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    Which of these Continuity Tropes applies to Archie Sonic Online, a sort of quasi-Continuation of Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog:

    I was going to add to the article some Continuity Tropes but wasn't sure which ones fitted the work page, so thought I'd ask here. Reply
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    In El Goonish Shive, the author does a thing where when characters chat online, rather than show people typing, their avatars actually interact as if they were the actual persons. The author does this explicitly because in most cases, people typing is boring. What trope would this be? Reply
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    I got a 1982 MCA videocassette showcase 70 universal city plaza magazine Reply
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    Moment of revelation, character changing, eye-opening Reply
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    The Order of the Stick: The fiends that are offering Vaarsuvius a Deal with the Devil point out that, instead of taking their offer, V could kill themself, have Qarr bring their head to the Azure City fleet, get resurrected, and Send to their master, who would defeat the ancient black dragon before she could steal V's children's souls. The purpose of pointing this out is to make sure V knows that they only accepted the deal out of Pride, as this alternative would require them to admit that they couldn't solve the problem on their own.

    This feels like a variant of Last Chance to Quit; does that sound right? Reply
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    Is there a specific trope for a person who wants their spouse to die but is waiting for them to die naturally instead of murdering them? Basically, a male gold digger is waiting for his terminally ill wife to die so he can inherit all of her money for himself.

    Is there something like Til Murder Do Us Part but without the murder? Reply
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    There's a largely minor character in Gloomverse who seems deadpan when we first see her, but later, it appears that she's horrible at hiding her emotions when she messes up a minor thing. Is there a trope for this? Reply
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    It's about a brother and sister that has mental problems, the brother can't die and the sister sees things.(I know ... it's odd) Reply
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    It's about a brother and sister that has mental problems, the brother can't die and the sister sees things.(I know ... it's odd) Reply

      might wanna try you know that show
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    So, in this webcomic, there's a succession of children, apparently reincarnations of the same soul, who, upon dying, immediately cause a natural disaster of some kind. Things like fires, floods, droughts, etc. What kind of trope (not counting the reincarnation) would that be? Reply
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    So I've got an Urban Fantasy webcomic with a large organization that's devoted to defending the population from monsters, but there's been some recent revelations that they seem to be involved in some less-than-savory business. What's that called? Reply

      Peace & Love, Incorporated

      It can be Hidden Agenda Villain too, if that's your intention.

      No, they're not all villains. Most of this organization is good, but they may be doing this shady stuff to try and benefit everyone, possibly without realizing some of the negative consequences of their shadier actions.
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    Character who is working for a higher power, are currently aligned but not always exactly the same goals as the main protagonists, provides new information to other characters, confirms hinted at information to readers. Reply

      mysterious informant

      Some overlap with Mr. Exposition as well.

      Not quite the mysterious informant. Character is known to the others, works in the same organization but with more knowledge and works directly but secretly for the higher power. Maybe just a little of Mr. Exposition (temporarily, it never stays with one character permanently). Part of the infodump is that the character works directly for the higher power.
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    This is me yet again, putting out the same request for someone to find a tropes page for me, except this time I actually know what the picture on it is! It's a picture of the last two panels of Sticky Dilly Buns #101 where Andy is telling Ruby to speak whatever's on her mind and Ruby is thinking "Another kiss?". That's the info I finally obtained after so much time, now it's up to any of you to find the page once and for all! Reply

      Not familiar with the picture, but have you tried using the image in a search on Google Images? The trope page might be a result if the picture is hosted here.

      How do I do that?

      Do you have a digital copy of the picture you mentioned? If so, go to Google Images and either upload the file or paste the link to the image. Google should give a list of the sites where the image is hosted. With any luck, the tropes page might be listed.

      Or you could just check The Image Source page for Web Comics, which shows it to be Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality.

      Thanks! :D
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    What's the trope in which a character is seen using a highly unexpected weapon unrelated to them, sometimes making it even surprising for readers/players. Reply

      For example?

      In Smite the goddess Hel is seen using the weapon of another god. How she gained and why she uses it is unexplained.

      I can't find anything quite right, but this trope doesn't sound weapon related, it's more "Something is out of place that seems to violate Offscreen Inertia (i.e. obviously something must have happened off-screen because stuff isn't how it was the last time we checked in), but it's never commented on or explained." The closest I've seen is What Happened to the Mouse?, but that's "A plot point is dropped and never heard from again" rather than "Obviously a plot point happened but no one talks about it".

      You might find something in Continuity Tropes or This Index Happened Offscreen, but I didn't seen anything. It might be worth taking to YKTTW.

      Alright thanks.
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    In the latest strip of Zebra Girl, Crystal (who is known for being a Plucky Girl) contemplates the latest events of her life, and is preparing herself to fight her former friend, Sandra, the titular Zebra Girl, who became a demon (for whom she has deep feelings, but recent events, in which she almost lost her life, led her to believe that Sandra is beyond hope and that she must be stopped). She acknowledges that she has been the "always happy" girl of the group (and was effectively The Heart), that her world became Darker and Edgier, and that the circumstances are pushing her to become something else.

    So, I'm not quite sure what character tropes apply to her in this case. It isn't a Take a Level in Badass (yet - after all, she is one of the only completly normal human of the cast). It isn't a FaceľHeel Turn (there is a big misunderstanding behind the scenes). Darker and Edgier is about a work, not a character. Too soon to say if she is becoming a Determinator. The Break the Cutie trope is already listed (and I will expand it later on I guess).

    I'm pretty sure there are a couple tropes for this situation, but I'm unable to remember them. If you have some ideas, I'd like to hear them. Reply
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    I'm trying to re-find a particular webcomic episode I saw once that was loaded with trope examples. Perhaps someone here can remember it?

    Basically the hero was approached by the Quest Giver, but remarks that he's already completed that quest (Sequence Breaking), much to the quest giver's surprise. He also admits that he hid in the corner where the boss couldn't reach and sniped him (Benevolent Architecture).


      Those sort of inquiries go in You Know That Show

      OK thanks. I thought it seemed a bit wrong here.
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    I remember a trope showing a picture from a webcomic about a guy asking his anxious girlfriend what she wants, and the girl is thinking, "another kiss?!". I can't remember the title or the article, but I know for a fact it's related to love and romance. Does anyone here know the exact trope? Reply

      Happen to remember any details on what the trope was about? Page images get changed from time to time.

      Well like I implied earlier, the trope was about people who want nothing else but to kiss. I personally doubt the image has changed as it was too fitting to be removed. I can't remember enough detail though, I just remember the pic associated with it. Look, if you don't know, then could you find someone else who might know?

      As for finding someone who might know, you're already in the right place for that. Think of this thread less as a Gate of Truth staffed by Ancient Keepers and more like throwing down a bag of gold on the bar at an Inn Between the Worlds and asking if anyone knows where to find the trope you're looking for. X3

      I like a needle hunt, ergo, I looked into it and let you know what I needed to help with my search. I'll keep looking, you've got a bunch of other regulars probably keeping an eye out for it while they look for other tropes who haven't replied yet. It takes us a while to say for certain we don't have something, so keep checking back.

      As for the search itself: at this point, I've dug through all of the standard romance tropes, and none of them have had that as a page image.

      So either its one of those super obscure tropes that the indexes and cross-wiks have overlooked, or the page image is not what you are describing. Setting aside the possibility of We Have This... I Swear... striking, not fitting the trope isn't the only reason page images get changed- creators or companies may invoke their copyrights, the image may have been posted without source and removed as a precautionary measure, an even better suggestion might have been made and implemented, the image picking folks might have disagreed that it fit the trope perfectly and removed it...

      Basically, trying to find a trope from an image description alone is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And the needle you're looking for might not be there anymore. And might be in one of the several other haystacks nearby. And the person who asked you to find it might have forgotten to mention that it was a pine tree needle.

      Your answer is a good example of why I asked if you had any more information: there's a big difference between "character can't figure out what their love interest wants" and "a character wants nothing else but to kiss". Details matter a lot sometimes.

      Digging deeper: was the trope specifically about wanting be kissed, or was it more about the fact that the two are failing to express their feelings toward one another, or was the focus on another aspect of the situation? The first would be under Kissing Tropes, for instance, while the second would be under headings like Introversion Tropes or Idealism Tropes, and another aspect could fall under something else entirely.

      Other things that could help are whether it had a lot of entries or not, and what genres was it most closely associated with?

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    Is there a trope for this specific form of Painting the Medium: when comics purposefully use different fonts for speech from the usual one, to imply something about the character or their voice? Would this just go under Speech Bubbles or Painting the Medium? Reply

      Alright, so looking closer at the Speech Bubbles page it seems like it's what I'm looking for
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    Do we have a trope for a character being attacked by being squeezed/squashed? I mean the thing that's hapenning in the last panel here. Reply

      That seems like he is wrapping his clothing (claws?) around the opponent? Combat Tentacles might apply to that specific scenario because they seem to be extending and controllable. Bear Hug may have applied if there wasn't any extension of limbs.

      Shapeshifter Weapon seems to be the {Golem?}'s method there, but I'm kind of surprised to not find one for "larger opponent incapacitates smaller opponent by grabbing them"
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    On the (currently) newest page of TwoKinds, they essentially do to wolves, and treat wolves, like the Japanese had been treated in WW2 after Japan declared war. Namely, being imprisoned due to fear that they would help Japan. I'm not sure if there's a Historical Reflection joke or something similar, and I'd like to add the trope in after figuring out whatever the trope is. Reply
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    Is it a Shout-Out, in webcomics, for the normal artist of a work doing their strip, then also have a strip by the author of another unrelated webcomic? Or would it be another trope?

    What I'm thinking of is a page on The Whiteboard, where there's two strips on the page. One is TWB, and the other is a strip drawn by the artist for Commander Kitty that's related to the actions in the TWB strip.

    Reading the SO page, I'm not sure whether it applies or not, hence why I'm here. Reply
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    Do we have a trope for when a comic uses some sort of multi-panel visual layout trick? I'm thinking like Watchmen - in chapter 5 where the entire chapter is laid out as a visual palindrome. I see this mentioned on the page for Watchmen but not tied to a trope specifically about the layout. Another example is this Planet of Hats strip, where the entire strip is laid out with the left and right halves mirroring each other.

    Closest I can find is Painting the Medium, but I'd like something more specific, if it exists. Reply
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    When a work incorporates a reference to work from classical culture, like a poem or a painting, is that still a Shout-Out, or is it an Homage, or something else entirely? I just found out that the Isle of the Dead (a 19th century painting) makes an appearance as an actual island in my favourite webcomic and I'm wondering how to enter this into its tvtropes page. Reply