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Tropers: Marq FJA


Proud member of Ala Iridia.

Here is a link to my Fan Fiction.Net profile and stories. Read & review.

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    Tropes that other Tropers believe apply to me 
  • Literal-Minded - You seem to take most posts in the forum without a grain of salt. ~EHK
  • We Are Everywhere - I know you haven't said it but I keep running into you on the forums and I can't think of a better trope. ~Raineh Daze

    Tropes that I believe describe me as a person IRL 

    Tropes that I believe decribe me as a troper 

    Troper contacts 
AKA: "Tropers that I keep bumping into around here"

    Fictional works that I am a fan of 
  • Includes Guilty Pleasures and NSFW works; read at your own discretion.
  • Unfortunately, I'm not truly familiar with the particulars of some of the listed works.
  • Organized by medium. Most multiple-media franchises are placed under the medium in which they first originated.
    • Exceptions: "mega-franchises" that are hard to simply pin down to a single medium; these are placed under "Other".

Animation (Western)

Anime and Manga



Tabletop games

Video games (includes visual novels and eroge)


    Notable contributions 

Tropes that I have creatednote :

  1. Buxom Is Better (as Mammaria Majores) — 24 Jan 2010. Yes, my first trope is essentially "Bigger boobs = more sexy". :D So what? XD GET OVER IT! ;Pnote 
  2. Vampiric Draining — 8 July 2010.
  3. Maid Corps — 6 Sep 2010.
  4. Hidden Buxom — 6 Sep 2010.
  5. Fictional Country — 21 Sep 2010.
  6. Mother Nature — 4 Oct 2010.
  7. Bizarre Human Biology — 27 Oct 2010.
  8. United Nations Is a Superpower — 4-7 February 2011. Launched by ayjazz1 during a hiatus on my part.
  9. Super Toughness — 11 May 2011.
  10. Chest of Medals — 11 Jun 2011. Launched by Hidashi.
  11. Sex God — 1 Jul 2011.
  12. Blade Spam — 3 Jul 2011.
  13. Expanded States of America — 10 Jul 2011.
  14. Shana Clone — 29 Jul 2011. Recreation of Tiny Tyrannical Tsundere after it was cut; launched by tnafan 121.
  15. Fictional Field of Science — 31 Jul 2011.
  16. Self-Duplication — 2 Oct 2011. Launched by Some Sort Of Troper.
  17. Honest Corporate Executive — 28 Oct 2011.
  18. Trophy Wife — 28 Oct 2011.
  19. Everybody Wants the Hermaphrodite — 16 Nov 2011.
  20. Biology Tropes — 22 Jan 2012.
  21. Kaleidoscope Hair — 18 Mar 2012. Launched by Telcontar; much thanks to him for all the hard work in fleshing out much of the final product. ^_^
  22. Genetic Tropes — 6 Oct 2012.
  23. Bizarre Alien Sexes — 28 Oct 2012. Launched by Xtifr; much thanks to him for all the hard work in fleshing out much of the final product in my absence. ^_^
  24. The Team — 19 Jan 2013.
  25. Tomboy with a Girly Streak — 8 Mar 2013. Launched by Tuckerscreator.
  26. The Anti-God — 8 Mar 2013. Launched by Apep.
  27. Frontline General — 8 Jul 2013. Launched by StarSword.
  28. Merger of Souls — 8 Jul 2013. Launched by StarSword.

YKTTWs that I'm currently working on (including ones adopted from other tropers):

YKTTWs that I've put on hold for reworking:

Troper Works:


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