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October 2012: Have been having problems on home computer for the past few weeks, so I'm not nearly as active here as I used to be. And you know what? I'm not missing it all that much.

I don't know if there are specific guidelines as to these things, so I'll just make some crap up.

I'm too damn old to live with my parents, but I do. Wannabe actor. For my first edit, I made up the name "random surfer" to indicate that I was a random person surfing by, but I've come back. I have sometimes gone by "Lothor" on certain other sites.

I have depression and low-self-esteem. I think of myself as the whole crotchal area: an ass, a pussy and a dick. Also, sometimes I tend to share too much (see previous two sentences).

I wish this place had a Preview button, so I wouldn't have to go back and fix things 50 times. Yay, there's a preview button now! At least I do tend to fix my stuff so it comes out right, I'm a bit of a stickler for that. I don't have the bandwidth to spare to do general copyediting though, so I don't usually fix others' work. Plus when I'm on the net I'm usually using it for it's primary function. 'Round here I usually hang out in YTTW.

Pages started by me:

YKTTWs And I think there were others, but that's all I can find right now.

I tend toward Rolling Updates when posting replies to YKTTWs; but rarely will I do it to the YKTTW entry itelf.

Things I tend to Entry Pimp:

Pages I named

Notes to Self - ykttw wishlist