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    What trope is used to describing being put into various groups? for example, the Four Houses of Hogwarts in Harry potter, the Cabins in Percy Jackson, the Factions in the Divergent series, and to a lesser extent, the districts in the Hunger Games. Reply
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    Is there a trope for this? I'll try to describe it as best I can:

    A is enemies with Z.

    A and Z are both in the same line of work.

    A has a child, B.

    A persuades/allows/suggests to B that they also take up the same line of work.

    A is secretly wanting B to become better than Z in order to embarrass or spite Z.

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    There have been a lot of Queer Romance songs related to lgbt rights and pro-lgbt rights songs lately. Is there a trope for that? Reply
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    The protagonists receive word from their dispatcher that there is an emergency nearby and they plop the siren on top of their previously incognito car, usually accompanied with eye-contact and a cliche line like "let's roll." Also which films do this if you can think of any? Reply

      I know what you're talking about; though unfortunately, I don't know the trope.

      Often, the duo is multiracial, and the setting may have a 1970s vibe, if not actually simply set in the 1970s...right?

      Yes! Absolutely! and then there's a funky slap bassline and a scratchy guitar tune that plays.
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    I've wondered, do we have a trope for when a weapon... well how to properly explain... ah

    You have your normal energy shield and some big baddy (or good guy) fires a weapon on it, the projectile will stop at the barrier (but retain its kinetic energy somehow) until it breaks through the shield, magically regaining its momentum as if it would have never stopped, justified with missiles, though used by everything else as well. Reply
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    When a scientific view is updated due to finding new data, people resist the change for entirely un-scientific reasons, usually that it's not as interesting as previously thought.

    For example, Calvin and Hobbes has Calvin present his report on T Rex in a way that proves it's a predator and not a carrion feeder, for the sole reason that it's cooler that way. Similarly, Dumbing of Age's Walky earns Dinah's ire when he says he prefers featherless dinosaurs la Jurassic Park to the real thing. And of course the whole "Pluto is too a planet" thing.

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    If everyone grows up with high self-esteem, who's gonna dance in our strip clubs? Reply
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    Can you help me with examples of scenes with a short character is carrying a stack of things, boxes for instance, and are behind it and it is impossible to see the character? Is there a trope for this? Reply

      Nodwick links to Human Pack Mule (natch), but it seems like this should either have a lot more examples under Western Animation or link to another, more exaggerated version of the trope.

      Thanks, but it is not what I am looking. In this cases they are carrying things most in her backs, with backpacks. I am studying scenes where the character is behind a pile of stuff and is barely visible.

      So was I, but I couldn't seem to find it. There was this and Lots of Luggage, but I wasn't able to find the cartoon gag version.

      Maybe it needs a new trope?

      That is why I am trying to find scenes with it, to see if it worths a new trope. Obviously I've seen this in many films, but now the memory is not helping. But still hunting.

      TLP it.

      An example would be Bellweather from Zootopia (if it wasn't the one that got you the idea in the first place).

      That is what I mean! Perfect example.
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    Is there a trope where a character has a crush on or is in love with a fictional person? Reply
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    What is the name of the trope where (example) the Boy in the Boy and his X trope is kidnapped and the X goes on an adventure to save them? Reply
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    Do we have this trope? Prevalent in Chase Scenes. The chaser always knows where the path where the guy went.

    Let's say A is chasing B. B is ahead. While running down the path comes upon a point where multiple paths diverge from the main one. He chooses one randomly and runs along. A, upon arriving at the same spot not a few moments later, quickly glances around and chose a path as well. Turns out, it's the exact same path B took, even if B is already well out of sight. Could also be that B ducks into a random subway along the street. A is till miraculously able to know what path the guy took and quickly runs down said subway. Reply
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    Is there a trope where two characters answer a question simultaneously, but with opposite answers? Sort of like Speak in Unison, but whereas that one involves a plan to do so, this one is spontaneous. Reply

      Stereo Fibbing

      Stereo Fibbing

      ^But we both gave the same answer... I just don't think we are doing this right.

      Also similar, but not what I had in mind. Stereo Fibbing involves a plan to deceive, whereas this doesn't; two characters are asked a question, they simultaneously give what they each think is the true answer, only those answers don't match up.

      Gotham S3E9 "The Executioner":
      Ivy: Oh my God. Are you two a couple now?
      Bruce: Yes.
      Selina: (simultaneously with Bruce) No.

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    An artist who has a vision! They know how their work should be... but they struggle to realize it, and go to great lengths to make their work what they think it should be. Reply
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    So basically, a trope where a character either believes they are headed down a dark path, and wants to change before they become beyond redemption. Do we have that? Reply
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    Do we have a trope for the "Just Married" signs that get stuck on the backs of the couples' cars? Or ships, planes or whatever other vehicles they might be using? Tin cans trailing on strings may or may not be included. Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a character is told "have fun" before doing something scary or tedious? Reply

      Sarcasm Mode?

      Perhaps, but it isn't Sarcasm Mode if it's done unintentionally by the fun wisher. I feel like there are examples of that happening, but I can't think of any in particular.
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    It looks like But Now I Must Go is mainly for heroic examples, and it doesn't have a Playing With page. But what about for villainous characters? Unlike Jake the hero, Bob returns to his hometown, wreaks havoc and murder, and leaves once his old nemesises are eliminated. Where Jake's family regret his impending departure, often Bob's family can't wait to see the back of him again (especially if he's the bad egg of the clan). While Jake is saddened that home isn't what it used to be to him and is wistful for the past, Bob is cynical about the hometown and wants to burn it, looking forward to departing it forever. Is this subverting the trope, inverting it, deconstructing it or is it a distinct alternative to the trope? Reply
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    Mainstream Obscurity is when a lot of people have heard of something but only dedicated know more than the most basic information about it. Is there a trope with the opposite, where something has a large audience but either is rarely talked about or mostly ignored by fans of related things?

    The example I have in mind is StreetPass Mii Plaza: Hardly updated on this site, mostly absent in other trope pages, and largely ignored by Nintendo fans, yet is big enough to have million-sellers among its DLC.

    Actually, I think found it: It may be Silent Majority, which refers to a fandom that stays quiet and keeps to itself, thus being large but remaining largely invisible to other fandoms. Reply
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    it's a trop where someone takes a weapon or simply just punches someone into a bloody pulp,usually to the person that either kidnapped them or caused them harm..so they give them a senseless beatdown.

    But then someone else pulls them away from the beating to calm them down usually saying "Stop!, Stop!"

    perfectexample was in the last of us, where joel pulled away ellie after smashing her attacker in the face with a mchete Reply
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    Is there a trope for when the truly ridiculous and extreme antagonist isn't quite as hateable as the more normal-seeming, law abiding kind, by virtue of their honesty and consistency? Like, imagine you respect a truly evil Batman villain more than a more mundane and banal sort of asshole. Reply
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    Have we got a trope page for someone spitting out a fish (after being submerged in water) for comedic value? I cannot believe we don't, but I searched everywhere... Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a character is so ugly that their life sucks because of it? I'm thinking Quasimodo from Hunchback. Reply
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    Is there a trope where someone takes pride in something others wouldn't be proud of?

    Such as Mako's dad, a back alley doctor, bragging that he's killed more patients than he has saved (if ever). Reply
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    What's the trope where characters discover an image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary in inanimate objects? Like Toast or a grilled cheese sandwich or the bark of a tree or something. I know it's happened on a number of shows. For some reason the only one that comes to mind is an episode of Married with Children where Peg discovers an image of Elvis in one of Al's sweat stains. Reply
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    Commonly in children's works, there are anthropomorphic animals that have human-esque hair. Is there a trope for that?

    (I'm NOT referring to non-mammals having hair.) Reply

      There's Furry Female Mane. I don't think we have a trope for the general case.

      Just to be clear, I'm referring to both genders, not just female.

      Part of Fur Is Skin, as both "Fur is skin also long fur is hair and we won't think too much about that dichotomy" and "hair and fur are completely separate things"

      Tuft of Head Fur is a sort of in-between form where "slightly longer fur suggests hair but is also skin or fur as needed"

      So, does this deserve a separate trope?

      Between Furry Female Mane and Non-Mammalian Hair, you'd be creating a trope just for male mammalian characters. Seems a bit too specialized.

      ^ This