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Podcast: Nerdist Podcast

The official podcast for, run by Chris Hardwick. Hosted by Chris, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, the podcast is released weekly and features a different guest each week. As the name would suggest, both the guests and the topics discussed are often (but not always) quite nerdy. There's now a second podcast each week, although these are without a guest (referred to as hostful rather than guestless).

The guests on the podcast are often comedians, as the three hosts are comedians themselves although a number have been actors or musicians.

Avalible through iTunes or directly from the website

Have spun off thirty-two (count'em) podcasts, a YouTube premium channel, a talk show on BBC America, and a book, all under the aegis of The Nerdist Industries logo.

The podcast contains examples of:
  • Adored by the Network: By BBC America, in a good way. At this point, Chris Hardwick is basically running the nerd/geek wing of BBC America. With the success of Doctor Who, the channel is shamelessly throwing money at him in order to court the nerd demographic. And considering the amount of access to Matt Smith and Co. Hardwick gets, the regular BBC must like him quite a bit too.
  • The Cameo: Prior guests Adam Savage and Doug Benson have both made guest appearances in other episodes.
  • Complaining About Podcasts You Don't Like: Chris has mentioned a few times that he gets annoyed when people complain about the podcasts in the comments, although Jonah finds it funny.
  • Crossover: Chris has appeared on the shows and podcasts of a number of the guests, including a semi-regular spot on The Late Late Show.
  • The Empire: In more recent episodes, some guests have taken to referring to The Nerdist as this, as it currently features a website with a bunch of contributors, the podcast, and will soon have a SECOND podcast, a book and physical offices and performance space.
    • Second was just the beginning, it seems. As of July 2012, there are nearly two dozen podcasts operating under the Nerdist Industries name.
    • And, it seems, an all-new and similarly-formatted thirty-minute TV show, airing right after Doctor Who.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Most guests are nerds in some way or another.
  • Old Shame: Chris is often mocked for the MTV dating shows that he used to host.
  • One of Us: It's called the nerdist podcast for a reason.
  • Parody Commercial: In the episode "The Dork Backward," the hosts improvise a commercial for IMDb using funny 1930s-style delivery.
  • Running Gag: During a live podcast with Kevin Smith, they coin the term 'Vader Pussy', which has popped up in a few episodes since.
    • When someone (usually Chris) starts to complain about something small or unimportant, they're usually mocked by the other hosts about their 'first world problems'.
    • Since having Paul and Storm on the show, there have been multiple cases of their "x is the name of my y cover band" meme
    • Chris' nickname, "Big C".
    • Chris and Jonah staging impromptu interventions for Matt.
    • Pussy-talking Jonah
    • Bruce Gutter
  • Special Guest: Most live episodes feature one.
    • In an episode with Craig Ferguson, Chris read out a letter from 'Little Adam', a young boy who was a fan of Craig and liked 'blowing things up in my garage with my friend'. Chris announced that Little Adam was in the room and proceeded to bring Adam Savage onstage.
  • Take That: Mostly to network executives, rednecks and hipsters.

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