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Anime: Tweeny Witches
Left to right: Eva, Arusu and Sheila.

The protagonist of the story is Arusu (official name in English and Japanese, fansubbed—incorrectly—as Alice), who mysteriously enters the world of the witches. Herself an enthusiast of witchcraft she is delighted, however she is not satisfied with the way of the witches, insisting that magic only be used to make people happy. She is marked as a troublemaker when she releases all the sprites the witches have captured for use as the source of magic spells. Later in the series, the witches interact with the world of the wizards as both try to save their worlds from destruction.

This series provides examples of:

Tekkaman BladeCreator/Media BlastersThe Twelve Kingdoms
TsukihimeFantasy Anime & MangaThe Twelve Kingdoms

alternative title(s): Mahou Shoujo Tai Alice; Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu; Tweeny Witches
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