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Series: Blue Collar Comedy
Blue Collar Comedy is the troupe of Jeff Foxworthy (of "You Might Be a Redneck" fame), Larry The Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White.

Their humor is... an acquired taste. It's certainly something you have to be into to enjoy. Basically, their jokes (especially those of Foxworthy and Larry) rely on an outdated presentation of the South as backwards, proudly running with the stereotypes that the rest of America had been cracking wise about for decades (and sometimes still is). For instance, rather than refuting the concept of "The Redneck," Jeff Foxworthy defines him as someone with "a glorious absence of sophistication," and he means that as a good thing.

It's not like this has hurt them, though: the four men enjoy successful stand-up careers, Foxworthy is the highest-selling comedian of all time, and they've shot three successful films. There was also a short-lived TV show called Blue Collar TV, which was basically a sketch show based on their humor. It was a huge hit (by the now defunct WB network standards, anyway) for about a month, then it fell to the basement of the ratings.

Often derided by its Hatedom with insulting monikers such as "The KKKomedy Tour", because of course all Southern people are racists.

Basically, the Spiritual Successor to Hee Haw. Also has a Spiritual Successor of its own in the Them Idiots "Whirled" Tour.

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