Creator / Christopher Corey Smith
Christopher Corey Smith is a North American voiceover artist that has provided the voices of many varied characters in English-dubbed anime and video games.

Notable roles for Christopher Corey Smith:



  • Adventures in Voice Acting - Himself
  • The Cure - Gene
  • The Eggs (from Macabre Pair of Shorts) - Skyles Horton
  • LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Superheroes Unite - The Joker
  • Mind Game - Christopher Capp
  • Star Rangers - Captain Sterling Steele

Live-Action TV

Video Games

Western Animation


  • What Could Have Been: Originally, he was going to be the voice of Prince Demande in the Viz Media re-dub of Sailor Moon R, but he dropped out for unknown reasons, resulting in Matthew Mercer taking over. Some people thought he was fired for breaking the non-disclosure agreement rule, but he later stated on Twitter that it wasn't the case.