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    Is there a trope regarding the release of soundtrack albums for radio and/or TV, especially if they tend to be of a profilic nature? That is, the main work is of a kind that it lends itself toward releasing numerous albums of related material? Reply
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    Is there a trope that fits this situation:

    A radio station (for example 95.8 Capital FM London) has a breakfast show presented by John Smith for 6 months, then John Doe for 3 months, and Rick Roe for 6 weeks, and then Joe Bloggs for 2 years, and although the official social media and website portrays them as different people with different personalities (including the biographies), but they're all voiced by one individual, and he manages to stay in-character the entire time.

    The listeners don't know that they're all the same individual and some ask where John Smith went.

    Would this be Kayfabe or is it another trope entirely? Reply
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    It's like "We Are Number One" writter all over it. What's the reason all over it, and what tropes do apply on this? Reply
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    Contingency plans for a potential Apocalypse How event. Reply
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    Would the "Weird Al" Effect cover a situation where the parody is well-known in a certain country before the source material, or would that be a different trope? Reply
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    Initially asked on Ask The Tropers a little while ago but got directed here instead.

    Trying to figure out which trope a particular situation comes under. I originally added it in Never Learned to Read but now wonder if it's better suited to AcCENT Upon the Wrong SylLABle.

    The example refers to a character used in sketches on the Mark & Brian Radio Program / The Brian And Jill Show. The character of the sketch is an out-of-work voice over artist where the gag is that, while he otherwise speaks fine, once he starts reading the scripts he mispronounces the hell out of everything. An example, quoted in Never Learned to Read, is below. Can also provide links to actual sketches for further reference.

    This month, we're proud to offer the 1960 Oscar winning film Spar-tackus. Spar-tackus, from leggendary director Stanley Kubbrick, is the story of a glad-ai-ator who leads a violent revolt against the Romulan empire. Starring Kirk Deglaze, Laurence Oliviary, and Tony Curtis. It will make you stand up and say "I am Spar-tack-us."

    Never Learned to Read, given the premise, seems the better fit. But the guy can read. He just stinks at it (found a version of the sketch that lampsahdes this in fact). Accent seems to fit, but at the same time seems to be about mispronouncing the word by just stressing the wrong syllable, which this character cranks up to absurd levels.

    Wondering about a possible 2nd opinion. Or if perhaps there's a whole other trope entirely that fits and I've overlooked it. Reply

      I was actually wondering about something similar. In Mercenaries playground of destruction theres an exchange that goes.

      Fiona: I never figured you'd be a Paid Escort. Jennifer: Correction well PAID escort.

      Shouldnt she have emphasised both well and paid or just well? instead it comes off weird.

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    I noticed there's little in the way of Radio Tropes, so I wanted to check before starting a YKTTW - is there any trope about the radio host talking through the intro of a song, so listeners don't get impatient and only hear the memorable bits? Reply
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    Is there one where the radio/mp3 shuffle/streaming music seems to develop its own sentience and express this through playing highly appropriate songs at just the right time to make you jump? Like, say, a fic writer writes a massive loss scene and Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" pops on. Or when in the fic itself the radio would play "Wish You Were Here" for Friend #2 when Friend #1 dies or goes insane? Reply

      Mocking Music? At least for the second thing; I don't think coincidences that happen to you personally while you're consuming media are tropable.

      Depending on the situation, Suspiciously Apropos Music or Mocking Music

      Can you top one of these great Peter Donald jokes?