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One of the newer faces in voice-acting. Smith is notable for his extremely versatile range. He can go from downright wacky and high-pitched to serious characters, even to Badass Baritone/Evil Sounds Deep territory.

He is currently best known for Ezio Auditore in the Assassin's Creed series while set in Italy, Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins, Captain America in Marvel's animation lineup on Disney XD, Thomas (the college-aged goat intern who turned out to be a Russian spy named Nikolai, not Death's child) in Regular Show, the titular role of Sonic the Hedgehog, starting around 2010, and Chris Redfield of the Resident Evil franchise from 5 onwards.

Kaiji Tang is easily considered to be his Spiritual Successor in terms of the similar vocal ranges and typecasting in the anime side of things, as Roger primarily does video game voice overs and western animation nowadays.

Notable roles include:


Video Games

Western Animation