Verbing Nouny

Title formula: Take the present participle of a transitive verb, and give it an object, usually (but not always) the name of a character. Not to be confused with verbing the noun. Or with Noun Verber.

Also known as "Gerund ProperNoun", as coined by Kevin Murphy.


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Video Games
  • Fighting Street (an obscure Turbo Grafx-CD port of Street Fighter)
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a few in-game books the player can find whose titles fit the trope - Breathing Water, Cleansing of the Fane, The Posting of the Hunt, Touching the Sky, and Walking the World.

  • Disregarding Joy — the title suggested by Tina Fey in a piece for The New Yorker as the kind of "respectable indie dramedysemble" she could get a "strategically chosen small part" in if she decided to take full advantage of her remaining years of employability as an actress.