Mother Nature

The arch-Nature Spirit of Earth... or whatever planet is the story's setting. May or may not have a humanoid form (substitute "humanoid" with whatever species equivalent in non-terrestrial settings), but if it is, it's Always Female due to Mother Nature, Father Science. Tends to dress in a Garden Garment and leave a trail of flowers where their Fertile Feet tread.

Of course, if you actually look at old cultures Mother Nature tends to occur mainly in fertile places, and infertile parts of the world often had male Earth deities. Egypt had Geb, for instance, and the Norse had Ymir and Frey.

Often a bona fide Physical God, if not outright one of the Powers That Be. Actually pissing her off is likely to result in Gaia's Vengeance, while making her sad can result in Gaia's Lament. If merely human but with a gift for gardening and horticulture, an Earth Mother.


  • And there was a commercial campaign for Chiffon margarine in the 1970s that had a Mother Nature. "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!" *thunderclap*
  • Ads for Always feminine-hygiene products have Mother Nature as a woman in a green tweed skirtsuit approaching young women with a red "gift"...and usually getting her ass kicked as the voiceover says "Outsmart Mother Nature."

Comic Books
  • Gaea from Marvel Comics.
  • Dilbert has met her. She's a jerk.
  • In Shaman's Tears, Joshua Brand is empowered by Wakan Takan; the "Great Spirit" of the Sioux. It usually manifests as sexy Native American woman.

Fan Fiction

Films — Animated

Films — Live-Action
  • Mother Nature presides over the wedding in The Santa Clause 2.
  • From the 2009 film Avatar, we have Eywa, Pandora's equivalent of Mother Nature.

  • Yavanna in The Silmarillion.
  • In Simon R. Green's novel Drinking Midnight Wine the character of Gale, AKA Gaia, turns out to be the Anthropomorphic Personification of nature and earth.
  • The various Ladies from the Repairman Jack novels.
  • Old Mother Nature in Thornton W. Burgess's animal stories set in the Green Meadow, the Green Forest, the Laughing Brook, the Smiling Pool, etc. Catch Phrase: "You can't fool Mother Nature, and it's of no use to try."
  • In The Dresden Files, there are two which fulfill this: Queen Mother Summer and Queen Mother Winter. They are the oldest and strongest fairies of their courts. Each has ultimate domain over her domain but generally remain neutral to any scuffle their daughters Queen Titania of Summer and Queen Mab of Winter or the lower fae start.
  • Gaia in Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series.
  • The Goddess in Dora Wilk Series is apparently connected to Earth and is worshiped as the supreme deity of magicals (even though they have many, many, many lesser gods). It's apparently a counterbalance of heaven and hell's more mystical God, although the two seem to be on good terms.

Live Action TV
  • Power Rangers Turbo had one episode featuring a male version known as Erutan.
  • There was a show on Animal Planet in the 1990s called Mother Nature where Mother Nature would narrate the footage of wild animals while a young boy would ask her questions.

Religion and Mythology
  • The "mother (earth) goddess" figures in many Real Life religions and mythologies.
  • Gaia, the mother of the Titans and greek gods. Decidedly more of the vengeful persuasion, though usually it's because some god or titan gave her cause first.
  • The Poetic Edda has Geršr, a giantess courted by Frey with the aid of Skirnir. The story is part of a fertility ritual in which Geršr represents Earth, Frey fertility, and Skirnir sunlight.

Role-Playing Games

Video Games

Web Comics
  • Slightly Damned has Mother Gaia as basically their religion's equivalent of God.

Western Animation
  • Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, from Captain Planet.
  • A matronly Mother Nature is a recurring character on The Smurfs.
  • It was Mother Nature who gave SuperTed his powers.
  • Every thousand years, in The Fairly OddParents, fairies and anti-fairies have a cooking contest where she's the judge. The first prize is the right to have godchildren until the next millenium's contest.

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Mother Earth