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Film: Finding Forrester

"You're the man now, dog!"
William Forrester

"In a forgotten corner of the Bronx, something hidden is about to be found, someone legendary is about to be discovered, and something extraordinary is about to take place..."
The trailer's narration

Finding Forrester is a movie from 2000 about a boy from a poor neighborhood in the Bronx with talents for writing and basketball. When his high test scores and athletic skills get him a scholarship to a prestigious prep school, he meets a famously reclusive author who helps lead him to success. The film is starred by Rob Brown as Jamal, Sean Connery as the titular Forrester William Forrester. The cast is completed by Anna Paquin, F Murray Abraham and Busta Rhymes

It was Gus Van Sant's more proper follow-up to Good Will Hunting (after his poorly-regarded Psycho remake) and his last mainstream Hollywood film.

The line "You're the man now, dog!" spawned the humor website YTMND.

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