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Series: Web Soup
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Web Soup is a Clip Show that aired on G4TV from 2009-2011, hosted by Chris Hardwick. It's a Spinoff of E!'s The Soup; rather than TV clips, a variety of clips taken from around the internet are snarked upon.

Common segments on this show include:

  • "FIRSTIES!" — The first clip or two doesn't have a theme per se; it's just a term borrowed from the troll practice of racing to be the first to respond to a post on a message board, YouTube, etc.
  • Mixed Nuts Sampler — A plethora of Groin Attack videos...usually self inflicted blows, at that. To drive the metaphor home, the title card is a parody of a Whitman's Sampler box with two walnuts, in which one of them splits apart.
  • Please, Please, Please, For the Love of God, Don't Try This at Home — Someone does something really dangerous and/or stupid to themselves. Predictable consequences ensue.
  • This Week in Fail — Someone tries to look cool on camera, and fails. Predictably and spectacularly.
  • Operators Are Standing By — Strange local commercials that have found their way to the internet.
  • Audience ParticipationTwittershots, in which a clip is posted online for viewers to snark upon via Twitter; the best three make it to the show.
  • Webcam Junction — Videos of people getting on their webcams and ranting about anything on their mind. Even if that anything is nothing at all.
  • Web Soup Sports — Sports-related hijinks.
  • That's Unincredible! — A video was intended to be awesome, but fell short.
  • Is That Really A Thing? — Rule 36 in video form.
  • WTF? — Something that "bizarre" doesn't even begin to describe.
  • Please Stop the Music — Bad amateur music videos/performances.
  • Why? — Somebody pulls a stupid stunt for reasons only known to them, and all we can ask is...Why?
  • Things You Can't Un-See — A combination of Nausea- and/or Nightmare Fuel.
  • Palate Cleanser — Immediately following Things You Can't Un-See, it counteracts the Nausea and Nightmares with pure sugary fare.
  • THE GREATEST WEB VIDEO EVER! note  — The last video of the show, which has elements from one or more of the tropes listed on this page.

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The SoupTurnOfTheMillennium/Live-Action TVSouthland

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