Heartwarming / Nerdist Podcast

  • Most of the Father's Day podcast with Chris and his dad Billy was pretty heartwarming. They agree that they need to speak more, have a pleasant and fatherly conversation and generally have a good time.

  • Maria Bamford's second appearance on the show, where she describes her struggles with mental illness and suicide contemplation, and how others who feel the same should view it,

    "'Oh, but I'm a waste of space and I'm a burden!' Well, remember that also describes the Grand Canyon. 'But I owe people a lot of money and everyone hates me!' Hello, Europe. 'Oh, but I've killed someone!' So have onion rings, firecrackers, who gives a shit? 'Oh, but I've done some other horrible, unspeakable, unforgivable thing!' There are nineteen billion of us now, google it, someone has done exactly what you have done-or worse-has gotten past it, and is currently on a book tour. YOU'RE NEVER ALONE!"

    • Also, Chris's genuinely surprised reaction when she first says that she almost killed herself, and his mock reprimand of "Don't you fucking kill yourself, I'd be so mad at you!" lets us know that not only does he love her as a comic, but as a friend.