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John Gavin Malkovich (born December 9, 1953) is an Academy Award-nominated actor. He is known for playing creepy psychopaths extremely well, and has appeared in films such as The Killing Fields, Empire of the Sun, Con Air, Johnny English, In the Line of Fire, Of Mice and Men, Red and Being John Malkovich. Malkovich is a master of the Creepy Monotone, and can either be quietly understated or be a Large Ham of astronomical proportions. However, as with many great actors, he has appeared in some less-than-luminous films, including Eragon and Jonah Hex. He also appears in a cameo in Adaptation, As Himself during the filming of Being John Malkovich.

He will soon be seen playing the infamous pirate Blackbeard in NBC's Crossbones, his first major role on the small screen.

Tropes associated with this actor:

  • The Danza: As the titular character in Being John Malkovich, he appears as John Horatio Malkovich, a fictionalized version of himself.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With actor Julian Sands. The two met on the set of The Killing Fields, and Malkovich decided Sands was "too sensitive" and "incorruptible", and took it upon himself to be his "bad influence".
    • Malkovich is even directing Sands in a tribute to Harold Pinter, which is gaining critical acclaim, and has resulted in Sands getting an award nomination.
    • And the two are now working together in Crossbones, with Malkovich as Blackbeard, and Sands as his archenemy.

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