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    How many tv shows reference die hard

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    Good evening. Is there such a trope when censorship in some countries changes the character's nationality to avoid Values Dissonance or Americans Hate Tingle?

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    I'm not sure if there is already a trope for this, and if there is I'd be glad to find it. I'm personally EXTREMELY aggravated by the sound of loud chewing, and the quickest way to make me hate any character is to show them smacking their food down in silence, which oddly enough, isn't uncommon. I'm guessing it's a way to show the villains greed/gluttony or disregard for others. The best example of this is King Denethor in Lord of the Rings (films), gobbling down a sloppy mess of turkey and cranberries while his son is fighting a battle he cannot win. Though he isn't a villain per say, it is a very impactful moment that shows his resolute descent into madness. I'm not sure how to launch a trope or make it look pretty, but this topic has been bugging the hell out of me, and if anyone could help me find more examples or direct me to a pre-existing trope for this, I would be grateful. Reply
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    Do we have a trope for when a pair of actors are playing parent and child despite there not being enough age difference between them for that to logically be possible?

    Like Sean Connery playing Harrison Ford's dad even though he's only 13 years older. Reply

      Playing Gertrude. The description says that "male examples occur too", and your example (Sean Connery and Harrison Ford) is listed there.
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    In "The Autopsy of Jane Doe" Jane's nudity is never sexualized beyond possibly the first reveal of her corpse. The camera gaze and the script both avoid any fanservice in that regard. None of the characters make crass remarks or any remarks at all about her good looks. Is there a trope that fits this? There's plenty of fan disservice/ squick in the movie but the clinical approach to nudity is something else. Reply
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    Good evening. Do we have such tropes when the continuation of a cult film made in exactly the same style is universally criticized by fans and is considered a total failure, while the same problems in the original film are ignored because of Nostalgia Filter and a temporary difference in the release date?

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    Do we have a trope for when an idiot follows around a Straight Man and slowly drives him mad? Specific examples would be What About Bob?, Dinner for Schmucks, or Due Date. Reply
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    Is there a trope for how many works involving space travel tend to treat zero-gravity and zero-oxygen environments as synonymous? Any environment you need a spacesuit for is an environment in which you'll be weightless, even if it's on a planet. A planet's gravity can't effect you until you enter the atmosphere, at which point it immediately kicks in at full force. Turning disabling a ship's atmosphere automatically makes it's artificial gravity fail as well, and vice versa. etc. Reply
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    I found this really good entry on the Villains Wiki describing the Big Bad's motives and methods, but I'm not entirely sure which tropes to apply. Here's the link, by the way: [1] Reply
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    In Lord of the Rings, Frodo looks into a basin presented by Galadriel, and he sees the Shire being burned and the Hobbits enslaved. Galadriel announces that this is what will happen if he fails in his quest.

    I'm wondering if there is a trope that fits this. Another example could be the hero having a vision showing all their allies laying dead. Reply
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    I have seen this a lot. Not sure if we tracked trope. Person A asks if someone has a name, expecting to be told the name. Person B simply affirms they do but does not give it. What prompts this is I just saw this in Cast a Deadly Spell 46m in. Cop "client got a name?" Lovecraft *pausing, blows smoke* "Yes." Reply
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    This is sort of similar to Behind the Black.

    At the start of Kong: Skull Island, when Marlow and Gunpei are fighting on the cliff edge, Kong's arm suddenly appears apparently without any audible warning beforehand that he was nearby. Was he just standing below the lip of the cliff in complete silence before that moment?

    Similarly in Shrek when Shrek says to the knight "you and what army?". You can only see the back of the lead knight's head and Shrek's face. Then it changes perspective to show that all the knights behind have run off to the surprise of the lead knight, seemingly without making a sound.

    What is this one called?

    Edit: Stealth Hi/Bye? It's actually mentioned on the Behind the Black page! Reply
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    My husband and I were discussing when movies introduce the protagonist, usually as new to this world and awestruck, by having them nearly hit by a vehicle. For instance, Raleigh in Pacific Rim when he arrives at the base for the first time after leaving Alaska or in Avatar when Jake is first walking around as a Naavi. My husband called it New Road Kill and I haven't found any trope that fits the description... is it already a trope? Reply

      What about actually hit by one? Recall this in Time After Time when prot travels forward in time.

      We had a similar request before for when a time traveller in an unfamiliar environment is awestruck and almost run over by a car/carriage as they try to cross a street (like here at 00:25). To my knowledge it is not yet troped.
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    What's the trope for water suddenly pictured as deep enough to drown in, even though the characters were seen waddling in it just moments before? Usually shown with a camera positioned beneath a drowning or flailing character, light flickering above on the surface, often in slow motion. Sometimes coincidental with Dive Under the Explosion.

    Newest example? Game of Thrones 07x04 ending shot. Horseback rider gallops splashing through water barely covering the hooves, gets knocked off the horse, lands in water at least 5 meters deep.

    Possibly overlapping with another trope I can't place - a "bottomless puddle", often found in cartoons, in which a small puddle successfully dunks an unlucky pedestrian. For extra comedic effect, another character had just moments ago walked across the puddle with no trouble at all. The latter usually looks like this: [1] Reply
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    Good evening. Do we have a trope for cases where a movie's synopsis or its cast is a very big spoiler for the story? For example, a character who died in childhood plays by adult actor, or Hidden Villain has the same actor as one of the main characters.

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    So a scenario would involve the villain murdering a bunch of civilians and the villain would claim that they chose their fate by siding with the enemy. Reply
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    A movie showcasts actor A in the trailer as if they are the most important character/actor, and often bills them first on the poster/titles. However, when you watch the movie, it becomes clear actor B actually plays a character that has more screentime / is much more important to the plot / can be considered the protagonist. This is most often due to actor A being more popular / a hit name at the moment the movie is released.

    This must be a Trope (or probably, Trivia?) but can't find it... Reply
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    One example would be in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest where Davy Jones spots Jack spying on him from a telescope.

    A more famous example would be in the climax of Rear Window where Thorwald detects Jeff when he is looking through the binoculars.

    Another example would be in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where the reflection of the binoculars gives Indy's location away. Reply
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    I know that Scare Chord is usually for creepy music. I am wondering what trope would work. I am not sure if Hell Is That Noise can work since it is mostly used for creepy ambient noises.

    Some Examples Include:

    1. The screech during the hallway scene from The Exorcist III

    2. The sound effect when Ben Gardner's head shows up in Jaws

    3. The Alien screech during the vent scene in Alien

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    Do we have a trope for the tendency in military-themed action fiction for the sequel to be about the heroes of the first installment ending up on the run from the law, framed, outlaws etc. This is primarily a film thing but I most recently saw it in an RTS. Some examples: Act of War: High Treason (expansion pack to Act of War: Direct Action) Captain America: The Winter Soldier (sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger) G. I. Joe Retaliation (sequel to G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)

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    Is there a name for the trope where theres a large group of people gawking at something and the character the camera is following has no problem pushing his way towards the front of the group? Reply
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    The intro to countless horror films includes the protagonist encountering a dead animal, road kill, perhaps they even kill the animal (usually while driving distracted), and maybe even don't fully kill it in the accident and are forced to mercy-kill the animal. (Get Out is a perfect example of this). It foreshadows the main character killing a person or persons later in the story, the mercy killing even priming them to be able to do so. Reply
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    Is there a trope for "*record scratch* 'You're probably wondering how I got in this situation.' "

    Not just a Record Needle Scratch, not just How We Got Here, but the two combined. IIRC, Deadpool specifically invokes it, as does The Emperor's New Groove. Does anyone know the Trope Namer or Trope Codifier? It's just a meme I've seen around that I cannot for the life of me recall where it's from. Reply
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    Is there anything for a case where a character is trying to call a friend/boss, etc. with important info but keep getting blown off/ignored because plot? Some variation on the idiot ball? Not to be confused with Ignoring the Call, which is a more metaphorical thing... Reply