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Western Animation: Wabbit A Looney Tunes Production
Wabbit- A Looney Tunes Production (or simply Wabbit.), is a 2014 Cartoon Network original cartoon featuring the eponymous Looney Tunes, following The Looney Tunes Show. Since the sitcom nature of the earlier show performed well but didn't live up to the reaction they expected, Cartoon Network promises to revert the Tunes more to their original, wacky selves everyone knows and loves. Produced, as always, through Warner Bros. Animation. The show also returns to the Sketch Comedy format of various segmented shorts, this time adding brand new loony friends and enemies to add to the established ones, such as Bugs Bunny's new friends Bigfoot and Squeaks the Squirrel.

Named after Elmer Fudd's famous title for Bugs' species under his speech impediment. Not to be confused with the original cartoons with the same word or just "rabbit", such as "Duck Rabbit Duck''.

Wabbit pwovides exampews of:

  • Animated Anthology: Showcases several shorts per episode starring different characters.
  • Genre Throwback: Returns to the older format of showcasing several short cartoons per episode, like what most of the 1960s1980s compilation editions were made when the shorts were TV syndicated and rerun.
  • Screwy Squirrel: Squeaks looks to be this.
  • Sketch Comedy: In the vein of the 60's-80's compilation shows.

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