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"Sean Connery elevates everything he's in... Except like, you know, that one movie we don't talk about. And Zardoz, I guess."
The Spoony One, The Spoony Experiment

A subtrope of the "Rule of Cool". This is about actors who make movies cooler or better just by their mere presence in them.

Sean Connery:
A = Movie's Awesomeness Factor without Sean Connery
B = Awesomeness Multiplier of Sean Connery = 100
C = Movie's Actual Awesomeness Factor
If Sean Connery is in the movie then C = BA = 100A, otherwise A=C.

Nicolas Cage aka The Great Variable:
A = Movie's Awesomeness Factor without Nicolas Cage
B = Awesomeness Multiplier of Nicolas Cage = ±5
C = Movie's Actual Awesomeness Factor
If Nicolas Cage is in the movie then C = BA = ±5A, otherwise A=C


Connery Factors (Your mileage WILL vary with all of these)

Other Actors Full of Awesome

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Voice Acting

  • Claudia Black: Even if it is just her voice.
  • Steve Blum: From his first line as Logan to his last sign-off as TOM and beyond, he's been entertaining children and adults (and oftentimes, the children of adults who watched him as children) for decades. He's not the Guinness World Record Holder for Most Prolific Video Game Voice Actor for nothing, after all.
  • Kevin Conroy, so good he's played Batman more times than any other actor living or otherwise.
  • Voice actor Logan Cunningham.

Cage Factors

... and let's not forget he who works in any work he's in, namely Chuck Norris.

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