of read these reviews, as they tend to be mixed. But then again, when you have an equally large awesome/heartwarming/funny moments pages to your wallbangers pages, that's to be expected.

Further outlines the flaws of internet critics, only worse

  • Terrible editing, cringeworthy humor, ass pulls to the max, huge hypocrite

Heavily relies on Windows Movie Maker. Shots are poor quality and often repeat just so he can further nail his point even though it was already apparent.

I would not have a problem with this if only his series was actually engaging, and it isn't one bit. From the points he makes that come absolutely out of nowhere to his lack of research and a sense of humor, Enter fails to bring a coherent narrative. Examples of hypocrisy I won't mention due to the word limit but some are included in the Wallbanger section.

  • Picks rather easy targets instead of doing something new

While I myself like and dislike some of the same shows he reviews, it feels more like an half-assed attempt at connecting with the audience and dictating his own views than going over what makes a supposed episode good or bad.

Another thing, if you changed the name of both Animated Atrocities and Admirable Animation to "Writing Atrocities" and "Admirable Writing" absolutely nothing would change other than the restriction of medium: his reviews almost always focus on the writing aspect of a work, nothing else.

  • Not charismatic in the slightest

Unlike AVGN's and Nostalgia Critic's IRL personalities James Rolfe and Doug Walker, Johnathan Rozanski is bitterly rotten to the core. He will make no qualms on calling the writers of an episode "fucking morons" or just straight up make fun of them overall.

On an unrelated note he'll also happily sick his fans on you whether you're a writer for a TV series or Troper alike just because you don't share the same views as him.

Finally due to some of the points I brought up, his personal history, and multiple cases of hypocrisy within and out of his videos this guy feels more like a Straw Hypocrite than someone who has even a lick of passion for the subject of animation as a whole. I do not recommend watching him period.

Love the reviews, have mixed feelings on the reviewer

I came across Mr. Enter's videos about a year ago and was instantly hooked. I found his reviews of animated shows and movies smart, witty, and often hilarious. But it wasn't until recently when I started seeing his faults. Namely with how he conducts himself with his fans and his detractors.

First of all, for a guy who has become so popular in such a short span of time, he never seems to want to interact with his fanbase that often. I myself have asked him multiple questions on his Tumblr; none of which have been answered. I often see posts on his Deviantart that go ignored. I know he's not obligated to respond, but if you have so many people who take time out of the their day every week to watch your videos and ask you questions, you should at least give them some time of day.

Another problem with Mr. Enter is how dismissive he is of criticism. Every time someone has something negative to say about his videos, he'll either ignore them or dismiss their criticism as mere trolling. I find it very disappointing that someone who is critical of so many doesn't want to take any criticism of him into account. I do know that his personal life is less than ideal and that his parents abused him, but here's the thing: He's a grown man who's solely responsible for his actions. All I ask of him is that he stops being so hostile towards his fans and start recognizing criticism if it's valid. He will have so much more respect from me (and many others) if he starts doing that.

Mr.Enter is rude and unfunny

Mr.Enter is not a good reviewer. He acts like he is some kind of Messiah sent by God to destroy the evils of the world, when really he is just whining about kids shows. He acts as if any dark content is gonna turn children evil or something.

You know how at an art gallery there is always really good paintings and then there is just someone who filled a canvas in with one colour and you say "that took no effort" and there is always some pretentious guy saying "Of course, YOU wouldn't get it!" That's Mr.Enter He insults everything but puts very little quality into his own work and then insults anyone who would dare call him out on it.

He talks in this kind of condescending, pretentious tone. He thinks it makes him sound sophisticated, when in reality it makes him sound rude and pompous.

He expects everyone to be a yes-man for him. If people keep saying that everything is good then it will never improve, but give him any criticism then he goes on a rant!

His real name is Johnathan by the way, why didn't he call himself that? Mr.Enter doesn't sound cool it sounds stupid. Johnathan is a lovely name! Mr.Enter sounds like a rejected name for a mediocre goth band.

He acts like some kind of guardian to 'the children' or something by saying that spongebob will turn them into idiots. hell he probably thinks I'm a worthless human being for stating my honest opinion on him. He called one of the people who liked Breadwinners an 'idiot'. So he has no respect for other peoples tastes. I'm a fan of Iron Maiden, that doesn't mean I hate people who like 5 Seconds of Summer even if I don't enjoy their music

He also seems to worship Doug Walker, every time he mentions him he acts like he is Jesus.

And he thinks that any kind of negative feedback to him is bullying. Hell he goes on about the reviews he gets on here as if he was assaulted or something. Yet he nitpicks and insults everything he watches Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house, bro.

apologies for not making the review flow, I'm new to reviewing and the site in general. I just wanted to state my honest opinion on Mr.Enter's show.

Great Concept ; Needs improvement,

The Mysterious Mr. Enter, Known for his Animated Atrocities and Admirable Animation are without a doubt in my opinion one of the best foundations of making a review channel out there, For one it allows to showcase the horrid content and awful writing the animation industry vomits out while giving attention to secret hidden gems that the majority may of missed.

I have recently been watching his reviews for the past week and have spotted a few improvements needed to make his Reviews more professional as many of the mistakes he makes during said reviews are some that even a novice reviewer have already risen above, I will try to keep it orderly.

1#) Editing: This is without a doubt one of the biggest improvements he should work on. His editing skills in my honest opinion feel rather half arsed and lazy, editing a scene from a show only to have the scene perform a transition before then getting cut abruptly, It isn't nice to look at and berates your skills as a professional reviewer, This is easy to fix too so it comes off as laziness.

2#) Audio/Video Quality: A small number people have commented on the audio quality of your voice, and how you invest in a better microphone, I can understand you not wanting to get a higher quality device during your small viewing audience at the time, ( seeing as top of the range Microphones are rather costly ) But nowadays, your voices are receiving a respectable number of views, trying working on that, As for Video Quality, its more to do with ensuring that the video's you produce is at least 480p or above, I would complain that the video sources you use can be rather lacking in the HD look, but I understand that searching for HD footage takes both too much time and memory to capture said footage,

3#) Producing fair arguments: I understand that with a concept of Animated Atrocities and Admirable Animation is extremely black and white, seeing as one is talking about negatives and one talks about positive, but just pinning down a cartoon and saying all its flaws can be rather exasperating to watch, for example when talking about a negative cartoon/topic/whatever try to highlights small positives between the huge negatives, and vice-verse for positives,

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Polarizing, huh?

Just looking at this review page, opinions of this guy span the entire specter: Some people find him brilliant, others think he's trash.

As for me? I fall somewhere in the middle. I don't think he's that great, but I don't think he's that bad either.

Mr Enter may not be an entertainer, and his videos not the most impressive thing ever, but he's got a fairly decent turn of phrase, is good at getting his points across and — most important, at least in my eyes — he doesn't needlessly bash series or creators the way a lot of other Internet reviewers do. Even the animations he hates, he generally does his best to be fair to them and he's good about explaining what he has a problem with and why he has a problem with it.

Now, this isn't to say he always hits the mark. In fact, he surprisingly often seems to miss the point about what the cartoons he's reviewing are actually trying to do — for example, he has been known to complain about the lack of continuity in a show that very blatantly and deliberately doesn't have any continuity, or complain about a show being annoyingly silly and nonsensical when it's supposed to be silly and nonsensical, and then treat this as a failure on the cartoon's part. Sometimes he makes blatantly false statements that show he hasn't done proper research — and then accuses the cartoon of not doing proper research.

All this aside, though, he's a decent enough reviewer of the kind you might occasionally check out a video of, if he's reviewed something you're familiar with and you want to hear what he thought about it. He keeps the focus firmly on what he reviews and doesn't try to make himself the star of the show. And occasionally he even makes some points that are worth listening to.

I wouldn't follow his videos regularly, but checking them every now and then to see if he's done anything I might be interested in? Yeah, I'll do that.

A Man I Deeply Respect

I love cartoons (especially anime) and Mr. Enter knows what makes a good cartoon, which he shows in Admirable Animations and what makes a bad cartoon which is shown in Animated Atrocities. As I looked at other reviews, I admit, yeah he is not as funny and memorable other web reviewers like the Nostalgia Critic, but he still has great valid points and does give some humor and entertainment to keep me interested.

What I like best about him is how he rips apart the "It's made for kids excuse" which is by far my biggest pet peeve on the internet. He explains that there is no excuse for poor quality and shows that some animators actually care about quality as shown in Admirable Animations.

He also knows where to find some of the worst things I've ever seen in animation for his Animated Atrocities. it's where I learned there was a cartoon based off of Bubsy. He even reviewed the pilot of Mr. Pickles which is, in my opinion the worst cartoon I have ever watched. I've reviewed Mr. Pickles on so I won't review it here.

He has even shown us how there are animators that care about quality as shown in Admirable Animations. When I saw his review for the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode Last of the Starmakers, which is my all time favorite episode.

In conclusion, while I agree he's not the best reviewer, he is still a very intelligent man who knows a lot about animation and I look forward to more of his videos.

Good Reviews Do Not Make A Good Reviewer

Since Mr Enter has been a hot topic lately, I thought I'd watch some of his reviews. Given that he's been a rather controversial figure, I was expecting to either come away a dedicated fan or staunch hater; instead I find myself half-heartedly raising a thumb and saying 'Eh. Seen worse.'

Let's start positively; given that it's a common complaint, I was surprised to find that I do not think his voice is annoying. Although I disagree with a few of his arguments, he backs them up a lot of the time with his own, well-reasoned opinion. Most importantly, he clearly knows a great deal about the subjects on which he speaks, and this combined with his genuine passion for cartoons makes him probably one of the best cartoon reviewers out there.

More negatively, some of his arguments did make me cringe a little regarding how much he reads into things. In his 'Breadwinners' review, he wonders why, at one point, nobody is flying the plane that the characters are occupying. This is a show about animated green ducks delivering bread in rocket-bus-thing and he's concerned that there are logical inconsistencies. He also started a rivalry with another review show, and not in the 'we're friends behind the scenes' way that others do, which can come across as pretty mean-spirited.

But the biggest thing that puts me off of Mr Enter, and the reason for the title of this review, is his public attitude as a reviewer. He seems to have a problem telling the difference between trolling and constructive criticism, and as a result fails to deal with both. Trolling is to be ignored, constructive criticism is to be taken on board. Simple rules for every reviewer.

On the other hand, Mr Enter has run his own series 'Feeding the Trolls' on his deviantART page, and although in his defence, the first few 'trolls' do seem to be people who genuinely go to some lengths to try to annoy him, his most recent target was a troper. The troper's crime was leaving a comment indicating agreement on a negative review of Mr Enter. Mr Enter maturely responded by writing a big rant and sending his fans to spam the troper until he had to abandon his account, and when this was brought up to him, he derided the troper for 'playing the victim'. Wow.

In short, Mr Enter makes good reviews. But Mr Enter is not a good reviewer.

The Objectivity Sticks in the Throat

In terms of production values there's nothing offensive with Mysterious Mr Enter, he does everything competently and if it lacks personality he at least makes up for it in quality. The jokes are pretty good and despite spending a lot of his time complaining it feels like he's coming from a good place. It's clear that he really is criticising because he wants to see the writers stretch themselves and take their cartoons to their full potential. He's keen to teach his viewers good writing techniques and it really is admirable.

The problem that stops me from being able to get on board at all is that he tries and believes that he's being objective and non-biased. It drains his reviews of interest and very easily raises hackles. To say that you're being objective means that you have to believe that what you're saying is absolutely right and incontrovertible. It means Mysterious Mr Enter has to know better than everyone else.

Even this doesn't come from bad motivations. He wants to be fair, rational and reasonable and being 'objective' is how you do that.

-Except art is always a personal experience. It's true that their are tips and tricks that improve the odds of people liking your thing. It's probably a good idea to introduce your characters and be consistent and set the plot up properly. I'm not saying these kind of discussions are impossible. But that's not the start and end of anything. You need to get the basics right but there's all sorts of personality and expression that you use those basics to convey and these are the point of the whole exercise. If you want to make a structurally perfect episode then all you need to do is be rote and formulaic and try nothing new and convey nothing of meaning.

Mysterious Mr Enter's style of review encourages a cartoons-as-essays approach. Everything has to be consistent and logically rigorous with a solid argument for existing that everyone can agree with. This is his approach to responding to criticism too. But cartoons aren't essays and essays are dry and boring.

The thing is, Mysterious Mr Enter does have feelings, ideas, impressions, viewpoints and imagination, but he appears to try and repress them in order that everyone can agree with his position and review. There is a place for talking about structural details, but not at the cost of everything else.

Mysteriously Average

Mr. Enter sure is one popular cartoon reviewer! I didn't find out about this dude until like mid July of this year. So far, I've watched around 20 of his review videos and I honestly do admire the dude's determination. The fact that he's willing to review ALL ponies, modern Spongebob, and, if I'm correct, Family Guy is pretty impressive. Another thing I like is his voice surprisingly. It was a little annoying at first, but I've grown to somewhat like it.

However, one thing I don't like about Mr. Enter is his attacks to creators/writers to shows or episodes he dislikes. I find that to be very unnecessary and rude. I also think him trying to sell his show Growing Around to tv networks isn't a great idea. Why not keep it online? That seems to be much easier and less difficult. I have a few more problems, but it's mostly minor things I.e scorecard, etc.

Despite some problems, Mr. Enter is okay from what I have seen. He isn't great, but isnt horrible. His videos can be entertaining to watch when you're bored.

I think he's a good critic

Here's a few things he does right and wrong, first thing being what he does right.

The "Atrocity Notepages" are some of the most interesting and clever ways of figuring out how much you dislike something and makes Top 10 lists far easier to make. They work in almost every way of reviewing bad animation, and he's perfectly fine with people changing it to suit other mediums (I've made a thing called "Woeful Musical Garbage Notepages" that are for looking at bad music on Deviant ART).

He always tries to enjoy what he sees, but if he doesn't he'll explain why in his videos. He does well at keeping it unbiased (the best example is his "Hearts and Hooves Day" review, where he proves that it's only the use of an annoying cliché that makes him dislike it... but that's his only problem so it's technically "a good episode" of MLP due to a lack of other major flaws)

If he feels that there's an ongoing problem in a show, he'll make a top 10 list of them to keep the reviews from being redundant.

Now for what he fails at:

His vocal expression is rather weak until something really ticks him off. If it doesn't anger him, he doesn't deliver all that well. It's small, but it is rather jarring when he makes one atrocity where he doesn't sound too mad to the next where he does. This is something the Nostalgia Critic knows how to do, act angrier if the movie is worse... regardless of what emotions you're feeling.

His editing is rather low budget, but you can't really blame him for this so I'm only listing this here because it's a common complaint.

Last of all, a few defenses:

"He just rants about shows he dislikes and gushes about shows he enjoys!" No, he does that about episodes he likes or dislikes. He also puts effort into explaining why he hates or likes a certain thing. Sometimes he has to loop footage to do so, because the clips he wants to use aren't long enough and he doesn't want to show his face.

"He hates my favorite show." Well, the Nostalgia Critic hates some things I enjoy, but that doesn't make me hate his reviews. The Angry Video Game Nerd hates Shadow The Hedgehog while I consider it one of my favorite games. Dislike and disagree are NOT the same thing!

It's clear that he does more good than bad.

The Linkara of Animation.

Well, then. After hearing about him, I decided to look into him. I wish i didn't. First off, his voice is unappealing, just like Linkara. I know this might seem harsh, but if i am willing to listen to any reviewer for 10 or so minutes, they need a good voice. Cinema Snob had a good voice as does Jontron. Linkara and Mr. Enter don't. Also, he is not any more funny than the animated atrocities episodes he reviews and his reviews have as much filler as the epsiodes he reviews. Breadwinners is the biggest example. from 7:07 to 10:10, it is just 3 embarrasing straight minutes of filler that had nothing to do with the show he is reviewing. Unlike say the likes of Jontron, he is not funny enough to pull off filler. Also, Often for whatever reason, at times he loops footage. Take Mobrostudios Spongebob reviews. He makes his points better and faster and he attempts to be funny. Oh he has an appealing voice.

Mr. Enter just seems to just be ranting and somehow trying to make a point of writers having pyschological problems. Again compared to Jontron's Sonic Team skits. In the Sonic Team skits, it is clear that it is just a joke and not mean-spirited. Also, it over-the-top so it ends up being funny. Also, Jontron has the right mind to not call out any specific person. I can't quite say the same for Mr. Enter. Mr. Enter prefers to project these pyschological problems that the writer supposedly had without any over-the-topness nor any hint that it was a joke. This is unecessary and it makes him feel mean-sprited and a jerkass to people who are just merely bad writers for no reason.

And finally: He is just boring to watch. That is the worst part of him. He is not entertaining.

There are more entertaining critics out there like Jontron, AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, and oh there is Mobrostudios who did pretty funny top twenty Spongebob reviews that made their points better than Mr. Enter did.

Last thing: a 43 minute video for a top ten? Really? then again, it is a trend that i am sick of which Angry Joe, who i like is guilty of. Either put parts in your top ten videos or make them shorter.

Just unpleasant.

I myself am a big fan of rants on the Internet. From Nostalgia Critic (and Doug himself on movies he hates as both his character and As Himself) to Angry Joe on a bad game to the Angry Video Game Nerd, these types of reviewers do their job well in infusing their legitimate rage at something terrible (exaggerated or otherwise) with their comedy and in addition make their points on what makes that thing terrible in a mature, reasonable and thoughtful way. Sure, people may not agree with them when it comes to certain things they talk about (to this day I still feel a tad raw about Doug's opinion with regards to Zamus' design in Smash 4), but when they explain their points, they do so with tact and they are respectful to some degree to the people that do like it, unless it's something absolutely reprehensible.

The Mysterious Mr. Enter unfortunately does not fall on this category. His types of rants doesn't seem to want to inform the viewer about why that particular animation is either good or bad. His types of rants only seem to want to vent angrily or gush lovingly about why that particular animation is good or bad. The whole thing comes across as just some guy with a mic and a YouTube account came to the scene and wanted to yell about the stuff he does/does not like. The critics that I listed earlier engage in the same thing too, but at the very least they are entertaining in regards to their reviews. Mr. Enter however is just not entertaining to watch, with whatever points he tries to make being buried beneath all the gush/rage.

Does that mean that Mr. Enter is beyond any sort of improvement? No it doesn't. When he calms down, he does make some legitimately good points with regards to animation and the like, and at parts he has flashes of his own brand of comedy in there. He can improve himself in multiple different aspects. Unfortunately for the time being, whatever good can be found in Mr. Enter is just buried beneath this whole overall unpleasant experience.

The Pauline Kael of Nerd Rants

I have been a big fan of the Nerd Rant scene for awhile. It was started by the AVGN or Nostalgia Critic, but the style has branched out and encompassed an entire subculture. Mr. Enter is one of the more "controversial" figures in the scene.

Mr. Enter clearly knows what he's talking about, has defined morals, and does not condescend to fans. He thinks about episodes in new ways and often plays Devil's Advocate, especially when the topic is MLP. He taught me to think of what I am watching in a different light and what goes into making a good/bad work.

One very close parallel I can draw is to film critic Pauline Kael, and I mean this in a good way. Like Enter, Kael emphasized morals, and appreciated what a film could do right. she was also a strong evaluator and never held back on her opinion, good or bad.

Mr Enter's format and style are an acquired taste, but dig a little deeper and you will see a well thought-out and insightful commentary.

My one nitpick with him was his voice, but even that started to grow on me.

A genuinely good and unbiased reviewer.

I first became a fan of Mr. Enter back in fall of 2013. At first I didn't like him all that much because of his negative remark towards Charlotte Fullerton. But slowly and surely I warmed up to him. Now he is one of my favorite reviewer on the internet and I look forward to his videos every single day. For starters, he is not at all bias. He treats everything he reviews (whether he likes it or not) with the same level of standard. He never states that everything from the 90's is awesome and everything in this day and era is utter garbage because I said so. Hell, if he did, I doubt he'd be a fan of Friendship Is Magic. Furthermore, he doesn't completely accentuate the negatives. As shown in his admirable animation reviews and whenever he explain how an animated atrocity or a bad MLP episode can be better. He doesn't try to make us laugh out loud and spends more time focused on showing people how something can better regardless of it's genre or target audience. He even explains how admirable animations are not glurge-fests, as demonstrated in his review "Life of Brain" and how it wants to manipulate you into feeling sorry for a character who lost all likability ages ago. Trust me, I know quite a few critics out there who are extremely biased, and only rarely showing any form of enjoyment, and never show any way of making anything better just for the sake of getting a cheap laugh and boosting their bitter, over-inflated egos (I'm looking at you Noah Antwiler). So if you someone who is smart, fair, informative, and entertaining. You should give him a try.

Something for Everyone

I really like how over a period of time, he has been able to add a lot of variety to his channel, making it one of my favorite stops on YouTube to go to for animation commentary and reviews. He started out primarily doing reviews on the TV cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and then gradually started to branch out into doing his Animated Atrocities and Admirable Animation series, which are my personal favorites from his channel. Sometimes he even showcases other projects of his on the channel too if you're interested in checking any of those videos out. I actually discovered his YouTube channel through someone else who added one of his Animated Atrocities videos on his playlist and favorites.

He always has something interesting and funny to say in each of his reviews and gives credit when credit is due for the most part. Sure, he can get quite angry when he's commenting on pieces of animation that are just really bad by his standards but there are numerous other times where he has done very thoughtful, in depth reviews on the cartoons he loves the most so there's a nice balance between the most explosive rants and the most appreciative reviews and I also really like how he acknowledges whatever mistakes he's made in certain videos.

If you really like animation in general, this is a pretty great channel to check out.

Best low-budget video series on youtube.

I first got into the series when I saw his double rainboom review. And was quite impressed by what I saw. This was when he had only around 207 subs. Something I absolutely love to do is find talent before it surfaces, and look where he is now? near 20,000 subs a year later. What separates him from most reviewers, is that unlike most, he makes several suggestions on how to make the series he reviews BETTER. Animation is incredibly subjective, and I have disagreed with him on several occasions, but I can understand all of his logic. He has 3 series:

MLP reviews where he reviews episodes of Friendship is Magic using an unique hit-point system when something good happens, he adds a point, when something bad happens, he subtracts a point. He is quite possibly the best of the entire analysis community, due to oftentimes dismissing ungrounded fan complaints. The highlight videos are whenever he defends a controversial episode, leading up to the amazing speech at the end of Twilight's Kingdom.

Animated Atrocities: where he reviews terrible cartoon episodes from both good and bad tv shows, terrible movies, and dropped pilots. This originally was a placeholder for the MLP reviews that quickly became the favorite series of both the creator and the fans.

Admirable Animations: where he takes a look at amazing episodes from various cartoons, even sometimes from bad cartoons. This was made around the 7th Animated atrocity, due to wanting to remind people that he doesn't do this because he hates cartoons, but rather he feels they deserve more respect, and to avoid being labelled as a caustic critic.

Occasionally some other videos will show up from time to time. Jokes can sometimes be cheesy, but there are some really good jokes like the inverted Description Cut.

Finally, he's actually willing to admit when he makes mistakes which is a breath of fresh air

In conclusion, if you're sick of most of the analysis community, Want to take a look at complete train-wrecks, or want to take a look at some amazing episodes, this is the show for you.