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Creator: Allison Janney
Allison Janney is an award-winning film, television and theater actress best known for her role as White House Press Secretary/Chief of Staff Claudia Jean "C.J." Cregg on the critically acclaimed Aaron Sorkin drama The West Wing. As the "Queen of the West Wing," she appeared in more episodes than any other character in show history, missing only one.

She also brought home four Emmy awards for her work on the show. Nominated almost every year - for Supporting Actress in 2000 and 2001, winning both, and Lead Actress in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006, winning in 2002 and 2004 - she brought home more Emmys than any other member of the cast, none of whom won more than once. She also won two Screen Actors' Guild awards (2001 and 2002) and was nominated for four Golden Globes.

Since The West Wing's finale she has been very active in theatre, starring in the hit musical 9 to 5 on Broadway and earning a Tony nomination in the process. She has also had roles of varying sizes in various Hollywood films. Other television credits include LOST, The Guiding Light, Weeds, Law & Order, In Plain Sight, and Frasier. Film credits include Juno, Hairspray, Finding Nemo, Primary Colorsnote , and Struck By Lightning.

She has worked twice with Meryl Streep, in the TV movie ...First Do No Harm and the Oscar-winning film The Hours.

Currently, she appears in Mom as Bonnie and Masters Of Sex as Margaret Scully and won Emmys for both roles in 2014.
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