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Cindy Robinson is a Broadway, film, television, and voice actor. While sweet-voiced, expect her character to be capable of kicking copious amounts of asses.

She's capable of doing a Brooklyn accent, as Persona 4: Arena shows.

Margaret McDonald (for Houston based work), Cherami Leigh (for Dallas based work, though she also does LA work), Kira Vincent-Davis and Carli Mosier (for both Dallas and Houston) are her Texan counterparts, and Tabitha St. Germain is her Vancouver counterpart. Cherami Leigh, Marieve Herington and Laura Post (in terms of playing deep-voiced people as well as doing "sweeter" voices) are shaping up to be her successors.

Notable roles done by Cindy Robinson:


Video Games

Western Animation

Tropes associated with her characters

  • Playing Against Type:
    • She usually plays sweet-voiced characters, but Legretta in Tales of the Abyss is deep-voiced and very serious.
    • In Sailor Moon, she plays the villainous Queen Beryl, once again using a deeper tone.
    • Einheria in Bravely Default is also a serious warrior and serves as a Contralto of Danger.